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If you are working hard but not seeing the profits you want. It’s time to rethink your sourcing strategy. Chinese never buy anything from any English B2B platform, but you will. 99.50% of Chinese people can’t speak English, so you are looking at the wrong place. Stop dealing with middlemen pretending to be manufacturers. Supplyia 1688 agent will help you connect with the best real source suppliers



1688 sourcing service

Our 1688 Agent Service Procedure

Supplyia will prove to be your best 1688 purchasing agent.

The 1688 Sourcing Services is a one-stop Chinese insider sourcing + shipping solution

Step 01: Choose Your Desired Product From

Browse products gallery, select your product, and record the product link.


Step 02: Tell Us About Your Need

You can contact us via Email (enter your company’s email address), or you may add our WhatsApp. Our “1 on 1” customer service starts after we get your request with the product details you need to buy from


Step 03: Pay for Your Products

Once we get your product link, we will check it for the price, contact the manufacturer, and Calculate the shipping cost from the factory to our warehouse. And then we make the first payment, which includes all things within China.


Step 04: Place Your Order

After receiving payment from you, we purchase from for you. Usually, we collect your product from 1688 within just three days.


Step 05: Count product

When we receive the goods, we will:

  1. Count the product quantity
  2. Find obvious wrong SKU products
  3. Document Loading List


Step 06: Final Shipping of Product

After making the shipping payment, we will ship your goods as per your request. We have various shipping methods for you to choose from. For example, Ship by expresses like DHL, UPS, FedEx, SF express, or Ship by Sea freight or by air freight.

1688 Sourcing Agent Fee

 We have dedicated to the source you high-quality products from 1688 with the best possible cost.

Reminder: Please don’t be limited to the commission ratio of the form, we can float the ratio according to the complexity of your order, including product category, inspection degree, amount, number of links.

Order Value Service rate Sku quantity
($0.5 for each more sku)
Less than $500 $50 <20
$500 – $1,000 10% <30
$1,000 – $3,000 9% <40
$3,000 – $5,000 8.5% <50
$5,000 – $7,000 8% <60
$7,000 – $10,000 7.5% <70
$10,000 – $15,000 7% <80
$15,000 – $20,000 6.5% <90
$20,000 – $25,000 6% <100
$25,000 – $30,000 5.5% <110
$30,000 – 5% <120


Rate example:

Suppose the value of your goods is 6000 USD, and you have 50 sku products, then your commission is $6000*8%=$480

Suppose the value of your goods is 6000 USD, and you have 100 sku products, then your commission is $6000*8%+$(100-60)*0.5=$500




1688 Agent Services Best for who?

Small Entity Wholesaler

If you run a physical wholesale store and need to buy multi-category but low MOQ products, it is undoubtedly a good choice to ask your 1688 agent to help you purchase.

Small Supermarket Chain

In the absence of professional product developers, supermarket chains can quickly find the latest and hottest products from 1688, and can quickly purchase samples for market testing.

Standard Product Seller

Usually for standardized products, it is easier to buy on 1688 than on Alibaba and suppliers usually have stock. However, it is still an essential link to let your 1688 agent help you receive and inspect the goods.

“Counterfeit” Sellers

Although we don’t want to admit it, in fact there are many imitation brand elements on 1688. The products they sell may not be the same as the real brand, but we can at least see traces of imitation from the pictures.

You Can Find Out Our Best 1688 Sourcing Agent Services Here

You can buy bulk qualitative products from China with the best 1688 agent China.

1688 sourcing agent

Primary Service

We help people like you in buying goods from We mainly focus on making available the quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost. We provide you an original service package that includes everything from purchasing to product check and from warehouse storage to order consolidation, repacking, and then global shipping. We offer all these services at a very minimal cost.
1688 agent china

No Hidden Charge

We promise not to surprise you with hidden fees for the 1688 agent fee. The price you see is the price you pay. We are committed to maintaining a strong and transparent relationship with you; this way, you can trust us and continue to work with us.
1688 buying agent

No Kickback

We do not charge any kickbacks and reject all dishonest ways of doing business. We do not charge any fee to the factory. Even if it is much easier for you to get money from the factory, we will give up any order with rebate. We do not charge any kickbacks and reject all dishonest ways of doing business. We do not charge any fee to the factory. 

Ample Choices for You

We offer a worldwide platform for substantial online 1688 purchasing trading(1688 agent in ghana/Indonesia/Malaysia/Nairaland/Singapore/Nigeria…
1688 buying agent

Company Sourcing

Mostly business people approach different manufacturers of the same product to maintain their internal quality system in supply-chain management. 1688 buying agent provides you the best company sourcing service of three trusted factories in China that are producing the subject product. Being dedicated in all ways is the best access for your business success.
1688 buying agent

Sample For Goods

Are you having trust issues in paying for large orders? You can remarkably lower the risk rate by checking our product samples before bulk buying. 1688 Agent’s main aim is to help their customers to obtain product samples from various suppliers, make them deliver to our warehouse where you can check your samples, and combine in a single parcel. Then we provide it to your address.
1688 buying agent

1688 Sourcing to delivery

We motivate you to achieve complete success in your specialized order. Before proceeding with any request for the demand of particular order, you can take help from our sourcing agent service. For this, our team works closely with the manufacturer to do quality control and ensure that the final product you receive should meet your specifications and expectations.

Security Assurance

The most trustworthy platform for 1688 agent in quality control. We provide a good quality system to ensure the quality of your goods.

Sourcing from 1688 Points to Note

You must have known the reality when procedure from 1688 without 1688 agent in China.

Inquiry, analysis and then select the outclass deal.

Scrolling around till you find the best price and high-quality products through analysis on Supplyia Sourcing is always open for consultation, and we will be happy to serve you with sensible advice.

Do not focus on the 1688 product images

When you browse the, you will notice the supplier using the same picture. They do this to attract more customers to buy products. This is why you have to get the actual photos of the product.

Do not rely on the prices shown on

Most suppliers will display lower prices to attract buyers, but then add prices to payment orders. You must communicate with the supplier to ensure that the content of the display is real and the actual price.

Little to no intellectual property protection.

The brand protection of 1688 is weak, sellers help to develop products for selling, it may be infringing, but they don’t know it.

Verify manufacturer's credibility.

Quality is another big concern when 1688 wholesales/sources across borders. Many brands claim that their products are high-quality, but you will also find that the “high-quality” you understand is quite different from the “high-quality” understood by 1688 suppliers.

Enclosed final arrangements.

Before placing an order, don’t forget to agree with the seller on quality standards and return rules, such as under what circumstances you can return or exchange. FAQs

Here are the quick answers for how to buy from 1688.

Wholesale products from 1688 is sometimes not as simple as imagined, it needs some assistance in a specific environment, depending on different customers, the way of assistance may also be different.

How to Choose a Reliable 1688 sourcing agent:

But you can’t avoid the assistance of 1688 agent, at least for now, so when you are thinking about how to choose a good 1688 agent, Three factors need to be considered:

1. Communication skills:

Basic text communication is no problem.

2. Trust:

The trust here mainly includes the transparency of the entire transaction. Compared with the tiny percentage of commission, the quality of your goods and the safety of your payment are the most important.

3. Company:

The scale is around 10-20 people. A company that is too big cannot handle such trivial work as 1688, and a company that is too small is easy to close down, and then the payment for goods disappears, especially for personal salesmen in Soho.


There are unlimited possibilities to purchase from 1688, and our thinking is not limited to benefit 1688 agents to help you purchase products, give full play to your unlimited creativity, and expand your import business with 1688 agents.

About 1688 Shipping Agent

Why is purchasing from a good choice for dropshipping?

With so many people entering the e-commerce field, buying from websites other than AliExpress is a top priority. There are many reasons why is a better choice for people to view. There are some reasons below.

• Compared with other websites, the price of products in 1688 is surprisingly low.

• Direct contact with factory owners and wholesalers.

• On 1688, you can first understand the benefits of product launches.

How to choose a reliable 1688 supplier for dropshipping?

The process of finding reliable 1688 suppliers is almost the same as that of other e-commerce sites. For drop-ship marketing purposes, find some important factors among the suppliers. Here are the most common criteria.

• Better communication and cooperation

• Response time of response

• Long service life

• Whose price

• Demonstration sales

• Answer your questions

• Good order quantity

• Positive feedback from customers


The supplier with the most numbers in the criteria discussed above will be 1688 of your reliable suppliers. There are some additional standards on 1688 that may be suitable for suppliers that you carry with you. These include:

• The product return rate (maximum) should be low.

• The number of buyers from the past 90 buyers should be ok.

• Goods description and transportation response are excellent.

How to find the best 1688 dropshipping agent?

If you don’t want to do everything yourself in 1688, you can choose to 1688 dropshipping agency. Purchasing agents are responsible for buying the products you choose from Chinese suppliers directly and fulfilling them.

In this way, you can automate the dropshipping business through the best product procurement services. Find a 1688 dropshipping agent who can provide you with the following services.

• It is comfortable to communicate with Chinese in your language.

• Able to find products on websites such as 1688 and Taobao.

• Arrange products of the same quality at a lower price.

• Able to work smoothly with Chinese suppliers to make your business operations go smoothly.

•Fulfill dropshipping orders

In this case, the best option will be the fulfillment service provided by supplyia private label dropshipping. To carry out all the challenges of dropshipping in 1688, you can rent the service of Supplyia Dropshipping and bypass all the difficulties of purchasing products from 1688.

The primary purpose of dropshipping from 1688 was to have the same quality and lower prices. Using Supplyia, you can trust our 1688 dropshipping agent service to find cheap Chinese products and immediately start drop ship from China. 

You only need to provide detailed information about the products you want to sell. Our promotion includes searching for the best available products at the lowest prices in Following is the benefit through SupplyiaDropshipping:

• Purchasing products for your dropshipping business at attractive prices. 

• We can also act as your full-time 1688 agent in China, speaking with Chinese suppliers on your behalf and product status updates.

• Quality inspection of your products is one of SupplyiaDropshipping’s primary responsibilities, so you don’t have to worry about whether your customers get the defective products they ordered.

• High-quality custom product photos and videos.

• Store your products in our warehouse and provide you with dropshipping order fulfillment services.

• Custom packaging and branding facilities.

• Put a private label on the packaging.

How to talk to 1688 suppliers for dropshipping?

You can use various options to talk to 1688 suppliers. If you don’t know how to communicate in Chinese, you will most likely encounter problems when talking to 1688 suppliers. Since dropshipping is an Antarctic business, it is strongly recommended that you take supplier communication seriously.

Please follow the guidelines below to better communicate with 1688 suppliers. When using the “Who to contact” option, ask whether the business can speak English. If they do not speak English, you can try to get help from Google Translate.

Even if the supplier can speak English, keep the translation simple and to the point. Fun fact: When talking with Chinese suppliers, be straightforward and don’t even bother to communicate with the wrong grammar. You can also hire the services of freelancers or ask a sourcing agent to speak on your behalf.

Best 1688 agent from shipping to Malaysia?

Supplyia is one of the best Taobao 1688 Malaysia agent for English speakers. We have specific advantageous transportation channels to Malaysia, Philippines.

What happens if I don't get all the products that I have ordered?

We send proof photos of your products that have been shipped completely, but sometimes the transport companies or the customs take out some of the products from the boxes. For this situation we wouldn’t take any responsibility, if you have a problem similar to this, please contact the courier service of your area.

What happens next if my product is lost?

If your product is lost, we will try our best to get compensation from the company, but this doesn’t always happen. Because shipments are ever made through third parties, so if you require insurance, it is better to request for it.

Do you have any size limitations for shipment?

If you want to buy a large-dimension product, you need to contact us first so we can approach the transport companies for shipment availability.

How can I track my products?

After finalizing your cargo, we will give you a tracking number with the help of which you can track your shipments.

About Sourcing

What is

1688 is the Chinese version of as a result, it has a few quirks that we’ll discuss below). One of those quirks is language. Currently, 1688 is only in Chinese, and it doesn’t have an English version – unlike which operates in multiple languages.

How to buy from from Nigeria?

If you want to buy from 1688 in Nigeria, we recommend using the 1688 agent in China services to bring goods to Nigeria without the problem of custom. The 1688 agent in Nigeria service is very good and the service charges are friendly. If you have a 1688 agent in China, you can avoid getting scams. Next are the 4 steps to buy from from Nigeria.


1. Translations from Chinese into the English language

1688 website is all in Chinese language, none is in the English language. Therefore, you need to download a Google browser(Chrome Web Browser) to make translations from Chinese into the English language

2. Search for the products

I would suggest that you search for the keywords in Chinese (through Google translation into Chinese keywords: Google translator).

3. Compare the price and check the product details

Use price converter, through Google Exchange to compare prices and when acquiring products. (Google keywords: RMB exchange to Naira)

View the product specifications, such as color, size, and minimum order quantity.

4. Collect those 1688 products links and send them to the 1688 agent

Send your desired product link, size, and color to your 1688 agent. Then, the agent will help you check the quality of the products after receiving the goods. At last, they will bundle all the products ship to you.

What is the difference between Alibaba and 1688?

The difference between Alibaba is that 1688 is a network used primarily for domestic Chinese suppliers. As a result, you’ll find that prices there are lower – and with better bargain deals that suit a supplier’s goals.

Alternatively, has an international focus. Instead of giving you Chinese suppliers only, it gives you a larger map of markets to work with.

What is 1688 agent in China?

A 1688 sourcing agent means adding a transit party between the merchant and the purchaser, so that when the 1688 merchant cannot directly deliver the goods to the purchaser through the existing logistics methods, it can use this 1688 agency to indirectly deliver the goods to the purchaser to ensure the safety of funds.

Can I review information on a supplier?

Yes. You can try to verify a supplier’s information by heading to their 1688 store…

  1. Open the vendor’s home page.
  2. Click “Company” – then “View Business Registration Information”.
  3. View all the registration info of the business.

You can check their registration date, capital available, and address.

Do 1688's suppliers understand English?

The majority do not. 1688 isn’t like Alibaba, which is designed with an international focus in-mind (and thus almost all suppliers on speak English).

But, that language barrier shouldn’t be an issue. There are a few steps you can follow to circumvent that problem.

  1. Before placing an order – contact the supplier and ensure they speak English.
  2. Talk with your clients using Google translate.
  3. Use a 1688 purchase agent help.

What is the best agent to buy on 1688?

The best agent to buy on 1688 mainly focus on making available the quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost. They provide you an original service package that includes everything from purchasing on 1688 to product check and from warehouse storage to order consolidation, repacking, and then global shipping.

Why do I need a buying agent for1688?

Because 1688 sellers cannot send directly to foreign countries. A good 1688 agent can help you with safe payment, quality control, and fast shipping from China.

Is it reliable to make purchasing from

If you live in China and directly place orders, it is reliable because provides buyers’ protection. If you are abroad, you may need the help of 1688 agents to ensure safety.

Buying Guide: Here’s How to Buy Goods from 1688!

Buying from What to Consider Beforehand

Below are 6 factors that’ll affect your experience when learning how to buy goods from 1688. 

You can read this details post to learn more about: How to buy from 1688?


#1 – Available Stock Info: It Is Sometimes Incorrect.

Many local Chinese sellers do not update their inventory stats regularly. Thus, you might place an order for a supply, only to find that it’s gone.

This situation doesn’t occur too regularly. Expect stock info to be correct close to 90% of the time.

But, this might be an issue for you if you’re a high volume buyer.
On 1688, high volume sellers tend to struggle with keeping online inventory updates, especially considering the sheer number of sales that occur on 1688.

To avoid those issues, we recommend you choose a good supplier (or a good 1688 agent in china).

Pick suppliers with a “bullhead icon” next to their names. That’s a “TrustPass badge” which means that the supplier is Alibaba Group certified, making them trustworthy in their inventory updates!


#2 – Failed Purchases and Orders.

Sometimes, an order that you place can get invalidated. That might be due to the previous issue of the supply running out of stock.

If that occurs, the item won’t be added to your shopping cart.
However, the refund process is what’s odd on the 1688 platform.
After all, it isn’t a retail platform. Being a wholesale website, if you encounter any issues on purchase, the will continue the purchase while accounting for stock problems.

Here, you get the opportunity to seek another supplier, where you can place a new order for the same product.

But, what can be an issue is the cancellation time. It usually takes a few days for suppliers to cancel an order after a purchase failure.
You also have the option of getting a refund to your credit card. Here, the money has to be refunded from the supplier to the 1688 platform first, before being sent back to you.

As for security, that’s never an issue when it comes to refunds. The platform protects your transactions, and it records and tracks everything, guaranteeing your money back if a supplier doesn’t fulfill it!


#3 – Cost Modifications for Domestic Shipping.

Sometimes a supplier doesn’t ship directly to you. They’ll send the product to a warehouse, adding extra domestic shipping costs per the final shipment’s weight.

The platform takes care of the starting stage of this fee. It automatically informs you of the additional costs using the default amount of (15CNY) as the lowest shipping cost.

Thus, the platform pays a portion of the shipping costs beforehand. The rest is something you’ll have to fulfill yourself.

A 1688 buyer has to manually confirm the full national shipping fee during order placement. And you do so after filling out your starting payment instructions.

After the full domestic shipping costs are confirmed (at their real value – not the minimum of 15 CNY), the warehouse buyer will extract the rest of the costs by deducting them from you. They’ll also inform you of the correction, and that the proper charge was registered in your 1688 purchase history.

Domestic shipping costs obviously depend on the shipping partners of the suppliers you purchase from. You’ll normally never need to worry about extra domestic shipping costs, unless you’re buying items that are too heavy or large.

Speaking of those.


#4 – Avoid Purchasing Products that are too Large or Heavy.

This isn’t a legal issue, it’s a price-related one.

It’s well-known that buying heavy items (especially ones with fragile components like TVs, furniture, bikes) can lead to price penalization.

It’s best if you buy those if you’ve already factored in the high global and national shipment costs.

Also, it’s best if you avoid buying those, unless you’re connected with low-cost forwarders to ship those items safely.


#5 – Delays and Timing.

Wholesale from China’s 1688 comes with a few problems.
First, being a business supplier network, you can’t expect it to provide the level of accuracy available on retail sites (like Amazon or

As a rule, wholesale orders require time for processing. They require bigger lead times. And as a result, many of their products don’t get shipped immediately.

You can expect lead times to be around 1 to 5 days. Also, expect the processing of small orders to require up to a week.

Larger orders require even more time, ranging from 2 to 4 weeks for completion, with additional delays (of up to 3 days) in busy seasons (like November and December).

You also have to account for domestic shipping time. Expect around 4 days for small orders, and over 1 business week for larger ones to reach.

Regardless of the delays, there’s a way to work around them.
You can plan your purchase times by factoring in lead times plus seasonal issues – where you buy your supplies earlier than normal. This helps you avoid any inventory or delay issues.
However, if your order is taking too much time to reach you, then you may cancel it. This is assuming that your order has been on “ordered status” for way too long. And in that case, you can email the buyer for a cancellation.

Just note, if your supplier hasn’t shipped the order, then 1688 can’t cancel it for you. However, if it has been already shipped out, you shouldn’t cancel it. You might be penalized in that situation, losing service privileges from the 1688 website.


#6 – Collect all Your Goods from Different Suppliers.

The majority of 1688’s orders require more than a week for completion. During that period, you need a place to store your products until arrival (which may require around 3 months).
Supplyia is a 1688 agent that offers that space. You get free storage for up to 1 months.


1688 Agent In Summation

You can always use the help of Supplyia sourcing agent too. we’re your 1688 sourcing agent in China buyer. No matter where you’re from, we’ll take care of product collection, storage, and tracking too. There’s nothing more to wait for. Check out the platform, and get started!

1688 Agent Payment/Order

What payment method will you prefer?

Right now, we accept payments via international bank transfer, PayPal, or Western Union, RMB, Alibaba trade assurance.

Can I use dollars for payment on

Unfortunately, not. Suppliers there only accept Renminbi (CNY or RMB). To pay in US dollars, you’ll need a 1688 agent’s help. Those 1688 agents in China accept both PayPal and bank transfers. After they receive the money from you in US dollars, they’ll proceed to pay the suppliers in CNY.

Are the payments we made safe on 1688? has buyer protection mechanism like Alibaba trade assurance to protect the safety of your funds.

Can I use different payment methods for each purchase?

You can select every time a different payment method that suits you.

What are the allowed payment methods on 1688?

Payment to suppliers in 1688 is slightly different from the process followed by AliExpress. Unlike using a credit card in AliExpress, 1688 provides three payment methods to pay for your direct or wholesale orders. This method is:

1. Alipay

Alipay is the easiest and most common way to pay suppliers. If you don’t have an Alipay account, you can register using credit cards and MasterCard to conduct transactions.

2. Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a more important part.

3.1688 Purchase funds

The option applies to existing 1688 shoppers. They can exchange the purchase funds provided by 1688 for continuous shopping.

Interesting fact: You can also send payment options to 1688’s suppliers using WeChat and other methods when you and the supplier have established trust and understanding.

How to source from in English?

If you want to source from in English/English App, navigate to, a message will automatically pop up prompting you to translate the website into English. If not, click the Google Translate Chrome extension icon in your browser window. Make sure to select English. read more from here:   How to buy from 1688.

Does offer cheaper products?

Yes, but there is a multitude of reasons for that.

First, Chinese suppliers tend to sell their lower-quality stocks on, especially if they can’t dispatch them fast on the Chinese market. So there are some quality issues with what you buy in 1688. And this might be problematic if you’re buying from overseas, and you live in a place with strict product quality regulations.

However, do note that doesn’t automatically guarantee better prices than Sometimes, you’ll find better deals on (relative to the quality you desire). So be sure to compare each market before buying!

How to buy from 1688 without agent?

No, you can’t buy from 1688 without any agents. Orders on 1688 cannot be shipped internationally. You only have to hire a Chinese 1688 agent to help you send the goods to your country.

And as we mentioned before, suppliers in 1688 offer bargain deals. Thus, it’s preferred by local businesses there over its more international variant. And, it’s not uncommon to see local businesses bulk-buying from that website.

In fact, 1688 currently has over 50,000 suppliers, which gives you a multitude of opportunities to buy and resell wholesale products!

Do Chinese business prefer 1688 over

Yes. has been active in China for years, and it’s extremely popular among businesses there (especially for startups).

Currently, Alibaba is China’s biggest wholesale network. It’s also well-trusted, where it has developed a strong reputation throughout the years.

And as we mentioned before, suppliers in 1688 offer bargain deals. Thus, it’s preferred by local businesses there over its more international variant. And, it’s not uncommon to see local businesses bulk-buying from that website.

In fact, 1688 currently has over 50,000 suppliers, which gives you a multitude of opportunities to buy and resell wholesale products!

Do you offer discount for bulk order?

Yes, we will offer some discounts according to the price list of each product according to the quantity you buy.

1688 Agent China
1688 agent China
1688 agent China
1688 agent China