2021 How to Buy from 1688: Complete Guide

Mar 16, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Do you want know how to buy from 1688?

In other words, how to choose high-quality 1688 products?

This problem has also troubled me for a long time. Before, I also bought some poor-quality and paid a lot of tuition fees on 1688.

Then one day, I came to consult Alibaba’s customer service to understand the entire joining process, and thus learned some of Alibaba’s Membership and common sense

As long as I use my method, I will ensure that you can find cheap and reliable suppliers on 1688 



How to find a good supplier on 1688



how to buy from 1688Chengxintong(诚信通), the annual fee is 6688 yuan. As long as you have a business license, you can apply for it. (The Membership fee is the lowest, and this way, we cannot screen out high-quality merchants. Some people said: The longer the credit, the seller better. I can’t entirely agree because as long as you pay on time every year without closing the online store, you can automatically upgrade. Whether you are a high-quality merchant or not, you can do so. The number of years can neither prove that you are a high-quality business nor can it prove that you are not a high-quality business. so use this method the chance we can find a good supplier rate is 20% or even 10%)



how to find a supplier on 1688Powerful merchants (实力商家the sign is Bull Head), the annual membership fee for the women’s clothing industry is 58,000, and for the non-women’s clothing industry is 28,000. The premise is that you must first join the Chengxintong, and the company has a registered capital of at least 50w. This threshold is higher, which is equivalent to an upgrade Version to screen out relatively high-quality suppliers. Generally speaking, it’s okay to choose powerful merchants, but this is not enough! At this step, the chance we can find a good supplier rate is 60%.



how to buy from 1688In-depth factory inspection and in-depth business inspection(深度验厂与深度验商. If you are a manufacturer, you can apply for an in-depth assessment. If you are a non-factory type, you can only apply for an in-depth business inspection. So this is more reliable than ordinary powerful merchants. Compared with in-depth business inspections, I am more inclined to in-depth factory inspections because manufacturers can guarantee their products and provide low prices. At this step, the chance we can find a good supplier rate can reach 80%. But, it’s not enough! I want to have a higher success rate!




how to find supplier from 1688

In all the in-depth factory inspection merchants, click on the “File Report” of the “Company Profile” to view the company’s staffs number and scale. It is recommended to consider many peoples’ suppliers, at least 50 people or more, preferably more than 100 people. The more the number, the better. Generally, large companies why raise so many people because the quality is relatively more guaranteed. At this point, the chance we can find a good supplier success rate can reach 98%!


One more thing: if it’s clothing, if the model changes frequently, then you have to worry that the seller may steal the picture, which is a bit unreliable! If the model is always the same person, it means that it was taken in real life, which means the supplier is more reliable.


The Final Conclusion: 

High-quality 1688 merchants = powerful merchants + deep factory inspection + many employees.




How to start buy from 1688

When you buy products for your amazon store from 1688, you have to be very careful. At least 5-10 suppliers are quoted, and their prices are usually different.

You may be inclined to choose the cheapest supplier to maximize your profits. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake made by new Amazon sellers. They choose the cheapest supplier, and in the end, there is a high probability that they will get low-quality products.

Why can some 1688 suppliers give you a low price? This is usually at the expense of product quality. It may be that the supplier uses inferior materials, cheap labor, and outdated equipment to be able to give you such a low price. Although the cost is low in the short term, the final product’s quality is deficient, and the cost will be much higher in the long run. 

For example, if I contacted 7 Amazon product suppliers on 1688, six gave me the offer is $15-$1.7, but there is one supplier to my offer is $0.90. such a supplier is very doubtful. Why is everyone charging at $1.5-$1.7 per unit, while this supplier can provide the same product at almost half the price?

Usually, the reason is lower product quality.

Of course, every situation is different and cannot be generalized. Just know that instead of saving some money in the short term and getting inferior products, it is wiser to buy goods from reputable manufacture with mature technology at a slightly higher price.

Sometimes, they even change the price and the materials used in production because the goods can be manufactured in different “grades.” If you buy at the lowest price, the final product is also the lowest-level manufactured product. 




How to avoid product defects When buy from 1688?

 During the sampling process, it is necessary to ensure that the final production unit samples are received. 

Usually, the supplier promises to solve any minor problems during the production process. Don’t believe it. To ensure that the final sample must be a complete version. 

In some cases, this is not possible. For example, before mass production, some suppliers may not have the appropriate equipment to provide the final customized packaging. Or, it may be that a custom mold is required to make the item. In these cases, the final version can only be seen when production starts. 

However, you can do is to require suppliers to start producing and send pictures and video frequency immediately. In this way, you can clearly understand the final product’s appearance and adjust it as needed. 

Of course, this is not a perfect solution, but it is better than none. However, under normal circumstances, you can see the final sample in advance, which will become a golden measure for you to cooperate with any manufacturer in the future. 

A detailed description of the product can be added to ensure that a single contract, this kind you can put all the details requested in writing technology, clear, just in case. 

Be as specific and detailed as possible. Including all dimensions and dimensions, materials used, the weight of the item, function, material description, function description, etc. The more detailed the description, the greater the chance of winning any disputes about product quality. 

At the same time, it should be shown to the supplier that product quality is your primary consideration and that you do not accept anything defective. This will put additional pressure on them, forcing them to get things done right from the start. 

The next important step is when your product is manufactured. 

To prevent receiving defective items, arrange the pre-shipment inspection while the goods are still at the Chinese manufacturer is necessary. 

Inspection is the only way to check the quality of the product, and it is also the only way for your suppliers to solve any problems because they will want to get a remaining payment from you. 

1688 Agent China


How to prevent the purchase of defective electronic products on 1688? 

Electronic products are a high-risk category. There are many possible problems with these products. If you are not dealing with a large, well-known manufacturer, you will take a high risk and deal with a large number of defective products. 

Another high-risk category is any product that involves sewing, such as clothing, shoes, covers, bags, accessories, etc. Not only have to worry about the size, sewing quality, and materials used, but many factories in China cannot currently sew high-quality products according to foreign standards. 

The products produced by the supplier for the first time are prone to quality problems. 

The minimum order quantity will also affect the product defect rate. A large factory with a good reputation, their minimum order quantity is 2000 pieces. You managed to reduce the minimum order quantity to 500 pieces. 

This also means that your order is not so important to them. 

They are used to dealing with large, multi-million-pound companies because they order thousands of products at a time. This is why the minimum standards of large manufacturers are very high. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, their attitude will not be as good as some other small companies. 

I hope that some of the information will help new Amazon sellers and help them minimize product defect rates when buy from 1688. 

In conclusion, It is recommended that the first two to three orders be delivered to our warehouse. Then, we can check each item for defective items, and products without quality issues can be sent to your Amazon FBA warehouse. This can prevent early negative reviews due to quality issues, which will significantly affect product rankings. Later, if the first few orders from the new supplier are all right, you can consider shipping directly from the supplier to Amazon at this time. 

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