How to Get a Yiwu Agent in China

Mar 23, 2021 Chapter 2. Supplier

Suppose you want to buy wholesale from the Yiwu market and are not familiar with importing and exporting small commodities. In that case, it is best to find a Yiwu agent in China who can help you deal with a series of matters related to finding goods, preparing goods, and customs declaration.

How to Buy Wholesale from Yiwu Market Guide 2021


Yiwu agent

Here are 7 points to identify a suitable and reliable best Yiwu Agent in China:


Professional product knowledge and market trends:

The import process from Yiwu can be completely different, depending on the product. Certain types of goods are very complex, like electronics and auto motives and many other bulky goods.

It is essential to involve a Yiwu agent with the necessary knowledge of the product because this can play a decisive role in whether the delivery turns out to be profitable or failed.


Ask the Yiwu agent to provide feedback from his industry customers and case studies. Of course, it is challenging to find the best Yiwu agent with professional experience in niche products.

Still, nevertheless, you can ask for feedback from customers from related industries to understand whether this agent has sufficient qualifications or not.



Understand your needs to import items:

It is also essential that the Yiwu purchasing agent be quick to understand his customers’ precise requirements. They can communicate with the supplier on behalf of the user based on product ideas.

If your Yiwu agent is unable to understand your real needs very clearly, it will take longer to change the product back. The best Yiwu agent makes sure to carry out quality checks and tests for customers.



Have good communication ability

A Yiwu sourcing agent in China must have a strong command of English in writing and language and should be able to communicate easily with you by phone and email. Also, they must be highly efficient and quick to respond to emails or Wechat. Because of the time difference between China and other countries.



Have a transparent and legal process

Finding a Yiwu sourcing agent is easy. But to find a qualified best Yiwu agent in China, you need an effective and competently implemented strategy. A right Yiwu purchasing agent acts transparently and methodically and puts customer requirements for the product and the availability of the necessary certificates in the first place, rather than established relationships with suppliers and the possibility of getting a kickback.


The standard Yiwu procurement process:

    • Approval of specifications and certificate requirements
    • Supplier search
    • Initial price request, order samples, and selection of qualified suppliers
    • Price negotiations
    • Audit of qualified suppliers
    • Final supplier selection
    • Conclusion of a sales contract
    • Product manufacturing and quality control
    • supply



Professional Yiwu import & export knowledge and experience

Any best Yiwu agent in China must know the legality and paperwork related to import and export. This includes the import and export process, the requirements for certificates and documents, licenses, etc.



What questions to ask a China Yiwu agent in an interview?

In addition to having a predefined Yiwu procurement procedure, the best Yiwu agent in China should be able to give a clear answer to the following questions:


  1. Based on what factors do they classify the supplier as qualified/unskilled?

  2. Is a purchasing agent expected to pay for the product or directly to the supplier?

  3. What is his strategy to prevent and combat fraud? (e.g., payment fraud)

  4. Will he control the procurement process entirely on his own or partially outsource it, and if so, in which part?

  5. Is the agent ready to deal with potential disputes regarding the quality of the goods during production and upon completion?

  6. How long has the agent been operating?

  7. Does he plan to request a product from an “already verified” supplier or to look for new ones?

  8. Does the agent have customer reviews from your country? (never contact an agent who refuses to provide you with feedback on his work)

  9. Willing to sign NNN Agreement?


Supplyia Chinese-English NNN Agreements for China Sourcing Agent Template


Territorial coverage

At a minimum, a qualified Yiwu sourcing agent must be a registered company and have an office in at least one Chinese city or Hong Kong. A more qualified Yiwu buying agent is likely to have an office in China and your country.


Of course, this does not affect your transaction’s success, but this is undoubtedly an indicator of how strong the agent’s position is and confirms its reliability.


Chinese suppliers are usually concentrated in industrial clusters on the coast. The territorial proximity of your Yiwu agent to a specific industrial group, of course, can be beneficial in case something goes wrong during the production process. Besides, this will reduce the cost of transportation.



Chain supply management without any kickbacks

In Chinese firms, “communications” play a more significant role, which can significantly affect your business. Which Yiwu agent would you prefer to work with, selecting a supplier who can manufacture the product for you under your requirements, or selecting a supplier who is ready to pay him a more significant kickback? Unless you are seeking bankruptcy, I would advise you to choose the first one yourself.


Chinese management does not mean a wrong management style. Still, I would prefer to work with a specialist who understands my certification requirements and understands the quality requirements applicable to the e-commerce market.


Precautions to avoid: Kickbacks!

China Yiwu sourcing agents often commit kickbacks from suppliers. Kickback is the fee offered by the supplier to the sourcing agent, as an incentive to choose this supplier. While around the world, this phenomenon is called “corruption.”


In China, it is everyday practice. Kickbacks, or bribes, if you prefer to call it that, can undermine your deal for three main reasons:

    • The supplier, of course, compensates its costs for the kickback by increasing.
    • The price of the goods, i.e., ultimately, you pay.
    • The sourcing agent is likely to choose the supplier who offers the most considerable kickback and not the supplier who can ensure compliance with your (and regulatory) quality requirements.
    • The Sourcing agent is likely to take the side of the supplier in the event of a dispute. Such best China sourcing agents value their relationship with the supplier more than with the client. You will be ignored, and you will find yourself in very cramped circumstances if something goes wrong at the production stage.




The Top 10 Yiwu Sourcing Agents in China

  1.  Supplyia

  2. Goodcantrading Company

  3.  YiwuSourcing Agent

  4. Linkyiwu Sourcing Agent

  5.  Union Service Company

  6.  Yiwu HOPEFUL Agent

  7.  Yiwu Market Guide Company

  8.  Top Ease Sourcing Agent

  9.  KMH Promo Company

  10.  SisterSourcing Company




It should be noted that there are many SOHO in Yiwu. Their commission rate is low, and the service may satisfy you. When this happens, you are most likely to cooperate with them. But what I want to say is that such a Yiwu agent is very risky. If your products encounter any problems, they will disappear very quickly, and you cannot recover any losses. Or they may lose their jobs or change careers at any time so that the supply chain you worked so hard to build before will be wasted. If you want any help in Yiwu wholesale market, please contact us.

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