Full Quality Inspection Service

Full Quality Inspection Service

General Inspection

When the product is defective, we can solve the quality problem without extra charge if you use our selected suppliers. If it is your own supplier, we will help you communicate with them until the problem is solved, but you need to pay for labor, logistics costs, travel expenses, etc.

If you require a specific inspection solution or lower defect rates, please contact our agents for additional costs.

Full Inspection

If you want to reduce the defect rate to 0%, we strongly recommend you to use our full inspection service. We will sort out all defective products from the whole. The standard price is $8/hour. You can tell our agents about your needs and get a quote for a full inspection.

Why Choose Our Full Inspection in Chinese Services?

Why Amazon Super Customers in Japan choose to send goods to our warehouse for full inspection check

Professional team

We have 20-30 full time employees in our warehouse for full inspection service everyday. They are professionally trained in the process and can meet most of the full inspection services in our warehouse: Appearance inspection, detail repair, and factory return and exchange (need to obtain factory agree before).

Long history

We help Japanese Amazon FBA product full inspection service in China from ten years ago. Regardless of whether they are new products or old products, they need to go through an inspection to reduce the rate of bad reviews and returns.

Reporting documents

When each batch of goods completes the full inspection service, we will sort out the data report, including the defective rate, unsalable products, and various indicators that you need to pay attention to.

When Do You Need Full Inspection in Chinese Services?

In the following situations, you may need a full inspection service

High return fee

Return defective products fee is high – it’s worth spending more time and money cleaning up all the bad products(Amazon FBA). 

High quality demand

There is a strong suspicion that many products have quality problems and that the supplier’s quality control is not doing a good job.

Have agreement with factory

After the full inspection, it is possible to replace inferior products with quality ones with the factory. 

Solutions to Full Inspection in China

Quality Control in Chinese

We understand how product quality in Chinese matters to your business. We offer inspections at different stages to identify problems at every step of production.

Our full inspection in China service includes sorting or rework service and product performance testing conducted in our cooperated labs.

It is beneficial for buyers who need to ensure that the goods are fully qualified and meet stringent customer and market quality requirements. Our comprehensive full quality control in Chinese help prevent defects, metal contamination, and other defect issues from reaching your customers and leading to further action, brand impact, cost, or loss of business.

The full inspection in China process can occur at your location, at your supplier’s location, or at Supplyia’s warehouse sorting facilities.