How to Buy Wholesale from Yiwu Market (New Guide 2020)

Jul 31, 2020 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Are you currently importing goods from Yiwu Market in China?

Do you know How cumbersome is the process to import under the GST regime?

Today, We are going to introduce how to buy from the Yiwu market step by step.

Let’s start.


What makes Yiwu famous?

It is famous for the largest wholesale market trading globally, featuring around 75000 or more booths that offer a massive range of products. The product niche is also unlimited and covers about 400000 different types of products in the market.

yiwu market
yiwu international trade city


How can you import from the Yiwu market?


yiwu market inside
yiwu market inside stores


Sheer agents or factory owners have their showrooms or shops set within the market. They then sell their products in the market which they represent or produce.

Conventionally, two individuals are working within the shops. One is usually the boss and the second is the assistant. Boss is typically the factory owner’s wife, close relative, daughter, or son. It all relies on the person whom the factory owner trusts the most. The assistant is usually a girl who is employed and who is fluent in English and has a complete know-how of computer usage.

Bosses are usually less fluent in English, and they know little regarding foreign trade. The job of the boss is to maintain everything in control. He or she tries to keep the overall cost in the budget by hiring an employee who is a college or a high school graduate. Employees don’t have much knowledge regarding foreign trade.

So, this means the shops usually place all the products which are available and sell them. They feel satisfied with what they are selling, and that’s it. They cannot export the products to oversea buyers, or they don’t feel happy in doing this.  


    1. Know your import rights

    2. List the goods you want to import

    3. Ensure that the products you wish to import are permitted in the country

    4. Classify the goods and estimate the entire of the landed cost

    5. Find the Chinese suppliers and place your order

    6. Arrange a cargo transport for your orders

    7. Track the cargo and get ready at the arrivals for pickup



How to search for Yiwu Wholesale Market Suppliers?

Are you able to go directly to the market or visit them along with an agent or translator? Then it advised comparing the prices of as many wholesale suppliers as possible to get the best price amongst them.

Usually, all the suppliers selling the same product are located in the same vicinity. You just need to go around similar suppliers and have a look at the prices.

If you are a newbie and are not familiar with the prices, then take help from the agent. These agents will take you to the best and the most famous shops depending on the product category you want.

You can hit the official website of Yiwugo, where you can find all the relevant information regarding the suppliers and their location in the market. As soon as you manage to find the best suppliers online, go around, visit their shop in the market, look out their samples, and check out the prices.  


                                          yiwu international trade city district category
Yiwu International Trade Market
(futian market)
1 floor 2 floor 3 floor 4 floor
District 1 toys, artificial flowers jewelry jewelry accessories,
art & crafts
big showrooms
District 2 bags & cases,
umbrellas & rain wear
Tools, Hardware,
locks and other fittings
home appliances,
electronics & telecommunications,
watches and clocks
big showrooms
District 3 stationary &
office products
stationary &
office products
cosmetics &
beauty, buttons &
cosmetics &
beauty, buttons &
District 4 for socks daily necessities
supermarket products,
gloves, hats
shoes, ribbons, laces,
threads, buckles
other textile accessories
bras & underwear, belts, and shawl
District 5 products imported bedding, Chinese Knot,
DIY products
curtains, fabrics
textile raw materials
car/auto accessories



How should you communicate with the Yiwu market suppliers?

You need to communicate with them in basic English as they can only understand simple English terms. Just inquire about how much price, whether cheap or expensive, good or bad, and others. Use your fingers to point out the products which you want to buy. Once you choose it, then the suppliers will tell you about the price regarding the RMB with the help of a calculator. Pay attention to the fact such as the suppliers will only accept RMB currency and no US dollars.  

Sellers can only communicate in this way, so it’s better to pay the cash for small stock and get it delivered to your hotel. However, if you plan on discussing the product manufacturing, customizing the product, or developing private labels for products, you should search for a translator and bring one with you for simple communication.  


yiwu market language
Most yiwu market suppliers can use translation software to communication


The translator can help you to communicate with the market supplier easily. But once you place the orders, it’s not the job of the translator to inspect and get your orders delivered once you leave the market. You will need to pay around 200-300RMB, that’s around $30-$50 for hiring a translator. Within the supply sourcing, they also provide you with a free translator. You just need to click on connect with the translator.

However, bear in mind that the translator’s job is only to help you communicate with the supplier. He or she might take you around in the entire wholesale market. But if you are planning to buy bulk orders in the purchase, customize products and shipment arrangements to your country, then you’ll need to hire a sourcing agent. You are free to contact us, if you need a China sourcing agent.



How can you deal with the Yiwu market suppliers?



yiwu market category
yiwu market category


1. Select the suppliers selling the specialized categories:

Some market suppliers in Yiwu market sell a mix of all the products while some sell only a single category. If you are planning to seek a specialized supplier, then choose the one who has a range of various products.  

The specialized supplier will offer you the best prices, the better quality of the products, and secure shipping and such suppliers are more familiar with the vast range of products.

Such suppliers who deal in various categories usually have many cooperative factories. However, suppliers who sell multiple products are not that professional compared to the supplier who just sticks to selling one type.  

2. Make sure to check the product quality:

When you are ready to make a massive purchase from the Yiwu market suppliers, it’s better to make sure that the production of an enormous range of products is also the same and with good quality, similar to the sample product. It’s better not to assume that you’ll receive the same product quality as the sample when buying in bulk.

It’s better to undergo double confirmation and check it yourself while communicating with the supplier. In most cases, you’ll surely be surprised by what you received and what you ordered in the market. You’ll be surprised at the product quality, size, material used, color, and weight. All these features can be altered in comparison to the sample you chose.  

3. Tips on how to negotiate the prices:

When going for negotiating the prices, the prices are not that different for various quantities. If you are buying the product in bulk, let’s say you want to buy 1000 pieces, then the supplier might offer a reasonable price, and some suppliers can also provide you with an additional 3-5% discount on the entire order.

Some people assume that if they directly ask the supplier for around 10000 pieces, they’ll get a massive discount, such as 10-20%. However, this is not true whether you place an order for 1000 articles, you’ll get the same discount by the supplier.

Don’t get surprised by this fact as the suppliers won’t believe you at first for buying 10000 pieces immediately. They know that it’s just a trick for them to offer you the best lowest price for the orders. Don’t get surprised and get this fact that the price will remain the same for 1000 and 10000 pieces with a limited discount.  


How can we buy from the Yiwu market?

Mostly, you need to hire an agent to assist all the sourcing activities. They help arrange the visit, accompany you in visiting the market, collect orders, perform an inspection, and ship the products to your country.



Best ways to buy products from the Yiwu market:


Visit the Yiwu market yourself first and then book an agent to confirm the details


We advise that it’s best to recommend that the buyer visit the Yiwu market themselves and look at it. Then book an agent and go for confirming the details of the product.  

First thing first, buyers are the one who best knows about their market, not the agents. Buyers can select the best products at the best price. If you initially go with an agent, you might face miscommunication, which might lead to wastage of time.

When the buyers go themselves, they learn about the new opportunities. The buyer’s eyes are more reliable when compared to the agents. They don’t know your priorities and what you have been looking for in the product quality. Agents are unable to seek all the opportunities on phone calls, emails, or live chat.

Secondly, buyers are aware of the fact to some extent. Buyers can access all the information, such as the price and other details, without the help of agents or translators. Buyers can tell the suppliers what they are looking for and explain it to the agents or factories to know what they want in the future. It allows the agents then to take quicker and smart decisions.

Thirdly, the information you receive online or hear it from someone is usually junk. It’s better to utilize your time and energy and find out all the details so that your time is not wasted.



How does the Yiwu agents company support the purchasing and exporting of the buyers?


For sourcing activities in most cases, you need an agent for assistance. These agents can help in arranging the visit, accompany you when you visit the market. The agents can then go to collect orders, inspect them, and finally send your products for shipment.

Of course, it’s understood that the agents will charge a percentage of commission from the entire order value ranging from 3-10%. It all depends on what you are purchasing and how much is the quantity. You can also find some agents who only charge a 1% commission and dozens of ultimate services without any extra charges. It does sound like a miracle, but it’s true.

If you are from inside the industry, you must know that 1% is very less for the agents to survive. If you find someone who charges you with a 1% commission, then they have some skills to earn money cleverly without you knowing about it.  

Pros of hiring Yiwu agent service:

Hiring an agent makes all things easier and simpler for you. Sourcing directly from Yiwu without the help of an agent seems like a mission impossible. It is because you don’t have your warehouse to collect all the orders, no title through which you can ship the containers, and there won’t be any individual who can inspect your orders directly.  

Agents can also help the buyers to achieve the best and reasonable prices. Agents are in connection with different suppliers due to which the suppliers also offer them with stunning discounts.

cons of hiring Yiwu agent service:

The cons of hiring an agent only come if you hire a wrong agent. When you visit any agent’s website, you might find it promising. Still, most of them are incapable, inexperienced, have no connections, or lack warehouses. The agents also tell lies, charge you with additional costs, make mistakes, and make use of slow container lines that too at lower prices.



Tricks of the Yiwu agents which you should be aware:


Once you start dealing with the Yiwu suppliers, you must know the simple tricks to stay safe and get the products at the best prices.

Have a look at the tricks of Yiwu agent service before you purchase in the Yiwu market:

· Keep changing the suppliers:

It helps you to test a different range of products and enjoy the perk of best prices. There are various suppliers in the Yiwu market, so there is a whole range of suppliers, and you can choose the best one.  

· Ask your suppliers for kickback:

Some suppliers in Yiwu market offer kickbacks to the agents. The agents also source their products from these suppliers.  

· Ask the suppliers to cut down the prices:

It will result in inferior quality products for the buyers as the agents ask the supplier to reduce the price. You need to compromise on the product quality because of your agent.

A perfect Yiwu company supports the entire process for you so that you enjoy an excellent purchasing experience:

    • Agent sourcing rates
    • General service types
    • Supplier sourcing
    • Arrangement of samples
    • Shipping arrangement
    • Inspection of high quality
    • Free warehousing service



How can you purchase online from the Yiwu market?


Is this market available online?

Some people are not convenient in placing orders online, and they prefer visiting the market personally. For purchasing a few products, you can visit the Yiwu official website and purchase as there are several suppliers on the Yiwu website. is an official website for purchasing things from the Yiwu market. There are thousands of suppliers present online who are selling products online. MOQs are also present online, which allows you to identify whether they comply with your needs. You can find several suppliers online who are selling the same thing.



Yiwu wholesale markets lists beside Yiwu international trade city


1. International Production Material Market

Product category: machinery & equipment lighting products, and leather goods. 

Address: No.1566, Xuefeng West Road 


2. Huangyuan Clothing Market

Product category: clothing market

Address: Intersection of Jiangbin Middle Road and Huangyuan Road


3. Yiwu Furniture Market

Product category:  large-scale professional furniture market

Address: No.1779, Xicheng Road


4. Digital market

Product category: retail digital business for individual use, assembled computers, brand laptops, projection equipment

Address:  No.238, Binwang Road


5. Communication market

Product category: mobile phones, digital cameras,etc

Address: No.211, Binwang Road


6. Yiwu Material Market  

Product category:  metal materials, stone, ceramics, and lighting hardware.  

Address: No.199, Xicheng Road


7.  Zhezhong Timber Market

Address: No.266, Xicheng Road


8. Yiwu stock street:

  1. Wu’ai Specialized Stock Street (wu ai area)
  2. Meihu Specialized Stock Street (meihu area)
  3. Xiawang Specialized Stock Street (xiawang area)



How to shipping from Yiwu


Here is 5 ways to shipping products from Yiwu market

    1. Air express
    2. Air freight
    3. Regular post
    4. Ocean expedicted freight
    5. ocean freight(FCL/LCL)

Check more information: SHIPPING FROM CHINA TO THE US



If you want to  buy from Yiwu without travelling, We can provide yiwu agent service, and source the products you’re interested in from Yiwu market, then report to you. So you won’t spend time and money for a tiring useless trip. 


Leave your comment below if you have any questions about Yiwu market.




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