Alibaba Alternatives: 50+ Sites Like Alibaba to Source

Aug 06, 2020 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Alibaba has for years been regarded as a standard for getting suppliers in China. However, that doesn’t imply that there are no other resources for finding business products. It is critical for everyone, including small retailers, major corporations, or FBA sellers, to explore other alibaba alternative or Sites Like Alibaba options to source their products. So, next we will talk about other sites like Alibaba.



Sites Like Alibaba



China Alibaba alternative Other Sites Like Alibaba




AliExpress, an online retail service owned by Alibaba Group and based in China, connects Chinese sellers with buyers from around the world. You can find individual sellers with trading individual items or wholesale companies on AliExpress. This is a great sourcing resource for buyers seeking to try out with small orders or those planning to sell locally.


    • No MOQ
    • The cheap shipping fee is free.
    • Good to do dropshipping
    • Buy easily
    • Easily refund


    • Slow shipping speed
    • Too many middlemen 

Conclusion: it’s proper for people small business starter.

1688 is a Chinese suppliers’ directory that is also owned by the Alibaba Group. What makes a huge difference about this Alibaba alternative is that the suppliers on this online directory cater to the local Chinese market.


    • Full category of products in China
    • The best way to find China real manufacturers
    • The lowest price for the same products


    • Language barrier
    • Payment security
    • Return

Conclusion: it’s a good choice for people who want to source products from China at the most reasonable price.


Global Sources– China (Hong Kong)

Global Sources is a B2B marketplace based in Hong Kong. This multichannel company facilitates business from China to the rest of the world by offering sourcing information to buyers. It also provides integrated marketing services to suppliers. The company achieves this in various ways, including having a list of categories and popular trade shows accessible to buyers and traders from across the world.  


    • Easy to find some top suppliers
    • Support buyers and suppliers online and offline
    • Feature category: electronics and gifts


    • High MOQ
    • High sample charge

Conclusion: it’s more suitable for big buyers and professional buyer and importers


Made-in-China– China

Unlike other B2B marketplaces in China, this site loads faster and provides a broad catalog with few repeats. Besides, the searches of this Alibaba alternative provide relevant information. All suppliers come from China.


It is easier to validate vendors through administrative profiles

Online directly with the supplier

Mainly concentrated on consumers, Clothing, accessories, handicrafts, transportation, other commodities, electronics, machinery, and other industrial supplies


Supplier and the product are not too much.

MOQ required.

Tip: If you purchase a brand or original product, you will need to request an authorization document or certificate from the vendor.

Conclusion: It is more suitable for experienced buyers and importers


DHgate– China is a Chinese business-to-customer and B2B service cross-border company that facilitates business between suppliers and medium and small buyers. Although the site design might seem a little overwhelming, the website boasts a huge choice of products across broad categories. Just like Alibaba, you will find lots of similar products being provided at different wild prices. You can check more: Is Dhgate safe?


    • Feature category: electronic products and wedding dress
    • No MOQ
    • Vary prices for different quantities.
    • Buy easily


    • Low quality
    • Few products

Conclusion: Good for small business starters, especially on electronic products and wedding dresses.


HKTDC– China (Hong Kong)

The HKTDC connects Hong Kong businesses with buyers from Asia, the Chinese mainland, and beyond using a network of 50 offices across the world. This website is owned by an organization promoting businesses in Hong Kong. HKTDC lists both customer products and B2B services.


SeekPart– China

SeekPart is a marketplace that primarily specializes in mechanical parts. This is a great place to source different components of your manufacturing requirements. It is preferable for mainly B2B sales services.


ECVV– China

ECVV is an online marketplace with more limited selection, although its categories do not constitute the same items over and over. With less crowded marketplaces, you can easily research new ideas and opportunities. This is because you don’t spend much time navigating through pages and pages of similar or the same items.


ImportExpress– China

This is a marketplace that supports FBA and drops shopping. It has a wide category range. Nonetheless, they are less popular than those in larger marketplaces such as Alibaba. You might encounter categories with very few items or completely empty.

Another challenge that you might encounter on the site is the lack of transparency of supplier information. You get to contact a seller directly by filling a submission form.


OFweek– China

OFweek is a B2B platform that connects China suppliers and manufacturers with buyers. Majority of suppliers on this Alibaba alternative site are from China. But you will also find a few from other parts of the world. OFweek has an English site version that is linked as well as a Chinese version.


Complete Guide: How to Buy Wholesale from China 2021




Beside online Sites Like Alibaba source from China


Trade shows

Trade shows offer one of the quick ways to meet numerous suppliers. A key feature of the Chinese culture is that it is deeply engraved in relationships. Thus, you can establish those relationships quickly by holding face-to-face meetings with suppliers. Besides, such meetings help to inspire suppliers to compromise on product modification, payment terms, prices, and more.



Trading companies and Sourcing Agents

Based on your budget and needs, it might be sensible to hire a professional China sourcing agent. Doing so will save you headaches and time so that you concentrate on your core matters and growing your business.

Trading companies and sourcing agents are beneficial because they get better suppliers using their networks. Besides, they optimize logistics, thereby saving you time and money. They may even be able to negotiate cheaper pricing and terms with factories.

But it is worth noting that you should be careful not to land on the bad ones. Thus, ensure to find the right company or agent even though that might result in additional costs. But in the end, you will reap many benefits.



Customs import records

Many business starters leverage customs import records to identify suppliers who are used by other companies in the same industry, including competitors.

The idea is that if you find a Vietnam factory supplying Nike with should, they most likely have quality standards and capabilities to produce high-quality shoes for you.

In that case, you could assume that Nike made due diligence, ethics and safety checks, product development, and supplier audits for you. Thus, by working with the Vietnam factory, you reduce your business risks by working with a supplier who is already producing shoes for a company or competitor in your industry.

You can search the US customs import records at Port Examiner for free. On the other hand, Panjiva and Import Genius provide somewhat sophisticated payment services.

Further, Jungle Scout has a supplier database feature that allows the searching of import records depending on the product name and importing company. This provides a quick and easy way to find qualified suppliers as well as a solid Alibaba alternative.




Global Alibaba alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. TradeKey– Global

In this B2B marketplace, you will find lists of suppliers from across the world. To browse their selections, you need to sign up or log in on the site. Besides, the site has Google Ads that appear like search functions for the site so beware.


2. ECPlaza– Global

ECPlaza is a B2B marketplace of product catalogs, company directory, and trade leads for suppliers and manufacturers that come from around the world. A South Korean company owns this Alibaba alternative marketplace.


3. eWorldTrade– Global

This is a great B2B platform that brings together international suppliers and manufacturers. The marketplace has pop-ups that may be irritating, particularly if you don’t choose an option. They will be on every page that you open if you close them, and that makes browsing very frustrating.


4. ExportHub– Global

ExportHub is a B2B platform with a lot of different categories. Products in this marketplace appear in tiles. It is worth noting that product information in ExportHub is crowded and in addition, a wall of text takes up over half of the lowermost tile. Nonetheless, you will find relevant information, although certain products may use better or more pictures.


5. QualityTrade– Global

QualityTrade connects businesses with certified suppliers, thereby creating a trusted supply chain with few risks. To achieve this, QualityTrade vets its businesses and suppliers. Thus, all businesses that are listed on the platform are ISO-certified. You have access to a wide range of services and products in this marketplace. Although the selection of products on the site is not expansive compared to Alibaba, it is a great marketplace for resale opportunities and industrial parts.


6. TradeFord– Global

TradeFord is an online B2B platform that lists global suppliers. It connects suppliers from across the world with business owners, although many of the suppliers are Chinese. However, the site allows you to filter and show suppliers from a specific region or country.


7. TradeBoss

8. Go4WorldBusiness

9. List The 

10. ExportHub 

11. OctoPart 


shipping agent in China




Sites Like Alibaba in USA


Kinnek – USA

Kinnek, a US-based B2B marketplace, helps businesses to save time and make more informed purchase decisions. Business owners benefit from having easy and faster access to great suppliers. In particular, business owners seeking industrial goods produced in the US will find Kinnek very useful.


Alibaba US – Alibaba’s USA Suppliers

Alibaba US is a boon for sellers in the US who desire to do business with US suppliers. The costs in this marketplace are a little higher than counterparts in China. However, you won’t encounter miscommunication issues, and you will get your inventory sooner.


FGmarket – USA (directory of suppliers)

The Floral and Gift Market functions as a directory for suppliers who offer products based on the search terms you use. As such, you don’t have to link to specific products. FGmarket is a great marketplace for sellers who want a particular product category or supplier of certain products.


Maker’s Row

Maker’s Row is a Brooklyn, NY based data source of American Manufacturers and product-based organisations. The business was originally made to link customers of style and also natural leather items with Makers in the US however has actually given that increased to a wide range of sectors. They are probably one of the largest data sources of American producers and distributors.

Much more focused on finding agreement suppliers and rental time on equipment room than on finished products. However, if you need to find a producer with a CNC machine you can discover one as well as agreement with them. While they list makers from throughout the world, we approximate that over half of their providers are located in the United States. This site is concentrated primarily on American manufacturers so it’s a great source for finding a US-based vendor. This is a wonderful device for those that have an overall item design as well as want to hand the manufacturing themselves.


Thomas Web

Thomas Internet is a great tool that Consists of Mexico and also Canada. Thomas has actually been around for an incredible 120 years and also started out as a B2B register to assist purchasers locate providers. Thomas claims to have over 500,000 distributors as well as over 1 million buyers that utilize their solution. Thomas’s details is concealed behind a paywall but they do offer a cost-free trial.



shipping from China to amazon fba


South Korea Alibaba Alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. EC21 – Korean

This marketplace permits buyers to sort of suppliers by country. It is a great B2B service marketplace for browsing Korean suppliers since major Korean B2B platforms aren’t many.

2. tradeKorea – Korea

TradeKorea is a B2B marketplace with many Korean businesses, although you will also find those from other countries as well. The name of the platform may suggest that the marketplace is only for Korean suppliers, but that’s not the case. TradeKorea offers products for industrial and resale uses.




Singapore Alibaba alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. Eezee – Singapore

Eezee is a Singapore-based B2B marketplace that mainly deals with safety and industrial equipment. However, you will also find some other common categories, such as office and school supplies.




India alibaba alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. Exporters India – India

This online platform suits people who are seeking an Indian-only B2B marketplace. When you click on product tiles, a contact form will show up such that you are limited in terms of supplier and product information, pictures, or other information of interest that you may need including annual revenue.

2. IndiaMART – India

IndiaMART is an India-only marketplace that is a great platform for businesses seeking industrial suppliers. You will also find categories with household goods as well.

One downside of this marketplace is that you must register to browse through their product catalog. Therefore, you will be required to sign up on the site and confirm your email address before gaining fill access.

3. Tradeindia – India

Tradeindia is another Indian platform where you can find Indian-only services and suppliers. The marketplace offers a wide selection across a wide range of categories. Their products tiles are great, although they lack some vital information. Besides, MOQ and pricing aren’t transparent. Thus, you need to send a message to the supplier to get such information.

4. Bizbilla – India

Bizbilla is another global B2B marketplace with fairly limited selection. Most of the Bizbilla suppliers come from China and India. The site allows you to search for suppliers, services, and products. This Alibaba alternative works best, particularly if you wish to sell products in specific countries since working with a native business partner helps you to navigate through unfamiliar procedures and processes.

5. Made in India – India

Made in India mainly  focus on India domestic market.



Indonesia Alibaba Alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. IndoTrading – Indonesia

IndoTrading is a B2B online marketplace that concentrates on Indonesian businesses only. While some texts are written in Indonesian, the site is pretty easy to navigate because most texts are in English. However, at times, you are likely to encounter communication challenges when you are dealing with a supplier who is not competent in English. Categories on this Alibaba alternative platform are limited to industrial goods, although some of them relate to common household goods such as lighting.



Thailand Alibaba Alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. ThaiTrade – Thailand

ThaiTrade provides a great opportunity in Thailand as there are few Thai B2B online marketplaces. The great thing about this platform is that all the necessary and relevant information is available on product tiles. You need to click on a product to view the MOQ. Some of their categories are somewhat bare in terms of products.

2. SJN. B2B-Marketplace

SJN is an Alibaba alternative that has several various sites for a few various nations. The interface is a little to simple however it does offer some good choices. If you are looking beyond Thailand, check out the Alibaba alternative for other nations.




Vietnam B2B Alibaba Alternative Sites Like Alibaba


1. VietnameseMade – Vietnam

This global online B2B platform facilitates communication between buyers and sellers. Most suppliers in this marketplace are Chinese. But you can also find suppliers from Vietnam by filtering your search results.

2. Vietnam Export 

This website provide industry-specific information for Vietnam and promoted agricultural products.

3. Vietnam Manufacturers 

 It mainly provide a huge searchable database: trade show promotions, suppliers and industry specific publications.

4. VTown

 The database provides the information of Japanese companies that do business in Vietnam.

5. VietnamAZ 

This website is mainly provide the information to America company who wants to do business in Vietnam.


It mainly focus on the Vietnamese market. 

7. VCCI News

This website provide  news to exporters and also they offer a directory of business in Vietnam.




Taiwan B2B Manufacturers Alibaba Alternative(China) Sites Like Alibaba


1. Taiwantrade – Taiwan

Taiwantrade is a B2B e-marketplace that was established by Taiwan’s government in 2002 as the official trade side for Taiwan. The marketplace is managed by the country’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. On the other hand, it is operated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Taiwantrade boasts of more than 60 offices globally and has a huge database that can be searched by Taiwanese manufacturers.

2. B2B Manufacturers

It provides Taiwan based Database of Taiwanese  suppliers. They also offer information about the Taiwan supplier on alibaba. It is a good alibaba alternative if you want source products from Taiwan.

3. B2B China Sources 

Built by the exact same firm as B2B Suppliers, B2B China Source aids connect customers with suppliers in the mainland of China. They claim to get you Chinese cheapest costs with Taiwanese top quality.




Japan Alibaba alternative databases Sites Like Alibaba


1. Japan B2B Marketplace

This is an excellent Alibaba alternative for Japan and is a pretty stand B2B directory. This offers a wide range of items from Clothing to Agricultural, to auto components.

2. JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization

Jetro is a Japanese-Government run website that aims to promote Japanese exports and businesses abroad. The great thing about Jetro is that all the businesses listed on the site are verified, and their services are free. You will find different kinds of Japanese businesses on Jetro. Thus, you need to be aware of the kind of supplier you are seeking to find the right option.




Sri Lanka Alibaba alternative Sites Like Alibaba



The  best Alibaba Alternative for Sri Lanka. It mainly provides a list of factories and manufacturing in Sri Lanka. It provide full contact information for the suppliers but you have to verify the factory by yourself.

Sri Lanka B2B Marketplace

You can use the website as a reference when you want find supplier in Sri Lanka.




Philippines Alibaba Alternative databases Sites Like Alibaba


As a matter of fact: most of Filipinos speak English as a very first or 2nd language. Because of this, it is very easy to interact straight with vendors.

Philippine Firms

Philippine Firms is an extremely directly named B2B platform that attaches foreign and abroad purchasers to Filipino companies. This website includes a lot more than simply manufacturers and supplies services varying from banking to realty. It’s important that you remove as well as use your judgment when connecting with producers on this system.

Pinoy Listing.

Like Philippine Business above, this is even more of a classifieds than a real B2B directory. They supply a variety of service consisting of Company outsourcing, so if you are wanting to employ a remote group past manufacturing the Philippines are an excellent alternative.


This one is yet an additional company directly as well as not a true Alibaba alternative, however it does have the advantage of being entirely complimentary. This set features a large range of organizations and services consisting of production as well as distributors.



Malaysia Alibaba Alternative Databases Sites Like Alibaba




Malaysia B2B Business


It is a good option if you want to buy wholesale products from Malaysia.



Dropshipping Alternative to Alibaba Sites Like Alibaba

DealExtreme (DX)

DealExtreme is another marketplace that enables buyers to source wholesalers. The site has a huge electronics collection since that is its primary focus. However, you will find other items as well. DealExtreme is preferable, particularly if you want suppliers for your dropshipping business. 


Best dropshipping sites like alibaba




These marketplaces present great options for sourcing outside China. If you are looking for a great Alibaba alternative Sites Like Alibaba, these options will help you connect with the right supplier, manufacturer, or business.



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