Yiwu Wholesale Market Online: References for Yiwu Market

Apr 09, 2023 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Is Yiwu Wholesale Market Online?

Yiwu market is famous all over the world for its physical market. With the increasing availability of Internet technology, everything can be easily put online.

So people wonder if they can buy from Yiwu wholesale market online?

The answer is no, not really.

Yiwu market is not completely online, nor can it be completely online.




  • #1 The marker in Yiwu is too big to be online. No one can move this huge market online simply because of time and cost.
  • #2 Yiwu market product updates are too fast to go online. This means that a lot of time is wasted due to frequent updates.
  • #3 There is too much uncertainty in the supply chain. These uncertainties make online updates difficult.
  • #4 Vendors in this market are not interested in their online offerings. Because they have customers visiting their shop every day.
  • #5 Most importantly, the vendors in this market do not have the right technology and skills online. They are not used to surfing the Internet.




Is there an reference for the Yiwu Wholesale Market Online?

Although the Yiwu market is not yet fully online, there are still some references that can give you a look at the Yiwu market website.


There are owned by the same company that operates the Yiwu market. It covers the most Yiwu market products so far.  But, this means that many products on Yiwu wholesale market market online websites actually no longer exist in the market. At the same time, many new products on the market have not yet launched.




Can I order through Yiwu Wholesale Market Online?

Personally, I’d say “preferably not”. Especially for first time tourists.

Emails and online chats can waste a lot of time. Chances are you spent a lot of time, searched for products, sent a lot of emails and received nothing.

Possible reasons are technical problems, or the supplier is gone, or they are too busy…

Most importantly, with many products, you have to check the quality yourself, to feel the quality.

I have a client who had his agent mix up a case of home improvement products according to the pictures, and his purchase was barely selling.



Yiwu Wholesale Market Online Alternative?


An effective way for you to buy from the Yiwu market website is: you can find an offline agent to help you complete the payment, receive the goods, check the quality of the goods, and finally ship them to you.


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