1688 Clothing: How to Buy Bulk Clothing from China?

Apr 26, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

How to Buy Bulk Clothing from China?

Buying bulk clothing from China can be a cost-effective way to stock your inventory, but it requires careful planning and understanding of the process. Here are the steps to help you navigate buying bulk clothing from China:

1. Identify Your Needs

Define Your Product Specifications:

  • Determine the types of clothing you need (e.g., casual wear, formal wear, sportswear).
  • Specify material, size range, colors, and design preferences.
  • Decide on the quantity for each item.

2. Research Suppliers

Online Platforms:

  • Alibaba: One of the largest B2B platforms where you can find numerous clothing suppliers. Use filters to narrow down your search and check suppliers’ ratings and reviews.
  • 1688.com: A Chinese-language platform, often cheaper than Alibaba, but requires a sourcing agent if you don’t speak Chinese.
  • Global Sources: Another B2B platform with a focus on Asia. It offers a variety of suppliers and a good search feature.
  • Made-in-China: Similar to Alibaba, it lists a wide range of products from Chinese manufacturers.

3. Evaluate Suppliers

Check Supplier Credentials:

  • Verify Business Licenses: Ensure the supplier is a legitimate business.
  • Check Reviews and Ratings: Look for feedback from other buyers.
  • Request Samples: Always request samples to check the quality before placing a large order.

4. Engage with Suppliers

Initial Contact:

  • Reach out to potential suppliers with a clear inquiry that includes product specifications, order quantity, and any other requirements.
  • Assess the supplier’s responsiveness and communication skills.

Negotiate Terms:

  • Discuss prices, payment terms, delivery times, and minimum order quantities (MOQs).
  • Negotiate for better terms, especially if you’re ordering in large quantities.

5. Place an Order

Finalize Details:

  • Agree on all details including price, quality standards, packaging, and shipping terms.
  • Ensure all agreements are documented in a contract.

Payment Methods:

  • Use secure payment methods like PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, or Letters of Credit to protect your transaction.

6. Quality Control


  • Arrange for a third-party inspection service to check the goods before they are shipped.
  • Use companies like SGS, Bureau Veritas, or Intertek for professional inspection services.

7. Shipping and Logistics

Choose a Reliable Shipping Method:

  • Decide between air freight (faster, more expensive) and sea freight (cheaper, slower).
  • Work with a reliable freight forwarder to handle customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse.

Shipping Documents:

  • Ensure all necessary documents like the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List are prepared and correct.

8. Receive and Inspect Goods

Upon Arrival:

  • Inspect the received goods to ensure they match the agreed specifications and quality standards.
  • Report any discrepancies to the supplier immediately and negotiate a solution if there are issues.


Additional Tips:

  • Use a Sourcing Agent: If you’re new to importing, a sourcing agent can help navigate language barriers, negotiate better deals, and ensure quality.
  • Understand Import Regulations: Make sure you are aware of the import duties, taxes, and regulations of your country.






Where to Buy Bulk Clothing from China?

To buy bulk clothing from China, you have several options for sourcing suppliers and manufacturers. Here are some popular platforms and methods to consider:


    • Alibaba is one of the largest online marketplaces where you can find numerous clothing manufacturers and suppliers in China.
    • Search for specific clothing categories or keywords and filter results by MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), price, and location.
    • Communicate directly with suppliers through the platform to discuss your requirements.



    • Made-in-China is another reputable online platform that connects buyers with Chinese clothing manufacturers.
    • Similar to Alibaba, you can search for clothing products, view supplier profiles, and negotiate terms.


Global Sources:

    • Global Sources is a platform that specializes in connecting global buyers with suppliers, including clothing manufacturers in China.
    • You can find a wide range of clothing products and suppliers on this platform.


Trade Shows and Fairs:

    • Attending trade shows and fashion fairs in China is an excellent way to meet clothing manufacturers and suppliers in person.
    • Notable events include the Canton Fair in Guangzhou and various fashion exhibitions in cities like Shanghai.


1688 (Alibaba’s Domestic Platform):

I think 1688 is the best website to buy clothes from china with cheap and low MOQ.

  • 1688 is an Alibaba-owned platform primarily aimed at the Chinese domestic market.
  • It offers a vast selection of products, including clothing, at competitive prices.
  • You may need a local 1688 agent or translator to navigate the platform as it’s in Chinese, but it can offer cost-effective options.


How to Buy Clothing from 1688.com?

Yes, of course you can find quality clothes in 1688 because there are many high-end fashion factories there. The problem is how do you find them, how do you communicate with them about the clothes you want, how do you pay, if you are not in China, how do you judge the quality of the clothes, and how to ship from China, because 1688 only supports shipping from China.

However, when you order clothing from 1688, you also need to pay attention to the size chart, color and material of the clothing. You may need to make samples before large-scale wholesale or direct sales promotion, or you can ask for some real-life photos of clothing and process them with PS so that you can judge the color, material, workmanship, etc.

Take yoga pants, for example. When you buy on 1688, you will find hundreds of suppliers of the same pair of pants, with prices ranging from 15 yuan to 60 yuan. Since pants materials and workmanship vary greatly, suppliers need to be screened based on sales volume, reviews, repurchase rates, refund rates, and years of supplier experience. These can be seen on 1688, and finally the price, in these steps you can find quality yoga pants clothing suppliers.

The same procedure can be followed for other garments. If you are worried about quality then you can shortlist 2 to 3 suppliers to order some samples and once you have received all the pants from different suppliers you will easily find the best pair.




Sourcing Agents:

    • Consider working with a professional sourcing agent or a buying agent based in China. These agents have local knowledge and can help you find reliable clothing suppliers.
    • They can assist with negotiation, quality control, and logistics.


Wholesale Markets:

    • Visit clothing wholesale markets in major Chinese cities like Guangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen.
    • These markets often have a wide selection of clothing items, and you can negotiate directly with sellers.


Market Name Product Characteristics

White Horse Clothing Wholesale Market

Various types of clothing, including fashion, casual, and formal wear.

Hunan Changsha Wholesale Market

Mainly local specialty and traditional clothing, such as Hunan Qipao.

Yiwu International Trade City

Small commodity wholesale market, including clothing, accessories, and textiles.

Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market

Fabrics and textiles suitable for high-quality clothing production.

Beijing Wu Dao Kou Clothing Wholesale Market

Most types of clothing suitable for different seasons and styles.

Hangzhou Silk Market

Mainly high-quality silk clothing and silk products with traditional Chinese designs.

Chengdu Sanhuo Ba Clothing Wholesale Market

Various types of clothing, including suits, sportswear, and casual wear.

Qingdao Chongzi Mountain Wholesale Market

Clothing and fabrics suitable for summer and coastal areas.

Suzhou Silk City Market

High-quality silk clothing and silk products are the main features.

Xiamen Huli Avenue Clothing Market

Various types of clothing suitable for different occasions and fashion trends.

Chongqing Liberation Monument Clothing Wholesale Market

Various types of clothing, including Chongqing specialties and popular styles.

Dalian Xinghai Square Clothing Market

Various types of clothing suitable for different seasons and age groups.

Ningbo Tianyi Clothing Market

Various types of clothing, including casual, formal, and special occasion wear.

Shenzhen Luohu Commercial City

Various types of fashion, casual, and trendy clothing.



Top 20+ Best China Wholesale Website List to Buy Wholesale From China




How to Buy Cheap Clothes from China?

If you want to buy very cheap clothes from China, you can consider the second-hand or clothing stock markets. Their prices are typically calculated by weight. Some common Chinese surplus clothing markets include:

Here is a list of some popular clothing stock markets in China where you can find surplus or discounted clothing:

  1. Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market (广州白马服装批发市场): Located in Guangzhou, this market is one of the largest clothing wholesale markets in China. It offers a wide range of clothing, including surplus and discounted items.
  2. Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market (十三行服装批发市场): Situated in Guangzhou, this market is famous for its variety of clothing options, including stock and surplus items. It’s a popular destination for both local and international buyers.
  3. Humen Clothing Wholesale Market (虎门服装批发市场): Located in Dongguan, Humen is known for its clothing manufacturing industry. It offers surplus clothing and stock at competitive prices.
  4. Jiangnan Wholesale Clothing Market (江南批发服装市场): This market in Guangzhou specializes in various types of clothing, including discounted and surplus items.
  5. Baigou International Luggage and Bags Trading Center (白沟国际皮具箱包交易中心): While it primarily focuses on bags and luggage, you can also find surplus clothing and accessories in this market located in Baigou, Hebei.
  6. Shenzhen Jinse Clothing Wholesale Market (深圳金色服装批发市场): Situated in Shenzhen, this market offers a wide range of clothing options, including surplus and stock items.
  7. Tianhe Wholesale Clothing Market (天河批发服装市场): Located in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District, this market is known for its diverse selection of clothing, including surplus and discounted items.
  8. Nanjing Xinyi Clothing Wholesale Market (南京新驿服装批发市场): Situated in Nanjing, this market is a popular destination for buyers seeking surplus and stock clothing.
  9. Beijing Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market (北京大红门服装批发市场): Located in Beijing, this market is known for its wholesale clothing, including surplus and stock items.
  10. Xi’an Tang West Market (西安唐西市场): This market in Xi’an offers various clothing options, and you can find surplus and discounted items among the offerings.



China 1688.com Clothing Agent:

A China clothing agent specializes in helping businesses source apparel from China, ensuring quality control, and managing the logistics involved in shipping these products to their destination.

If you want to buy products from 1688.com, you can try to contact with us for more details.

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