How to Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Directly 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Jan 10, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Are you thinking of ways to shipping from China to Amazon FBA?

You have come to the right place because we will answer this question for you. Shipping to Amazon FBA from China is not an extremely difficult task.

However, it is also not as simple as sending your product to a single warehouse of Amazon by asking for your supplier’s help to attach a label of UPS on that product. 


shipping from China to amazon fba




The Easy 3 Steps to Shipping from China to Amazon FBA? 


Below we will outline how to ship direct from China using sea or air shipping.

The easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA is to work with a reputable China freight forwarder or China sourcing agent with experience in Amazon FBA. 



First, in the Seller center, you are supposed to generate your shipment.

If you chose sea freight for your shipment, make sure that your shipment is sent to only one FC. It is suitable for you to use a ship from southern California from your address to increase your shipping to California FC. This is because the distance from China to California FC is the shortest and efficient.



Your factory has 3 important things to do.

Firstly, barcodes need to be applied to each item individually.

Secondly, the cartons need to be labeled to the carton that is a master carton.

Thirdly, on the 4 sides of shipping pallets, labels of pallets need to be applied. 



Arrange with your freight forwarder for door-to-door service from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Wehen the good should be directly shipped to the Amazon FBA from China, you also need to keep in mind that your shipment forwarder is familiar with shipping to Amazon and knows their carriers’ requirements. 


Ensure that freight and the rest of the duties are paid:

The duty that applies to your shipment must be paid for as Amazon will not pay for your products to be accepted. This will not be an issue for you if you consider sending your shipment through the sea because to make your shipment clear, all you need is clearance for customs.

Although you are using air couriers for your shipments such as FedEx and many others, all chargers and duties will be sent to Amazon. This you need to specify that these charges should be for the sender to pay. If the cost of your shipment is under $800, then no duties will be applied. 


By Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping, that means shipment forwarder will handle customs clearance, pay import and export duties, you just need to wait for the goods to be delivered to the FBA warehouse in United States.






Using Direct Shipment to Amazon FBA from China:


shipping from china to amazon fba


  • Your time is saved as the time for direct shipment transit is quicker. On Amazon, your selling process will begin faster if your products reach their warehouse earlier. 
  • The sum of money you would have to pay the middleman will be saved. 



  • You will not be able to ship all your products to one Amazon warehouse location as they ask for products to be shipped at different Amazon warehouses. 
  • The duties that are applied to your shipment need to be paid before they reach the warehouses. 
  • Amazon has standards set for its packaging as well as shipping requirements that need to be met. 



Shipping from China Through a Middleman. 


Direct shipment VS middleman:

Reasons for direct shipment:

  1. Less amount of products and cost less than $800 for shipping. 
  2. Urgent delivery is required.
  3. When direct shipment saves you money. 


Reasons for using a middleman:

  1. Insert a label and also check it when it comes from your supplier. 
  2. Avoids rejection when it is the first experience while using FBA.
  3. It is less expensive as one person does everything.


It is also possible for you to send products to yourself first from China or to a middleman and then be forwarded to the warehouses of Amazon FBA. 



  • The products that you receive from China are in a combined form. 
  • It is on you to freely check if the products meet the standards of Amazon.
  • Your strategies for sales are not disclosed to suppliers that are Chinese. 
  • Your shipment has fewer chances of being rejected by the Amazon FBA. 



  • It will cost you extra money to pay someone who is helping you out. 
  • The process is lengthy; hence it takes more time for the shipment to reach the warehouses. 



shipping from China




5 Simple Ways to Shipping from China:


Amazon Business, which consists of sending shipments to Amazon, is a regular and profitable business strategy. When your supplier sends you products from China, you will take help from the internet to learn how to shipping from China to amazon fba. You will find many lengthy articles that will consume a lot of time and be confusing. However, in this article, we have shortlisted only 5 ways which are the most effective and helpful ones. We have discussed the cost of shipping from China to Amazon FBA and the time taken. 


Shipment is made via express


shipping from China by air

You can use shipping by express to ship your goods to the USA from China. The products that weigh less than 100 kg or their size is less than 0.5 cubic meters can be shipped by express options such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, OR DHL. This way, the product will quickly reach the warehouses of Amazon.


The prices that these courier companies offer are per kg $6-$7. You can calculate the estimated amount that expresses would take. This way, you can conclude whether importing will be profitable for you or not. The prices keep varying and are prone to change during the high seasons and the low ones.

Each option that express provides has a different delivery time and shipping from china to amazon fba cost: that can vary too.

For example, FedEx per kg offers $5.7 to $5.8 for a delivery time of 3 days.  For 7 days delivery time, the cost is $5.8 to $5.9



  • Fast
  • Reliable company
  • Expensive


Time for delivery:

  • 3, 5, and 7 days.



Shipping via air + delivery using express that is local (ANE)


Shipping from China to US by air and express

With products that weigh 100 kg to 400kg, you can ship via air and deliver using a local expression.


Goods will be taken from your distributor’s warehouse by the forwarder and then taken to the airport, where clearance is done subject to customs. After that, the products are taken to the express company and then shipped to FBA.


For both shipment services via air and local delivery with the express, a single forwarder is required. They will handle everything, and you will be told a rate that is fixed. The extra payment will not be required.


Shipping from china to amazon fba cost::

In the West US, the rate is $4.5 to $5.0 per kg

In the East US, the rate is $4.7 to $5.2 per kg.



  • Less expensive than express
  • Fast
  • Includes the duty tax


Time for delivery:

  • 10 days can be taken



shipping via sea + delivery using express that is local (SNE)


Shipping from China to US by sea and express

If you choose to ship via sea, your goods need to weigh between 400 kg to 2000kg, and in size, they should be 2-4 cubic meters. This method is commonly used when you don’t need urgent delivery.


Goods will be taken from your distributor’s warehouse by the forwarder and then prepare for sea shipment, where clearance is done subject to customs. After that, the products are taken to the express company and then shipped to FBA.


You do not need to pay any extra.

For both shipment services via sea and local delivery with the express, a single forwarder is required. They will handle everything, and you will be told a rate that is fixed. The extra payment will not be required.


Shipping from china to amazon fba cost:

  • $1.4 to $1.55 per kg in US West
  • $1.7 to $1.85 per kg in US East



  • Not urgent
  • Price is reasonable
  • Includes tax duty


Time for delivery:

  • After the vessel is sent from the port of China, it takes 20-25 days.


Shipping via sea + delivery using the local truck (SNT)


shipping by sea + delivery with the local truck (SNT)

If you are looking for a cheap price and delivery time is not urgent then your goods that weigh 400 kg to 2000kg with a size of 2-10 cubic meters can be shipped via sea with delivery using a truck that is local.


From the warehouse of the supplier, the man who will forward your shipment will send the products to the country’s seaport with a clearance of customs and then deliver it to the warehouse of Amazon. Tax duty is paid when the products reach the seaport.


Discount is offered on specific warehouses such as warehouses in the US and have a rate of $80.


Shipping from china to amazon fba cost:
  • $138 to $170 for US west
  • $194 to $230 for US east



  • Price is low
  • Delivery time is longer


Time for delivery:

  • 25 to 45 days



shipping of full container via sea + delivery using the local truck (FSNT)


Shipping from China to US full container by sea and express

For large products such as 2000 kg to 4000 kg and 10+cubic meters, US full container shipment from China is best.


A full container will be loaded with your products and then be taken to the seaport for clearance of customs; then a truck that is a local one will be taken to the warehouse of Amazon. Your packaging is also more protected.


Shipping from china to amazon fba cost:

  • 20ft container costs $3464
  • 40ft container costs $3998



  • Costs less
  • Very long time for delivery
  • You can rent a full container


Time for delivery:

  • 25 days to 45 days





Shipping Containers from China to Amazon FBA


Time at which amazon receives the shipment:

Directly sending a container from china to amazon is less time consuming than using a middleman as the latter will take longer time in:

  • Reaching the location of the middleman from the seaport. 
  • Taking the goods down from the container
  • Stacking good onto a pallet and labelling them
  • Time of pickup of carrier and time of transit to FBA

The time of transit can be saved by 3 days to 10 days if you choose to shipping from China to amazon fba directly. 


Preparing shipments takes time:

All you have to do in this online business of yours is to prepare shipments of Amazon. You can just ship your entire products at just one time to Amazon, which would save a lot of time taken for preparing shipments. 


The requirements demanded by Amazon for loads of full containers:

  • All cartons need to be labeled. 
  • Palletizing is not a necessity, but it is recommended by amazon. 
  • Amazon requires you to make an appointment. 


A label for each carton is a requirement when you ship something to amazon. However, labels for pallets are not required when it comes to containers that are floor stacked.


Palletizing your shipment will only make you lose more time because amazon allows floor stacked containers. 


Your carrier needs to approach amazon for an appointment, but you have to wait much longer since there are many appointments in line. Thus, direct shipping is a better option, and it will save your money that gets used up in delays. 


The problems with plenty of warehouses:

Many people think that Amazon has a requirement that makes it necessary for you to send your shipment to many warehouses. Still, there’s nothing to worry about now as they relax the number of warehouses to need to ship to. Now usually, your shipment will be sent to one warehouse, only removing all the confusion. 




How to Ship a Full Container from China to Amazon FBA?


  1. Using the seller center, you are supposed to generate your shipment. 

  2. In your shipment location, you can either put your distributor’s address from china or enter the address of your home. 

  3. You have to select your service for shipping, for example, LTL and others. 

  4. You need to point out the number of your cartons and the products, and the labels need to be printed. These details need to be sent to china to your supplier. 

  5. All your main cartons need to have labels, and that is to be done by your distributor in china. 

  6. Your forwarder will collect your container from china and then arrange for your shipment to be sent to the warehouse of Amazon in the USA. 

  7. To send your shipment to the amazon center where distribution takes place, a form needs to be filled, which will confirm your booking with amazon. You need to put your name on it and the reference number for amazon. The form is very easy to fill out. Amazon does not easily give out appointments, which is the most common problem faced while shipping. The forwarder has the responsibility to book an appointment, but for each day you don’t one, the charges you will have to face are 100$ for each day. 

  8. When your freight forwarder is given the information of your shipment, they also require the Id for amazon’s tax as they have to be listed as the final consignee. The freight forwarder can send an email on amazon’s ID and then collect the ID for tax. Amazon does allow customs brokers to write them down as your final consignee. 



Making your containers palletized with carriers that are partnered is a hybrid approach:

Using the hybrid method, you can experiment by letting your supplier from china palletize your goods and then put labels on the shipments and send them to amazon with a carrier that is partnered with you right at that moment or tends to do so in the coming time. 


There are pros for this: 

  • Carriers who can be partnered can be used. 
  • You can easily have a look at your shipment and inspect it. 
  • There is no cost for labeling the shipments.
  • Storage fees can be avoided when your shipment is delayed yourself, and your forwarder will not have to wait for an appointment anymore. 
  • You are allowed to ship your consignment to many warehouses of Amazon. 


The cost of 3PL is reduced when you palletize all your shipments meaning that you will not be charged more money for the palletized shipments. Moreover, you will not have to face any issues if your shipment is sent to many amazon warehouses as carriers that you have partnered with can be used.

Instead of paying extra money for amazon storage, you just simple store your pallets at the 3PL. The amount of money that amazon charges for storage are way more than it would cost you at 3PLs.

So far, there have been zero restrictions based on when your shipment needs to arrive at the warehouse after you have created your shipment at the seller center. We mean by this that if shipments are created at the start of the year, they can be sent by the end of last year. 





We hope that we have answered all your questions and addressed your queries regarding both direct shipment and a middleman’s use. We have also discussed in depth the advantages and disadvantages of both. Hence, you can easily choose which one will suit you better. 

We would love to know your feedback and experience if you have ever shipping from China to Amazon fba directly. Do tell us which option you chose and if you think it was the right decision or not.

Working with a reputable is the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA directly.



Shipping from China to amazon FBA FAQ:


Can I ship directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

While ordering from Alibaba direct shipment can be used initially, if there is no quality check and quality control, there is a very high chance that you are taking a risk and could have a bad outcome. 


How do I ship from China FBA to Amazon UK?

This is not a difficult task as you can easily use direct shipment to send your goods to Amazon in the UK from your provider in china. All you have to do is ask your provider to put the labels on the cartons of FBA. Your cartons will be palletized and also sent to the UK. You can book your slot available for delivery on Amazon, and they will be shipped directly to amazon. 


How do I ship directly from China to Amazon?

The most reliable method to use for direct shipment to a warehouse of Amazon is by taking help from a shipment forwarder. If you do not want to rely on them, you can ship via air directly to yourself first and then to FBA. 

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