When to Do a Random Inspection vs 100% Quality Inspection

Jan 22, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

When Do you need a random sample?


By default, most buyers use random checks to reduce the amount of work.

In most cases, Sellers follow ISO 2859-1 (or ANSI / ASQ Z1.4) to set the inspection level and the AQL limit.


100% quality inspection in China

The classic random inspection process is as follows

Quality inspector goes to the supplier’s factory.
Calculate the number displayed and randomly select boxes and products
Check the product and its packaging for visual defects.
Confirm compliance with specifications
Prepare a report that contains pass/fail results.


Who needs a random inspection check?

If you work with multiple suppliers and your quality standards indicate 2-3% of secondary products, you may need to do the random inspection.



When do you need a 100% quality inspection?


From Supplyia experience, I would like to point out three reasons why some importers want to do 1 by 1 100% quality inspection:

1 Return defective products fee is high – it’s worth spending more time and money cleaning up all the bad products. 

2 There is a strong suspicion that many products have quality problems and that the supplier’s quality control is not doing a good job.

3 After the inspection, it is possible to replace inferior products with quality ones. 



Is it more expensive to do random inspection vs 100% quality inspection?


Most people would say, “Yes, it’s more expensive.”

However, this is not always the case. We’ve had a lot of situations where the cost of full load is very similar.


Let’s give you an example:

1% of product defects and these defects have been documented and are not difficult to examine

The unit price of the product is $5

The fixed installation cost is approximately $100

The inspector can check 50items within 1 hour.

The operator is charged RMB100 per hour for all time the product is inspected. 

The cost of sending a professional QC to the factory is $299 per person per day.


To make a fair comparison, we estimate that importers will still need to pay for the defective goods after a random inspection. 


Cost comparison – random inspection vs 100% quality inspection

Random Inspection vs 100% Quality Inspection



Should 100% quality inspection be finished in the supplier’s factory?


If the quantity is small and the product is simple, it can be done in the factory where the goods are manufactured.

However, if the work required five or more working days, the cost would increase significantly, which might not be realistic.


What’s the choice? 

Deliver a batch of products to Supplyia warehouse to do 100% inspection by trained operators, and repacked immediately.

It is more efficient and much cheaper than hiring people to do it in the factory. One of the great advantages here is speed and simplicity.

supplyia China pre-shipment inspection report template

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