Sourcing products from China was never so easy

At Supplyia, we will help you find factories, get excellent rates, ensure premium quality, and deliver products safely.

With the best sourcing agent in China on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service.

How will you source and import products from China?

Supplyia will take care of every step for you. You don’t even need to pay any upfront charges.

We offer the following services
for China sourcing

Comprehensive<br /> product sourcing Comprehensive
product sourcing
Customization of<br /> product samples Customization of
product samples
Compliance <br /> consultation for<br /> import and export Compliance
consultation for
import and export
Expert inspection<br /> ensuring product<br /> quality Expert inspection
ensuring product
Free of charge<br /> warehouse storage <br /> in China Free of charge
warehouse storage
in China
Arrangement for<br /> low-cost shipping to<br /> door Arrangement for
low-cost shipping to
Strategic price<br /> negotiations with<br /> suppliers Strategic price
negotiations with
Production<br /> follow-up to ensure<br /> quality Production
follow-up to ensure
Free professional<br /> product photography Free professional
product photography
Customization<br /> packaging and private<br /> labels making Customization
packaging and private
labels making
Detailed product<br /> inspection reports<br /> and audits Detailed product
inspection reports
and audits
Customization for<br /> graphic design Customization for
graphic design

We offer four different plans:
Free, Basic, Pro, Extra

Click below to learn more about pricing

Free Plan


For all following services No Hidden Charges

  • Detailed product sourcing
  • Getting quotes from suppliers
  • Consultation on project costs
  • Manufacturing and production solutions
  • Testing product samples
  • Ordering customized samples
  • Consultation on import/export compliance
  • Authenticate supplier’s legitimacy

Learn More Service Details
Learn More Service Details

Pro Plan


With only 5 to 10% commission fee, you can enjoy all premium services

  • Product inspection follow-up
  • Customization for products packaging
  • Customization for private labeling
  • Graphic designing
  • Professional product photography
  • General product quality inspection
  • Warehouse storage for up to 2 months
  • Arrangement for delivery to door

Learn More Service Details
Learn More Service Details

Basic Plan


Pay only 5% commission fee, enjoy all the following services

  • Product random inspection
  • Warehouse storage for up to 1 month
  • Arrangement for delivery to door

Learn More Service Details
Learn More Service Details

Extra Services

Start from $20

Price will be quoted by inquiry

  • One-on-One product inspection at every step
  • Factory visit for expert production inspection
  • Hiring and handling man force in China
  • Customization for packaging and labels
  • Professional lifestyle photography

Learn More Service Details
Learn More Service Details

Supplyia for the Best & Fool-Proof Way to Import From China

Let the Most Reliable China Sourcing Agent help you in starting your importing venture.
Free sourcing
Service free of cost
2.5 times more efficient sourcing systems
Fast, productive processes to deliver in time
60 days money-back guarantee no questions
Supplyia stands by the quality of its services
8% cheaper product manufacturing prices
The best price deal you will get in China
90% less risk, fault and malfunctioning issues
We do intense inspection to ensure quality
100% comprehensive after-sales responsibility
We inspect, we deliver, we take responsibility

How will we help your business grow quickly

As a reliable China sourcing agent, we will become your partner. We offer a variety of China sourcing services for businesses.

Small Business

With only $200 investment, we will find you a factory that will make your products. A perfect start for your small business.


Supplyia will also fulfill all eCommerce requirements. So, you no need to worry about private labeling, FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon Fba, or Shopify dropshipping. We also love to empower our customers with the knowledge of e-commerce.

Product Development

You want to import from China but cannot decide which products to choose? We are here to help. We have the insider’s knowledge, expert opinion and marketing insight to help you develop product ideas step by step.

Medium or Large Business

If you have a medium or large business with up to 20 people in your team, we can help you boost your business even more. As an experienced China sourcing agency, we will help you expand your business with supplyia’s professional services.

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