15 Alibaba Scams: How to Avoid Alibaba Scams 2021

Sep 18, 2020 Chapter 3. Payment

“Alibaba is a SCAM” – a joint statement on the internet!


Alibaba scams indeed exist, and one may be a victim in case they are ignorant. The details given in this article enables one to escape being a victim of various scams.


Clearly: Alibaba is LEGIT!


alibaba scams




15 Common Alibaba Scams When Source from China


Real sellers may also be caught here trying to escape charges by channelling cash to individual financial banks. All in all, to avoid being caught up in these, do not make payment to a respective bank!


1. First Alibaba Scams is dispatching counterfeit items with brandings!

It is Alibaba’s undeniable commonest fraud! Unfortunately, victims of China’s suppliers only get to know they are scammed after the supplier’s stock is removed.

In what way does the scam happen?

Always the seller sends the buyer counterfeit items with legit brandings.

These items always have popular labels, symbols and badges of companies from the west.  

Ways to circumvent this fraud



2. The second Alibaba Scams is vending labelled items without making deliveries!

In what way does the scam happen?

It is the same as the first one; however, it differs in one significant way; here, as soon as you pay the seller, they disappear. The buyer doesn’t get value for their cash.

Ways to circumvent this fraud

Again – DON’T purchase labelled items of this platform’s sellers and other Chinese sellers from the Mainland!


3. The third Alibaba Scams is the United Kingdom and the United States’ unconfirmed Alibaba accounts!

In what way does this fraud happen?

Chiselers from China start gratis Alibaba account with legit information of the United Kingdom, United States and European Union corporations. These scammers act like the real companies to vend labelled items (also the unlabeled), making people pay for undelivered items. They operate unverified accounts giving no assurance of conducting business with the profiled entity.

Ways to circumvent this fraud

Don’t ever conduct business with unconfirmed sellers on this platform.


4. Fourth Alibaba Scams is channelling payment to a personal account

In what way does this fraud happen?

The seller claims that their banking is ineffective at the time of settlement, suggesting that the payment be made in an account belonging to the head, mostly an individual bank. They may either fulfill your purchase or, in everyday scenarios, get scammed.


5. The fifth Alibaba Scams is asking for extra custom bonds payment

After a client has made the payment, the scam works, and days later, the supplier contacts asking for extra cost in custom fees. Failure to pay makes the suppliers complain about how they cant release the goods for shipping. That’s an Alibaba scam right there, and once you notice such an incident, know that you are about to be coned.

You can avoid these Alibaba scams by being cautious because there are no custom bond fees in china. Once you pay the cash, there is no retrieving it; hence you should accept the loss and move on. There is always a next time.


6. The six Alibaba Scams is usually accepting fund transfer through western union or Moneygram

Many Alibaba scams use this strategy to cone naïve clients. They ask for money with an unfamiliar registration name, and once you notice such behaviour, stay cautious.  When a supplier talks about transacting through western union, you need to be cautious as the buyer. That’s how much Alibaba scams occur without the customers’ knowledge.

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7. The seventh Alibaba Scams is sales of fake memory goods

Among all the common Alibaba scams, conmen mostly use conmen who target customers through suppliers selling storage goods. The prices seem like reasonable prices, and customers think that it’s a good deal. Little do they know that it’s an Alibaba scam!

 You can avoid such scams by analyzing goods with weird price tags before purchasing them. Keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold!


8. The eighth Alibaba Scams is usually on invoices

The bank account you are supposed to send money to, maybe a personal statement is supposed to be a company account. Once you find yourself in such a situation, you should beware of scams and avoid such Alibaba scams.

The only way to avoid such Alibaba scams is by avoiding sending money to a personal account always ensures that it’s a company account. Before transacting, still, ensure that the details that appear on the bank account match with the ones in the clients’ profile.

The ninth scam is usually on selling brands with low prices to entice customers. Most of the cheap products are either fake; it is just a scam. Fraudsters generate such offers, and you should be cautious as a customer.


9. The tenth Alibaba Scams is usually increasing prices after customers place orders

Once you notice that the price placed when you were placing an order has been changed, you should be cautious as a customer because these are fraudulent signs.  When a sampler acts weird from the early stages of negotiation, you should question how he will behave later. Maybe his goods are not real because prices don’t fluctuate when you have placed an order. All these are signs of fraudulent behaviours.


10. The tenth Alibaba Scams is usually sending out low-quality samples to customers

When you ask a supplier for a sample and realize that the model sent to you has a different quality from what you ordered, you should be cautious. These are signs of fraudulent behaviours, and you can quickly tell that a person is deceitful from the early stages of a contract.

Through Alibaba trade assurance, you can stay away from all these scams and evade losses. Some refunds are generated from trade assurances in case of such losses.  


11. The eleventh Alibaba Scams are fake certifications by suppliers to prove that their goods are genuine

Many suppliers end up being involved in these scams to evade compliance rules by the bureau of standards. The market place has a lot of competition; hence some suppliers love taking shortcuts, and that’s how they become conmen. As a customer, you need to be aware of these Alibaba scams and check supplier compliance certificates. Do not enter a contract with a fraudulent supplier because you may end up in serious trouble.  


12. The twelfth Alibaba Scams is changing products without a dispatch notification

When dealing with china suppliers, you need to beware of this fraudulent behaviour because it often happens. These cases can occur, for instance, when you order one hundred blouses made of cotton, they will arrive as eighty cotton and a mixture of twenty polyester blouses. The suppliers do this a lot, and in case you return the goods, you will not get a refund. These Alibaba scams are common, and you need to be cautious when buying from china suppliers.  

To get customer protection, that’s why you need trade assurance because, in such instances, you can get protected, and the funds will be refunded.


13. The thirteenth Alibaba Scams is suppliers who agree to use a trade assurance and lie later that they didn’t receive their money

You may hear a lot that you can get protection when you use trade assurance, but some fake suppliers play smart. They use this strategy to get more customers, but after getting the customers, they end up coning them. They ask clients to send money; then, after sending cash, the supplier will start by saying that they didn’t get the money to their bank account. When you agree to send money to their bank, there will be no protection from the trade assurance, and you will end up losing your money. That’s why clients are advised to be cautious when dealing with such clients.

You can avoid these incidents as a customer by playing by the rules and regulations set by Alibaba. When you start sending money to suppliers, you will lose all the protection if fraudulent cases arise.


14. The fourteenth Alibaba Scams is using a gold account to scam customers with fake or low-quality goods

Many Alibaba scams use this strategy because they know that customers go for the products with a gold supplier’s name. As a customer, you need to know that suppliers can buy these accounts and still use them for selling fake goods. It doesn’t mean that because a supplier has a premium account, he/she is genuine.  

It is hard to tell which supplier is genuine on Alibaba, but you need to be cautious about your safety. Look at the suppliers’ profile keenly, do a thorough background check on the supplier before getting yourself involved with them. You can visit the factory and do physical examinations on the manufacturer as you analyze their products.

Some important things to look out for include the suppliers’ production capacity; check their compliance certificates keenly to evade Alibaba scams. Customer safety is essential on every business platform like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others. There are many things customers need to look out for when it comes to sourcing for products online. Failure to beware of fraudsters may end up losing a lot of cash within a short period.  


15.  Disappearance and cutting off communication after transaction and before delivery

Many Alibaba scams with this strategy of coning customers are usually new suppliers with less than a year of experience in Alibaba. The problem with Alibaba is that everyone can become a supplier as long as they can afford membership fees. That’s how many suppliers end up being conmen and scammers. As a customer, to evade these Alibaba scams, you need to use trade assurances to choose verified suppliers. Customer safety is essential, and Alibaba tries its best to protect customers. However, it would be best if you protect yourself at personal levels.





How to Avoid Scams on Alibaba


Look out for these fifteen elements when evaluating an Alibaba scams


1.Gold Suppliers

In Alibaba’s business platform, a supplier with the title gold supplier can be trusted. The title means that the supplier has a premium paid account status; hence they are genuine. Some scammers on Alibaba cannot afford these payments; therefore, you can quickly know they are not real and can’t be trusted.


2. Verified Suppliers

When you find a supplier with the title “Verified Supplier,” it means that the recommended bureau has conducted an inspection on the manufacturers’ firm and verified that they are genuinely carrying out the business. You can check if a supplier has been verified by checking their profile logo and analyzing why they got their verification.

Top 10 Methods to Find and Verify Chinese Manufacturer



3. Trade Assurances

You can check whether a supplier has been accepting all trade assurances before getting into business with them. The platform is used by Alibaba to place and manage orders and payments. You can use the sign to predict if a supplier is trustworthy or not.


4. Check the suppliers’ transaction History/Level

You can always check the supplier transaction history on Alibaba because it’s indicated by an orange diamond next to its name. It’s an easy way to see the performance or financial capacity before doing business with them. You can also use the information to find out if the supplier is genuine or not.


5. Check out the reviews and Ratings

It is normal to have your doubts when you are doing business with an Alibaba vendor. One of the safest ways to check if the supplier conducts quality services is through the reviews clients leave on the suppliers’ profile. Through the ratings and feedback nowadays, you can access the performance of a supplier. It’s also a great way of determining how genuine a customer is. Through other customer experiences, you can predict how satisfied you will be after getting the same supplier’s services.


6. Factory Inspections

One of the safest ways to conduct a perfect background check on a manufacturer is by going through their factory inspection reports. It’s among the easiest ways of telling whether the supplier is genuine or not. You can check whether the company does the services stated on their Alibaba profile and how efficient these services depend on customers’ feedback.


8. Certificates

You can always use certificates to verify a supplier; however, you need to be very careful because people can scan fake certificates nowadays. Whenever you are checking a supplier certificate, you should look for details like their ISO certification codes etc. Be sure that you are dealing with an ISO certified manufacturer before getting into business with them.

5 Steps to Verify a Chinese Business License (+Video)


8. AliExpress Stores

Nowadays, you can find as many Alibaba stores as many companies are opening AliExpress stores to sell safely and pay using escrow and credit cards. Whenever you find a supplier with an AliExpress store, you need to analyze the store. The details like feedback can help you explore how genuine a supplier is in product quality delivery and dispatch.

Is Aliexpress Safe and How to Buy from Aliexpress 2020


9. Live Factory Videos of a supplier

You can quickly know if a supplier is genuine by checking out their live videos on Alibaba profiles. Alibaba usually produces the videos, so checking the producer can tell that the supplier is real. These are some of the common signs that can tell you if a supplier is genuine or not. Do not let scammers on Alibaba to take advantage of you as a customer. Conduct these background checks before getting into business with them because it’s necessary.



Companies with a website in English and describe all the data in detail about the company can be trusted. Once you check a company’s reputation through the website, you can quickly know if you are dealing with the right or wrong supplier. Check out the domain’s registration dates to access how genuine a company is, and the older, the better.


11. Check Trade Shows data

Among all the safe strategies of analyzing a client’s genuineness on Alibaba, it’s advisable to check their trade show information. Alibaba is an open platform, but people conducting businesses there cannot be trusted easily; hence it is your duty as a customer to do these background checks for your safety. When you check trade shows data, you can know whether the supplier is genuine because scammers didn’t attend trade shows.  


12.Use Google Search engines and Global Sources Profiles

Before getting into business with anyone on Alibaba, you need to do some background check on their company. Please conduct your research to see how proficient the company is and their level of expertise. That’s how you can tell if the company is legit, and you can click on the links on their website to analyze their previous work. Go through their portfolio keenly using the internet. Nowadays, technology has made it easier for everyone.


13. Details of the Invoice or preferred Bank

Throughout the negotiation process, you will receive several things like a pro- forma invoice. These are the basic things to look out for in Alibaba before you end up being scammed or get yourself involved with dangerous people. Whenever you notice their details and personal data vary from the profile, don’t dare transfer funds to their accounts.  


14. Payment methods

When you are shopping on this platform, you need to be cautious when transferring funds. One way to tell if a supplier is a scammer is by considering his preferred payment method. Whenever a supplier says they prefer MoneyGram or Western Union, know that you are about to get conned. Customer safety is essential, and you need to be cautious when it comes to payment methods. That’s how many vendors scam customers !!



how the alibaba scam works



15. Choosing products

Customers need protection when choosing products because that’s when most scams occur. What scammers do with this limited time is they list every unpopular and unrelated product within a short time to lure customers. Alibaba has stringent measures of noticing such scams and blocking them out, but scammers know they can get tracked through filters after faking a brand name. They upload images of branded products, which makes it hard for Alibaba to spot unscrupulous suppliers. It would be best if you were very careful as a customer, or else you will land being a victim of such mischievous activities on Alibaba. Choose your products wisely and take time during your product selection processes.

10 Tips for Finding a Quality Supplier in China






Hire a China sourcing agent also is a good choice to avoid Alibaba scams. Well, from the guidelines in the article, you will stay woke and evade Alibaba scams easily. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is getting scammed! You are now in the know, and you can quickly put these tips in practice to know genuine vendors from scammers! With the guide, your chances of getting scammed are low.  


You have to be very greedy and avoid every red flag and common-sense warning to fall for those Alibaba scams.



Frequently asked questions about Alibaba scams


Can you get scammed on Alibaba?

That’s a common thing in Alibaba because, in this world, not everyone has pure intentions, so some vendors scam customers. The main thing to look out for on all sales platforms is suppliers’ genuineness before trusting them. These things happen daily, and the activity is usually beyond the manager’s control. Watch out for some sites with unscrupulous suppliers! Protect yourself as a customer for your safety


Is it safe to buy from Alibaba com?

Among all the online sales platforms, Alibaba is ranked among the best and safest places to buy your goods. The venue has several reputable and trustable sales practitioners; hence its a legit business platform. Alibaba has a set of rules and guidelines that protects customer safety, and it is known to be among the best platforms. Your customer rights will be covered on the platform; hence you can easily avoid getting scammed.  

What happens in the platform is that customers and buyers are brought closer through this connection; hence it is your duty as a customer to know what’s best for you.


Is Alibaba legit?

The truth is that Alibaba is a great and safe online sales platform full of genuine products and vendors. However, you need to evaluate your supplier of choice as a buyer or customer to know if they suit you. Appraising a supplier is an essential process, and there are specific considerations you need to make before choosing the right supplier. That’s the only way to tell if a supplier is genuine or is a scam!


Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Products sold on Alibaba are usually cheaper because the products are made in China have a lot to do with the possible “cheap” price. Chinese manufacturers through hire “cheap labor” to reduce production costs—the cost of electricity. Another reason is that China has a complete supply chain from material to mass production.



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