China Manufacturing Agent

China Manufacturing Agent

Supplyia – The Basic China Manufacturing Agent Services

We are here to help you to manufacture your products from China

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Manufacturing Protection

If you are manufacturing in China for the first time, you don’t know how to keep your money safe. You can tell us your needs and we will give you some reference plans.

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Inspection Service

If you have already found a supplier and need to help you do some product quality control, we have a complete quality inspection supporting service.

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Manufacturing Warehouse

If you have placed orders from multiple manufacturers and need cargo consolidation services, we can help you collect the goods and check them to give you feedback.

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Shipping Solutions

Our company generally offers international shipping services, including road freight, air freight, ocean freight, courier service, warehouse, and customs clearance. 

Our China Manufacturing Agent Service

Buy with Manufacturer Sourcing Agent in China

Various Manufacturers Choices

In addition to sourcing on Alibaba, we will also use our current supply chain network in China’s offline supermarkets to help you find the most suitable suppliers according to your budget.

Quality Control

All the products we buy from the suppliers we find for you, we will check for you before shipping and take photos for you to see. Once it does not meet our quality requirements, we will promptly return the product to the manufacturer for a refund.

Shipping Agent Services

We can help you arrange your order logistics, whether it is from your factory to your shipping agent, or from the factory directly to your address. Our shipping from China ways include: Air, ocean, train freight…

Products Develop

We provide one-stop sourcing and developing services, including the integration of multiple categories with low MOQ. It is suitable for the rapid distribution of goods in the early stage of small and medium-sized sellers.

Manufacturers Audits Service

When you find a manufacturer in China, we can help you provide factory audit services, so that you can understand the actual situation of the supplier with a detailed report.

Payment Security Agent

If you have payment problems with your Chinese manufacturers, we can help you with payment services on your behalf. Send each of your payments to a different supplier. The fee is 3-5% of the total value.

We will Prove to Be Your Trusted Chinese Manufacturing Agent:


 1. Achieve the best quotations from manufacturers.


 2. We negotiate with the manufacturers on your behalf.


 3. You can pay through our Alibaba escrow service.


 4. Follow the production and ensure quality of the products.


 5. Offer one-month free storage for your goods in our warehouse.


 6. We will help you acquire the best shipping prices from manufacturers to your door.

China Manufacturing Agent FAQ

What is China manufacturing agent?

China manufacturing agent assists buyers to import products from China in order to achieve safe, fast and efficient purposes. The charging standard is usually 5-10% according to the amount of the order.

Do you must need a Chinese manufacturing agent?

No, if your supplier is very cooperative with your product development and can give you timely feedback on the quality, then you don’t need a Chinese manufacturing agent at all.

How to find trading agents for large Chinese manufacturers?

You can attend trade fair in China or search online to find trading agents and ask them directly whether they have cooperated with large Chinese manufacturers.

Who is the best Chinese manufacturing agent?

The concept of best manufacturing agent in China is difficult to define. You need to cooperate with different product solutions according to their different areas of expertise. Don’t limit your thinking to only cooperate with one company, you can choose several companies to maintain long-term cooperation.

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