Find 10X Categories and Better Suppliers By China Buying Agent Service

If you are working hard but not seeing the profits you want. It’s time to rethink your sourcing strategy. Chinese never buy anything from any English B2B platform, but you will. 99.50% of Chinese people can’t speak English, so you are looking at the wrong place. Stop dealing with middlemen pretending to be manufacturers. Supplyia buying agent will help you connect with the best real source suppliers

Our China Buying Agent Service 

Supplyia will prove to be your best buying agent in China.

The China Purchasing agent services is a one-stop Chinese insider buying+ international shipping solutions

Step 01: Choose Your Desired Product From China.

Browse China products gallery, select your product, and record the product link.


Step 02: Tell Us About Your Need

You can contact us via Email (enter your company’s email address), or you may add our WhatsApp. Our “1 on 1” customer service starts after we get your request with the product details you need to buy from China website.


Step 03: Pay for Your Products

Once we get your product link, we will check it for the price, contact the manufacturer, and Calculate the shipping cost from the factory to our warehouse. And then we make the first payment, which includes all things within China.


Step 04: Place Your Order

After receiving payment from you, we purchase product for you. Usually, we collect your product from China within just 3-7 days.


Step 05: Count product

When we receive the goods, we will:

  1. Count the product quantity
  2. Find obvious wrong SKU products
  3. Document Loading List


Step 06: Final Shipping of Product

After making the shipping payment, we will ship your goods as per your request. We have various shipping methods for you to choose from. For example, Ship by expresses like DHL, UPS, FedEx, SF express, or Ship by Sea freight or by air freight.

China Buying Agent Fee

 We have dedicated to the buy you high-quality products from China with the best possible cost. 

Product Value Service Fee (negotiable) Links Quantity
Less than $500 $50 <20
$500 – $1,000 10% <30
$1,000 – $3,000 9% <40
$3,000 – $5,000 8.5% <50
$5,000 – $7,000 8% <60
$7,000 – $10,000 7.5% <70
$10,000 – $15,000 7% <80
$15,000 – $20,000 6.5% <90
$20,000 – $25,000 6% <100
$25,000 – $30,000 5.5% <110
$30,000 – 5% <120

Our Buying Agent Services Best for who?

Small Entity Wholesaler

If you run a physical wholesale store and need to buy multi-category but low MOQ products, it is undoubtedly a good choice to ask China buying agent to help you purchase.

Small Supermarket Chain

In the absence of professional product developers, supermarket chains can quickly find the latest and hottest products from China market, and can quickly purchase samples for market testing.

Standard Product Seller

Usually for standardized products, it is easier to buy on 1688 than on Alibaba and suppliers usually have stock. However, it is still an essential link to let your China buying agent help you receive and inspect the goods.

“Counterfeit” Sellers

Although we don’t want to admit it, in fact there are many imitation brand elements on China. The products they sell may not be the same as the real brand, but we can at least see traces of imitation from the pictures.

You Can Find Out Our Best China Purchasing Agent Services Here

You can buy bulk qualitative products from China with the best buying agent in China.

1688 sourcing agent

Primary Service

We help people like you in buying goods from China. We mainly focus on making available the quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost. We provide you an original service package that includes everything from purchasing to product check and from warehouse storage to order consolidation, repacking, and then global shipping. We offer all these services at a very minimal cost.
1688 agent china

No Hidden Charge

We promise not to surprise you with hidden fees for the China purchasing agent fee. The price you see is the price you pay. We are committed to maintaining a strong and transparent relationship with you; this way, you can trust us and continue to work with us.
1688 buying agent

No Kickback

We do not charge any kickbacks and reject all dishonest ways of doing business. We do not charge any fee to the factory. Even if it is much easier for you to get money from the factory, we will give up any order with rebate. We do not charge any kickbacks and reject all dishonest ways of doing business. We do not charge any fee to the factory. 

Ample Choices for You

We offer a worldwide platform for substantial online 1688 purchasing trading(China Yiwu buying agent/Buying agent service all over the China…)
1688 buying agent

Company Sourcing

Mostly business people approach different manufacturers of the same product to maintain their internal quality system in supply-chain management. China buying agent service provides you the best company sourcing service of three trusted factories in China that are producing the subject product. Being dedicated in all ways is the best access for your business success.
1688 buying agent

Sample For Goods

Are you having trust issues in paying for large orders? You can remarkably lower the risk rate by checking our product samples before bulk buying. China purchasing agent’s main aim is to help their customers to obtain product samples from various suppliers, make them deliver to our warehouse where you can check your samples, and combine in a single parcel. Then we provide it to your address.
1688 buying agent

Sourcing to delivery

We motivate you to achieve complete success in your specialized order. Before proceeding with any request for the demand of particular order, you can take help from our China sourcing agent service. For this, our team works closely with the manufacturer to do quality control and ensure that the final product you receive should meet your specifications and expectations.

Security Assurance

The most trustworthy platform for China buying agent service in quality control. We provide a good quality system to ensure the quality of your goods.

Inquiry, analysis and then select the outclass deal.

Scrolling around till you find the best price and high-quality products through analysis on China wholesale websites. Supplyia Sourcing is always open for consultation, and we will be happy to serve you with sensible advice.

Do not focus on the 1688 product images

When you browse the Chinese website, you will notice the supplier using the same picture. They do this to attract more customers to buy products. This is why you have to get the actual photos of the product.

Do not rely on the prices shown on

Most suppliers will display lower prices to attract buyers, but then add prices to payment orders. You must communicate with the supplier to ensure that the content of the display is real and the actual price.

Little to no intellectual property protection.

The brand protection of Chinese supplier is weak, sellers help to develop products for selling, it may be infringing, but they don’t know it.

Verify manufacturer's credibility.

Quality is another big concern when 1688 wholesales/sources across borders. Many brands claim that their products are high-quality, but you will also find that the “high-quality” you understand is quite different from the “high-quality” understood by 1688 suppliers.

Enclosed final arrangements.

Before placing an order, don’t forget to agree with the seller on quality standards and return rules, such as under what circumstances you can return or exchange.