High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors 2020

Aug 19, 2020 Chapter 1. Sourcing

There is a lot you can learn when it comes to find wholesale clothing vendors, and in this guide, you will get all that information.

Here’s the A-Z of the best wholesale suppliers for clothes globally.

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the apparel industries. Supply chain systems have made people prefer buying goods in bulk or wholesale, especially those in the clothing industry. Almost all clothes vendors buy in bulk as the quality of such goods cannot be compromised easily. Boutique cultures are slowly picking in the world because of the customers’ desire to get unique products.

Nowadays, vendors go for unique wholesale clothes and are mostly sold as depots or wholesale clothing suppliers in stores or designated locations.


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How to find a wholesale clothing vendors in Cina

Getting large scale manufacturers for clothes can be cumbersome, but you can get a wholesale supplier in China by merely reading through this guide.

The steps in this guide give you a pricing idea and the quality of clothes going at the specified amount. Considering the MOQ or minimum order quantity for clothes, you will realize why China is among the top clothes Investors. The designs from China need to be sold in bulk for many reasons, but quality and cost are the main reasons for this. we also recommend you look around alibaba alternative website to find more wholesale cltohing supplier website.


The Boutique Clothing Industry best wholesale clothing vendors from China


Among the top-rated clothes manufacturers globally, China is a leading country that has invested in the clothing industry.

To attain quality and affordable clothes, China is the best place to get a wholesale supplier for clothing.

1. Aliexpress/ Alibaba

E-commerce sites have been picking in the recent past, but when it comes to Aliexpress and Alibaba, there is no other platform that performs better than these two. They have the best dropshipping services to supply products safely globally.

These two e-commerce platforms give the best customer services, and all suppliers have been top-rated due to the best services, Providence.

Affordability of clothing in these platforms is incredible, considering how you cannot encounter scams or inferior quality goods.

The other exciting thing about these platforms is that they offer free sign-ups for clients without compromising the quality of their clothes. Also, you can find wholesale clothing vendors from China wholesale websites.

2. The Baima market for wholesale clothes

Among all the wholesale clothing suppliers, the Baima I’d among the highest quality clothes in China. The list interesting thing about this market is the unique decoration and standardized clothes that attract global clients even from Taiwan and Korea. All categories of fashionable clothes for kids, men and women are available in the Baima, and it offers the highest qualities.

3. The Shahe market for wholesale clothes

Located in Guangzhou, China, this is among the best suppliers and distributors for high-quality clothes globally. When you need high quality but affordable dresses, you need not think twice about considering partnering with these suppliers.

All accessories and types of clothes are available here despite the material, whether it’s jeans, silk, or cotton; you can get it all under one roof. Many global companies get their products from this international clothing market.

4. Shisanhang market for wholesale clothes  

When you compare this market with the Baima, you will notice a slight difference in the quality of clothes offered at this market. The shisanhang market has cheaper clothes, but its quality is low when compared to the previous markets. The variety is widespread as many unique designs of clothes are available in this market.

The normal clothes in this market are knitted products like blouses, sweaters, suits, socks, jeans, shirts, and others. The prices are very affordable, which brings more customers and sellers from the Middle East or Russian countries.

5. Evergreen wholesale clothing vendors market

In Hangzhou China, this is a big clothing market for wholesalers, and it’s among the five top best in this industry. The market is s commonly spoken of demand because of the business to business 1688 Alibaba platform. Even today, most clothes bring sold internationally have been sourced from this market. It’s a market that is gradually picking and making wealthy billionaires be s part of the market by inhabiting this region.

6. China Light Textile Industrial City, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

This is a textile market that has grown to a city of textiles, and it’s among the largest markets in China. The market is renowned for its high quality and uniquely customized clothes or textiles being sold internationally by these suppliers. The market is slowly expanding and thriving as a unique clothing industry for unique textiles.


Boutique wholesale clothing vendors USA


USA wholesale clothing vendors

1. The Sugarlips Wholesalers

Among all the trending platforms for selling wholesale clothes, this is an excellent site with unique garments of the best quality. The clothes picked from this online star are usually the best, and they meet customer specifications extensively. It’s a great market and platform to derive classy inspirations in fashion trends globally.

2. Bloom Wholesalers

Just like the name suggests, this is s excellent platform to buy ladies’ apparel. It sorts all the needs and specifications of women despite the size, and their products are widespread and affordable. The variety of stock has amazing offers from Time to Time.

3. The Wholesale Fashion Square

Despite the rising websites selling aesthetic or customized clothes, this is a site that has been standing strong for a while. The site meets all customers’ needs, and the clothes are affordable. The sides range widely from small to large, and promotions are available often, so customers live the platform.

4. Tashas Apparel store

When trendy clothes are posted, lovers for unique designs rush to this platform. Sizes are widespread; hence as a plus-size customer, you don’t need to worry about variety. Many customers love this platform due to the free shipping offer to customers.

5. The Magnolia Fashion Wholesalers

For trendy wear jumpsuits to swimsuits, this platform has the best and unique clothes that many customers love to buy. Giving customers a variety of choices Is the trick used by these wholesalers. Seasonal promotions and offers are available at this platform from Time to Time, and it offers free shipping globally.

6. LAShowRoom Wholesalers

Among the trending wholesalers for clothes, this is the leading marketplace for selling various brands of footwear. The wholesalers provide customers with a variety of accessories to choose from; hence it’s a great platform with an extensive collection of accessories.


The Boutiques Wholesale Clothing Vendors UK


wholesale clothing vendors UK

1. Parisian

Paris is famously known as the city of love. The city is also one of the world’s largest fashion hubs, hosting the renowned Paris Fashion Week. The website in question here remains true to its name. It has unique and chic pieces that every lady wants their hands on. The pieces speak class, elegance, and sophistication. The items are seasonal.

The websites stock them on time to allow customers enough time to make purchases before the season begins. Shipments are made in Europe and other destinations worldwide. If you purchase items worth a certain amount, you will be offered free shipping. Shop Parisian for high-quality boutique wholesale clothing.  

2. Wholesaler UK

It is not a website for direct purchases. The site connects you to clothing vendors for boutiques who have beautiful and unique products. Visit the website and type a brand you like on the search bar. The website will give you search results with a variety of pieces to choose from. The site is excellent for finding out about many shopping places at the same time. The contact details and websites of the shops are displayed on the search results.

3. CityGoddess UK

The most dynamic thing in this decade is probably urban fashion. The website is a great fashion for stocking urban fashion apparel. Additionally, it is very cheap as compared to competitor sites. They have regular plus sizes for customer and seller convenience. After all, your customers will be of different body sizes. The products sold by this website are manufactured in the United Kingdom. You are guaranteed high-quality pieces. Their dress collection is top-notch. CityGoddess UK gives competitors a run for their money, as they give their customers value for their money.

4. Influence Fashion UK

It is the best website for young men and women’s clothing. They offer a variety of unique and quality prints and fabrics. The website has a ‘trending’ section where you can check out the pieces that will bring you the biggest profits. They offer free delivery when you purchase goods worth a certain amount. If you are in the UK, you get to enjoy next day delivery.

5. Direct Discount Clothing

An ideal wholesale clothing supplier’s website for buying in bulk. They have both men and women clothing. For those who love accessories, there is a bag and footwear section. A variety of styles are on offer, and you can easily browse through to find what interests you. When you decide to make a purchase, contact them to find out about their policies.

6. Cat Walk Wholesale

The modern-day woman is chic, classy, and stylish. She loves to flaunt her body in vibrant colors. Cat Walk is the go-to shop for all things trendy. They also have a unique marketing technique for making products that resemble the latest trends among celebrities. Therefore, you can quickly go through the website and select what attracts you. They have sales where pieces sell for as low as $1.


Boutique Wholesale Clothing Vendors in India


india wholesale clothing vendors

    1. IndiaMart

It is a great B2B market in India. It has a variety of high-quality boutique wholesale clothing. You should consider contacting the best sellers on IndiaMart. The best clothing vendors for boutiques are transparent about their prices.

Moreover, you can quickly meet everyone on the same website. IndiaMart offers a good deal whereby you can purchase both Indian traditional clothing and western clothing—the seller’s ship to every destination in India and international destinations.

    1. ZaaSmart

Designer Indian traditional clothes have skyrocketed in demand. There is a substantial market for them. High-quality boutique wholesale clothing of this type sells like a hot cake. Indian conventional clothing boutiques have increased in India and abroad. ZaaSmart has an attractive collection of Indian traditional attire.

They offer a variety of clothes for different occasions. Their stock is in singles. That means a piece you purchase from them is unique. Customers love unique and quality pieces. With the incredible pieces from ZaaSmart, you can attract a lot of customers and make a high number of sales.

    1. DPLIndia

It is a business with vast experience. They offer you the option of having your clothes tailored or customized to your preference. All you have to do is place an order indicating the specifications you want, and your stock will be ready in no time. Their services and policies are well displayed on their website. They make unique pieces for ladies.


Top 10 Korean Fashion Wholesale Clothing Vednors Websites


korea wholesale clothing vendors


The following are the ten best Korean fashion online shops that you need to know about.

· YesStyle

It is the most popular website in Korea. If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe or a complete fashion make-over, YesStyle has you covered. They stock the latest apparel for children, men, and women.

YesStyle is home to some of the biggest brands, such as Michyeora, Gerio, Jougunshop, and Seoul Homme. The website sells up to 100 brands. You can get the latest Korean women’s clothes for as low as $9. Men and children are not left out, since there is a variety of clothing for them to choose from. The website offers discounts for shipping outside the country.

· Kooding

Kooding’s mission is to connect fashion to people. They have been successful in achieving this. It is a leading Korean fashion online shop. They stock the latest trends for men, women, and children.

Women have a better deal with the shop. There are different styles in women’s clothing with themes, depending on what’s trending. Men are also not left out. They have unique trends for each season. The most trending clothing for me for a while has been high neck jackets.

· Kakuu Basic

It is among the first shops that started selling clothes online in the country. They offer the latest trends. Shop at Kakuu Basic for the latest trends at amazing prices. For women, you can be assured of getting yourself the most iconic fashionable pieces.

The best thing is that you can conveniently shop for a wide range of Korean products online, from wherever you are. Their prices range from $20 to $100. The price range is very budget-friendly since you get high-quality products.

· Chuu

It is rated as the most user-friendly online shopping website in Korea. The site is straightforward to navigate, and you can find almost anything. Better yet, you can find the exact styles you want.

The website has a large variety of fashionable apparel. Ladies will especially love Chuu. All kinds of official, casual, party, and sportswear are available, and just a button click away. The most popular items on the website are their strawberry t-shirts and jackets. Visit their website to find out more about their sweet deals.

· Moco Bling

The website deals with women apparel exclusively. It offers a mix of Korean and traditional fashion blend. They stock the fashionable long fancy dresses and skirts that may you look and feel like royalty. If you want to look mature, they have all the right clothing to help you achieve your desired look. Moco Bling’s most popular item is their denim pants, which fit snugly and feel comfortable on the body.

· Rowky

It is an online fashion apparel store in Korea. Rowky focuses on women’s clothing and trendy fashion pieces. If you are a lover of vintage, hoodies, and maxi dresses, they are your best bet. Their page is very easy to navigate.

However, most details are in Korean so that it might be difficult for non-Korean speakers. If you are patient enough, you can use a translator to navigate and make your order. Their pieces are worth the hassle.

· Stylenanda

Stylenanda is the best online shop for accessories and outerwear. They have a variety of blazers, coats, and bottoms. If you imagine any style in fashion, you will find it in Stylenanda. Their items are unique. From traditional to bad girl vibes, they are all at Stylenanda.

· Sechuna

Sechuna targets the youthful generation. They have clothing for both men and women. For men, the most popular items they stock are short-sleeve T-shirts and V-neck cardigans. For women, fashion dresses are in plenty. The youth can find everything that’s trending in the fashion world on Sechuna. Their stock features some of the best and renowned designers’ work. A good example is Dana Lee.

· SthSweet

The store’s full name is Somethin Sweet. The shop has over 20 top Korean brands. They include Dabagirl and Icecream12. SthSweet stocks the latest fashion items at amazing prices. The best part is they stock new arrivals daily. The new arrivals have a 5% discount for the first three days after they post it.  

· MixxMix

The store has a variety of women’s clothing. Teenage girls will love mixxmix. It stocks the latest trends for teens, which are chic and fun. They have a variety of short skirts and mini dresses. With just $30, you can get yourself a trendy and unique piece at the store. Their shipping policies are smooth and manageable to any destination in the world. You can receive your order in just ten days (excluding clearance time).


How do I find a wholesale clothing vendors?


If you are a beginner in the boutique business, you will come across a lot of mostly unsolicited advice. Most people begin their apparel business with cheap stock that can be easily found on the internet.

However, you will need to make a bit more effort if you want to be successful. I’m sure you started your business aiming to be successful, so here are a few tips.

How To Find The Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers/vendors?

Conduct in-depth research

It is not advisable to always go with the flow. Take your time to do thorough market research. Find out which wholesale websites have the best deals. A good deal should be high-quality boutique wholesale clothing at pocket-friendly prices. Those that provide customization services are even better. Always be in the know how of the latest trends to avoid incurring losses.

B2B Websites

They are convenient when you are setting up. Each country has its favorites. The best you can do is keep checking them regularly. Always be aware of the pieces that wholesale clothing suppliers offer. You can buy from the sellers for your business to grow. However, make sure that all your merchandise is of high quality. The suppliers may try to scam you at times, so always exercise caution.

Visit local trade shows in your area

Trade shows are a great place to meet and socialize with people who are in the same trade. Discuss with them their journey as beginners and learn. They will give you great advice that you can apply to grow your business. You can learn more about money management and how to run your business.

Join forums for boutique businesses

Such forums are very educational. They will help you learn more about business and customer expectations. You can find such forums on social media platforms such as Facebook and Shopify.


Do you know someone who is in the same business as you want to start? Contact them before getting started. Let them tell you the ups and downs of the industry, and share with you some tips. That way, you will begin in the right direction.





Now, that you have come to the end of the article, has it been helpful for you? We sure hope so. We hope you have learned as much as possible about high-quality boutique wholesale clothing suppliers.

You should read more about the boutique business and enhance your knowledge, especially before getting into the clothing market.

You can check out the websites in this article and shop some fashion pieces from them. If you follow all the tips we have offered you, you can succeed in the boutique business. We wish you all the best in your venture. 

Leave your comment below if you have question about how to find boutique wholesale clothing vendors.

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