How to find a manufacturer in china?

Feb 26, 2021 Chapter 2. Supplier

How to find a manufacturer in china?  When first time to start import from China , you should not know much about the way of wholesale.

When you are looking for products to sell, your first choice may be to switch to Made in China because this is the most effective method and can bring them the highest profit. The difficulty of manufacturing products in China is that you need to figure out who they should work with and manage the production process.

Finding a manufacturer in China can seem like quite a daunting task, especially if you do it for the first time. But if you break up your job into piece steps and focus on each one of them at a time, you will be safely imported from China with your expectation.

So, for finding a Chinese manufacturer or supplier, you generally consider what issues and steps to follow when creating your brands, finding suitable Chinese manufacturers, or managing the production process?


First of all, one of the most frequently asked questions by foreign sellers is: “Are you a factory?”

Secondly, the next question they are most concerned about is: “How much does it cost?”


Then you will calculate the specific manufacturing costs from multiple suppliers.

When you start to produce products in China, You will wonder if you have found a perfect factory? Once sellers get quotations from Chinese factories, you may need to know why the prices differ between different manufacturers.

“Why did one factory quote $3, while another factory quoted $6?”

There are differences in the quotations of Chinese factories, and the main reasons may be attributed to the following four reasons:


  1. There is another cooperative factory behind the supplier
  2. Chinese suppliers think that you don’t know exactly how much you should pay
  3. The factory usually does not produce this product
  4. The quality of the products they have is much lower than the standard level


To understand the cost of manufacturing products, you should collect quotations from 3 or 5 factories.

It takes a long process to arrange logistics and obtain quotations, which is why many foreign sellers prefer to use supplyia (a platform dedicated to helping foreign companies find suitable factories). Checking whether the factory is legal is another completely different step, and foreign sellers need to take some investigation measures to confirm it.



How to find a manufacturer in china


There are still many outstanding Chinese manufacturers that have not appeared on B2B websites. These excellent manufacturers are renowned in manufacturing, but unfortunately, they don’t know how to promote marketing effectively.


Ask the factory specific questions to check legit

If you use Alibaba to find factories, When you check whether the factory is legal, you may consider the following questions:


1.Does their factory name have words like trading, industry, or technology?

2. How many types of products do they produce?

3.What is their business license?


When communicating with the factory, you should ask a completely different set of more specific questions. Here are some of the questions you might like to ask the factory the most:


Which companies have you worked with in the past? Where do most of these companies come from?

Although many good factories will not disclose who they have worked with, if sellers can understand most of the factory’s customer companies’ geographic location, they will have a good understanding of this factory’s quality standards. Because most factories’ products are sold in the United States or Europe, their quality is generally higher than those sold in Asia or Africa.

Can I see your business license?

Although you may not understand Chinese, you can find someone who understands Chinese to review and check the Administration for Industry and Commerce of each province in China to see if the company is registered there.

Generally, what is your MOQ?

Most factories want to produce more products because large orders can bring them more profits. However, if factories trust your brands enough, they are usually willing to start with a lower MOQ.

So the numbers given by the factory at the beginning may not be unchangeable.

How long on average can your samples be made?

Most people think that it takes several weeks to make a sample. In fact, for simple apparel products like shirts or hats, samples can be completed in less than a week. Depending on the type of product produced, the sample production time will vary greatly.

What is your typical payment method?

Most factories’ payment method is 30% before production and the remaining 70% before shipment. In other words, before you actually receive your product, you need to pay 100% of your product. To better control the product’s quality before shipment, you may visit the factory by yourself or send a quality control team. For large orders, wise foreign sellers usually hire a quality control team to inspect before paying 70% of the balance.

After knowing what questions to ask Chinese factories, you still need to learn how to manage production processes.


Request the factory to provide samples and start production

Foreign sellers will require the factory to provide at least one sample for each product to be produced. 


Explain product details to the factory

Generally speaking, sellers know the specific specifications of the products they want to produce, including colors, materials, and logos. When they start discussing with the factory, they can discover the richness of product choices.

For example, you may want to customize the crown’s logo to the entire dial for a watch. Suppose you know the details of the design you want. This can save a lot of time and cost for the factory, including you, because the factory does not want to produce multiple samples because you forget the design details.


Maintain active contact with the factory, and strive not to fall behind in production

Once the seller confirms the sample, the next step is the production process. Even if the factory does not spend too much time on sample production, the formal production will also take a lot of time. In order not to fall behind in the production process, you need to be aware of the following two points:

1. The cooperative factory has its own supply chain. Each part of the product produced by the buyer may come from a different factory. For example, for shoes, the laces and soles may come from other factories; for bracelets, the raw materials and gems may come from other factories. 


2. You are not the only customer of the factory and may not be the most important customer. To stay ahead in production, you need to keep in touch with factories and build relationships with them. You need to deal with the sales representatives and start to pay attention to things other than production.

In the next step, You generally ask the factory to send photos to update the production progress. You want to know the schedule for the factory to produce each part.



5 ways to find a manufacturer in China

How to find a manufacturer in china
How to find a manufacturer in china


The general source a manufacturer in China is mainly the following 6 channels.


B2B Websites

They are convenient when you are setting up. Each country has its favorites. The best you can do is keep checking them regularly. Always be aware of the pieces that wholesale clothing suppliers offer. You can buy from the sellers for your business to grow. However, make sure that all your merchandise is of high quality. The suppliers may try to scam you at times, so always exercise caution.


Visit local trade shows in your area

Trade shows are a great place to meet and socialize with people who are in the same trade. Discuss with them their journey as beginners and learn. They will give you great advice that you can apply to grow your business. You can learn more about money management and how to run your business.


Join forums for boutique businesses

Such forums are very educational. They will help you learn more about business and customer expectations. You can find such forums on social media platforms such as Facebook(group) or Shopify.



Do you know someone who is in the same business as you want to start? Contact them before getting started. Let them tell you the ups and downs of the industry, and share with you some tips. That way, you will begin in the right direction.


Customs Database

Even if vendor reviews of Alibaba and Global Resources help evaluate potential suppliers, a faster way to review good suppliers is to monitor who your competitors are using.

For example, you can easily steal wholesale suppliers from your competitor by using Jungle Scouts.

Every shipping container entering the United States must be recorded before it can cross the border. In this process, each shipment information is detailed recorded at U.S. Customs.

All of this information is made available to the public free of charge. The tools for supplier data allow you to quickly browse every company’s shipments information when it be imported into the United States by sea shipping.

how to find wholesale clothing us custom datebase

From this document, you can easily find your competitors’ supplier and their shipments’ size and weight. I think this information is beneficial to quickly and easily find the exact wholesale suppliers used by your competitors.


Also, most people’s common concern is the quality issues of finding a manufacturer from China. Indeed, Chinese manufacturer can offer high-quality products as long as you find a trusted wholesaler and make a reasonable quality control(on-site inspection/off-site products inspection).


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