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Jul 02, 2020 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Canton Fair Aside – Have a Good Fair to buy wholesale from China?




Below, we’ll provide you a list of the best way to buy wholesale from China. Check it out, and learn how to buy wholesale from China!


Before We Start – Here’s What We’ll Discuss

    • China’s 6 Biggest Business  trade fairs.
    • A Search Engine For all Chinese trade Fairs.
    • Buy wholesale from China online
    • Communication Tips: How to Do Business with Asian Vendors.



Trade Fairs in China: The Best 7 to Try.

buy wholesale from China


#1 – The Canton Fair.

We’ll start with the most basic fair.

This fair is performed twice/year. It’s located in one of China’s most popular cities, that being Guang Zhou.

This is a China international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, electronics, consumer goods, home décor, office supplies and shoes, and much more!

It’s actually quite a large market, and you can expect many quality factory products. So it’s not a fair you should miss!


#2 – Yiwu’s Wholesale Marketplace (or Commodities Fair).

As the name implies, this China international trade fair is located in Zheijang’s Yiwu. And like the previous, it specializes in consumer products.

It’s organized once/year. While it isn’t too famous among international buyers, it’s one of the largest in China.

As a result, you can expect to get bargain deals there, especially if you’re buying supplies in bulk!

Check more how to buy wholesale form Yiwu market


#3 – (ECF) East China Import and Export Commodity Fair.

This is located in of China’s largest business cities, this being Shanghai.

It’s hosted one per year. This is a China international trade fair for household products and accessories, textiles, clothes, gifts, and arts.

This fair gets an extremely high turnover, and it has some of the best deals of the seven fairs.


#4 – Global Sources Tradeshow.

Hosted twice a year, this fair is also located in the Chinese megacity of Hongkong.

The main items of its catalogs include fashion accessories and electronics.

This fair is similar to the Canton fair. It doesn’t have language barriers, making it perfect for international visitors.

It’s an excellent place to find quality products. And as a startup business, it’s an excellent place to give yourself a name!


#5 – Bauma China.

Similar to ECF, this tradeshow is set in Shanghai – being hosted twice per year.

But unlike most trade fairs, it strays somewhat from consumer products. It focuses on the construction industry, displaying equipment and machinery, and building materials.

It also has a large international attendance. Over 200,000 people show up to this fair, and from around 150 countries!


#6 – Beijing International Auto Show.

Located in Beijing, this is hosted twice per year.

As the name implies, this show is for cars, automobiles, and any parts or accessories that suit those products.

A variety of worldwide sellers show up at this event. So if you’re looking to get accessories and parts for your cars, this is the place to be!


What About the 7th Option?

#7 – A Search Engine For all Chinese trade Fairs

For that, we have a unique recommendation for you.

And that would be

buy wholesale from China

It’s the world’s biggest platform for business events.

It’ll show you all the workshops, meeting and network places, sports for seminars, conference, and even trade shows you can attend in any location.


How Do I Use It?

Start by heading to the platform. The main page should show you a large search bar right in the middle, which you’ll use to find trade shows.

As for keywords, you can simply input close approximations.

For example, you can input something (Hong Kong Clothing) or (China Fashion).

The input alone gives you many drop-down options, and without you having to click on “search.”



What About After Clicking “Search”?

You’ll get a multitude of results in a format similar to what you’ll find in a Google search result.

You can customize those results further. To the left, you’ll see a menu of small boxes that you can tick, filtering your search results.

You can narrow down by time, location, and event type.

China trade fair


As you can see, you can get any information from the search result.



7 best China website to buy wholesale from China directly:

Company Category Type
Alibaba General Wholesale
AliExpress General Wholesale & small order
Global Sources General Directory Limited category Wholesale
Made in china Machinery,Electronics Directory General Chinese wholesale website
Lightinthebox Limited category Wholesale



Buy wholesale from China Aside – Some Notes on Dealing with Asian Fairs

Many Chinese fairs try to attract an international audience. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re walking into a frictionless environment.

Like many businesses events, there are cultural and locational factor to consider.

We’ll mention them below (which you should keep in consideration for the next time you buy wholesale from China)!


(A) Commuting Issues.

China is the world’s most populated country, and its major cities are dense (especially if you’re taking public transport).

Those are facts to consider, since you might be from a less populated region – where shorter distances can be travelled instantly.

In China’s major cities, expect traffic congestion, and more time in general to reach your targeted locations!


(B) Cultural Differences.

Culture impacts business. It impacts how each side negotiates and communicates their demands.

As a rule, Chinese people are less confrontational than other cultures. This is necessary to keep in mind, especially if you come from a more direct culture (like the US).

Also, Chinese individuals tend to be more polite and accommodating in conversation. This often gets to the point of pretending to understand what foreigners are saying (when the reality is the opposite).

To circumvent that, we recommend communicating through direct questions. It’ll help you clarify and avoid misunderstandings, especially when it’s time to place orders.

Writing everything down is of the essence here. And if possible, you can try to get your orders written down in Chinese!


(C) Language Barriers.

Your best bet for communication is English. Most Chinese vendors have studied (or known English) to an extent from school.

However, you might want to simplify your communication with those vendors. We recommend slow speech with shorter sentences, and avoiding excess babble.

Also, typing out your needs on paper goes a long way. Most Chinese vendors can read better than they listen, so they’ll better fulfill your needs if it’s on paper.

And on the topic of writing…


(D) Written Contracts Aren’t Final.

Writing is good for overcoming language and cultural barriers. But when it comes to setting contracts in-stone, the situation changes.

In China, contracts are not final. They might change tomorrow, next week, often with a set of rational excuses.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Chinese aren’t trustworthy. It simply takes time to get consistency. And on the way, you can expect slight hiccups.

Overall, drafting a contract (if it isn’t for a massive order) is somewhat meaningless, and it’s best to not overly depend on the written agreement.


(E) Be Specific – Avoid Assumptions.

As we’ve established, writing is good for communication. But we’d like to emphasize that point.

Include as many details as possible in your writing. Because if it isn’t spelled out right, then you can assume that vendors will cut corners to fulfill your orders.

For example, you might get less material in your final product. Or, certain aesthetic details might end up being omitted.

Through writing (while you’re not getting a final agreement), you still get full communication to ensure that what you want is what you get.

Factory visits
Matchmaking event
Find a sourcing agent
Customs import records

5 other ways to buy wholesale from China 

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Final Words

Buy wholesale from China has a multitude of advantages.


You’re getting mass production, and at extremely affordable rates. Plus, you can get the items you want at varying degrees of quality.


Essentially, you’ll never encounter troubles shopping for what you want.


So when heading there for a business agreement, it is best if you keep in-mind a long-term perspective.


You should negotiate, inspect, and ship in a manner that guarantees that you make loyal connections, even if things go awry the first time.


Also, you could always hire an agent to help you with the communication and tracking of the orders you place.

Read more: how to find a reliable China sourcing agent

The previous guide should’ve provided insight on how to buy wholesale from China. But if you have any more question, then simply contact us!


Now, it’s time for you to leave a comment about your experience when you buy wholesale from China.

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