China Inspection Services (all of Asia )

China Inspection Services (all of Asia )

Style Product Inspection Services in China

The main task of Product China inspection services in China is to identify problems and defects early to provide authentic products to consumers. China inspection services help you save money and time by eliminating process problems and defects (if present) and ensuring that the final product meets the customers’ requirements.

The following are the types of China inspection services we offer.

Initial Production Inspection

Before volume production, Supplyia inspects the first-article samples. This authenticates that the product specifications are the same as described. This will avoid any future unnecessary re-engineering.

Production Monitoring

For challenging or sensitive orders, to have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems.

Container Loading Supervision

Supplyia keeps an eye check during product loading to avoid any mistake. And also, we verify counts on-site.

Factory Audit

Factory audits are an essential tool for businesses to ensure product quality, maintain ethical practices, and manage supply chain risks. 

During Production Inspection

Inspections during the product processing in China evaluate samples of your products. This will finalize the quality of your product and checks for any necessary changes to be done earlier. This will reduce rework time and costs.

Final Random Inspection

Before the shipment of goods, our engineers inspect and verify that the final products will meet your specifications.

Full Product Inspection

Full inspection in China(piece by piece inspection) is a service provided by Supplyia that requires each item to be checked to assess a range of variables. 

The cost of each service is charged per person per day, and the reference fee standard is $180 – $220.

5 Steps to Start Supplyia China Inspection Services

Whether you need to verify factory production batches before shipping, identify and resolve the root cause of recurring defects, or want to ensure your products meet safety standards, Supplyia experts will help you ensure your quality and compliance strategy.


1. Tell us your specific requirements.

2. Make a booking with us in advance.

3. Pay up the costs before an inspection

4. Start inspection on the booked date

5. Receive your inspection reports within 48 hours

China factory audit

Some Samples of Supplier Audits

Supplyia highly recommends following ANSI Z1.4 2003 sampling tables. This will determine the number of units that will be selected for evaluation randomly. If you do not have any sampling requirements, supplyia will assist you in choosing the plan which works best for your specific needs.

Samples are checked according to the inspection plan for their appearance, functionality, craft, etc. Supplyia checks products according to the program, and the defects are marked as a major, minor, or critical, depending on inspection plans.

The acceptable quality level (AQL) is evaluated by totaling the number of defects and using the recommended accept/reject criteria within the sampling plan.