6 Ways To Save Alibaba Shipping Costs

Feb 10, 2021 Chapter 5. Shipping

How Can You Ship Your Goods From China?

The best way to place a first-time order from China is to ask the supplier to arrange for the shipping and add the invoice cost. Goods that are shipped via air come with no surprises. All you need to do is inform your supplier about your address.

The supplier will likely use methods such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL to ship your products. If your goods’ cost is below $800 and they are being shipped to America, no duty will be charged. That is because of the de Minimis rules in America. 



What is the cheapest shipping method in Alibaba?

As a general rule, the items that weigh less than or equal to 200 lbs should be shipped via air. For that, the average Alibaba shipping costs can be somewhere between $6-$15 per pound. The items that weigh more than this can be shipped using air or sea freight. This method is cost-effective, but it can also become complicated. Read below to find out.


Why is Alibaba shipping so expensive? 

China or Alibaba shipping costs more money because of the long distance. If a good weigh less than 5 to 10 lbs, it can be shipped using a slower shipping method called ePacket. Although this method is slow, it is way more affordable. 

If your item is heavier than the average weight of goods, you would likely pay about 10 to 20 dollars per pound with a minimum of $75. 

It is more appropriate to use air or sea freight if you are shipping products that weigh hundreds of pounds. 


What’s the average Alibaba shipping price from China to the U.S?

It is hard to say the average Alibaba shipping costs from China to the U.S because the goods weight is different. You need to have this idea that the Alibaba shipping costs is related to the goods weight or volume weight, delivery time. The faster the delivery time, the more shipping costs. 


How can you review your Alibaba shipment to avoid problems?

Shipment via air takes at least 3 to 10 business days to deliver your products. If you are using the sea freight method, it will take approximately 30-45 days. When you receive your shipment, you should check for a few things that can help you while ordering in the future:


  • Quality:

You should check if the quality of the product is as expected. Use the product for some time and see how long it holds up. If it does not last as long as expected, you should know that it is the best that they have delivered, and in the future, either the quality will stay the same or decrease.


  • Packaging:

This is another thing that you need to check. The packaging should be enough to also ship further to your customers. If everything is lumped into only one box and you will need to buy more boxes, the items are properly boxed in future orders. 


  • Instructions:

You also need to check that there are any instructions present in the box. If there are no instructions mentioned, you should create some or borrow them to include them with your items. 


  • Made in China logo:

The box should have a “made in china” mark anywhere on the box. If it is not marked, request it next time. 

Once you receive the order, email your supplier and inform them that you have received the products but have not gotten the chance to review them yet. Let them that you will let them know in a while and will hopefully place a new order. It’s best not to rush and play with a good strategy. 


6 ways to save Alibaba shipping costs


 Optimize Packaging

Do you notice that there is extra space on your package and you need to pay for it? If you don’t pay attention, your supply chain will bleed.

You should know that Alibaba shipping costs charges based on the weight or volume of the goods. You can save money by optimizing the packaging to reduce the package volume. 


Shipment Consolidation

Another way to reduce Alibaba shipping costs is to combine smaller quantities of goods to produce a more considerable amount by consolidating shipping, leading to lower prices. Everyone can consolidate international orders through the Supplyia China warehouse.

To send goods to our Chinese address warehousing, you can avoid receiving consignments over and over again. We can store your shipments and consolidate them, especially when you buying different suppliers.


Find The Right Shipping Provider

You can hire freight agents like Supplyia to manage the shipping, customs clearance during import from China. 

A broad variable that relies solely on the product, importing, and exporting country is customs duties. You can use tools such as dutycalculator.com to figure out the customs. There are a lot of suppliers from Alibaba that have warehouses across the globe. When you choose a manufacturer like them, goods will send to you directly, and you will not have to worry about import duties and customs clearance. 


Route Planning And Optimization

Logistics is the process of analyzing the most efficient route and mode of transportation. There may be multiple routes to transport the delivery of your goods to their final destination. You have to figure out the most economical Alibaba shipping costs to save your money and time. 


Use The Online Shipping Calculator

Typically, it is easy for you to find a shipping calculator online. Depending on your needs and shipment requirements, these tools can evaluate Alibaba shipping costs. Or, you can get a freight shipping quote from us.


Compare Shipping Costs

The usual way to save Alibaba shipping costs is to compare different freight forwarders. Here is a suggestion, don’t choose a freight forwarder with a particularly low price. Their shipping may have some illegal operations, which will bring you many hidden dangers. After the comparison, you should choose a suitable price shipping company.



The Supplyia is responsible for managing all steps of the import process. We are experts on global transportation. Our vast experience makes us capable of delivering goods via air and sea freight, Amazon FBA, DDP shipments, and express cargo. We guarantee you the quickest and most trustworthy procedures to save your Alibaba shipping costs. 

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