How Do I Find Wholesale Suppliers in the US?

Oct 15, 2023 Chapter 2. Supplier

There Are a Few Different Ways to Find Wholesale Suppliers in the USA:

  • Online directories: There are a number of online directories that list wholesale suppliers. Some popular directories include Wholesale Central, Alibaba, and Doba.
  • Trade shows: Trade shows are a great way to meet with potential wholesale suppliers in person. You can find trade shows in your area by searching online or by contacting your local chamber of commerce.
  • Industry associations: Many industries have associations that can provide you with a list of recommended wholesale suppliers.
  • Networking: Talk to other businesses in your industry to see who they use for wholesale supplies.


Once you have found a few potential wholesale suppliers, it is important to compare their prices, product selection, and shipping options. You should also read reviews from other businesses to see what they say about the supplier’s customer service.




Best wholesale suppliers in USA Сompany Сomparison:




Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Good

Kole Imports

General merchandise Low Competitive Fast Yes Good

Worldwide Brands

Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Excellent


Organic & natural Medium Competitive Moderate No Fair


General merchandise Low Competitive Fast No Good

Wholesale Interiors

Furniture Medium Competitive Moderate No Good

Wholesale Central

Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Good


Crafts & decor Low Competitive Fast No Excellent


Industrial Varies Varies Varies No Excellent


Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Excellent


Wide range Varies Varies Varies Depends on seller Good

TopTen Wholesale

Wide range Varies Varies Varies Varies Good

Angie’s Showroom

Fashion & accessories High Premium Moderate No Good


Unique & artisan Varies Competitive Moderate Yes Excellent


Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Good


Apparel Medium Competitive Fast Yes Good


Wide range Membership-based Competitive Fast No Excellent


Wide range Varies Varies Varies Yes Excellent

Reference USA





Here Are Some Additional Tips for Finding Wholesale Suppliers in the USA:

When choosing a wholesale provider, consider the following criteria:

Product Selection: Ensure the wholesaler offers the products and brands you’re interested in. Look for well-organized catalogs with detailed product descriptions. Check if the wholesaler has exclusive access to essential products you sell and if they reliably stock items for your future plans.

Reliability: On-time deliveries are vital. A wholesaler with a poor delivery track record can jeopardize your ability to provide excellent service. Seek wholesalers with automated shipment alerts, product tracking, and knowledge of your specific shipping requirements, such as refrigerated transportation for food products.

Price Comparison: Don’t base your choice solely on volume or price. Costs can vary due to factors like shipping distance, relationships with manufacturers, and exchange rates. While platforms like Alibaba and Wholesale Central are useful, consider reaching out to manufacturers for preferred wholesaler recommendations.

Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is essential. Make sure you can easily reach out for assistance through phone, chat, or a help desk. Reliability is a key factor in your wholesale partner selection.

Industry Insight: Stay informed by reading trade journals, which provide valuable contact information for wholesalers and manufacturers. Online newsletters and blogs are also great sources for up-to-date industry insights and information.

Long-term Impact: Consider how your chosen wholesaler will impact your customer interactions. Opt for a partner that makes sense financially and instills confidence in your business relationship.



Selecting the Right Supplier Research Tools

In the realm of product sourcing for the USA market, the nine tools outlined above each serve distinct purposes: and Makers Row are particularly valuable if your intention is to design and manufacture your product entirely from scratch. They predominantly feature suppliers who deal with in-house creations rather than existing branded products.

ReferenceUSA provides a comprehensive directory of all businesses in the US, offering versatility in your search. However, sifting through search results is essential to pinpoint a supplier that aligns with your specific requirements.

When seeking wholesale vendors, consider incorporating the term “wholesale” alongside your search keywords. Platforms like Faire, Shopify Handshake, and Wholesale Central simplify the process of identifying wholesale suppliers of various sizes.

Worldwide Brands is a directory of pre-verified dropship and light bulk wholesale suppliers in the United States, offering opportunities to work with suppliers willing to dropship their own brands.

When conducting sourcing activities in the US, it is beneficial to perform a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, comparing with equivalent Chinese manufacturers. Request a quote from a Chinese factory and account for expenses like:

  • Inspection costs
  • Freight forwarding expenses
  • Import taxes and duties


Beyond financial considerations, include a factor often referred to as the “mental anguish” tax. Dealing with Chinese vendors can sometimes be mentally taxing due to their inclination to cut corners and reduce costs.


In the end, there are situations where opting for a US manufacturer, even if slightly more expensive, is worthwhile. Shorter lead times enhance your business’s agility. Additionally, the proximity of a US-based manufacturer allows for convenient visits to the factory floor.


Remember that your initial wholesale partner may not always be the most reliable. Developing an efficient supply chain often involves trial and error. Your top priority is getting products to your customers, and as your business grows, switching wholesale suppliers may lead to increased profits

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