Top 16 Best China Wholesale Website to Buy From

Jun 20, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Finding a reliable made in China wholesale supplier is a key step in successfully developing an e-commerce business. Today, in this post, I have compiled a comprehensive set of legit China wholesale websites suppliers list and showing how you can find great wholesale suppliers in China.


Alibaba vs Global Resources vs Made-in-China

The three major online catalogs of Chinese suppliers are:  Alibaba and Global Resources, Made in

But there are some critical differences between the three.
First of all, the number of Alibaba’s suppliers listed is much higher than that of global sources/made in China, but the quality is lower. However, Alibaba has a broader range of services, and now there are even online trade fairs. With the development of global business, there are more and more suppliers from other countries selling on Alibaba.

China wholesale website supplier
In my experience, Alibaba’s noise is much louder. Therefore, when you buy products from Alibaba, you need to spend some time learning how to protect your rights and interests.

Made in China/Global Source focuses on electronics, mobile, and home gifts, making them the best choice for sourcing products in that field.

In addition, I found that global source/made in China’s MOQ/price are often much higher than Alibaba.


But the bottom line is that your mileage will vary depending on the products you want to sell. Give all services a try and see where it takes you!

Alibaba vs Global Resources vs Made-in-China



If you cannot travel to China or Hong Kong to participate in the exhibition, the best way to find Chinese suppliers is to use online catalogs such as Alibaba.

Alibaba is a search engine for Chinese suppliers, and you can reach tens of thousands of suppliers at once.

Just enter what you are looking for in the search bar, and Alibaba will return a batch of suppliers, prices and minimum order quantities. Once you have established contact, you can request samples, place orders, etc…

In addition, Alibaba also provides a service called trade assurance, which is an escrow service to protect your order.

The biggest caveat finding suppliers on Alibaba is that this process may take a while, and communication with suppliers back and forth requires patience.

For example, the time from initial contact to obtaining a sample can easily take weeks. In addition, language barriers can make communication challenging because you have to accurately describe the product you want to manufacture via email and live chat.

Another key difference between using catalogs like Alibaba and participating in trade shows is that services like Alibaba often involve many middlemen or trade companies. Because the signal-to-noise ratio of Alibaba suppliers is so low, many high-quality suppliers do not include themselves in the catalog. However, Alibaba is still the first China wholesale website worth considering when wholesale from China




Made-in-China– China

Unlike other B2B marketplaces in China, this site loads faster and provides a broad catalog with few repeats. Besides, the searches of this Alibaba alternative provide relevant information. All suppliers come from China.


It is easier to validate vendors through administrative profiles

Online directly with the supplier

Mainly concentrated on consumers, Clothing, accessories, handicrafts, transportation, other commodities, electronics, machinery, and other industrial supplies


Supplier and the product are not too much.

MOQ required.

Tip: If you purchase a brand or original product, you will need to request an authorization document or certificate from the vendor.

Conclusion: It is more suitable for experienced buyers and importers



Global Sources– China (Hong Kong)

Global Sources is a B2B marketplace based in Hong Kong. This multichannel company facilitates business from China to the rest of the world by offering sourcing information to buyers. It also provides integrated marketing services to suppliers. The company achieves this in various ways, including having a list of categories and popular trade shows accessible to buyers and traders from across the world.


    • Easy to find some top suppliers
    • Support buyers and suppliers online and offline
    • Feature category: electronics and gifts


    • High MOQ
    • High sample charge

Conclusion: it’s more suitable for big buyers and professional buyers and importers




AliExpress vs DHgate

Both DHGate and AliExpress are marketing for small Chinese wholesalers and retail websites, and delivery personnel. The closest comparison I can think of in the US is eBay.

When you purchase on AliExpress or DHGate, they will process the transaction, and the seller will ship the goods. In addition, both DHGate and AliExpress provide a money-back guarantee for all purchases.

In terms of product sourcing, the prices you find on AliExpress and DHGate are often higher than when you purchase directly from the manufacturer.
But the main advantage is that MOQ will be much lower, and they have enough inventory.


You can usually buy a single unit quantity of the product, making these markets great for testing new markets before buying in bulk.

Alibaba vs DHgate


AliExpress, an online retail service owned by Alibaba Group and based in China, connects Chinese sellers with buyers from around the world. You can find individual sellers trading individual items or wholesale companies on AliExpress. This is a great sourcing resource for buyers seeking to try out with small orders or those planning to sell locally.


    • No MOQ
    • The cheap shipping fee is free.
    • Good to do dropshipping
    • Buy easily
    • Easily refund


    • Slow shipping speed
    • Too many middlemen 

Conclusion: it’s proper for people small business starters.



DHgate– China is a Chinese business-to-customer and B2B service cross-border company that facilitates business between suppliers and medium and small buyers. Although the site design might seem a little overwhelming, the website boasts a huge choice of products across broad categories. Just like Alibaba, you will find lots of similar products being provided at different wild prices. You can check more: Is Dhgate safe?


    • Feature category: electronic products and wedding dress
    • No MOQ
    • Vary prices for different quantities.
    • Buy easily


    • Low quality
    • Few products

Conclusion: Good for small business starters, especially on electronic products and wedding dresses.

1688 China wholesale website is a catalog of Chinese wholesale suppliers under the Alibaba Group. is almost the same as, except that mainly caters to Chinese companies.

The entire website is in Chinese. So you have to use Google Translate or find someone who can read Chinese to help you find a supplier on this website.
Why should I show you a website entirely in Chinese now?

The reason is that sometimes Chinese suppliers have an inherent prejudice against Americans, Europeans and other foreigners when they offer quotes on Alibaba.

In other words, sometimes, the same suppliers you find on Alibaba and will offer higher prices for foreign companies.
Here is what you can do to make sure you get the lowest price.

Whenever you complete the price negotiation of an Alibaba supplier, you should also contact the same supplier through and provide a different e-mail address to see if the quotation is other.

If the prices are similar, it’s all good. However, if the prices are very different, you should find out the exact reason for the difference.

In general, you can work with Alibaba and to make sure that you get the lowest price.

1688 is a Chinese suppliers’ list that is also owned by the Alibaba Group. What makes a huge difference about this Alibaba alternative is that the suppliers on this online directory cater to the local Chinese market.


    • Full category of products in China
    • The best way to find China real manufacturers
    • The lowest price for the same products


    • Language barrier
    • Payment security
    • Return

Conclusion: it’s a good choice for people who want to source products from China at the most reasonable price.

This is another China wholesale site headquartered in China with an amazing and diverse stock. Their website is very simple to pass. Some flash memory sales always have buyers. They are shipped all over the world. If you buy things in bulk, you will get a good deal.

The specialty of this site is the sellers and individuals they provide services to. They mainly cater to the female fashion and accessories department. Their collection is awesome because it is the right trend and they can make a trend. You will get amazing shoes, bags, clothes, etc. If you want to open a store related to women’s fashion.

Technology is the most important thing in the Chinese manufacturing market. Therefore, some China wholesale websites are dedicated to making these electronic products, gadgets and other technologies available to the world.

Gearbest has done the same by opening an online wholesale market. Drones, mobile phones and watches are the favorites of cults. But they did not neglect their clothing and fashion parts. They do have all the needed parts and provide things at a great price. Clothing, beauty, bags, shoes, etc., all appear on the website, and you can definitely buy from them.

Banggood is an online China wholesale website that handles a variety of Chinese products at very competitive prices. Starting from electronic products, they have expanded to other products, including clothing and apparel, home gardens, mobile phones and accessories, sports and outdoor, etc. /

Here are two other China wholesale websites for your reference. They have cheap prices, but you need to pay more attention to quality. is the official website of Yiwu Market. The China Commodity Platform is developed and operated by Yiwu China Commodity City, serving 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the upper reaches of the industrial chain, and has 75,000 physical stores in the Yiwu International Trade Market. 

The name of the China wholesale website makeup knows that it specializes in clothing making. But they also have a footwear and accessories section on their website. In addition to websites, you can access them via iPhone and apps.

They do have a wholesale plan for bulk buyers. You can see any current prices you like. They bring the right to explore, at your fingertips.

This China wholesale website has expertise in gadgets and electronics. However, it must be like all other Chinese wholesale markets, where you get a ton of things. Several brands also work with them to sell their products.

The site does have a wholesale plan, as well as drop shipping options. The fashion part is pretty good, and they will provide you with fast and hassle-free shipping.



TomTop is an amazing China wholesale website suitable for all kinds of products. Concessionary prices for clothing, electronic products, and household items. Their wholesale plan is also good, they can offer up to 20% product discount rate.

Bulk packages can also enjoy free shipping if they meet their needs. This company also has its own delivery facilities. The website is also good for ordering makeup and beauty-related items.



Ordinary social media users will notice the influence of Zaful being a popular website. They sell a lot of women’s fashion at affordable prices. Their business is quite transparent, you can feel it on their website. They have also recently included a series of men’s fashions.



Chinabrand is the world’s leading China wholesale website for dropshipping. It covers a complete product catalog, and most product descriptions are very well written. It also provides one-stop delivery services. It integrates with all mainstream platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopping, Wish, and Ali Express.







Canton Fair vs Global Sources Tradeshow 


One of the best ways to find Chinese wholesale suppliers is to participate in the Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair. Although this is not online, it is still perfect, and you understand this resource. (Because of COVID, it has an online trade show)


The Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou, China (usually at the end of May and early November) and is one of the largest sourcing exhibitions in the world. Like the Canton Fair, the Global Source Trade Show is another huge exhibition where factory owners worldwide gather twice a year.


The value of the Global Source Trade Show is that it is held just before the Hong Kong Canton Fair, so you can easily click on two shows in the same itinerary!

China wholesale trade fair

The Global Source contains China wholesale suppliers in specific vital categories, such as electronics and fashion accessories. The most significant benefit of Global Source may be the accessibility of its exhibition: First, it is in Hong Kong, which means that most Western buyers don’t even need a visa (unlike the Canton Fair, which will require some embassy to permit).


As a final note before closing, buyers interested in niche products, especially industrial products, may consider looking for niche trade shows in China. These are just some common trade fairs here.

In China, there is even a sizeable annual exhibition dedicated to purchasing tires. Buyers should consider what their priorities are and make a corresponding purchasing decision.




What Do You Expect When You Import from China Wholesale Website? 

Although importing goods from China is the best way to obtain high-quality products at the lowest prices, you must solve several logistics problems to be successful.

Below is a brief overview of importing goods from China and some tips for shipping the goods from China.

First of all, what you should expect is…


A Long Production Time

Most China suppliers will not even start producing your products until you place an order and pay a small deposit to cover materials costs.

Depending on the nature of your product, you need to wait 1 to 4 months before you can produce the product. Suppliers rarely have inventory, and most of the goods are made when you place the order, so you must plan ahead.

When we order buy for China online wholesale store, the delivery time is usually 1 – 3 months, so we always have to predict your needs in advance.


Large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

If the products you ordered are manufactured overseas, it is expected that a fairly large minimum order will be required. However, each manufacturer has its own minimum order quantity, and don’t be embarrassed to ask before ordering.

If you are just starting out, make sure you get samples first and confirm the potential market before placing a big order.

These days, I rarely buy any new products with less than 300 pieces, but if the supplier thinks you are a serious customer, you can often negotiate to lower the minimum order quantity. Be sure to check my free guide on how to negotiate MOQ with your supplier.


Payment Terms

When sending money to China, Most manufacturers want to pay by wire transfer. In addition, you usually need to prepay some money (usually 30%) to cover the initial cost, and then pay the balance when the goods are ready to be shipped. How to send money to China?

If you are worried about fraud, some third-party hosting services, such as Alibaba’s transaction system(trade insurance), can facilitate the exchange of goods and services. But generally speaking, when there is mutual trust between you and your supplier, the transaction will proceed faster.

However, if you are a new buyer, don’t be afraid of wire transfers. If you are reluctant to send money overseas, you can consider asking for PayPal to pay. If you pay all the fees, some providers will accept Paypal, but don’t expect it.


Quality Control

Quality control is often an issue, and you have to tell the supplier exactly what you want. Generally speaking, it is beneficial to hire an inspector to inspect your goods at the factory. After all, once your product ship out to you, you can’t do much if you receive a defective product. What Are Your Options When you buy from China wholesale website?

product inspection in China
What Are Your Options When you import from China or Asia?


2021 How to Create a Valid Manufacturing Contract in China(NNN Download)


At a price of around US$230-250, we can help you do the inspection, and you can get a statistical sample of shipments directly from the factory. So you will know what percentage of the goods are defective.

Catching manufacturing problems from the start will save you a lot of trouble. 


Language Disability

Many China suppliers in Asia do not speak English very well. But as long as you communicate by email and real-time chat, things will go much smoother. How to contact Chinese supplier?

The English reading ability of most China wholesale website sellers is much stronger than their English verbal ability. Therefore, please communicate with your supplier via WeChat, Email, or Skype.




6 Questions to Ask When Buying from China Wholesale Website

Purchasing wholesale products online from overseas sellers can seem like a daunting task. You can’t get to know them personally or test the product, but there are ways to deal with these challenges. Before purchasing a product, you should ask the seller some questions to ensure that the product is trustworthy and meets your specific needs.


1. Can you offer a copy of your business license or any necessary certifications?

When contacting sellers, you are responsible for ensuring that they are trustworthy. Asking to prove their business and any applicable certified copies will help you narrow your search.


2. What are the product details?

Ask as much information about the product as possible. Ask for detailed information about the specifications, packaging, and materials used. Ask to see if they can send you some pictures of the product. Answer your questions specifically so that you don’t miss any questions.


3. What is the price of the sample?

The seller should have no problem if you request a sample-this is the standard part of B2B sales. Before placing a bulk order with the supplier to assure the quality, you need to check one or two product samples. You should also ask them for their pricing for samples. Due to the transportation cost of such a small order, the unit price may be higher than the bulk order.


4. What is your product minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

MOQ is the minimum number of items you can purchase at a time. Even if the seller’s MOQ is listed on the product detail page, always ask the seller for their MOQ. MOQ is usually negotiable. If the price exceeds your affordability, please see if they are willing to meet your price. Keep in mind that buying larger orders may reduce the cost of unit price.


5. What are the shipping terms?

Agreeing to the wrong shipping terms or company often confuses. These acronyms significantly affect your shipping process and define who handles each part of the delivery and when the seller’s risk is transferred to the buyer. Do your research and agree on the incoterms that benefit you best.

If you receive a vague answer to any question, please keep asking. Don’t take a risk or wait until you get the clear answers you need to make a decision or move on. Asking a series of questions will help you decide whether this seller is the person you want to do business with and whether they can produce your product according to your specific specifications.


6. other questions

Accurate production time of goods can help with your business plan. Choosing a reasonable payment method and tracking your order are all works that require your attention.




3 Tips for Becoming an Exciting but Possible Potential Professional Customer

Here, I will share with you some tips on how to get the Chinese wholesale supplier’s attention and let you be a possible potential customer.


1. Don’t exaggerate your business too much

Don’t say “you should do business with me because I can buy one million pieces”, unless you can really buy one million pieces. Believe me, quality wholesale suppliers in China receive countless inquiries every day. They have enough experience to immediately judge your real capacity and purpose. Maintain a transparent way of communication, which is good for each other. As long as the suppliers gradually recognize your growth, they will also be willing to maintain good long-term cooperation with you.


2. Tell suppliers who you are

Introduce yourself, preferably as short as one minute, not too complicated, just to explain who you are. A brief introduction will undoubtedly make you more professional. You might say: “We have been in business for 20 years. We have established relationships with major retailers. We are always developing new ones. We are looking for a long-term manufacturing partner who can develop together.” You must explain clearly in advance. , So that when you finally ask them “what is your price”, they want your business, and they will offer have a good price for you.


3. Don’t always pursue low prices blindly.

What you are looking for is a reasonable price that meets your quality requirements. On China wholesale website, you can always find the lowest priced products. However, these products will undoubtedly only increase annoyance and waste your money. 


Contact Chinese suppliers– Why Chinese Suppliers (Alibaba) Keep Ignoring your Inquiries

How to buy from China factory directly: 11 Steps

2021 How to Create a Valid Manufacturing Contract in China(NNN Download)



China wholesale website

China Wholesale Website FAQ


How to start buying from China wholesale website?

The easiest way to buy Wholesale products from China is first to identify the supplier. Then, you should purchase samples and repeat them with the supplier until you are satisfied with the overall design of your product. Finally, you should seek instructions from the freight forwarder to explain that you are importing the goods into your home country when it comes to bulk purchases.

  1. Understand Your Role in the Process

  2. Find Good Products

  3. Check the Import Laws of your Country 

  4. Find the Classification Number of the Product(HS CODE)

  5. Locating the Chinese Supplier

  6. Calculate the Total Shipping Costs

  7. Track the Shipment

Complete Guide: How to Buy Wholesale from China 2021



How to choose the best China wholesale website to buy?

what is the best wholesale website in China? These are the most noteworthy online wholesale in China. So naturally, different buyers will have different preferences.

But there is no reason to use all websites-conduct product research online and understand the features you want.

Generally, you can choose an appropriate China wholesale website based on the following 6 aspects.

• The commercial nature of the supplier

• Ministry of Commerce

• Contact Supplier

• payment method

• Transport method

• pros and cons



What is the best product to buy wholesale from China?

Because wages in China are much cheaper than elsewhere, it is good for you to import goods that require a lot of work to produce. There are many types of products that fall into this category. For example, clothing, textiles, embroidery, etc., are all ideal choices imported from China wholesale website because of the low cost of materials and handmade manufacturing.



How to avoid scams when buying from China wholesale website

If you want success to source from China, you need to deal with a trusted China wholesale website. And, at the same time, you need to follow the website’s buyer safety rules religiously. It needs time and experience.



How to calculate customs duties when buying from China wholesale website

Your shipping value determines your shipping tax or tax amount. Generally speaking, customs duties and value-added taxes are calculated as a percentage of the payment of the goods. If your HS code involves any tariffs, it will be added directly to your tariffs.




Find Wholesale Supplier in China Conclusion

Finding wholesale suppliers from China is not easy. At least there are no suitable tools and knowledge. Do your own research on the China wholesale website and find the best one.

When you find a great wholesale supplier and get a high-quality product at a low price, it is very profitable. If you need help with sourcing from China, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To further reduce the risk buy from China wholesale website, I suggest starting with a low purchase, such as $500. You can raise the amount at any time after making a successful purchase. 



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