China Sourcing Agents: 50 Best Sourcing Agent in China

May 11, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Are you a start-up business looking to import only small quantities to begin with? Are you too small for most of the major China sourcing agents, you’ve found advertising on Google?

There is a ‘Dictionary’ of the best sourcing agent in China you can make inquiries from.

Kindly remember, each sourcing agent is good at different areas, you only need to pick out the ones that can provide good service for your products.



The New Definition of Sourcing Agent in China:

The traditional role of sourcing agents in China – simply finding products for customers – is undergoing a transformation.


What Does a China Sourcing Agent?

Today’s sourcing agents offer a wider range of services to meet the changing needs of businesses importing from China. This expanded role goes beyond mere product procurement to include a range of value-added services that streamline the import process and improve business results.


Some China sourcing companies claim to help you find any product, how is this possible?

Each company buys a different product line, so don’t limit yourself to working with just one company.

China sourcing agents come in various types, each catering to different aspects of the sourcing and procurement process.



Traditional vs. Modern Sourcing Agent Services:

Traditionally, sourcing agents focused on simply finding products for clients.

However, their role has evolved to encompass a wider range of value-added services:

  1. Product Sourcing: Finding reliable manufacturers for your desired products based on your specifications and budget.
  2. Quality Control (QC): Conducting inspections at factories to ensure products meet international standards and your specific requirements.
  3. Warehouse Services: Managing warehouse facilities for product storage, consolidation management, packaging, and order fulfillment.
  4. Logistics Management: Handling shipping arrangements, customs clearance, and ensuring timely delivery to your destination.
  5. Compliance and Regulations: Keeping you informed of relevant import regulations and ensuring your products comply with international standards.
  6. Project Management: Overseeing the entire import process, from sourcing to delivery.



How Much Does a Chinese Sourcing Agent Charge?

China Sourcing Agent FeesAs there is no exact standard for how much for China sourcing agent fee, usually you will pay the sourcing commission rate between 5%-10% of the order cost.

However, the percentage will depend on the amount of the order and also the type of product.

Kindly note, as a compliant sourcing company, we know that if some companies maintain price transparency and the commission is lower than 3%, there is a lot of risk in the future handling of funds.



What Require from Sourcing Agent in China?

A good China sourcing agent may need you to provide a product specification sheet, which is a detailed, concise document that clearly describes all your product specifications.

Basic include

  • Product name, MOQ, target price
  • Description, reference pictures or links
  • Your business plan
  • Your special requirements


Product Range of China Sourcing Agent can Source:

By the way, a China sourcing agent can only help source common products.

If you need to import industry products, most China sourcing agents cannot provide help. You have to find suppliers by yourself or travel to China to visit desirable suppliers.

However, they can help you with order tracking, quality control, and other assistance after you find a supplier.






Approved 50 Best Sourcing Agent in China:

I have sorted out some legal Chinese sourcing agents, some of them are also called Chinese export agents, trade agents, Yiwu agent.,

The list of the best Chinese sourcing agents is as follows for reference: 





Company Name Services Location


A transparent China sourcing agent/product sourcing agent Yiwu, China & New York


quality control sourcing agent Yiwu, Zhejiang


Tradition China purchase company Hongkong, China


China sourcing agent company Wuhan, China


Yiwu local agent in Yiwu China Yiwu, China

Ruizhi Sourcing

China sourcing agent factory audit/product engineering Shenzhen China/ho chin minh Vietnam

Sourcing Nova

China sourcing agent Shenzhen


wholesale toys China Yiwu, China


China sourcing agent Yiwu, China


Germany sourcing agent Shenzhen, China


Drop shipping sourcing agent Hangzhou, China

China Purchasing Agent

Purchasing agent in China Shenzhen, China


China Buying Agent Service Jiaxing, China

Jing Sourcing 

China sourcing expert Yiwu, China.

Sourcing Bro

China Sourcing Agent Service Guangzhou Shenzhen, China

Swift horse

China business agent Foshan, China

B2c Sourcing

B2C China sourcing agent Ningbo, China


One stop China sourcing agent Hangzhou, China

Iris International

China sourcing agent and supply Hong Kong, China

Foshan Sourcing

China sourcing agent help import Foshan Foshan, China

Dragon Sourcing

Global sourcing company Worldwide Offices

Imex Sourcing Services

Sourcing for the digital age Guangzhou &HongKong China


China export agent Guangzhou & Hangzhou, China

Qaizen Group

Asia sourcing firm Shanghai, China

Golden shiny

Yiwu sourcing agent Yiwu, China

Source in China

China Product sourcing agent Dongguan, China

Arcadia Sourcing

China manufacturing companies Hong Kong, China

Global Trade Specialists

Helping buy direct from China Colorado, Vienna, Austria, China

Giolong International

China sourcing-factory audits Montreal, Canada & Shanghai

China Performance Group

Sourcing management company New Jersey & Beijing, China

JS Sourcing

Towards safer sourcing in China Shanghai, China

FBA China Sourcing

Amazon product sourcing agent Hongkong, China & Europe

DTL Sourcing

A leading sourcing company Hongkong, China

Maple Sourcing

Product sourcing, quality inspection Shenzhen, China


Made fast, simple and safe Fuzhou, China

China 2 West

Manufacturing in China China & US, UK

Nicobar Group

Supply chain support Shanghai, China

Fami Sourcing

China sourcing company for start-up Guangzhou, China


Transparent China sourcing company Shenzhen, China

Nexa Toys

Wholesale toys sourcing agent Chenghai, China

Pinnacle Sourcing

Global sourcing company India & Shanghai, China

Meeno Group

China product buying agent in Yiwu Yiwu, China


China manufacturing agent Hongkong and Guangzhou

Baysource Global

Accelerate your product launch US & Shanghai, China

Linc Sourcing

China sourcing agent Europe & China

Easy Imex

Chinese import agent UK & China


Hongkong China sourcing agent Hongkong, China


Furniture China sourcing agent Foshan, Guangdong, China

Dong Sourcing

Your sincere agent in China Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

ANCO China

Global sourcing solutions for you US & China

Casino Global Sourcing

China Sourcing Services Hongkong, China


Sourcing Agent Guangzhou china Guangzhou, China

Chick Sourcing

Trusted sourcing agent Shenzhen, China

Made In China Sourcing

China sourcing company China, Australia, UK

China Division

Worldwide order fulfilment Shenzhen, China

Sourcing Spectrum

Sourcing agency in China China

Peng Light

The best Led sourcing agent Shenzhen, China

China Direct Sourcing

Managed end-to-end import Australia

China import agents

Agent in Delhi, Mumbai, India India


Import and export agency Shanghai, China

Manufacturing agent

China manufacturing agent service Yiwu, China


*Please contact us if you are a professional China sourcing agent. I will add you to this form list. 




China sourcing agent pros & cons




Do You Need an Agent to Buy from China?

If you are new to importing from China and have many various products to import, you need a China sourcing agent to help you reach so many works like sourcing different suppliers, factory audit, cut-price, product inspection, and shipping, etc.


How to find a good china sourcing agent

If you only have a few products, you can buy directly from the factory, no need to hire a China sourcing agent to increase your cost.

Whether you need an agent to import from China depends on your experience and specific needs.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

You Might Benefit from a China Sourcing Agent if:

You’re new to importing: Agents can simplify the process by handling tasks like finding suppliers, negotiating prices, and managing logistics.

Your products are complex: Agents with expertise in quality control and compliance can be helpful for complex products with specific requirements.

You’re ordering a large SKU volume: Agents can help you secure better pricing and manage large shipments efficiently.

You Might be Able to Import without an Agent if:

You’re an experienced importer: If you’re familiar with the process and have established relationships with suppliers, you may be able to handle things yourself.

Your products are simple and have low value: For lower-risk products, the cost of an agent might not be justified.




How to Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

However,  one must understand that the “best sourcing agent in China” is a very vague name for the profession, and almost anyone can “proclaim” himself the best sourcing agent in China.


I often describe Chinese sourcing agents as “90 percent are crooks or incompetent, and most are a combination of both.

But ten percent are worth more than their weight in gold.”

So how do you find a “value for money” sourcing agent?

Unfortunately, the best method I know of is word of mouth. I say “unfortunately” because that means you already need someone who knows enough about working with international manufacturing to be able to give you a good referral.

The good news in this regard is that good sourcing agents will not source products they are not familiar with.


So if we have a client who needs help sourcing an unusual product and we don’t know a sourcing experience associated with that product, we will go to a good sourcing agent we know and ask them for a recommendation.


So, when choosing this specialist, you need to make informed decisions. Otherwise, you may lose much more than the amount of his commission.

Here 7 steps to find sourcing agent in China. You can use this points to identify a suitable and reliable best sourcing agent in China:



1. Collect Potential China Sourcing Agents List

The first step in finding a sourcing agent in China is to compile a list of potential candidates. Then, through further communication, you can eliminate those candidates who are not very capable of providing services. Below some ways you can use to find the China sourcing agent:

  • Google
  • Social Media
  • Referrals
  • Trade Fair


2. Ask them Professional Product Knowledge and Market Trends:

The import process from China can be completely different, depending on the product. Certain types of goods are very complex, like electronics and auto motives, and many other bulky goods.

It is essential to involve a sourcing agent with the necessary knowledge of the product because this can play a decisive role in whether the delivery turns out to be profitable or failed.


3. Have Good Communication Ability

The best sourcing agent in China must have a strong command of English in writing and language and should be able to communicate easily with you by phone and email.

Also, they must be highly efficient and quick to respond to emails or WeChat because of the time difference between China and other countries.


4. Have a Transparent and Legal Process

Finding a sourcing agent is easy. But to find a qualified best sourcing agent in China, you need an effective and competently implemented strategy.

A right purchasing agent acts transparently and methodically and puts customer requirements for the product and the availability of the necessary certificates in the first place, rather than established relationships with suppliers and the possibility of getting a kickback.

4.1 A professional China sourcing agent may include these details:

    • Professional payment methods: Offer various payment methods including PayPal, Alibaba trade assurance, T/T bank, Hong Kong bank…
    • Superior geographical location: Located in an active trading area: Yiwu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou
    • Perfect quality control process: Warehouse staff conduct multi-party product quality control.



5. Have Professional Import & Export Knowledge and Experience

Any best sourcing agent in China must have a good knowledge of the legality and paperwork related to import and export. This includes the import and export process, the requirements for certificates and documents, licenses, etc.

5.1 Questions Ask for a Sourcing Agent:

In addition to having a predefined procurement procedure, the best sourcing agent in China should be able to give a clear answer to the following questions:

    • Based on what factors do they classify the supplier as qualified/unskilled?
    • Is a purchasing agent expected to pay for the product or directly to the supplier?
    • What is his strategy to prevent and combat fraud? (e.g., payment fraud)
    • Will he control the procurement process entirely on his own or partially outsource it, and if so, in which part?
    • Is the agent ready to deal with potential disputes regarding the quality of the goods during production and upon completion?
    • How long has the agent been operating?
    • Does he plan to request a product from an “already verified” supplier or to look for new ones?
    • Does the agent have customer reviews from your country? 
    • Willing to sign NNN Agreement?



6. Have a Legally Registered Company

At a minimum, a qualified sourcing agent must be a registered company and have an office in at least one Chinese city, including Hong Kong. A more qualified buying agent is likely to have an office not only in China but also in your country.

Of course, this does not affect the success of your transaction, but this is undoubtedly an indicator of how strong the agent’s position is and confirms its reliability.



7. Physical Visit if Possible

Scheduling a physical visit to the sourcing agent’s office in China, when possible, offers valuable insights into their infrastructure, company culture, and fosters stronger relationships.

Alternatives to In-Person Visits:

Video Conference: If travel is not feasible, please schedule a video conference with the agent. Take a virtual tour of their offices and warehouses (if applicable) using screen sharing. This still gives a good overview of their operations.




How to avoid China sourcing agent scams



The Risks of Working with China Sourcing Agent:

Be wary of Cooperating with SoHo Sourcing Agents in China.

I’m not saying that you can’t cooperate with the Soho China sourcing agent because they also have many advantages.

For example, they respond promptly, have an enthusiastic attitude, and help you deal with many other things. But you also have to know that they have a lot of potential risks,

  1. They may change jobs or careers at any time. This is so common, we have answered countless calls saying that their sourcing agent in China is not doing this job anymore, and then they need to cooperate with us.
  2. They do not have the funds to deal with unexpected situations such as lost goods or quality problems. 
  3. After winning your trust, they may collect the last sum of money from you and then disappear.


Common Problems with Using a Sourcing Agent?

Using a commission-only sourcing agent can become very expensive and risky for many purchasers.

  • Buyers usually end up paying a higher price – for example, does the buying agent want 10% commission on a $100,000 order or 10% commission on a $90,000 order?
  • Sourcing agents will only get paid when your order ships. However, they may often apply pressure to ship the goods out. This can result in low quality products.
  • The sourcing agent is not responsible for any problems that may arise.
  • Sourcing agents focus on generating sales to earn commissions, not on providing services to protect you and your company.




The Million Questions: Using a China Sourcing Agent is Worth it?

Whether to use a sourcing agent in China or figure it out for you is up to you. The main question you must ask yourself is whether you can afford to sacrifice your time for money.

Finding your own suppliers generally takes more time and effort that you could be spending on other parts of your business.

If you already have your own experience in managing labor-intensive tasks that carry certain risks, then do not hesitate – save money and do it yourself. 


However, you should hire a China sourcing agent only after you made an attempt to find your own factories. Services like Alibaba and global sources have made it extremely easy to find reliable suppliers online.

If you have the means, attending trade shows like the canton fair or global sources are invaluable for meeting suppliers face to face.



supplyia best sourcing agent in China



Who is the Best Sourcing Agent in China?

The “best sourcing agent in China” is a very vague name for the profession, and almost anyone can “proclaim” himself the best sourcing agent in China.

I don’t think we can ever find a perfect best China sourcing agent, we just need to find a capable and trusted sourcing agent.


To me, the owners’ personal characters matter the most.

Whether you look for a China sourcing agent or do it yourself, it’s up to you. If you already have your own experience in managing labor-intensive tasks that carry certain risks, then do not hesitate – save money and do it yourself.

What you don’t want is a sourcing agent who writes things down on envelopes and constantly misses the mark. Global sourcing is not easy. There are many moving parts and the unexpected is the only thing you can expect.

Years of experience and the right systems in place can effectively represent your interest in suppliers. If they spend more time trying to flatter or please you than talking about the project management process, then they don’t have the capabilities you need.

At last, if you are looking for a China sourcing agent, just submit a form and we will reply in 24 hours, and Supplyia was there to help us every step of the way.

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