How to Do Amazon FBA Inspection in China?

Feb 10, 2024 Chapter 4. Inspection

What is Amazon FBA Inspection in China?

Amazon FBA inspection in China refers to the process of checking your products before they ship from a Chinese factory to Amazon fulfillment centers. This inspection is done by a third-party company, not Amazon itself, to ensure they meet Amazon’s strict quality and safety standards.


Why it is important?

This is usually something you should tell the vendor before closing the deal.

We are a purchasing and quality control company from China, and I can tell you from experience that some suppliers will behave badly when we land on them after the goods are ready and start inspecting them one by one.

Most of our customers are Amazon sellers, we cannot afford the situation that the Evan 1 product does not meet the samples or is defective, most suppliers will tell you that 5% defects are acceptable, which is obviously not acceptable because of bad reviews Could ruin your entire list.

So just make sure the supplier knows that you need to be 100% identical to the sample and that you will not accept any bad quality items found by the inspection team and make sure that the inspection company you hire will check them one by one and remove any bad quality items they find thing.



Here’s a general idea of the China FBA inspection cost range:

  • Low end: Basic inspections can start around $190.

  • High end: For comprehensive inspections including lab testing, you might be looking at $1000 or more.



Here are some resources to help you do Amazon FBA inspection:


  • Inspection companies: Many inspection companies like QIMA, Quacn Inspection, and Guided Imports list their pricing on their websites. You can search for “[company name] FBA inspection pricing”.

  • FBA service providers: Some companies offer bundled services that include sourcing, inspection, and shipping. These can be a convenient option, although pricing may not be as transparent.





What are the Common Tests During China Amazon FBA Inspection?

Sellers must go through a series of tests before sending inventory to Amazon warehouses. These evaluations are conducted to ensure that products meet all standards required by Amazon FBA and local laws.

Some common tests performed during China Amazon FBA inspections include:

  • Product Size Verification: Conduct product size verification testing to ensure that the size of the product meets your required requirements and the necessary requirements for Amazon FBA. Inspection involves measuring the length, width, and height of the product and comparing it to the requirements.

  • Label and Logo Verification: Label and logo verification testing is designed to ensure product labels are accurate and meet your requirements as well as Amazon’s standards. This includes a properly printed logo and clear and accurate information on the label.

  • Package integrity verification: Package integrity verification is to check whether the product packaging is intact and meets Amazon FBA requirements. This includes checking the strength of the product’s packaging and ensuring that it will not be easily damaged during shipping and transportation.

  • Functional and Performance Verification: In order to check that the product is functioning properly and as expected, functional and performance verification is necessary. Functional and performance verification is performed to check whether the functionality and performance of the product are as expected and meet your requirements. This validation includes feature and functional testing to ensure the product is working properly. These tests evaluate a product’s speed, accuracy, and efficiency to ensure it performs as required.

  • Security Verification: Security verification is performed to ensure that the product is safe for use by end users and meets all security requirements set by Amazon FBA. This includes assessing the potential physical and chemical hazards of the product.


Key Recall Case: Warning for Asian Import Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller importing from Asia, it is important to understand product recalls for the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Amazon’s FBA program has advantages, but you should be aware of recalls that could impact your business.

One notable recall involving Tyzygmy lithium-ion chargers highlights the importance of strict quality control procedures. According to the Irish Mirror, the product is facing an emergency recall in Ireland because it does not meet relevant safety standards and poses risks of electric shock and fire. The product is sold on the Amazon platform and there are approximately 561 affected products in the Republic of Ireland.

Elsewhere, the Irish Mirror reports another shocking recall involving 292 Homicec telescopic ladders. The product was withdrawn from the market because it was heavy and prone to damage. This situation illustrates the importance of thoroughly vetting vendors and conducting comprehensive inspections to identify safety hazards.

Amazon FBA sellers should remember to prioritize product safety, follow the rules, and work with trusted suppliers to avoid recalls. This will help reduce the risk of recalls and protect your brand reputation.


Why Do You Need Amazon FBA Products Full Inspection Service in China?


Supplyia actually offers both inspection and FBA fulfillment services! We can inspect your products at the factory in China to ensure they meet Amazon’s standards, then handle the entire shipping process to get them to Amazon’s warehouses. This includes taking care of import fees and any other associated logistics.

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