Is jingsourcing legit and Who is Jingsourcing‘ Alternatives?

Mar 09, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

A diligent sourcing strategy would be to ask for advice from different sourcing companies and agents so that you can find the one that suits you best. The two similar companies that are more formal in the Yiwu area are:supplyia and jing sourcing. 



What is Jing Sourcing?

Jing sourcing is a Chinese sourcing company that can help you find factories with competitive prices and perform quality control to manufacture your own private label products. Located in Yiwu, China, they have years of experience in helping businesses find quality suppliers.


Is Jing Sourcing Legit?

Definitely, jing sourcing is a legit China sourcing company and they are mainly responsible for helping companies obtain sources for supplies and products at cheap rates with particular qualities from China.

Consequently, The jing sourcing company will save you more money than you would have otherwise. We think that it’s important to deliver at 5 times more our value.

In that case, if you are paying them $1000, they are expected to save you about $5000 on the entire project cost. 





Jing Sourcing’ Alternatives?

Supplyia sourcing is one of jing sourcing’ alternatives. Both Supplyia and Jing China sourcing expert are to help companies obtain sources for supplies and products at cheap rates with particular qualities. 



Name  Service Difference Location

Jing Sourcing


  • product sourcing
  • graphic designs
  • A good negotiator
  • supplier develop



  • product sourcing
  • quality inspection
  • production follow-up
  • shipping solutions
  • 1688 shopping agent



China Sourcing Agents: 50 Best Sourcing Agent in China



Is Jingsourcing Worth It?

For most businesses, using Jing sourcing is 100% worth it. Without Jing sourcing, it is impossible to find a new supplier and receive high-quality products within 2 months. It takes at least a month just to get samples, and dozens of companies have to be screened to find high-quality suppliers.

Quality control is also great. Jingsourcing includes basic quality control as part of its fees. But clients pay a little more to inspect each piece at a low price.

Also, Jingsourcing handles all production issues very well. Every decision they make is validated by the customer, who ultimately trusts their judgment and experience completely.

The only downside to Jingsourcing I can think of is that all future orders from customers with this factory are tied to them. If Jingsourcing goes out of business or changes its terms, customers will no longer be able to use this supplier. But in terms of price, the 5-10% premium charged by jing sourcing is well worth it.



Jing Sourcing Alternatives supplyia



Main Responsibilities of a Supplyia vs Jing Sourcing Company/Agent:


  1. Get the best price with high-quality standards:

A China sourcing agent strives to get their clients’ products at the best price and ensure that they meet the quality standards.

A sourcing company and a sourcing agent make sure that the supplier or the factory can produce the products in less time and deliver them quickly. The agents need to speak or be familiar with multiple languages.

They need to be aware of the local business norms and customs. Moreover, they are also required to be equipped with excellent business skills and be capable of managing many projects simultaneously.

It is expected of the agent or sourcing company to establish stable and long-term contracts with the suppliers. It’s essential that both sides are happy to work with the sourcing company. supplyia takes pride in creating such valuable and successful relationships.


  1. Finds factories that will meet the requirements of their clients:

An exceptional sourcing company prioritizes the clients’ requirements and looks for the best factories and suppliers that can meet the client’s requirements. This results in a purchase order. Clients usually want a sourcing agent or sourcing company to locate efficient overseas companies that they can work with. Reputable companies like supplyia fully investigate a company in person to make sure that they are capable of meeting the clients’ requirements


  1. Ensure working conditions are decent:

Apart from this, it is the responsibility of a sourcing company to see to a company’s ethical conditions, including factors like pollution and working conditions. At supplyia, we deliver an in-depth report of these conditions, including photographs and necessary copies of certificates and licenses.

supplyia is devoted to making sure that our factories are providing adequate working conditions. We comply with all environmental standards requested by our clients, and we operate as a completely transparent supply chain.

We have also taken a clean waves initiative that sets us apart from other companies. We aim to find and clean up all the plastic waste in this initiative before reaching the oceans. We use plastic waste in our products after recycling them. 


  1. Offers good rates and transparency:

Sourcing companies usually have a commission-based payment. They take 3 to 10% of the order that was purchased. However, supplyia offers a pricing plan with a flat rate for most of the items. For people who are sellers on Amazon FBA, these pricing plans are perfect. 

Commonly, a sourcing company would hide the contact information of the supplier. However, at supplyia, full transparency is offered, and you can pay directly to the factory. This allows you to communicate openly with the suppliers as well. We bill our fees separately to be aware of the exact amount you are liable to pay to the supplier. That way you will also know that you are getting the best price possible. 


  1. Manage problems regarding import/export:

A sourcing company or a sourcing agent should also handle problems regarding export/port duties, tariffs, and taxes, along with any international and local norms. 


  1. Help you efficiently move goods:

A sourcing agent or sourcing company should move the goods through the international supply chain in a faster, cheaper, and less risky way. This is essential in countries with large bureaucracies because they can bring down the red tape and steer clear of issues in countries with uncontrolled corruption. 




Jing Sourcing Conclusion: 

There are many real cases about jing sourcing on the Internet. Some are good and some are bad. We also sometime receive customers who switch from jing sourcing to cooperate with us.

These are very normal. Each company specializes in different fields and familiar products are also different, so it gives some customers a bad shopping experience. Overall, jing sourcing is a good company and a great competitor.

When you try to control your entire order with a sourcing company, you will undoubtedly need to contact 2 companies to make a comparison.

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