About Payment

About Payment


All supplyia transactions are transferred through formal and legal channels. Every transaction of ours will happen in an account under the company’s name or personal of Yixiao zhang, or supplyia Alibaba trade assurance.


Regardless of any reasons from the employees, please do not transfer money to their private account.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly: support@supplyia.com




Recently, there has been a surge in fraudulent organizations using email addresses similar to our company’s “supplyia.com” domain to send malicious emails to numerous individuals. These emails contain Trojan viruses and aim to deceive innocent people into clicking on harmful links, resulting in the theft of their finances. The fraudulent email addresses resemble our company’s domain, such as “supplyias.com,” “supplyiai.com,” “supplyiaa.com,” and so on.


We take these incidents very seriously, and in response to feedback from some of our valued customers, we want to emphasize that these scammers’ email addresses are in no way affiliated with our genuine company, “supplyia.” However, we want to assure our customers that Supplyia is committed to assisting them in combatting these scams.


We urge everyone to remain vigilant in this era of rampant deception and fraud. Always double-check the sender’s email address and be cautious when clicking on links or providing sensitive information. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, please report it to us immediately, so we can take appropriate actions to protect our customers and uphold the integrity of our company.


Additionally, we are actively collaborating with relevant authorities and security experts to track down and prosecute these criminals. Our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our customers remains unwavering.


Thank you for your continued trust in Supplyia, and together, we can combat these fraudulent practices and safeguard our community from harm. Stay alert, stay safe, and let’s stay united against these scams.