China Inspection Services

China Inspection Services

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Whether you need to verify factory production batches before shipping, identify and resolve the root cause of recurring defects, or want to ensure your products meet safety standards, Supplyia experts will help you ensure your quality and compliance strategy.


Supplyia is one of the best Sourcing agent and Product Inspection Companies In China, having experience of more than ten years. We provide nationwide coverage with highly experienced quality control engineers and certified auditors in all major cities and industrial locations in China.

We are an independent, experienced, and professional inspection 3rd-party quality control service provider in Yiwu City. It’s the center of the most developed area in China.

As one of the leading independent inspection companies, we always strive to offer high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient services to our valued clients, including exporters, importers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, trading, and logistics companies. After having a thorough analysis, we assign you one of our agents, who will manage your complete Quality Assurance & Quality control requirements.

Our business is not limited to the local clients, but famous among various clients, including Guangzhou, Asia ya, Wal-Mart, Sodimac, Amigo, Chile, and so on.

We have more than 50 qualified inspectors in China, and almost 23 out of those are from TUV, SGS, BV, and ITS. Our experienced team is passionate about their services to ensure product quality and ensure clients’ product protection. They are dedicated to offering efficient and quick services anytime.


We provide the best China inspection services and have vast experience in product inspections, factory visits, and seller management services for a broad range of products.

Hard goods = Hardware, DIY, automotive parts, sanitaryware, furniture, sporting goods, building products, home improvement, toys, juvenile products, gifts and sundries, printing, packaging, Christmas item, Stationery.

E & E (Electrical and Electronics) = Luminare, audio and visual, automotive E&E, household and industrial products, IT, telecommunications, components, and mechanical products

Soft goods = Textile, apparel, accessories, home textile, footwear, bags, leather and latex products.



$250 – All costs are included

100% quality inspection in China

4 Steps to Start Supplyia China Inspection Services

1. Make a booking with us in advance.

2. Pay up the costs before an inspection

3. Start inspection on the booked date

4. Receive your inspection reports within 24 hours

full inspection in China

Product Inspections Services in China


supplyia quality inspection service in china


The main task of Product China inspection services in China is to identify problems and defects early to provide authentic products to consumers. China inspection services help you save money and time by eliminating process problems and defects (if present) and ensuring that the final product meets the customers’ requirements.

The following are the types of China inspection services we offer.

Initial Production Inspection

Before volume production, Supplyia inspects the first-article samples. This authenticates that the product specifications are the same as described. This will avoid any future unnecessary re-engineering.

An IPI covers below sections:

Raw materials and components

Production lines & capability

Semi-finished products

Some finished products

Facilities & equipment


Production Monitoring

For challenging or sensitive orders, to have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems.

A PM covers below sections:



On-Site Tests

Product Specification


Marking & Labeling

Client Special Requirement

Constant observation

Semi-finished product check

Raw materials check

Production schedule

Container Loading Supervision

Supplyia keeps an eye check during product loading to avoid any mistake. And also, we verify counts on-site.

A CLS covers below sections:

Record loading conditions including weather, arrival time of container, container No., truck No.

Container  check to assess physical damage, moisture, perforation,peculiar smell

Quantity of goods and condition of outer packaging

Conduct a random quality spot-check to the goods

Monitor the loading process to minimize breakage and maximize space utilization

Seal container and record seal No.

During Production Inspection

Inspections during the product processing in China evaluate samples of your products. This will finalize the quality of your product and checks for any necessary changes to be done earlier. This will reduce rework time and costs.

A DPI covers below sections:

Production condition during manufacturing

Production evaluation and timeline verification

Overall assessment and recommendations

Random sampling inspection of the semi-finished and finished product.

Final Random Inspection

Before the shipment of goods, our engineers inspect and verify that the final products will meet your specifications.

A FRI covers below sections:

Marking & Labeling

Product Specification


Workmanship & Construction

On-Site Tests

Client Special Requirement


Supplyia highly recommends following ANSI Z1.4 2003 sampling tables. This will determine the number of units that will be selected for evaluation randomly. If you do not have any sampling requirements, supplyia will assist you in choosing the plan which works best for your specific needs. Samples are checked according to the inspection plan for their appearance, functionality, craft, etc. Supplyia checks products according to the program, and the defects are marked as a major, minor, or critical, depending on inspection plans. The acceptable quality level (AQL) is evaluated by totaling the number of defects and using the recommended accept/reject criteria within the sampling plan.

Supplier Finalizing & Factory Audits


Supplyia International performs different kinds of factory audits in China. Whether it’s a social audit, manufacturing process audit, a quality system audit, or a C-TPAT audit, our trained and highly qualified staff will give you full insight into the supplier’s set-up. Investing a little amount in a factory audit can save from various issues that may arise during the product packaging.


Supplier Identification

Supplyia helps you in identifying new suppliers globally. Whether you are entering a new region or a reaction to low performance, our team will help you to create a checklist of specific requirements and then search for the best matches, requesting quotes, etc.


Evaluation of Initial Supplier

When someone considers a new supplier, we offer them an Initial Supplier Evaluation. This evaluation gives you a one-day on-site appraisal that will  cover the fundamental QMS factors and general capabilities:

  • Management
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Incoming Receiving Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Conforming Materials
  • Inspection & Test Equipment
  • Corrective Action

Process of Manufacturing and Quality Control Audits 


Supplyia’s supplier audits factories to check the manufacturing process and control systems for existing or contemporary suppliers. Every single audit report covers all the main areas: quality control methods, evaluations of management, non-conforming materials, and inspection: corrective action and test equipment.

Social Accountability Visits(SA8000)

These evaluations mainly cover the following areas: Health and safety,  compensation, discrimination, working hours, disciplinary practices, forced labor, management practices, freedom of association, and child labor laws.

Sustainability/Environment Audits

We have offered SA8000 (social responsibility), and ISO14000 (environmental) audits for many years. Now, most retailers are asking for audits that combine components of both of these standards along with some additional elements such as energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, life cycle management, materials and waste reduction, and more.

Combination and Customized Audits

Supplyia also offers a combination and customized audits that include components from any combination of the standard inspections that are listed above, designed for your specific requirements and budget.

Corrective Action

Supplyia auditors also conduct corrective action services by utilizing the full range of quality techniques.

We provide all three comprehensive China inspection services required to resolve product manufacturing quality issues fully:

  • Corrective action planning
  • Corrective action investigation
  • Corrective action verification

Supplier Advancement in China

At Supplyia, we work closely with clients and their suppliers to make their systems better and improve processes and manufacturing capabilities. Follow the below examples.

Vendor Compliance

We help the supplier to consent with final audits that are required by senior retailers or associations. Examples include Walmart, BJ’sBJ’s, Lowe’sLowe’s, etc.

Continuous betterment

We follow regular 80/20 calculations of Quality Control data to develop and execute initiatives with continuous betterment.

Preparation of certification

Before the final audit, we ensure that the applicable industry meets the IATF 16949, ISO 9001, etc.