How to Buy Replica Products from Chinese Replica Websites?

Feb 16, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Chinese replica websites offer a wide array of products that mimic well-known brands and styles, often at more affordable prices. 


Replica products occupy a unique niche in the fashion industry. Although illegal, they are appealing due to their low prices and decent quality, making them profitable for small businesses.

The demand for replicas is substantial, driving many buyers to import these items from China to earn money.

Interestingly, many luxury brands have manufacturing facilities in China.

So, as a buyer, where can you safely purchase a replica?


China offers a wide variety of imitation products at different quality levels and prices, catering to various buyer preferences.


The reproduction industry in China is highly developed, with an estimated 90% of global imitation products originating from the country. This highlights the extent of China’s capabilities in producing high-quality replicas.


Chinese-made replicas are incredibly cheap, often costing less than 10% of the original products’ prices. This affordability is due to cheap labor, abundant raw materials, and a well-established industrial chain.


In China, imitation product clusters exist, featuring complete supply chains.

However, you won’t find large factories dedicated to producing replicas.


  • Industries like luggage, clothing, and footwear are primarily handcrafted and can be produced in small factories or workshops with few workers.
  • Raw materials like hardware, leather, and fabrics are sourced from raw material factories.
  • Many production processes are outsourced to specialized OEM factories.



Consequently, the imitation market is filled with numerous small factories, but large-scale factories with hundreds of workers are nonexistent.


Each production step is handled by specialized factories, leading to massive production volumes and significantly reduced costs per product.

The low barriers to replica production have resulted in countless small factories competing in the market, driving down prices.

This competition also results in varying quality levels, with different grades available.


About China Replica Products Policy:

Chinese authorities are now very strict about IP infringement. However, there are still many people who do such things under the temptation of profit.

But now there is a practice in the Chinese market, that is, manufacturers simply process identical products without giving you a trademark or outer packaging. Many buyers put the trademark and outer packaging on themselves after buying the products.

Under Chinese law, the penalties for counterfeiting a commercial design are very light unless you can prove that the design has applied for intellectual property protection.

If a trademark is affixed, it is a serious act of counterfeiting goods.

At present, there are many domestic factories in Guangzhou and Dongguan that produce such leather goods, bags, cosmetics, clothing, etc.




Which Replica Products Should You Consider Importing from China?

China boasts a well-developed replica industry, with a plethora of popular items including bags, watches, clothes, and shoes.

Despite common misconceptions, not all replica products are of inferior quality. In fact, many replicas are crafted with such precision that distinguishing them from genuine items becomes a challenge.

Replicas vary in quality, often categorized from A to AAA based on their craftsmanship and materials. AAA-grade replicas closely mimic the style and materials of their authentic counterparts.

Given the substantial demand for replicas, importing them from China presents a lucrative opportunity for many.


Where to Source Replicas in China:

Several prominent luxury brands have established their own manufacturing facilities in China, producing high-quality replicas using materials identical to those of the original products. This means that the replicas you import may originate from the same factories as their genuine counterparts.


Here are the primary industry clusters in China for the most sought-after replica products:

Replica Bags:

The production hubs for replica bags are primarily located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Hebei. These regions have cultivated a robust leather industry over decades, forming complete industrial chains and serving as local economic pillars.

Replica Watches:

Guangzhou stands out as the foremost production base for replica watches in China, housing numerous assembly factories of varying sizes. Additionally, Guangzhou boasts the country’s largest watch market, featuring a wide array of the latest and most renowned luxury replica timepieces.

Replica Clothes:

Factories specializing in replica clothes are concentrated in cities such as Qingdao, Hebei, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. Wenzhou and Guangzhou particularly excel in the production of replica apparel.

Replica Shoes:

The replica shoe industry in Putian, China, has reached a high level of maturity, boasting a solid foundation. Here, consumers can purchase shoes that closely mirror the appearance, materials, and craftsmanship of authentic designs.


Additionally, various Chinese replica websites offer a wide selection of replica products. Some sites specialize in specific product categories, while others offer comprehensive solutions across multiple industries.







Top 12 Best Chinese Replica Websites:

You can find some independent online stores on Google and social media like Facebook and Instagram, but they may come from countries that lack good regulatory policies.

Therefore, it is very risky to buy replica products without any guarantee.

Due to China’s strict property rights regulations, you won’t find online stores that specialize in selling certain counterfeit categories. But you can buy such products from some Chinese B2B or B2C websites as shown below.



Electronics, Watches, Health & Beauty


Cheap C2C replica products


WeChat replica store for replica clothing/watches


Replica shoes app


Jewelry, Women’s Accessories, Shoes

Made In China

Apparels, Furniture, Hardware


Replica Watches, Bags

Global Sources

Home Essentials, Accessories, Bags

 cheap replica products 

DIY Trade

Office Supplies, Toys, Accessories

Fashion TIY

Beauty, Bags, Shoes


General replica products

Sourcing Company

Product Sourcing Company




What Keywords Are Effective for Locating Replica Wholesaler in China?

Once you’ve identified sources for replica products, it’s essential to understand how to conduct searches for counterfeits on Chinese wholesale platforms.

While the default approach might involve directly entering the brand name, I advise against relying solely on this method.

Searching directly by brand name tends to yield limited results, as numerous websites restrict the use of well-known brand names within their search systems.

To broaden your search for replica products, consider employing the alternative strategies outlined below.

  • Image Search

You can search replica products by uploading images, but this method only applies to Alibaba, 1688, and Made In China the 3 websites. I take searching in Alibaba for example below.

  • Keywords Search

  1. “luxury brand + product category”, for example, “luxury brand watch”
  2. “Europe luxury brand + product category”, for example, “Europe luxury brand belts”
  3. “AAA +product category”, for example, “AAA watches”


  • Use Chinese Translator

You can use translation software to translate the voice into Chinese, and then search on major Chinese websites in China, like: 仿牌包包,仿牌手表,仿牌供应商…



How to Buy Replica Products from China?



The Best Chinese knockoffs Websites/Replica Website:

I understand you’re looking for the best Chinese replica websites. However, based on our experience, when procuring bulk quantities of replica products, the optimal choice is to purchase from 1688.

Unlike English platforms such as Alibaba, which often face stricter oversight from international brands and platform authorities, making it challenging to come across replica products, particularly those associated with well-known brands, 1688 operates within China’s domestic market.

Due to relatively lenient regulations on replica products by the Chinese government, unless blatant copyright infringement is involved, you can find products that might push the boundaries of legality on 1688.



However, two crucial steps need to be taken.

  • First, acquiring proficiency in purchasing on 1688 is essential.
  • Secondly, securing a reliable 1688 agent is of utmost importance.


This 1688 agent can navigate the intricacies of the platform and assist you in sourcing products while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical boundaries.

While buying from 1688 offers numerous advantages, you may encounter language barriers. Despite this, with our expertise and support, we can effectively navigate these challenges and ensure a seamless purchasing process for you.

Our team is well-versed in handling such situations, guaranteeing that your procurement from 1688 will be a successful and efficient endeavor.



How to Ship Your Replica Products from China?

International shipping of Chinese replica products is often accompanied by concerns. Depending on your location, the dimensions and types of goods you’re ordering, and even the time of year, significant variations can occur.

It’s crucial to carefully consider what suits you best. Should you opt for sea freight, air freight, or land transport?

Furthermore, ensure that your location is open to receiving such shipments. In certain areas, customs regulations may prohibit the import of replica items.

Conduct thorough research before ship replica designer from China:

  • 1. Can the freight forwarder handle replica shipments?
  • 2. Is compensation provided for lost items?
  • 3. What are the potential risks during transportation?
  • 4. Are taxes included in the shipping cost(DDP shipping)?


By addressing these points, you can make informed decisions to effectively manage the shipping of your replica products from China, minimizing potential issues and ensuring a smooth and successful delivery process. 


china replica watch



Why Most Replica Products from China?

There are several reasons why most replica products come from China:

1. Manufacturing Infrastructure:

China has a well-established and extensive manufacturing infrastructure, with numerous factories specializing in producing a wide range of products. This infrastructure enables efficient and cost-effective mass production, making it an attractive destination for replica manufacturers.

2. Skilled Workforce:

China has a large pool of skilled laborers and artisans who are experienced in various manufacturing techniques. This expertise allows for the creation of replica products that closely resemble the original designs.

3. Cost-Effectiveness:

The lower cost of labor and production materials in China contributes to the affordability of replica products. This cost-effectiveness makes it feasible to produce replicas at a fraction of the cost of the genuine items.

4. Lax Intellectual Property Enforcement:

China’s enforcement of intellectual property rights has historically been less stringent than in some other countries. This has created an environment where replica manufacturers can operate with relatively lower risks of legal repercussions.

5. Global Supply Chain:

China’s well-developed supply chain networks enable efficient sourcing of materials and components required for replica production. This facilitates the production process and contributes to the availability of replica products.

6. Demand and Market:

There is a significant global demand for affordable alternatives to luxury and designer products. Chinese manufacturers capitalize on this demand by producing replica items that cater to a wide range of consumers seeking similar aesthetics at a lower price point.




Is it Legit of China Replica Wholesale Suppliers?

No, China replica wholesale suppliers are not legit for a few reasons:

  1. Legality: Selling replicas is illegal in most countries, including the United States. This means you could face legal repercussions if you try to import or resell them.
  2. Copyright Infringement: Replicas infringe on the intellectual property rights of the original brand. This can lead to lawsuits and financial penalties.
  3. Quality Issues: Replica goods are often made with inferior materials and poor construction. This can lead to unhappy customers and damage your reputation.
  4. Safety Concerns: Some replicas, particularly electronics and children’s toys, may contain harmful chemicals or pose safety hazards. Selling these could put people at risk.


It’s important to note that while China is a major hub for replica production, the sale and distribution of replica products can raise ethical and legal concerns, especially when they infringe on intellectual property rights.

As a result, the replica industry remains a complex and debated issue within the global marketplace.


It is illegal to sell copies in any market. But the customer knows the real and copied product. However, if you really want to start your business by selling replicas, then it is best to buy products from the market without any brand logo.

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