Complete Guide to Piece by Piece Inspection in China

Sep 01, 2022 Chapter 4. Inspection

Some buyers don’t want random inspections. They don’t trust the Chinese manufacturer to produce consistently at the right quality level. So they need to check full inspection in China(piece by piece inspection in China).

Then, how do importer choose between full inspection in China and random inspection?



What Is Piece by Piece Inspection in China/ Full Inspection in China

Piece by piece inspection in China is a service that requires each item to be inspected to evaluate a range of variables. These variables can be general appearance, workmanship, functionality, safety, etc., or can be specified by the customer, checked using their own desired specifications.

Piece by piece inspection in China can be performed as a pre-packaging or post-packaging inspection and the piece by piece inspection in China process can take place at your location, your supplier’s location, or the China warehouse sorting facility.

Piece by piece inspection in China is used to improve quality and reduce or eliminate defects. This is especially useful for buyers who need to ensure that their products are fully compliant and meet stringent customer and market quality requirements (e.g. amazon FBA product full inspection service in china).

Piece-by-piece/full inspections in China can be made at any point in the production process to confirm defect-free shipments. However, in most cases, quality control inspections are usually done after production is complete and before shipment.

piece by piece inspection in China


Benefits and Advantages of Piece by Piece Inspection in China.

Some of the benefits do full inspection in China include:

  • Reduced Returns
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Higher Quality Products
  • Improved Supplier Quality
  • Improved Customer Relations



When Do You Need a Piece by Piece Inspection in China/Full Inspection in China?

From our experience, I would like to point out three reasons why some importers want to do piece by piece in China or 100% full quality inspection in China:

  • 1. Return defective products fee is high – it’s worth spending more time and money cleaning up all the bad products. 
  • 2. There is a strong suspicion that many products have quality problems and that the supplier’s quality control is not doing a good job.
  • 3. After the inspection, it is possible to replace inferior products with quality ones. 
  • 4. Bundle/re-package for your requirement

product inspection in China Process




How to Choose Between Full Inspection in China and Random(partial) Inspection?

We recently started to adopt a different approach with the help of our clients to do the quality control in China:

  1. They start with piece by piece inspection in China (paid by the manufacturer)
  2. They see what defects come up most often
  3. They give advice to the manufacturer to decrease the most frequent defects
  4. If the proportion of defectives goes below a certain target, they switch to random inspections (paid by the importer)
  5. If the proportion of defectives goes back up, they switch back to full inspection/piece-by-piece inspection (paid by the manufacturer)


I love this deal. In the mid-to-long run, it decreases the costs for the importer by forcing the factory to solve the real issues. Check the below for details.


Type Ideal Production Quantity Typical Timing Production Risk Mitigation Typical Duration

Inspection During Production(DPI)

Generally for orders>$5,000 After he 1th products comes of the production line Catches problems as early as possible 1 whole day, to be repeated as necessary

Final Random Inspection(FRI)

Any quantity After entire production order is complete 80% packed Catches problems before shipment & final payment At least 1 wholesale day

Packing & Loading Supervision(PLS)

At least 1 Container load As products are being loaded into shipping container Catches quantity, packing, load issues(not product issues) 2 or 3 containers per day

Full Inspection

Any quantity After all goods finished Catches all defective products charge by per piece





Is it More Expensive to Do Random (partial) Inspection vs Full Inspection in China?

Most people would say, “Yes, it’s more expensive.”

However, this is not always the case.

We’ve had a lot of situations where the cost of full load is very similar.

Let’s give you an example:

  • 1% of product defects and these defects have been documented and are not difficult to examine
  • The unit price of the product is $5
  • The fixed installation cost is approximately $100
  • The inspector can check 50items within 1 hour.
  • The operator is charged RMB100 per hour for all time the product is inspected. 
  • The cost of sending a professional QC to the factory is $299 per person per day.


To Make a Fair Comparison, we estimate that importers will still need to pay for the defective goods after a random inspection. 


Cost Comparison – Random Inspection vs Full Quality Inspection

Random Inspection vs 100% Quality Inspection

Overall, if you really want a fair comparison of the cost for a random inspection and one-by-one inspection, you need to consider all these factors including your product price, shipping, selling and returning price, etc.




Should Piece by Piece Inspection in China be Finished in the Supplier’s Factory?

If the quantity is small and the product is simple, it can be done in the factory where the goods are manufactured.

However, if the work required five or more working days, the cost would increase significantly, which might not be realistic.

But, In a country like Indonesia, this is not possible as most factories are in free trade zones (considered bonded warehouses). Fabrics and accessories obtained by manufacturers are exempt from import duties, and they must ship the goods directly. They cannot ship the goods to another warehouse.



Piece by Piece Inspections in China Service Company

We send staffs to the factory or you can deliver a batch of products to Supplyia warehouse to do piece by piece inspection in China by trained operators, and repacked immediately.

It is more efficient and much cheaper than hiring people to do it in the factory. One of the great advantages here is speed and simplicity and good fit for those who needs amazon FBA product full inspection service in china

If you are choosing a product inspection in China method when you import from China, you can refer to the above content. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

If you need full inspection/piece by piece inspection in China, please contact us now.

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