Supplyia Offers Some Creative Product Sourcing Services

Supplyia provides 4 creative product sourcing services plan to make your supply chain simple, efficient and transparent.


Single Service


  • Secure Payment
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Factory On-site Audits
  • Production Follow-up
  • Product Full Inspection
  • 3PL Warehouse Fulfillment
  • International Logistics Solutions

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Learn More Service Details

Pro Plan


If you don’t have suppliers already

  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Suppliers Verification
  • Private Label Solutions
  • Customization Products
  • Production Follow-up
  • Free Product Photography
  • Product Quality Inspection
  • Free Warehouse Storage
  • Arrangement Shipping to Door

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Learn More Service Details

Basic Plan

Start from 3%

If you have suppliers already

  • Contact Suppliers
  • Payment Assistance
  • Receiving Products
  • Counting Quantity
  • Product Return Assistance
  • Free Warehouse Storage
  • Shipping Arrangement

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Learn More Service Details

worry-free service


$20 Fee-Based Service

  • Faster Response
  • High-grade Factories
  • Rapid Issue Resolution
  • Enhanced Shipping Packaging
  • Free Replacement or Compensation

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Learn More Service Details

Basic Plan


Best for:

1. 1688 Buying

2. Yiwu Market Sourcing

3. Consolidation Shipment


If you have your own suppliers for products but looking for someone in China who arranges to ship and check the quality of the product’s behalf of your company, then our basic China sourcing services plan is just for you.

Under certain circumstances, long-term large orders of enterprises will be low. So, don’t be limited to our commission form, the final percentage of commission is determined by the amount of the order, the process involved, and the complexity of subsequent follow-up.


Receiving products – After your supplier sends the goods to us, we will collect all the products.

Count product – When we receive the goods, we will:

  1. Conduct a Boxes Count
  2. Do Random Inspection

Product Return Assistance –We can assist in the return of goods sent by the seller by not same SKU. For products with the wrong quantity, we will ask the seller to re-send.

Offer a free warehouse – If you choose our basic plan, we will provide you with days of free use of our warehouse in China. 

Product shipping – We charge a competitive price for different shipping methods like courier, air freight, sea freight, and train and be responsible for shipping from China to your place and handling the import system and custom process.



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Pro Plan


Best for:

1. Small and medium sellers

2. Multi-Vendor Bundle Product

3. Big brand enterprises outsource peripheral products


In this plan, you will get all the support from us, from sourcing to delivery. 

Follow up with the production process China Sourcing Agent Fees– The production process require lots of time. Based on volume, it takes 30 to 60 days sometimes for dispatch. If you choose this service from us, we will assign an agent for your work. They will monitor the entire production on behalf of your company and coordinate with factories all the time. They will ensure you that products are made with proper guidelines and excellent. This way, you will save massive time.

Offer a labeling and customized packaging system – If you want to create a private label or add a logo to the products, our agent is ready to help you even if your purchasing amount will be less. We already have many packaging suppliers who can do this work at a standard price and process. So we can offer competitive packaging prices and delivery with the proper logo and packaging solution as per your need. 

Offer free photography – If you are e-Commerce buyers or business owners, we can deliver you up to 3 white background photos for upload on Amazon or any other e-Commerce platform like that. 

Inspect product quality – Our agent will open cartons and inspect product quality randomly once the goods arrive to our warehouse. If she finds any problem with the product, they will contact the supplier and try to fix the problem from the root. We can also sometimes fix defective products in our warehouse before shipping them from China.

Offer free warehouse storage – If you choose our pro plan, we will provide you with 20 – 30 days of free use of our warehouse in China. You can frequently send products to our warehouse, and we will collect all products and then start shipping. This will reduce the cost of shipping as well.

Certificate Obtaining – We will assist you in obtaining the certificates required for customs clearance or sales in your country. But you need to pay the cost of applying for the certificate, usually $100-200.

Product priority shipping – We charge a competitive price for different shipping methods like courier, air freight, sea freight, and train, and be responsible for shipping from china to your place and handling the whole process for the import system and custom process. In addition, we give priority to arranging your goods first, so as not to miss your sales opportunities.


Check the Pro plan service flow

Pro+ Pack

Best for:

1. High Requirements for Product Stability and Quality

2.Worry-free Custom Products for Universities and Government Agencies

3. Experience Premium for Leading Brands


Free Replacement or Compensation – We provide free replacement or compensation for quality issues discovered within 7 days once you receive the goods.

Enhanced Shipping Packaging – To ensure your products arrive in optimal condition, we’ve upgraded our shipping packaging methods.

Higher-Quality Factories – If you choose this plan, the factories we choose are all high-quality factories, but this also means that the price of the product will be much higher.

Priority Resolution – Whether it’s procurement, logistics, inspection, or after-sales service, your requests are prioritized and completed with top-level priority.

$20 Fee-Based Service – We will charge a $20 fee for providing you with a quotation for each product. This fee is non-refundable but can be deducted from subsequent orders. If you have multiple quotation requirements, you can negotiate a reasonable price with your designated sales representative.


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Extra Services


Best for:

1. Has rich import experience

2. Have a stable supply chain

3. But need assistance with some processes


Apart from basic and pro plans, we also offer our clients some extra services. We put all those services in one plan and named Extra China sourcing services.

Secure payment– If you have your own suppliers and have negotiated a price, but are having difficulty paying. We can provide secure payment jobs and help you receive and ship your goods. The general rate is 1 – 5% depending on your order amount and number of suppliers.

Full product inspection – If you have every product expensive and want to ship that product from china, then our agent will be able to do piece by piece inspection as per your need and charge a very reasonable price.

Choosing this service will reduce the product defect rate by 0%, and you will receive all superior quality products. This process is the best for Amazon FBA or online sellers.

Factory audit/inspection– We also provide an on-site inspection/ pre-shipment inspection service. We can travel to the factory area in China and inspect properly and provide you with a complete report. The price of this service is $200 – $250 per person per day and working for 8 hours.

Offer any labor work – We are ready to offer you any labor works like packing, bundling products, labeling, stickers, etc. We charge start from $10 per hour for this complete service.

Certificate application– Application for product certificates for your shop or import and export.

3PL warehouse fulfillment – storage, re-packing, bundle, labeling.

International logistics solutions – Provide international shipping solutions including bulky items, chemicals, liquids, remote countries.

More – Contact us if you need more creative product sourcing services.


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