China consolidation Services

China consolidation Services

China Consolidation Services with Quality Control Options

The only company in China that focuses on this integrated inspection and LCL service field and has its own warehouse and 40-person inspection team.

China consolidation services

Supplyia offers China consolidation services by sea, air, train freight at competitive rates. We can help you collect goods from your different Alibaba suppliers or other Chinese manufacturers, conduct quality inspections, and ship them together.

China sample consolidation service

This cargo consolidation service is designed to cut logistics/courier costs when you need samples from various Alibaba suppliers for a single product or for several different sample products.

China consolidation warehouse

We make warehousing services in China the most efficient and affordable option for your company’s operations. If you import goods into China, we will provide you with the right to use the consolidation warehouse in China. Our extensive network enables you to manage your storage needs in one place.

Quality control for consolidation shipments in China

We can conduct 2 -5% quality inspection on your products according to your product quality requirements. And truthfully give you feedback.

Choose the Right China Consolidation Services Partner


If you are looking for China sample consolidation service, first you need to know which type of China warehouse partner you need. You can use the following form to make a selection:


  1. * per shipment= per batch goods=per tracking number you send to our warehouse.
  2. * Sku=different color/size/products
Service Type Price Shipping Arrange Note
Collect Packages Only $1 per shipment No take pictures


$ 3 -5 per shipment count/take pictures

Collect/Random Inspection

$10 per Sku 2 – 5% total quantity

Full Inspection

Quote  check piece by piece

China consolidation services

China Consolidation Services FAQ

How much for consolidate shipments service?

The registration fee for this service is 2.00 USD. There is an additional charge of 3.00 USD for each added package, starting with the second package.

For example, to consolidate three parcels into a single shipment. It would be 2+3*2=8, a total of 8.00 USD.

If you need us to do product quality inspection and inventory work, the price needs to be consulted separately.

How do I consolidate orders on Alibaba?

You can follow these three simple steps to consolidate your Alibaba orders.

  1. First order from your different suppliers in China.
  2. Hire a 3PL China warehouse services
  3. Ask your shipping agency to consolidate your goods into one shipment and ship to you.

freight forwarder’s warehouse .

How do you consolidate goods in China?

To consolidate goods in China, the last and most worry-free solution is to use a consolidation agent shipping warehouse China. They can help you store your shipments for free until you receive them all, so they can repack them into one shipment and ship them out with a more reasonable international shipping method.

What's your China consolidation services fee?

Usually we do not charge a fee, but if your product has many packages and is small in weight, and you need us to help you with the counting work. We charge a certain percentage of commission based on the order amount.

Why do you need China sample consolidation service?

Consolidate all the samples, check the quality or test them and then repack them together, which will save more logistics freight fee.

What is AliExpress at consolidation warehouse?

A AliExpress consolidation warehouse is a third-party storage facility where small shipments are combined into larger, more economical truck loads destined for similar destinations when people buy from AliExpress.

low price LCL local consolidator agent service in china

Why You Need China Consolidation Shipment Services?


Suppose I’m ordering 50,000 items from 30 suppliers in China. Is there a service that provides a waiting room to accumulate everything before I decide to ship it to my country?


The service you’re looking for is called a consolidated shipping service, which typically involves three key steps: collecting items from various suppliers, consolidating and fortifying packaging, and finally shipping from China.

Given that you have ordered 50,000 items from 30 different suppliers, they could be scattered across different provinces in China. Even if you placed all orders on the same day, the delivery times from each supplier to the shipping agent’s warehouse might vary due to distance and supplier stock issues. Therefore, the agent’s service would involve receiving items from different suppliers, ensuring that the quantities match the orders placed with each supplier.


Once all the goods have arrived at the warehouse, the consolidation process can begin. This entails combining items from smaller boxes into larger ones to optimize volume and weight, thus reducing shipping costs. Additionally, the agent must reinforce the packaging to protect the items during international shipping.

The final step involves weighing and measuring all the packages to determine the most economical shipping method that meets your delivery time requirements, before dispatching them from China.

However, if you’re purchasing 50,000 items from 30 different suppliers, your service needs may extend beyond just consolidated shipping. Depending on various factors such as the suppliers’ platforms, product quality assurance, and packaging requirements, you may require additional services such as purchasing, quality inspection, private label packaging, or pick pack and small package shipping.

In summary, different business models necessitate different agent services, whether you’re dropshipping or wholesaling from China. It’s essential to outline all your service requirements and inquire about each one individually to find a reliable Chinese shipping agent service, ultimately saving you both time and money.