What Are the Potential OEM Risks?

Oct 17, 2022 Chapter 2. Supplier

Before start your OEM service, you have to master the potential OEM risk price

From the previous guide on OEM VS ODM and CM suppliers, it’s clear that OEM suppliers subsidize product development costs.  Buyers end up paying development costs, but this pays off in the product unit costs.

This article explains why this is OEM risk for buyers. Read on to find out more!


oem risk


All products have to pass through two phases, i.e., product development and production phases


There are several activities in each phase. These activities are illustrated in this diagram.


OEM product development/production phases


The Meaning Of These Dissimilarities


  • When a new product is under the early stages of development, this is a discovery phase.


Here product design and manufacturing processes are involved. In most cases, this works if the product is uniquely new.

In case the product has some similarities with other products, there are fewer discoveries because the product doesn’t need extra features in its design.  When buyers pay for the services by hiring designers or engineers, some tradeoffs will be involved; hence they can make accurate decisions.

When the manufacturer is the decision-maker, their incentive is to start the production process a.s.a.p. the reason for starting the production process faster than usual is to attain money and keeping a product in its simplest form. That way, the managerial and production team can reduce headaches involved in the production process.


  • After the product matures, it is considered to be ready for mass production.


 Here the dynamic process changes! Here is a simple model:


The unit price of production=handling costs+ material costs+ export costs+ manufacturing costs


When the supplier has financed a part of the product development, a certain amount will be added to each quantity’s Price. It may be transparent at times, and the buyer can predict the amount to pay after the extra charges on each unit. In instances where there isn’t transparency, it allows out of control price increments.

Buyers get visibility in the cost structure even if the suppliers cannot know about future order quantities.




How OEM suppliers differentiate the phases

Many suppliers say they will absorb a part of the tooling costs and a high unit price. Buyers ensure that the total expenses are workable for product sales, and they take the offer from suppliers.

The incentive of many suppliers is to get done with the development process quickly. This causes production issues, but there are many reasons why suppliers don’t worry about such matters. In many cases, a supplier may be intending to ship defective products to the client, or the supplier is over-enthusiastic, among others.

However, this incident occurs in rare cases. In many instances, the manufacturers will deliver great products. These negative instances occur several; hence, it’s the buyer’s duty to look out for these patterns.



Potential Price of OEM Risks 

The big question is what to do if your supplier offers you low-quality goods. Some suppliers place high prices for low-quality goods. Ownership of goods needs a legal contract; hence you can only pull the tooling with the enforceable contract. In international supply chains, ownership of goods is only evident if legal documents show the enforceable contract.




The result of Advanced work is low production costs and low-risk products

Before products get into the production sector 80% of the Price will already be set. Due to this factor, process engineering and product design are essential.

Advantages of good product development include;


    • Ease of conducting the assembling process
    • You get the best professional suppliers and on-time delivery.
    • You can efficiently conduct a price risk of OEM analysis.
    • There will be an ease of detecting and addressing issues concerning the products.
    • The follow-up processes will be better and more accessible.
    • Well- trained operators.


You can get these benefits only if you antedate large volumes of products. If your OEM supplier does this, there will be low chances of reducing the price risks of OEM producing goods. You can start your OEM or ODM service after you understand how to choose OEM service.

As a business person targeting a specific market with high-risk levels, you can skip some steps and keep the development process simple. In this case,  There are some Potential Price Risks of OEM. So product sourcing company  is the best fit if you are looking for OEM suppliers in China.


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