How to Find Best Amazon FBA Suppliers of US, UK, CN?

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How to find best amazon FBA suppliers? Amazon is one of the best platforms for building an e-commerce business because it has millions of global buyers and a much smaller number of sellers compared to eBay.

The key to building a successful Amazon business is to find a trusted wholesale supplier that offers high quality products and competitive trade prices.

Here you can find a curated list of over 18 of the best Amazon FBA suppliers in the US, UK and China. Whether you want to sell through Amazon FBA or FBM, you are sure to find a reliable company from the options listed below.



Best Amazon FBA Suppliers of US, UK


What is a FBA Supplier?

Simply put, an Amazon FBA supplier is a wholesale company that supplies products to Amazon sellers. It is important to understand that not every wholesale company will supply sellers on marketplaces like Amazon.

Therefore, you need to find a wholesale company that is allowed to sell on Amazon or that supplies exclusively to Amazon sellers. In some cases, best wholesalers for Amazon FBA can prepare the goods and send them directly to Amazon FBA warehouses.




How to Find Amazon FBA Suppliers?


The following FAQ’s cover all questions related to finding and purchasing items from best Amazon FBA suppliers. If you have any other questions or issues, you should visit our blog, where we have plenty of other content and articles.


1. Decide What You Want to Sell

Do you want to focus on a niche product, or have a variety of different items? One way to find out what’s out there is to browse through the catalogs of different wholesalers. As you focus on products to buy in bulk and sell at a profit, keep these tips for choosing the right product (such as storage requirements) in mind.


How much do you want? For wholesale, the goal is to buy enough items to benefit from wholesale discounts, but avoid ending up buying more than you can distribute. Check to see if the wholesaler requires a minimum order quantity. Request a sample and weigh the cost against the quality of the product – remember, quantities are negotiable.


2. Find Potential Suppliers for Amazon FBA

To find more Amazon wholesalers, be sure to browse the Wholesale Suppliers category. Here you’ll find plenty of articles on the best wholesalers in the US, UK and China. Many of the companies listed in our guide deal with small eBay and Amazon sellers.

You can also try using question and answer sites such as Quora, as well as search engines including Google and Bing. Another effective way to find a wholesaler for Amazon is start with a Amazon sourcing agent to familiar with all the process.


3. Try Reverse Sourcing

Traditional wholesale starts by comparing the catalogs of different suppliers, then picking and selecting the products you want to specialize in. Reverse sourcing is when you do the opposite: start with a single product, then find wholesalers who sell that product.

Are you worried about spending time and resources selecting products, only to find it difficult to resell? Reverse sourcing offers a way to potentially remove some of the risk, since you start with a product that is known to sell well.


4. Understand Amazon FBA Suppliers 

Look for many essential items in Amazon wholesalers. When selling on Amazon, it’s especially important to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers who have strict seller performance standards. Here are some of the most important things to look for.

  • High-quality products. Your wholesale supplier must offer high quality products to minimize customer returns or complaints.
  • Trade prices. To maximize resale profits, you need to source inventory at the lowest possible wholesale price.
  • Fast delivery. When restocking fast-moving merchandise, it’s important that your suppliers provide fast and reliable shipping.
  • Fair returns. If goods arrive damaged or defective, you need to ensure that you can return them free of charge.
  • Product pictures. Unless you plan to take your own photos, you must be able to access product images for use on Amazon.
  • Secure website. When placing an order, make sure the vendor has a secure checkout using the https extension.


5. Research Amazon wholesalers Background

It is highly recommended to do research before deciding to place an order with any Amazon wholesale vendor. There are many effective ways to research vendors, including reading online reviews and checking social media pages.

  • Read online reviews. You should always search for reviews on sites like TrustPilot or Feefo before purchasing inventory from any wholesaler.
  • Understand company policies. It’s important to research the wholesale supplier’s business policies, including return and refund policies.
  • Check social pages. Most established wholesalers will have social media pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search forums. Forums such as Quora or question and answer sites are great tools for finding unbiased reviews from real customers.
  • Contact customer support. Before placing an order with any wholesaler, contact customer support to test their response time and help.


6. Consider the Logistics First

Have you considered how wholesalers fit into your business model? Before you get in touch, make sure you have an adequate inventory system with enough space to organize and store inventory even during peak sales.

Ask the supplier about their schedule for sending and receiving products with the manufacturer, and how soon you can expect to receive your order. Track when you will receive your shipment and think about how your order will be shipped to your customers. Also, ask the wholesaler about their returns process.


7. Ask about Costs and Fees

Don’t be caught off guard when you see the final numbers. Evaluate the costs and fees of the wholesalers you want to work with. ask:

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Unit cost
  • Any other costs, such as membership fees


Generally, the more you order, the lower the unit cost. Remember, the goal is to spend enough to get the full benefit of wholesale discounts, but not to overspend. For example, if you want to buy 50 items, but the price discount only applies to purchases of 200 items, it might be a good idea to look for other deals.





Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA List:

Finding the right Amazon FBA suppliers can make or break your business. Below are some distributors for Amazon FBA:


Pound Wholesale (UK)

Pound Wholesaleis the UK’s leading importer and wholesaler of discounted sterling and clearance merchandise, including household items, toys, electronics, tools, pet supplies, and more.

With no minimum order amount, fast delivery throughout the UK, and most products purchased in small 12-24 piece boxes, Pound Wholesale is the perfect Amazon FBA vendors for UK sellers.


Pounds, clearance items, branded items, everyday items, household items, kitchenware, kids toys, electronics, DIY tools, pet supplies, stationery, party supplies, garden accessories.


  • Leading UK importer and wholesale supplier
  • Thousands of products in multiple categories
  • No minimum order and fast delivery in the UK
  • Buy small boxes of 12 or more pieces



Kole Imports (USA)

With over 35 years of experience and thousands of products in hundreds of categories, Kole Imports is one of amazon distributors in USA.

Whether you are looking to purchase clothing, pet supplies, toys or cosmetics, Kole Imports has something for every business need. In addition, all products can be purchased in small packages with no minimum order requirements.


Department stores, apparel, fashion accessories, cosmetics, health products, jewelry, toys, games, hardware, pet products, electronics, cell phone accessories, kitchenware, and household products.


  • The largest importer of everyday goods in the United States
  • Thousands of items in hundreds of categories
  • Over 35 years of industry experience
  • Perfect Amazon wholesale supplier in the United States



SaleHoo (USA / UK / EU)

If you are looking for a trusted Amazon product supplier, SaleHoo is one of the best sites to visit. SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory that connects vetted wholesalers with business owners worldwide, including Amazon sellers.

With over 8,000 suppliers in the US, UK and Europe, you’re sure to find leading wholesale suppliers for your Amazon business using SaleHoo.


Home furnishings, kitchenware, garden accessories, electronics, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, beauty products, tools, children’s toys, stationery, gifts, pet supplies.


  • Popular and reputable online wholesale catalog
  • 8,000 vetted suppliers in the US, UK and Europe
  • Hundreds of top reviews on sites like TrustPilot
  • Listing on major websites such as Forbes



Alibaba (China)

Founded in 1999, Alibaba is the ultimate platform for fba wholesale sourcing low-cost goods from Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers.

In fact, Alibaba has more than 8 million suppliers and over 200 million B2B buyers worldwide. Simply search for products and you will instantly find a vast network of trusted wholesalers and manufacturers in China.


Electronics, cell phone accessories, technology products, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, home furnishings, furniture, garden accessories, toys, games, tools, baby accessories, health, beauty.


  • China’s leading online wholesale marketplace
  • Trusted by over 200 million global buyers
  • Lowest transaction prices on millions of products
  • Easy to use website with buyer protection policy



Worldwide Brands (US/UK)

Worldwide Brands is another top online directory of certified wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors, most of which are located in the US, UK and Europe.

The easy-to-use directory makes it easy for anyone to quickly find genuine trade suppliers with real wholesale prices. Perfect for Amazon FBA suppliers, Worldwide Brands has over 16 million products from thousands of wholesale companies.


Pet supplies, toys, games, hobbies, stationery, school supplies, jewelry, watches, apparel, fashion accessories, beauty products, home furnishings, garden accessories, electronics, gifts, tools.


  • Highest ranked online wholesale catalog since 1999
  • 16 million products from thousands of suppliers
  • BBB has hundreds of positive reviews
  • Great for finding genuine Amazon wholesalers



Bloom Wholesale (USA)

Bloom Wholesale is the industry’s leading wholesale apparel distributor and one of the best sites for sourcing low-priced clothing for resale on Amazon.

Bloom Wholesale sources directly from US manufacturers and designers for a wide range of products, including women’s dresses, tops, sweaters


Women’s clothing, women’s dresses, women’s tops, floral dresses, maxi dresses, rompers, blouses, t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters, kimonos, plus size clothing.


  • Best wholesaler for sourcing women’s clothing
  • Hundreds of women’s dresses, tops and shirts
  • Purchase in small packs for competitive prices
  • Includes assorted lots for small Amazon sellers



Wholesale Clearance (UK)

Wholesale Clearance is an established online wholesaler offering liquidation, bankruptcy and clearance stock on an exclusive or one-off working lot basis.

With a wide range of products in many top categories, Wholesale Clearance is the ideal product suppliers for Amazon for UK sellers. It’s free to sign up and you can source quality items for 85% or more below the suggested retail price.


General merchandise, clearance deals, bankruptcy inventory, job opportunities, apparel, jewelry, beauty accessories, cosmetics, toys, party supplies, gifts, home goods, electronics, tech accessories.


  • Reputable wholesaler of bankruptcy inventory
  • Purchase items at 85% or more below suggested retail price
  • Includes exclusive and one-time job opportunities
  • No membership fees or minimum order values




For more than 20 years, gobizusa has been a trusted wholesale supplier to thousands of U.S. businesses, including online retailers, Amazon sellers and marketplace dealers.

Gobizusa offers a wide variety of wholesale products, including apparel, electronics, home goods, pet supplies, toys and more. There are no minimum order amounts and most products can be shipped quickly in small boxes.


Apparel, backpacks, footwear, electronics, cell phone accessories, housewares, kitchenware, textiles, hardware, tools, pet supplies, children’s toys, stationery, beauty accessories, and health care products.


  • Established online US wholesale supplier
  • Thousands of products in every major category
  • Small purchases with no minimum order quantity
  • Based in the US with fast local shipping options



Aulola (UK)

With over 10,000 products and 30,000 customers, Aulola is a trusted online wholesale distributors for Amazon centers in the UK.

Aulola specializes in cell phone accessories and consumer electronics. However, the company also offers a wide variety of home furnishings, gardening accessories, tools, toys, beauty products and more. Most products are available at up to 95% off the suggested retail price, with tiered discounts available.


Consumer electronics, cell phone accessories, smart gadgets, technology accessories, home furnishings, bathroom accessories, kitchenware, tools, hardware, toys, and beauty products.


  • Trusted online Amazon wholesale supplier
  • Focused on cell phone accessories
  • Large range of additional products
  • Bulk discounts and fast UK shipping



HJ Clearance (USA)

HJ clearance is a family-owned wholesale company and one of the largest suppliers of liquidation and clearance merchandise in the United States.

From fashion accessories to jewelry, home furnishings, pet supplies and electronics, HJ Closeouts offers a wide variety of small-box merchandise. HJ Closeouts is also an ideal wholesalers for Amazon because they offer direct shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses.


Clearance deals, liquidation inventory, dollar items, housewares, home decor, fashion accessories, jewelry, pet supplies, beauty accessories, toys, gifts, party supplies, wholesale lots.


  • Largest wholesaler of clearance merchandise in the United States
  • Huge discounts on suggested retail price for case purchases
  • Direct shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Includes exclusive wholesale lots and deals (China)

Founded in 2004, Dunhuang is a renowned online wholesale marketplace that connects global buyers with top Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers.

In fact, has over 2 million suppliers and 30 million buyers. Plus, with over 20 million active listings, you’re sure to find products in any market segment, including electronics, apparel, beauty accessories, toys, pet supplies, tools and more.


Cell phone accessories, electronics, smart gadgets, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, health, beauty, cosmetics, home decor, garden accessories, toys, gifts, jewelry, tools, pet supplies.


  • Global online wholesale sourcing marketplace
  • Over 2 million trusted Chinese suppliers
  • Sourcing products from virtually any category or market segment
  • Wholesale prices with volume discounts available



Harrisons Direct (UK)

Based in Lancashire, Harrisons Direct is an award-winning wholesale company with over 100 years of experience and thousands of quality products from major brands such as JVC, Marvel, Disney, Nivea and Panasonic.

With fast delivery across the UK and over 1000 positive reviews on Feefo, you can trust Harrisons directly as your preferred Amazon wholesale supplier.


Household products, cleaning products, kitchenware, textiles, toys, games, stationery, office supplies, party supplies, health products, toiletries, sweets, candy.


  • Award-winning wholesale supplier in the UK
  • Thousands of products from leading brands
  • Hundreds of positive buyer reviews about Feefo
  • Suitable for sale on Amazon Marketplace



Blue Star Empire (U.S.)

Blue Star Empire is a U.S.-based supplier of bulk wholesale merchandise to online retailers, Amazon sellers, and marketplace traders.

Blue Star Empire’s product range includes apparel, electronics, housewares, toys, stationery, and more, and can be purchased in small cases with no minimum order quantity. Additional discounts of up to 15% or more are available for bulk purchases.


Apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, backpacks, bags, electronics, cell phone accessories, housewares, cleaning supplies, furniture, jewelry, stationery, office supplies, and toys.


  • U.S.-based Amazon bulk wholesaler
  • Buy small boxes of 24 or more pieces
  • Find products in many popular categories
  • 15% discount on bulk orders



Clearance King (UK)

Clearance King is the UK’s premier online discount wholesaler and the largest sterling supplier in the North West of England.

Clearance King is also the number one choice for online sellers, including those selling on third party marketplaces such as Amazon. Minimum order values are small and all products can be purchased in small boxes for maximum resale profit.


Sterling, clearance items, discounted items, electronics, cell phone accessories, housewares, kitchenware, pet supplies, grooming accessories, e-cigarettes, tools, textiles.


Premium online Amazon wholesale supplier
Large inventory in every major category
Buy in small boxes for maximum profit
Fast delivery and secure checkout in the UK



Bargain Wholesale (USA)

Serving over 10,000 retailers since 1976, Bargain Wholesale is a major importer and wholesaler with multiple warehouses in the United States.

With a minimum order size of $2,500, Bargain Wholesale is best suited for large Amazon sellers. However, Bargain Wholesale offers some of the lowest prices on the market, and you can mix and match different products to meet the lowest value.


Dollar items, discounted items, department stores, food, beverages, candy, housewares, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, stationery, electronics, pet supplies, tools, hardware.


  • Major US wholesaler and importer
  • Over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • 10,000 loyal retail customers since 1975
  • Ideal for selling on



MX Wholesale (UK)

MX Wholesale is another well known and popular UK wholesaler with over 20 years of experience.

From home furnishings to stationery, toys and pet supplies, MX Wholesale offers an unrivalled inventory at the lowest transaction prices. MX Wholesale also offers a large selection of sterling and discounted items with no overall minimum order requirements.


Sterling, discounted merchandise, clearance lines, household items, cleaning supplies, garden accessories, tools, stationery, toys, pet supplies, grooming, health, party supplies.


  • Established wholesaler with years of experience
  • Low trade prices for every category
  • Fast UK shipping options with no minimum order
  • Perfect wholesale supplier for Amazon sellers



All Time Trading (USA)

All Time Trading is a certified online supplier of bulk wholesale merchandise to eCommerce stores in the US as well as eBay and Amazon sellers.

Whether you are looking to purchase apparel, toys, games, fashion accessories or home decor, All Time Trading has you covered. Products can be purchased in packages of approximately 24 pieces or more, and fast, reliable shipping is available throughout the United States.


Apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, hosiery, children’s toys, games, beauty accessories, hair care products, home décor, kitchenware, gardening accessories, hardware, and party supplies.


  • Certified supplier of bulk wholesale goods
  • Supply to online stores and Amazon sellers
  • Buy small packages of 24 or more pieces
  • Easy to use website with secure checkout



Global Sources (China)

Global Sources is one of the best online marketplaces to find top Amazon FBA suppliers and manufacturers in China.

With Global Sources, you can quickly find and buy products in almost any category at factory direct prices. Global Sources also has a large number of suppliers that offer unique and customized services to sell your own branded products through Amazon FBA.


Electronics, cell phone accessories, apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, housewares, kitchenware, textiles, pet supplies, tools, hardware, beauty products, gifts, children’s toys, stationery.


  • The best online wholesale marketplace in China
  • Thousands of famous Chinese suppliers
  • Sourcing goods at the lowest factory direct prices
  • Amazon FBA can provide logo printing service



Bonningtons (UK)

Bonningtonsis a pure trade importer and wholesaler serving thousands of UK businesses, including garden centers, online retailers and high street stores, as well as Amazon sellers.

The range mainly includes gardening accessories such as gardening tools, planters and planting tools. However, Bonningtons also has a wide range of household products such as cleaning supplies, storage solutions and DIY tools.


Garden accessories, garden tools, garden decorations, garden furniture, barbecue grills, camping accessories, housewares, cleaning supplies, storage solutions, DIY tools.


  • UK based trade only importer and wholesaler
  • Specializing in best-selling garden accessories
  • Other ranges of home furnishings
  • Low minimum order quantity and fast UK shipping





More List Of Amazon FBA Wholesalers & Suppliers:

US Wholesalers And Distributors

Here are some US Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA you can try:


UK Wholesalers and Distributors

Here are some UK Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon:



Here are some further resources to help you get




Niche Amazon Listing Manufacturer

The companies listed above are our picks for the best Amazon wholesale suppliers. However, you have many options when it comes to sourcing products to be resold on Amazon. This is a short list of some of the Amazon wholesalers specific to niche markets.


Supplyia Sourcing (China)

Supplyia Sourcing is a China product sourcing company (headquartered in Yiwu, China) specializing in Amazon FBA product sourcing services and product engineering services.

As Amazon sourcing agent, we serve clients worldwide, including factory owners, retailers, wholesalers, independent stations, and e-commerce stores.

Backed by a factory background, we can help our customers find a reliable manufacturer and develop products that meet their needs, shipping from China.



NDA Toys (UK)

NDA Toys is an experienced online wholesaler of wholesale children’s toys and stationery from licensed brands such as Disney, Marvel and DC Comics. NDA Toys has no minimum order or availability for all types of businesses (including Amazon sellers) …


Boulevard Apparel (USA)

Boulevard Apparel is a top Internet wholesaler of branded and non-branded apparel with discounts of 40-80% off retail prices. Boulevard Apparel’s product line includes men’s and women’s dresses, jumpsuits, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and coats …


HAZ Beauty (UK)

HAZ Beauty has been a trusted wholesaler of high quality hair and beauty products including cosmetics, fragrances, soaps and sprays since 1994. It is free to join and most products are sold in packs of 12 or more pieces …


Shepher Distributors (USA)

Founded in 1945, Shepher Distributors is a family-owned wholesale company and one of the largest suppliers of clearance children’s toys in the northeastern United States. Shepher Distributors carries a wide range of merchandise from plush toys to electronic toys … visit the website.


Nihao Jewelry (USA)

Nihao Jewelryis a professional wholesaler of high quality Chinese fashion jewelry, as well as women’s clothing, hair accessories and shoes. Hello Jewelry has over 100,000 products in stock and offers fast worldwide shipping … visit the website.


Rashmian Wholesale (UK)

Based in the UK, Rashmian Wholesale is an industry leading wholesaler of branded consumer electronics and accessories. Rashmian Wholesale has over 30 years of experience supplying all types of retail businesses … visit the website.






FBA Suppliers Final Words

Amazon has made it easier than ever for the average person to build a successful online e-commerce business, even if they have no previous experience.

In fact, you can immediately reach millions of customers when you sell on Amazon and start generating revenue as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the best Amazon FBA suppliers listed in this guide have pointed you in the right direction when looking for a reliable company to source your inventory from. 

As a professional Amazon sourcing company, we have helped thousands of Amazon sellers complete product customization from China until delivery. If you have already found your own Amazon niche product, then we can undoubtedly help you for the next.

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