100% Quality Inspection

100% Quality Inspection

Supplyia Full Inspection-How It Can Make your Business


The different between Supplyia 100% quality inspection and on-site random pre-shipment inspection?

We do 100% product inspection. The difference between the usual ON-SITE pre-shipment inspection at supplier’s factory and our 100% product inspection is that all of your goods will be sent to our warehouse. We will check the quality of each product in the whole batch, so any defective product will be picked out. We can do more than the typical on-site inspection at the factory. We can provide customized services during the inspection process, such as re-packaging your product with your designed package, bundling your products from different suppliers, putting in any other materials that you want to include, such as instruction sheets, after-sale cards and discount coupons.


What are the advantages of having us do 100% inspection service?  

First, a 100% inspection will guarantee all of the products shipped to your Amazon FBA warehouse have good quality. This will improve your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your bad reviews. This brings long-term benefits to boost your sales.

Second, we give advice to the manufacturer to decrease the most frequent defects


When do you need a 100% product inspection in China?

You may need it if any of the following statements is true for you:

First, the cost of quality issues is high and 2 to 5% of defective products are not acceptable for your business.

Second, you want to keep your product information, such as packing, the labeling, distribution channel, the brand or the selling price, confidential.


Is it worthy to have a 100% quality inspection?

You may think that the cost of a full inspection is higher than a general inspection. However, in a lot of cases, that’s not true. Here, again, you need to consider the cost of quality issues, not just the cost of the product itself, but also the shipping cost if your customer returns the product, the potential bad impacts on your business caused by a bad review, etc. Sometimes, the money you lose due to a defective product is much more than the cost of the inspection itself.

Some situations you need full quality inspection?

From supplyia experience, I would like to point out three reasons why some importers want to do 1 by 1 100% quality inspection:


1 Return defective products fee is high – it’s worth spending more time and money cleaning up all the bad products. 

2 There is a strong suspicion that many products have quality problems and that the supplier’s quality control is not doing a good job.

3 After the inspection, it is possible to replace inferior products with quality ones. 

Solutions to Every Quality Problem

Quality of products

We understand how product quality matters to your business. We offer inspections at different stages to identify problems at every step of production. Our product’s quality includes sorting or rework service and product performance testing conducted in our labs in Yiwu, China.

Compliance and supplier Audit

Supplier audits give access to visit the supplier’s management system, processes, and products. These assessments are crucial to check your suppliers’ qualifications and capabilities and also if their compliance meeting to the required standards for your industry or not.

Supplier Management solution

Supplier Management solution is for those suppliers who are incapable of meeting the quality standards. At first, we identify the actual cause of the quality issues, and then we proceed further to produce a corrective action plan. After the implementation of the corrective actions, your supplies exceed your expectations and acquires sustainable betterment.

Supplier Compliance

Supplyia confirms that suppliers should comply with mandatory compliance terms that are set by major international retailers. This is the reason why Supplyia is giving the best China inspection services and also leading the product inspection companies in China. One of the websites we use to audit the supplier is “tianyan cha“.

The goal of every production or manufacturing company is to build a good reputation for their company.  The main contributor to a good reputation is the quality of goods and services.

Should 100% quality inspection be finished in the supplier’s factory?


If the quantity is small and the product is simple, it can be done in the factory where the goods are manufactured.

However, if the work required five or more working days, the cost would increase significantly, which might not be realistic.

What’s the choice? 

Deliver a batch of products to supplyia warehouse to do 100% inspection by trained operators, and repacked immediately.

It is more efficient and much cheaper than hiring people to do it in the factory. One of the great advantages here is speed and simplicity.

In many cases, buyers should avoid situations such as:

  1. Too many defects are found
  2. suppliers are no pretending to replace the goods if the defects rate is low such as 1-2%
  3. The vendor waste your time until you don’t have time to do 100% quality inspection


The difficulty you may meet from a supplier

  1. Deliver the batch to another plant before making a full payment
  2. Don’t accept defective items that checked by other company


The advantage for doing 100% inspection with Supplyia

It would be excellent if you can find a good way to avoid these obstacles. Another benefit is that labels and brand elements can be affixed to goods in other places, and suppliers will not know your distribution channels, sales prices, etc.