Product Inspection in China to Against Poor Quality 2021

Oct 12, 2020 Chapter 4. Inspection

When buying goods from China suppliers, you should consider Product inspection in China services before shipment. There are many reasons for pre-shipment inspection, and you can find more details below.



Which Type of Product Inspection in China Should You Choose?


What are the different types of inspection?


The Three Types of Quality Inspections
  • Pre-production Inspection. During the pre-production phase, raw materials should be tested before entering production.

  • In-line Inspection. Additional inspections should take place during various stages of production.

  • Final Inspection.



product inspection in China




Product inspection in China is one of the most crucial parts of quality checking, and it depends on the number of situations. The inspection type depends on two primary situations.


The first is when buying finished goods, which is called pre-shipment inspection. The idea of this inspection is to ensure the product matches the criteria of a purchase order.


The second type is when making use of OEM— original equipment manufacturing.

However, you can choose any type of inspection depending on the situations mentioned above. Furthermore, it also depends on the product you wish to purchase.




How to choose the product inspection in China?


For instance, low-cost and high-volume products require less inspection because of mechanical operations, which are reliable. For such types of products, pre-production inspection would be fine.


At another place, high-cost low-volume products may need multiple inspections because of the production processes involved, and so the cost associated with items’ high defectiveness.

However, for such products, you can go for during production inspection. For instance, you can proceed with inspection before a specific, irreversible process initiates. For this, we will guide you better on the inspection type.





Why We Need Pre-Shipping Inspection?


Firstly you should know what  China inspection entails; when you buy goods from China, there are many procurements, supply chains, and distribution considerations. The quality of goods needs to be checked before shipment.


1.  The role of China inspection is to analyze and control quality.

There are quality analysts in every company that check if quality conforms to customer specifications. There is a china inspection service provider; hence, they go through pre-shipment inspection when you order goods. Inspection is vital, especially when you purchase consumer goods because consumables should meet certain bureaus standards. If you offer customers poor quality goods, they will leave a negative review and feedback after purchasing them. To retain a positive reputation, suppliers should ensure that their goods have a high quality.



2. When you inspect the quality of your goods, you build a good image for your company.

Having high-quality goods is essential because your company will benefit in the long run. Goods have to pass all the china inspection service tests before shipment. That way, companies will assure consumers that the goods conform to their specifications.


supplyia amazon pre shipment inspection



3. Quality inspection is vital for businesses due to the following reasons

All China inspectors in production companies guarantee high-quality services to the customers, and that’s why it’s an essential part of such businesses.

Through inspection, your clients can trust your products and order more products from you. These companies build confidence for suppliers and other clients.





Types of Amazon Fba Product  Inspection in China Service


Here are different type of  product inspection in China service for Amazon FBA shipments:


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is concerned with detecting problems before goods are packed and ready for shipping, which makes the process easier and cheaper. Inspection companies usually offer 3 types of quality inspection:

Full Inspection (Defect Sorting Service)

Each of the product is reviewed.

Spot/Random Inspection: 

About 10% of the products are reviewed.

AQL Random Inspection:

Samples are picked using AQL Sampling technique for reviewing.




How Much It Costs to Do a Quality Inspection?


The average cost for the quality inspection in China is around $300/day in China. This expense includes travel to a specific factory, inspecting the items, and delivering the final report to you. It may seem a bit expensive to some, but you may definitely require an expert to perform this job. The reason is that a skilled man will be to communicate in both English and Mandarin effectively.

On the other hand, the inspector must have the needed technical knowledge and handle all the technicalities. It will be the inspector who can better guide you if you need to conduct a quality inspection or not.





When it Pay Off to do a Product Inspection in China?


If the order value is equal or above $1000, then inspection could definitely pay off well. The reason is, almost 30% of all inspections in China usually fail to meet the standard Acceptable Quality Level (AQL).

So by keeping it in mind, you can conclude that around 30% of products will be of bad quality, and so $300 worth products, you’ll be able to protect yourself against any risk, and thus can secure all your investment. Considering the AQL, most people agree on 1% or probably 2%. That means each product batch may contain a max of %1 to %2 defective items.


Where Can You Find a Reliable Product Inspection Companies in China?


Well, there are multiple inspection agencies out there that can help you find the products. Many of those are highly reputed and can easily perform the job. However, to help you, we’ve listed some of those. Such as:

  1. supplyia

  2. QIMA

  3. G.I.S

  4. Dyfjestrading

  5. Sofeast 



How to Integrate Quality Assurance into Your Deal?


You may require to agree with your supplier on certain quality characteristics of the item.

Firstly, you require to figure out quality. For instance, you may find out what quality you need, such as material quality and the product’s functioning. This can be identified by agreeing on the final sample. You should agree on the AQL, which is the max percentage of defectives you allow products’ batch to have. 

Once you’re done with all these things, the final thing is to hire a company for inspection to supervise those conditions. It’s necessary to figure out everything to purchase an order. Otherwise, there could be a protection problem.



Quality control and quality assurance is essential in pre-shipment China inspections 

As a company or a manufacturing industry, you need the best China inspection practices to succeed. The main importance of quality inspection practices is customer satisfaction. Suppliers can confidently release their products to the market as long as their products conform to customer specifications. That guarantees the supplier a high supplier base and positive reviews. Both the supplier and the customers enjoy the benefit of confidence in their goods.


All these are processes of total quality management practices in distribution and warehousing. These impact all supply chain practices and the inspectors focus on detecting mistakes and rectifying them before releasing goods. There are guidelines for quality assurance and quality control; hence adherence to these guidelines is mandatory. The principles help in streamlining all processes of supply chain industries, and they protect consumer rights. There are certain things to look out for during packaging like eco-friendly products, consumer rights, etc.  


Companies follow these guidelines because audits are done to verify all these steps. Inspectors oversee that all the processes of manufacturing and documentation are done accurately. All these practices aid in building a good brand name for the company and protecting its reputation. All the ISO standards for companies should be met, and compliance is vital in every manufacturing industry.


Nowadays, all companies globally are guided by bureaus that determine the expected standards in every product. The considerations aid in environmental safety and all organizations should adhere to these routines. Many programs exist to aid in improving how companies conduct their manufacturing processes and improving quality. Many factors influence the industrial standards like governmental structures or guidelines, and this has an impact on quality.


The government aids in the protection of consumer rights and environmental protection through these quality control standards. For instance, nowadays, almost all companies have gone green by replacing plastic packages with biodegradable bags, and this has been set by the government to protect the environment.   





Suppliers Duties During An Productiong Inspection In China


The pre-shipment inspector needs some workforce because the China inspection is not an easy task. There are deadlines and time limitations for these inspectors; hence the vendor assists during this process. The vendors help to complete these processes;


1. Transporting the cartons meant for export from the warehouse to inspection rooms

2. Unpacking the cartons meant for inspection to make it easy for the inspector to view the goods

3. Repacking the cartons after an inspection is also the role of vendors

4. All non-core tasks should be carried out by vendors to give the inspectors time to concentrate on core activities of defect identification and rectifying non-conformities.




There are 3 Best Way Product Inspection in China Process


Customers have the right to state all their requirements before the production of goods starts. For customer satisfaction, all goods should meet the requirements and specifications of customers.  

      • The first step is to set all your requirements for China inspection in the purchase order, and this is done when placing an order or ordering goods.


      • You should provide the supplier and the inspectors with the quality control department checklist. All your packaging requirements should be on the list too.


      • Give the supplier all the retail packaging files, and you should ask for samples before the production process begins.


The packaging is also a strategy for getting more customers to order goods and many companies use packaging design to sell products. Once you let your product sell itself, you will succeed in the business world.

When an inspector detects any defect in goods, the products can be rectified before shipment to the customer. That’s the main aim for China inspection, and that way, you can evade getting negative customer reviews.

Inspection in China is vital for every manufacturing industry, and suppliers have to conduct this process to prevent losses associated with negative reviews. 





Benefits You will Enjoy from Supplyia Product Inspection in China Services





1. Quality assurance

when you hire these service providers, the goods will have the right quantity and quality.  They will conform to all the customer specifications, and this will guarantee you 100% reviews. The packaging process will also be perfect, and your goods will sell at a faster rate due to the package’s branding.


2. All goods will meet the set standard, and they will be ready for consumption

There will be a thorough evaluation; hence you are assured of nothing but the best reviews once the goods go to the market.


3. For inspection efficiency, these are the best service providers

In supply chain and distribution, time is a vital factor; hence at Supplyia, all your requirements will be met at the right time.


4. Your goods will be safe for human consumption as the service providers meet all the set standards for goods and services delivery

These service providers offer post-production sample collections, and they give a detailed report before shipment occurs.


5. The company has many years of experience in conducting China inspections effectively

The experience leads to value addition, and this guarantees suppliers nothing but the best reviews.


6. Timeliness is a key element in the company; hence there are no delays. You will be guaranteed fast delivery


All the approved quality levels in the bureau of standards are met, and customers accept the quality of goods. With this company, you are assured of the best services, and this is where you should get your China inspection done!



Supplyia China inspection part report




All you Need to Know about Factory and Product Inspection in China.



All the manufacturing companies are guided by several standards and bureaus to ensure goods are fit for human consumption or use. The department of quality control is in every company, and the inspectors need to follow the guidelines for customer satisfaction. The main way of satisfying customer needs is by meeting their requirements and offering them high-quality products. Customers need consistency in quality, and with the right product inspection in China practices, your clients will be assured of high-quality products.




Packaging requirements are vital in China pre-shipment inspection practices



Product packaging is a great way to entice customers, and in manufacturing, goods are packed after China inspection. The production departments usually handle all the tasks associated with labeling and packing goods into cartons. Once people pack at least 80% of all goods, the product inspection in China can be carried out. After packaging, inspection occurs within a short time.  


As goods come out of the production center, the workers pack after the inspection takes place. You can pack goods in units, but most industries pack goods in bulk. The packaging is vital in every manufacturing firm because packing issues normally cause late shipment. All last-minute delays can be avoided as long as packaging occurs on time.


Goods shipment depends on how early the product inspection in China process ends, and inspection depends on how long the packaging process takes. Many suppliers encounter delays and shipment issues due to misunderstanding packaging requirements. You can always limit these risks because they cause negative reviews from customers, and they ruin your company’s reputation.


Many problems are encountered during the amazon pre-shipment product inspection in China, and they can be avoided if you plan the prior production tasks. Just like other production processes, you can set your expectations in a production process.





Requirements for China Inspectors Working Space 



An inspector’s office should be in a wide area so that he or she can have a clearer view of all the goods meant for China inspection. When shipping goods from China, the pre-shipment standards should be met, which means that the inspectors working space should be ample. The working space should be well lit, clean, and organized to make it easy for the inspectors’ supervision.





Top Best Practices for Consideration while Performing Quality China Inspection


A company’s quality inspection program should have the best practices. Some of the advantages are a reduction in costs, improved efficiency, and better customer service.


 1. Integrating a Robust ERP with QA

 A fully automated system is the best way of achieving quality products. It is, therefore, surprising that most manufacturers are yet to adopt it. However, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has become the new norm, with most manufacturers adopting it. ERP offers a very dynamic QA functionality for achieving the end goal. Its ability to easily provide solutions for quality assurance is key. It provides tools that ensure the effective management of quality objectives. This is done for the whole process of the supply chain.

The process involves initial evaluation, a finished product, and the distribution of the product. The system enables QA teams to monitor all the systems and sub-systems in the production process. The process checks for errors and defects in the finished products to ensure consistency in high-quality standards. It is also done to ensure the finished products are safe for use and effective in their functioning.


2. Quality Inspection Gains Better Customer Satisfaction

Quality assurance is important in quality inspection checks. It helps create a good relationship between customers and the enterprise. The two aspects are, therefore, interconnected. Manufacturers should be encouraged to embrace ERP solutions during production. This is because the solutions deliver products of higher quality. High-quality products, in turn, attract loyal customers. An ERP system with great QA capabilities is advisable.

It gathers critical and real-time intelligence both from within and outside.

The information can be from manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and the supply and distribution chain. It can also obtain human resources information.

A manufacturer can use the information to produce higher quality products and improve customer service.


3. Better Workflow for reducing expenses and improving decision making

An ERP system with QA capabilities has other products. One is the ability to generate the correct forecast of possible future trends. This is especially in the supply chain process. Such a forecast improves the efficiency of workflows.

Good ERP systems offer a variety of business strategies. The strategies show how effective an assorted workflow is. The processes in the workflow include production planning, inventory, and distribution. The use of ERP systems can improve a business’s decision-making process and cut costs.


4. Quality Inspection of Products Brings Loyal  Customers

Manufacturers should invest in quality inspection to attract loyal customers. A manufacturer has to invest in following all the necessary steps of quality inspection. This ensures a high-quality product is produced and delivered to the customer on time. When this happens, there is a higher chance of the customer becoming loyal to the customer.

The customer is also more likely to recommend the product to other consumers. Such advantages help consumers’ profits accrue over time. Additionally, the manufacturer can go the extra mile and provide consumers with updated quality product inspection in China information for the products they buy. Doing so will earn the customer’s trust since they are convinced that the manufacturer is dedicated to ensuring product quality.  


5. Compliance

 All manufacturers are worried about compliance. It is a critical issue that requires great attention and a solution. ERP with QA is a great solution. The solution boosts consumer confidence in the product since they believe quality standards are met. The systems ensure compliance with health and safety guidelines in the workplace by manufacturers. Compliance avoids fines and penalties, which may be issued if non-compliance is detected.

To avoid such repercussions, an ERP solution is advisable. It collects data from an integrated system and monitors workplace safety. This helps in preventing any potential threats and hazards. An ERP solution should provide a self-reliant solution for manufacturers to produce their testing mechanisms. The testing will be to ensure the products meet safety and quality. The solution generates safety reports, either weekly or monthly. The testing should be of raw materials and end products to ensure they meet the required standards.





Tools Required by Quality Control Inspectors to Site during China Inspection & Surveillance



A site visit is done by a quality control inspector to ensure people’s quality of work. A quality control inspector checks the work throughout the China inspection period. Therefore, a quality control inspector requires tools that they use to inspect quality during a site visit. The tools are maintained in products and services.

It is important to remember that you are the face of the company where you are working. You are a client’s first contact, and you should behave as so by presenting yourself professionally. A quality control inspector should ensure they have all the tools they require before leaving for a site. This ensures they work professionally and efficiently.


1. A Brief Note on the Workability of Quality Control Inspectors

Quality control inspectors are responsible for doing the job responsibly at the first go. This is for the good of the company and oneself. The first step is to ensure you have the personal protective equipment that is well maintained. PPE’s should be prioritized even over other tools required for the  China inspection exercise.

The personal protective equipment has to be complete for one to gain access to a site. Therefore, avoid the risk of being turned away from a site by gearing up accurately. Certification and clearances are required for access to an oil and gas field site. The clearances are issued by a client but require a few working days before the issuance process is complete. If you are not sure of any step in the process, consult a supervisor.

2. Retractable Tape Measure

A quality control inspector needs a high-quality retractable measuring tape. The tape is used to check the parameters of complete work. They are also responsible for ensuring clients understand the work has been done according to the drawn-out plan.


3. Spirit levels

All inspectors need spirit levels during site visits to check the horizontal levels, among other factors. The tool is essential during the China inspection, as it can help in rectifying any defects in advance.


4. Camera

During site visits, cameras are essential tools because you need to report the progress made. That’s where photography comes in, and the inspector can use the images when making reports. This helps the instructors to rectify or comment on areas that need changes.


5. A pen and a notebook

Inspectors for quality control and assurance carry these tools during site visits because taking notes is part of the process. These help during writing comments or updating the signs of progress.  


6. Elcometers

Many quality control inspectors have this tool as it helps in evaluations during site visits. The tool inspects and verifies structural thickness in buildings.


7. The welding gauges

This is a vital tool for site visits as it aids in the evaluation of structural designs. The inspector checks if the width or thickness is as illustrated by the client.







For the best service providence in quality control, evaluation, and shipment inspection practices, choose supplyia sourcing

The company offers nothing but the best quality inspection at affordable rates. The company helps in customer retention through the best quality control practices. For the best China inspection and more details, check out the China inspection service website.

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