How to Buy and Ship Replica Products from China?

Jun 13, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Imitations occupy a unique niche in the fashion industry. Although illegal, they are appealing due to their low prices and decent quality, making them profitable for small businesses.

The demand for replicas is substantial, driving many buyers to import these items from China to earn money.

Interestingly, many luxury brands have manufacturing facilities in China.

So, as a buyer, where can you safely purchase a replica?


China offers a wide variety of imitation products at different quality levels and prices, catering to various buyer preferences.


The reproduction industry in China is highly developed, with an estimated 90% of global imitation products originating from the country. This highlights the extent of China’s capabilities in producing high-quality replicas.


Chinese-made replicas are incredibly cheap, often costing less than 10% of the original products’ prices. This affordability is due to cheap labor, abundant raw materials, and a well-established industrial chain.


In China, imitation product clusters exist, featuring complete supply chains. However, you won’t find large factories dedicated to producing replicas.


  • Industries like luggage, clothing, and footwear are primarily handcrafted and can be produced in small factories or workshops with few workers.
  • Raw materials like hardware, leather, and fabrics are sourced from raw material factories.
  • Many production processes are outsourced to specialized OEM factories.



Consequently, the imitation market is filled with numerous small factories, but large-scale factories with hundreds of workers are nonexistent.


Each production step is handled by specialized factories, leading to massive production volumes and significantly reduced costs per product.

The low barriers to replica production have resulted in countless small factories competing in the market, driving down prices. This competition also results in varying quality levels, with different grades available.



Replica Products from China Quality


Imitation products are often categorized by quality, ranging from A to AAA.

AAA-level replicas are nearly indistinguishable from the originals, with styles and materials closely matching those of genuine products.


Popular replica items from China include clothing, bags, shoes, electronics, and watches. These items mimic the design and style of luxury brands and are generally of good enough quality, posing no harm to users.



Finding replicas can be tricky as they are not openly displayed on platforms.

Searching by the real product name or brand won’t yield accurate results. Sellers often hide logos and brand names to avoid detection.


Here are some methods to search for replicas:

  1. Picture Search: Upload pictures to platforms like Alibaba, 1688, or Made in China to find similar products.
  2. Keyword Search: Use product models or similar names to the brand, such as “UNC 2021” or “cinder,” or terms like “AAA bag” or “AAA T-shirt.”


What you will find is mostly cheap knock offs in China. It will say “Handa” rather than Honda. “New Ballance” rather than New Balance.





Tips for Wholesale Replica Products from China

The replica market is vast, with numerous choices available. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing:

  • Quality: Ensure the product looks good. For bulk purchases, order samples first to check the quality.
  • Grade: Mention the grade (A, AA, AAA+) when searching. AAA+ is closest to the real product.
  • Price: Compare prices across websites. Higher prices might offer better quality.
  • Manufacturer: Choose products from registered manufacturers to ensure quality.
  • Logo: Search for products with exact logos.
  • Material: Ensure the material type matches your expectations for the best replication.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Opt for products with warranties or guarantees for better functionality and longevity.
  • Customer Reviews: Check reviews on the website to gauge product quality and reliability.

Millions of counterfeit products for brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana flood the market.



How to Buy Replica Products from Chinese Replica Websites?



Is it illegal to buy copies on wholesale websites?

Selling copies is illegal, but consumers can differentiate between real and fake products. If you plan to sell replicas, opt for items without brand logos to avoid legal issues.

You can, of course, buy trademark-infringing goods from China, but there are risks. Apparently, even if you don’t “plan” to sell the goods, you might still sell them. Your intent doesn’t matter, because it’s a “strict liability” crime, and as mentioned above, US Customs may seize the goods, so they may never reach you.

Depending on the amount purchased, the risk could involve criminal and civil liability, and explaining that the purchase is for personal use can help. The penalties for trademark infringement are enough to deter such behavior.



Can I ship my copies from China to my country?

Shipping imitations is similar to shipping any product, but check your country’s customs regulations regarding imitation products. Knowing these rules can help you make informed decisions.


Do I have to pay extra for international shipping?

Consult the seller about shipping costs. Some offer free delivery, but you may need to pay import taxes. Others provide DDP service, where you pay only the seller’s fee, with no additional shipping charges.




Find Chinese replica wholesalers Alternative:

As Vencent Stevens said, you get what you pay for. This is true even in the world of the internet. I’m sure you’ve seen headphones on Taobao or Alibaba that look similar to Beats but are priced much lower.

The problem with buying online is that you never know what you’re going to get until you receive it.

So my advice is:


  • If you really care about the brand and don’t want to compromise, buy the authentic brand and accept the fact that you’re paying for the brand’s value.
  • If you just want some quality music and don’t mind the logo, buy something in the mid-priced range – not too cheap, but not as expensive as the well-known brands either. Some small manufacturers in China make decent quality products at more reasonable prices that even professionals can use. They may imitate the look of some brands, but not necessarily. Look for sellers with high ratings and read customer reviews of the products.
  • To be even safer, you can choose one that offers a free return policy within a certain period, or even cash on delivery – which doesn’t make much sense for headphones because you can’t tell right away if it’s satisfactory. You can always talk to the seller. Most of them will be happy to offer a replacement or suggest an upgrade if you don’t like the product you received.


So you see, going to a brand store and buying branded products is the quickest and easiest solution. But if you want to save money, you have to pay extra in other areas, such as time and effort. That’s fair, right?



The Best Site to Buy Replica Products from China



Most of the counterfeit brands come from Taobao/1688. If you want high-quality counterfeit brands, you may need to find them offline(Wechat…). They will leave various hints online, and you can add them.

Buying replicas that meet your expectations from China is more complex than purchasing regular products. The key is to buy from the right place to avoid being scammed.


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