Shipping Agent in China

Shipping Agent in China


As a Shipping Agent In China, We Provide Logistics Services That Are Reliable, Cost-Effective And Tailored to Fit Your Shipping Needs

We Assure Products Leave China and Arrive in Your Country Safely.

Hundreds of importer rely on us to ship their products from China to all over the world. We work as the top shipping agent in China, and our cutting edge technology reduces errors and delays. We will take care of the rest, and you only need to wait for the goods to be delivered. 

China shipping agent

A Fast, Cost-effective, and Environmentally-Friendly Option

Besides air and sea freight, rail freight transport is now an increasingly attractive way of sending goods from China to Europe. The main benefits are speed and cost. Rail freight transport is faster than sea freight and more cost-effective than air freight.

shipping agent in China

Your Shipping Agent in China

We help importers shipping products from Chinese factories to anywhere in the world. As a best Yiwu freight forwarder, our goal is to become your most reliable partner in China that simplifies your shipping process. 

shipping agent in China

Ocean Freight Service


  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)
  • Port to Port, Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Door
  • Booking and pre-shipment planning
  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Inland transportation arrangements
  • Tracking and tracing.

Air Freight Service


  • Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door
  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)
  • Customs clearance
  • Inland transportation arrangements
  • Cargo insurance
  • Convenient shipment tracking
  • Safe packing and tracing
  • China package forwarding service

China-Europe Rail Freight


  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)
  • Customs clearance
  • Inland transportation arrangements
  • Cargo insurance
  • Convenient shipment tracking
  • Safe packing and tracing

About Us

Supplyia started back in 2013 as a professional and personalized international logistics and freight forwarding service provider, serving big and small companies, organizations, government agencies, families, and so on. We have established this business based on quality, affordability, and customer service with our super hard work and devotion.

Our company generally offers international shipping services, including road freight, air freight, ocean freight, courier service, warehouse, and customs clearance. We guarantee our cargo will reach in an exact condition, on time, and within budget.

Our qualified team is highly committed to offering 100% precise, flexible, and efficient service. We believe that good customer support service helps us win trusted clients. Supplyia Freight is the fastest moving and developing company. We take pride in being the most reliable, highly reputable international freight forwarding company and promise to continue providing top-quality services, no matter what.

Why Choose Our Freight Forwarding Services?


  • Experience:

We have garnered years of experience in logistics and transportation services. We do our best and give good advice to our customers, take care of everything, and work with an open eye for every process.


  • Variable types of transportations:

We claim to transport everything, and with that, we ensure to transport on the variable types of transportation options. We’ve vans, high volume trucks, and much more. Our creative team can transport dangerous material or commodities.


  • Communication is Key:

We understand communication is key, so we speak fluent English and take great care of any international transportation communication. With that, we also offer legal advice at home.


  • A thorough overview:

We are known for our thoroughness, and with that, the way we monitor the transports using GPS, giving a perfect overview of the real status and the location of your transported cargo. So you get a guarantee of unloading and loading time, and so the IN-TIME deliveries!


  • Maximum Efforts:

Suppliya transport with all efforts and full-attention to the details. Our inspection team checks the exact times of loading, unloading, arrival, departures from one place to another, and provides the right information.


  • Insurance & Guarantee:

We are fully insured and licensed, offering the best, quick, and professional services to our valued clients. We thoroughly check contractual carriers by internal audit. Similarly, we give you a 100% guarantee of loading and unloading time and top-quality services.


The Ideal Guide for Hiring a Shipping Agent in China


Are you in search of an authentic Chinese shipping agent? Supplyia will be the perfect option for you. In China, Supplyia operates as an expert and trusted freight forwarder. It allows access to multiple shipping options all over China.

If you need the best solution for shipping, Supplyia provides it all. They provide solutions for your importing business from China, or you could be a seller on Amazon or eBay. Hire Supplyia now and allow them to be your authentic partner and a shipping agent.

If you have decided to ship from China, no one can help you better than a reliable shipping agent in China.


What does a shipping agent do?

Shipping agent in China represents the owner of a ship and performs duties to benefit their client. Thus, a shipping agent in China relates to any Chinese man who carries out such duties in a seaport of his choice.

The job of a shipping agent is to handle duties like local operations and clearance of customs. They also manage the costs and other relevant jobs instructed by the client.


Are Chinese Freight Forwarders And Shipping Agents Identical?

A freight forwarder in China refers to a company or person who is accountable for shipping goods in place of an importer. They find suitable rates and make arrangements for the shipment. On the contrary, a Chinese shipping agent is accountable for managing any vital shipment. They handle cargo duties for the owner of the ship they are representing.

This proves that they are not the same.


What Are Some Logistics Services Offered By Shipping Agents In China?

  • Booking of cargo area:

A shipping agent obtains cargo space for the products before shipment is sent.

  • Collection of goods:

Shipping agents in China help with collecting products from the supplier and taking them to the seaport.

  • Cargo stowage plan:

A Chinese shipping agent will take responsibility for the planning of the shipment storage.

  • Documentation regarding freight:

Chinese shipping agents handle all the freight documentation. This part is extremely crucial, and it includes the issuing of the bill and signing it.

  • Unloading and also loading of products:

This process is the determining factor of your goods to reach on time or not. The China shipping agent makes the process easier.

  • Sharing of freight containers:

If you have chosen to share freight containers but are not experienced, a shipping agent will help you.

  • Managing customs clearance:

Shipping agents in China take care of customs clearance.


When Importing Goods From China, Are China Shipping Agents Profitable To Hire?

They are quite profitable. Think of it this way: that you are someone who knows nothing about the export and import industry. Goods need to be transported to the seaport, but you would not have any idea about the shipment or customs procedures.

In this case, delays are losses are expected for your business. However, to free yourself from this frustrating situation, hire a Chinese shipping agent. They ensure that procedures for shipment are smooth and are on time. This helps to increase your profit, as your shipment is likely to arrive on time. They will also save you from various scammers during the shipment procedures.


What Factors Need To Examine While Hiring A Shipping Agent From Alibaba?

  • Customization:

It is imperative to hire an agent who is ready to customize your required services. These services incorporate selecting a suitable shipping container and packing the shipment. This also includes a door-to-door service. This will also save you the trouble of hiring multiple shipping agents for all the different services.

  • Tracking the cargo:

Shipping companies can track your freight because of the development in technology. Ensure that the shipping agent you are hiring from Alibaba can offer this service as well. This is important as it allows you to check any necessary information you need.

  • Clear pricing:

You need to know the total cost charged for your shipment. The pricing should be transparent. Thus, you need to choose an Alibaba shipping agent who provides genuine assistance.

  • Certification:

It is imperative to make sure that you’re hiring an Alibaba shipping agent who is certified. Otherwise, you can fall into the trap of shipping companies that are fake in the export and import market.

  • Safety record:

Companies could offer you cheaper services but do not get blinded by the price. If the shipping agent seems fishy, it’s better to opt for another who is charging more but is authentic.

  • Choose a trustworthy shipping agent:

Hiring an authentic shipping agent will heighten the reputation of your business and help it grow. Choose someone who provides on-time service and is efficient.

  • Stability:

The duration for which any company has been operating determines its stability. They are likely to have a better knowledge of the market if they have worked in it for a longer time. This ensures that you would not have to bear the consequences of any inconvenience.


Why Hire A China Shipping Agent?

  • Customs clearance:

The shipping agent in China will ensure that they do all your cargo documentation on time and make the payments.

  • Successful communication:

In China, English isn’t the first language. Thus, you might face a communication barrier. Chinese shipping agents can communicate and negotiate prices. They can provide all information regarding your shipment.

  • Affordable:

Using a Chinese shipping agent will cost you less compared to shipping from your supplier. You are likely to pay the highly inflated costs when shipping from your supplier.

  • Less time-consuming:

The Shipping agents in China are likely to do their job quickly, as they are experienced experts.

  • Collection of goods:

A Chinese shipping agent will collect goods from the supplier and transport them to the seaport as well.


How Is The Chinese Sourcing Agent Different From A Chinese Shipping Agent?

A Chinese sourcing agent outsources products for the importer. It refers to an individual or to a company that buys products for the importer. Contrarily, a shipping agent in China is accountable for managing shipments and performing all the importer’s necessary tasks. They represent the owner of the ship.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Hiring A Chinese Shipping Agent?

There are a few drawbacks associated with a shipping agent in China.

  • They can lose your products sometimes. That can affect the reputation of your business negatively.
  • You won’t be satisfied till your shipment has arrived because the person looking after your shipment is a stranger.

This is still considered a normal experience for most importers.


Is It Possible To Ship Your Goods From China By Not Taking Help From A Shipping Agent?

It is possible, but being inexperienced can cause you a lot of trouble. You will be unaware of how the industry works. Factors like the presence of scammers and the language barrier can stress you out. The process will be tedious, and handling documentation yourself can be challenging.


Which Documents Do The Chinese Shipping Agents Use For The Process Regarding Shipping?

  • Quote:

This provides the estimated total cost of the procedures used for shipping.

  • Bill of Lading:

This document provides details of the quantity, destination, and type of products that need to be shipped.

  • Packing list:

This document lists down the kind of products with the quantity and volume of each item.

  • Commercial invoice:

This proves your sale and helps your goods to pass through customs.

  • The certificate of origin:

This certificate validates that products have completely been produced, manufactured, and acquired from a specific country.

  • Certification of products:

It verifies that all your products have passed the performance as well as quality tests. It confirms that your goods meet the standards that are required for shipment.

  • Letter of instructions from the shipper:

It lists down all the instructions provided by the shipper about how goods need to be handled.

  • Form for dangerous goods:

If your products are hazardous, they issue this form. It ensures that your shipment is cautiously handled.


How Does A Chinese Shipping Agent Reduce The Importation Cost?

Importation can come across as an expensive process. However, if your shipping agent is good, you can save some unnecessary costs.

Firstly, optimizing the cargo can reduce the cost of importation. When your goods are being packed, some space is left between them. This space could incorporate some other packed items. The shipping agent repackages your items so that you do not have to pay for the unoccupied space. This saves packaging, warehouse, and the import cost.

 Secondly, you can merge the goods to reduce cost. The shipping agent keeps smaller packages in a single large package to ship them together. This method is cost-effective and reduces the risk of damage.

Thirdly, the shipping agent in China plan the route to reduce the cost of importation. The shorter route will take less time to deliver and will take less money.


How to find shipping agent in china?

  • Websites:

Made in China and Alibaba are examples of websites where you can hire the shipping agent you want.

  • Research:

Through search engines like google, you can research and find multiple shipping agents. After ensuring which shipping agent meets your requirement, you can identify them on google and select them.

  • Expos:

When you attend trade expos, you will get the chance to meet many shipping agents and companies.

  • You can visit China:

You should visit some Chinese Shipping when you go to meet your supplier in China. Through this, your bond for future processes of shipments will be stronger.

  • Social media:

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help you find several shipping agents in China.


What Are The Several Shipping Options You Have While Importing Goods From China?

When considering to import goods from China, in total there are 4 main methods of shipping:

  1. Airfreight:

The airfreight shipping method is the quickest method used to ship goods from China. Whenever you need to import something urgently or perishable, you can use this method for shipping. The downside to Airfreight shipping is that it’s costly when compared to alternate shipping options.

  1. Ocean freight:

Are you looking for a shipping method that will save you money? Water freight is the best option. It is a suitable option for you when you want to ship bulky goods. You can easily transport products that need to be sent long distances. However, this method takes a lot of time.

  1. Rail freight:

This method of shipping is great for shipping bulky goods. However, the areas that are covered through the rail network are limited. Your order also needs to be bordering China for you to use this method. It’s also an excellent alternative to shipping via road.

  1. Road freight:

This method is used during one of the processes while shipping. Usually, shipment via road is used when goods need to be moved to the distributor’s port. It is also used to send the goods to the importer’s warehouse from the port where unloading is done. The freight forwarders that offer services that are door-to-door also use this method of transportation.


How Much Do Chinese Shipping Agents Charge For Their Shipping Services?           

Shipping agents in China charge differently. It can vary from one shipping agent to another. Their cost can be as cheap as $35 to as expensive as $75. It can even cost more depending on how well their services are. You are likely to meet both costly and affordable agents.

You mustn’t consider only the low price of the shipping agent while hiring him. You should think about why their price is low compared to other Chinese shipping agents and what services they are not offering. If you do not keep these factors in mind, you can have serious shipment problems later on.


Difference between China Shipping Agent and Carrier

A shipping agent in China is an individual who takes care of everything involved in from packaging to cargo duties, on the ship owner’s behalf.

A carrier defines a person who takes responsibility for transferring goods for an individual or a company from one place to another.


3PL comparison to China Shipping Agent

3PL is a third-part logistics that offers more supply chain services. They offer freight forwarding and freight management services to the customers and offer carrier services until your previous goods arrive.


Do China Shipping Agents Handle the Custom Clearance Process?

The answer is yes! shipping agent in China help you when passing goods through customs.

Here are some amazing roles they perform on behalf of the customers:

  • The team handles the payment of taxes and duties.
  • They help in matters that involve transactions, including customs.
  • Shipping agents submit all the paperwork to the officials.


Can China Shipping Agent help in Quality Control?

This is the responsibility of the quality control inspectors, and they know how to do their job. The qualified inspection team assesses all goods to ensure they fulfill all the stated requirements. Moreover, the third-party logistics get all the logistics services are done, which include quality control.


Can China Shipping Agent handle the Logistics Process in my absence?

The answer is yes; they can handle the logistics process in your absence. You don’t need to get worried about this. They are also accountable for handling your logistics. However, this includes transporting goods, packaging, and shipment. So you don’t need to worry about the process while dealing with the shipping agent in China.


How do you Verify China Shipping Agents to avoid Scammers?

Owing to its vast manufacturing industry, China has a huge saturation of both shipping agent in China and manufacturers.

  • China has several shipping agents and manufacturers; however, sometimes, it could be difficult to choose the right one to avoid scammers.
  • To help you out, here are some amazing and easy tips to verify your China shipping agent:
  • The first thing is to check the agent for a license. If he tells you that his license is under renewal, then be patient and wait some time.
  • Always go for those agents who encourage effective communication through personal emails and always ready to answer all your queries. A professional and genuine shipping agent must have a personal email and a professional website too.
  • You could ask him for his experience while dealing in this operation. You can do so by researching online or requesting important office documents. If, due to any reason, they hesitate to show you proofs, mark it as a red flag, and don’t go for such agents.

Luckily, at Supplyia, our team makes sure to make the importing process a lot easier and stress-free while making it super affordable for you. So are you looking for a professional company for you? Today, get in touch for free consultations on customs clearance, shipping, warehousing, and other stuff. We are happy to assist you with the best services. So wait no more!