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Jul 12, 2020 Chapter 5. Shipping

What would be the best way to Shipping from China to the US? 

In this new guide, you will learn exactly how to choose the best shipping method according your goods weight, budget and shipping time. 


  • regular mail post
  • air express
  • air freight
  • expedited ocean freight
  • LCL ocean freight
  • FCL ocean freight


Let’s get started.


Shipping from China to US cost


Let’s compare the air freight vs. sea freight.

Air Freight Costs from China to the US:


If you ship products weighing between 150-500 KG, it costs $3/KG through air freight. Light shipments are charged based on their dimensions rather than weight. Airfreight is the fastest, but express shipping is expensive. It pays to keep a regular check on the freight rates because of constant change.


Air shipping dimensional weight calculation method:

Dimensional Weight (kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/6000


Sea Freight Costs and Rates from China to the US:


If your shipment is over 500 KG, sea freight is the best option. Airfreight may burn a hole in your pocket. Because ship containers can carry a tremendous amount of weight, shipments heavier than 500 KG should ideally be shipped through sea freight. Compare multiple sea freights to choose the most economical and quickest one.


Cheapest international shipping from china to US


Usually there are 5 ways for goods shipping from China to the USA. Regular post, air express, air freight, Expedited ocean freight, LCL freight and FCL freight. Each shipping mode has its own advantage.

Air express like DHL, UPS, FedEx and EMS is the best choice for small packages (.0.5 to 50kg) shipping from China to the USA. It is fast and stable.

Air freight is usually for medium goods shipping from China to USA range from 100 to 500kg. It is relatively cheaper than air express but faster than ocean freight.
Sea shipping is the cheapest way shipping from China to the USA for bulk goods above 800kg with big volume. It usually takes 30 to 40 days.


Compare the table below to see how each freight shipping costs from China to the US. The table shows five different shipments, each with different weights and time. The yellow squares show the advantage for each shipment.


shipping from China to the US cost
tablet is for illustrative purpose only. Ask your agent to get the newest shipping price.


So the cheapest way shipping from China to the USA based on goods weight, volume and your expected delivery time.



what is the average shipping time from china to us?


Wondering how much time it takes in shipping from China to the US ?  Let’s understand it with the help following points.

  • When the shipment mode is regular post, it takes between 7-14 days
  • Air express takes up to 5 days
  • Airfreight takes up to 15 days
  • Expedited ocean shipment may take up to 20 days
  • Finally, the regular ocean freight can take up 40 days



How do I ship a package from China to us?


In case you’re trying to import small goods, the freight shipping cost would be too high, and the delivery would be even slower. It’s better to back off.


Regular Post

As of now, the ideal shipping option is Mail. It’s perfect for small products’ shipping from China to the US. You’ll find plenty of Mail options. However, it pays to compare all the options and choose the one that’s both quick & economical. The heavier the package gets, the higher the cost goes. Also, bear in mind that Mail will take a long wait time.


Fastest way to Shipping from China to the USA.

Several international courier services are providing shipping services. These are also called express freight. Generally, it’s reliable than Mail. The most popular International courier services include DHL and UPS.

For small items, express shipping options are ideal. Products weighing up to 100 KG are ideal for shipping through express shipping. Unregistered customers need to pay a huge amount, so be careful about this.



More on Shipping from China to the US Methods


Consider the following key details.

Regular Post

Regular post is ideal if your needs are limited to shipping small shipments only.

For beginners, regular post works brilliantly. However, when your sales start growing, you may need to revise your shipping option.

The regular post-shipment method is quite easy to set up.

Express Shipping from China to the US

When it comes to express shipping options, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT are great options. The process is very simple and straightforward.

All the service providers have fare calculators on their sites, which you can use to determine the shipping cost. Customs clearance of shipments coming through express shipment is very easy compared to air freight & ocean freight.

If you’re considering using air or ocean freight for your large shipments, it’s worthwhile to test the courier service. Arranging a trial shipment will help you estimate the overall cost, and you can determine whether it’s profitable or not.

Air Freight from China to the US

Commonly, bigger shipments tend to create more complexity. The larger the shipment, the more complex the shipping process. Airfreight tends to be complex from start to the end. The customs clearance and restrictions on certain products limit your imports.

Express shipping gives you peace of mind and less complexity.


Sea freight from China to US


FCL and LCL Shipping from China to the US

Besides booking a full container, you can choose to ship a less-than-container load if your shipment material is not large enough for a full container. In this mode of shipment, other small packages are placed into the same container to maximize its use.

This would increase the complicacy for the forwarder because consolidated shipments are present in a single container. It can delay the delivery as well. For larger shipments, you can book a full 20-foot container to save yourself from delays and other issues. Choose an LCL container and go with FCL.

FCL has three big advantages over LCL:

  • If you choose FCL, your shipment will be delivered to your destination earlier as compared to LCL shipment. It can take extra 1-2 weeks with LCL.
  • With LCL, the forwarder faces difficulty, and the material can be lost. Often, your shipment goes to the wrong address. FCL is a much better and safer option.
  • With FCL, your material is safe, and it’s cost-effective too.



Shipping from China to the US additional information


Freight Insurance, etc.

If you are going to import shipments frequently, then it pays to discuss with your supplier. Make sure to insure your shipment.


Customs Clearance in China and the US

When shipping from China to the US or exporting something, custom clearance is a complex process. You can’t avoid it. However, you can take certain steps to minimize the interruption in your workflow.

Typically, you ask your forwarder to get the customs clearance. The carried doesn’t take any responsibility. You need to pay a fee to your forwarder for the clearance. However, you need to provide the correct information to avoid any issues.

Following documents are required:

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Payment terms
  • Bill of shipment


Customs, Tariffs, and duty buy wholesale from china


Why Hire The Services Of A Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a professional with complete knowledge of how shipment works. He can help you identify the best solutions. You get hassle-free custom clearance.

A freight forwarder helps you stay focused on your business and sales, while he takes care of your shipments coming into the country of going outside the country. You can save your precious time with the help of a freight forwarder. He makes all the necessary arrangements for you, offers the logistics, and supplies chain expertise.

It’s not the job of an individual. A freight forwarder is typically a firm with professional people specializing in shipment, logistics, and customs clearance.

Freight forwarder provide a wide range of services, which includes;

  • Documents preparation depending on whether you’re importing or exporting
  • Transport tracking
  • Booking spaced in containers, express shipping, or freights
  • Shipment storage & warehousing
  • Helping your find the best option
  • Insurance
  • Document preparation for filing insurance claims
  • US Customs clearance


Is China Still Shipping To The US?

Is your mind stuck between whether shipping from China to the US is happening or not? The whole world is suffering from the Pandemic COVID19, so it’s important to update its impact on shipping from China to the US.

COVID19 has affected the manufacturing industry greatly. For this very reason, the shipping industry is suffering too.

China has gone back to its normal routine, but the US is still enduring the most from coronavirus.




One of the best ways is to shipping from China to the US is choosing to work with a China sourcing agent or freight forwarder. The same principle applies to other destinations. You may get a lot of insights by asking them ahead.

At last, If you had other questions in mind, put them in the comments, and I will endeavour to respond. 


10 Tips for Finding a Quality Supplier in China






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