Amazon FBA Prep Service

Amazon FBA Prep Service

FBA Freight Provider – Shipping From China To Amazon FBA

Our primary services for every amazon FBA seller

ship from China to amazon fba

Pick Up Your Goods

If you ordered goods from suppliers in Yiwu, Zhejiang, we would pick up your package for free. In case your products are produced outside of the territories, you have to ask your suppliers to parcel it to our warehouse.


Inspection Of Cartons

We will inspect your products upon arrival and let you know about damages if we found any. We can help you conduct a comprehensive inspection of your products, so you can ensure that your goods are of high quality. You can also customize any manual service in our warehouse

We Provide 30 Days Of Storage

If you have ordered from different suppliers and want to have your products in a single shipment, we offer 30 days of free storage of your goods. After that, we combine all your parcels and send them in a single box. This will save you time and cost.

Additional Amazon FBA Prep Service

We provide some additional services for your different needs

label (1)

FNSKU & Labeling

For every order, you can ask us to print and stick FNSKU labeling on each item or poly bag. We can also label your master carton.

bundle (1)

Bundle Packaging

To add more value to your products, we will pack all of your same or different products in one packet—the most prescribed and easiest method of shipment.

package (1)

Final Packaging

To ship your product as per your instructions, we also do customized packaging at the end.

fix (1)

Product Fixing

We provide one by one or random inspection of your products, their packaging, and the replacement of defective products. Overall we fix all the potential product issues.

poly (1)

Poly Bagging

If you have ordered some loose items or items that may come apart, or need to customize poly bagging. We pack each of them in an FBA approved poly bag.

ad (2)

Advertising Materials

We will open your package or items, place instruction manuals, and thank you notes and other advertising materials in your kits.

Pricing of Prep Services

Check our China’s amazon FBA prep price

Basic Service Pricing Remarks
Pick-Up Free Free pick up from Yiwu
Up to 5-10 Days Storage Free 5-10 days
General carton Inspection Free Check all cartons
 Service Pricing Remarks
FNSKU Labeling $0.1/item print and stick FNSKU labels on each of your package
warning and other labeling $0.1/item  print and stick labels on your package
Marketing and coupon inserts $0.1/item Insert materials offered by your side
Poly bagging $0.1/unit
Bundling in a set $0.1/bundle Less than 4 items per bundle. USD0.05 per extra item
Warehouse Storage $5/cbm/month For storage over 30 days
Repackaging Inquiry
1 by 1 inspection Inquiry Reduce your amazon store ODR

For pro plan customers, we offer 2 months free storage from January to September, and 1 month from October to December.

For non-pro plan customer, we offer 10 days free storage from January to September, and 5 days from October to December.

About our Amazon FBA prep service:

We’ll Handle all Steps of the Amazon FBA prep Fulfillment Process from Storage to Shipping. Supplyia ensures your orders are routed and delivered at the lowest cost possible.

Use our FBA Prep service to ensure that your products are properly packaged and prepared for fulfillment. Correct packaging and prep help to reduce delays …

What is an Amazon FBA Prep Center?

An Amazon FBA Prep Center is a company that will get your items ready to send to Amazon FBA warehouses for you.

A Prep service does the work of getting your items ready to send to FBA warehouses. There are services for every type of sourcing strategy – arbitrage, wholesale, private label, etc. Rather than sending inventory to your home or warehouse, you will send it to your prep centers address. The prep center will then receive your shipment for you, inspect the products, and then do the necessary prep to send the items to FBA warehouses.

Benefits of Using a Prep Service?

The main benefit to using a prep service is that you will be outsourcing the prep and shipping of your items, and will be freeing up a significant amount of time versus doing it yourself.

This will free your time to be able to focus on the highest value activities you can in your business.

How to Start an Amazon Prep Service

The following are the steps that we do to send your product to Amazon FBA warehouse safely

amazon fba prep

Finalizing a shipping plan

You form the shipping plan from your Amazon Seller Central account. Then you make a list of your products and their quantities. Amazon will automatically save your project. And we require them to proceed further.

amazon fba prep

Your instructions are required

You need to fill out a form to arrange a pickup, or you may ask your supplier to send your goods to our warehouse. And also, tell us about your detailed prep instructions.

amazon fba prep

Prep Your goods

We start finalizing your product as soon as we receive your parcel. Once your package is complete, we will send it to Amazon FBA warehouse globally, or we can wait for any further instructions. Above mentioned activities, we follow in our Amazon Prep Service