What is the Best Way to Find a China Dropshippers?

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China Dropshippers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Its unique nature allows people to start a business without much initial investment or overhead.

But, many entrepreneurs will have some confusion when starting a dropshipping e-commerce journey:


How does one find a dropshipper for an e-commerce business?
Is it better to find a dropshipping supplier in the USA or China?
Will a manufacturer or a distributor be willing to work with a startup?
How does one fulfill drop shipping orders?


In this article, we will discuss all the knowledge that the drop shippers need to know about selecting the best model of China dropshippers. Before we browse the list of ideas for the most profitable products, we’ll discuss what is Dropshipper first.




Old (traditional) Generation China Dropshippers Model

10 years ago, Dropshipping is an innovative retail business model that involves selling products without stocks. For the model to be successful, retailers must find China dropshippers who are willing and able to fulfill the orders. This business model is so attractive because retailers don’t have much overhead. They don’t have to keep any inventory and also can do business with the right capital.

China Dropshippers


What are the advantages of dropship from China?

Because China is the world’s largest exporter, I believe that good China dropshippers can provide many advantages.

• Product category/production

Thanks to companies like Alibaba, China has established a mature e-commerce market. According to data from Grand View Research (via P.R. Newswire), with the help of suppliers in China and around the world, by 2025, the total dropshipping market will reach 557.9 billion U.S. dollars.

• Potential cost savings

Compared with prices in the United States and Europe, you may also see price advantages for many products, although they have been shrinking recently. I bet you have not heard of many suppliers from the U.S. or Europe buying products in China and then shipping them to distributors. 

•Multiple transportation methods

There are many full-time shipping companies that provide a vary shipping method.

In China, Choosing a reliable transportation method ensures that the final target customers can receive their orders on time without submitting any complaints, bringing higher customer loyalty.

•Dropshipping shipping costs

Knowing the average shipping cost for each order will help you understand How to set the price and get a reasonable profit. With the development of shipping services, more and more dropshipping shipping ways have begun to emerge. Many Chinese shipping companies provide sellers with a variety of competitive shipping methods. It usually costs 5~7 US dollars to get your customers to receive the goods in about 7-10 days. (You also can contact us to get the latest price)





What are the disadvantages of dropshipping in China?

There are also some cons find China Dropshippers.


• Intense competition

Your Chinese supplier may sell the same product to many dropshippers. As a result, your competition is fierce.

• Infringement issues

Suppliers may be less affected by manufacturing infringing products or may not even know the theory of product infringement. However, these products will undoubtedly significantly impact your business and even make it bankrupt. So when choosing products, pay special attention.

• Long shipping time

The distance from China to the United States or Europe is very long, so that shipping time may be a problem for many transport ships. In addition, some uncontrollable factors may also appear; for example, natural disasters and customs inspections are possible. These factors may cause delays in delivery.

• Communication problems

Although Chinese products usually have some price advantages, there is also a potential cost: communication costs.




SUPPLYIA – New Generation China Dropshippers Model

With the development of the times, more and more dropshipping sellers realize that they should avoid the traditional model to achieve tremendous success. In order to increase your competitiveness, we provide an ODM/OEM service at no extra cost. That means buyers can design or source certain products; for example, they can change the item’s color, add a unique logo to their products, or customize packaging… All of this will help you to create your own unique brands.

The new generation China dropshippers model has the following benefits:

1. Avoid fierce competition

2. Avoid infringement

3. Your competitors don’t know the source of the supply

4. Possible To Build Your Own Brand


new Generation China Dropshippers Model




Top 20 China Dropshippers List

If you have heard the term “Never put all your eggs in the same basket”, then you should know more about dropshipping suppliers in China to ensure the stability of your business. Below are the most Chinese dropshipping suppliers.


1. Aliexpress

2. Alibaba

Alibaba vs Aliexpress dropshipping

The product you decide to sell determines which market is more suitable for dropshipping. If you want to wholesale or customize white label products, Alibaba is a better choice. If you want to ship off-the-shelf products without a minimum order quantity, AliExpress may be more suitable for you.

3. DHgate

Dhgate dropshipping reviews:

We have heard too much negative information on the Internet about DHgate. But it is still a good starting point as your dropshipping business. Product review is one of the best ways to attract new users. So, you need to do a good job of reviewing products with sellers.

4. Shein dropshipping

Yes, you can dropship from SHEIN; However, you are not allowed to use any product images. This means that if you want to dropship goods from SHEIN legally (and avoid getting into trouble when they find your store), you must take pictures of your products. It’s also a good idea to send a message to the supplier before dropshipping the goods. So give them a note and they will tell you what you can and cannot do.

5. Banggood

6. Chinabrands

7. Nichedropshipping

8. DealeXtreme

9. Sourcingmap

10. Lightinthebox

11. Tinydeal

12. QuarkSCM

13. CJDropshipping

14. Made in China

15. Global Sources

16. Dropshipchinapro

17. Oberlo

18. Lansilglobal

19. PandaHall

20. QuarkScm

21. Supplyiasourcing (OEM/ODM dropshipping service)


Supplyia is China’s leading dropshipping sourcing agent located in Yiwu, one of China’s most popular trading cities. Since 2015, we have assisted many small and medium-sized enterprises or new importers in purchasing high-quality products at competitive prices from China. 

We will help you in every importing stage from China, from finding reliable suppliers to arranging shipments and Dropshipping services is also available. We will charge you a specific fee, including all costs for completing the task and packaging.




How to Choose the Best China Dropshippers’ Products

With so many different products to choose from and the markets that are likely to serve, choosing the best product for sale seems overwhelming.

To make it successful, you need to choose the product that consumers want or need. It’s an effective way for some sellers to focus on the products they love. However, most start-ups need to make money. 

So, there are several ways you can choose what you want to sell. Let’s look at the different methods to select the best dropshipping product.


Fix the problem

The best products can solve the problem. Identify problems and do some product research to see which solutions are currently available. Continue with the market research to know who you are going to sell.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so choose one of the products, brand it, market it and sell it.


Look for needs

Make sure you choose products that are in high demand. You can identify product requirements by researching and analyzing data for specific industries. You can get help to resolve this issue with a demand forecasting expert or use a digital tool.

Some of the best demand planning software options include Logility Demand, Infor Demand Planning, Oracle Demand, Kinaxis Rapid Response, and SAP Advanced planning.


Look at the trends

Another way to determine whether a product is worth selling is to focus on trends. See how long the product has been popular and consider the future of the product.

It’s about fashion making money. But choosing a product that requires consistency will help you ensure consistent long-term results. Neither option is right or wrong in nature. It all depends on your preferences.


Consider quality

You’ll want to make sure you choose the high-quality products you want to sell. Of course, not every item must have luxurious quality, but you must select something worth collecting.

Ordering some different products to understand their quality will help you decide which supplier to choose.




How to Approach Suppliers for Dropshipping in your country

Although it is super simple to buy products wholesale, asking the supplier to do drop shipping for you is another matter.


This is because when you buy wholesale, the transaction is simple. You pay the seller, and the seller will send the goods to you.

But when it comes to drop shipping, you are essentially seeking partners, not buying products in bulk. Your supplier will fulfill each of your orders.

In addition, you must work closely with them to ensure that the packaging and inserts show your brand and not theirs.

In short, the commitment that a dropship supplier must make is far greater than a simple wholesale arrangement.


Dropshipping suppliers requirements

Therefore, before contacting the dropship supplier, you must be fully prepared because you must make people feel that you are a legitimate business owner.

Not only you have to have your seller’s license, but you also need to prepare a professional website in advance.

And many more? How can I build a website before I have nothing to sell?

Just because you have a website does not mean it has to accept transactions. Just because you have a website does not mean it needs to be fully functional.

If I look for a dropship supplier, I will use Shopify or Open Cart to build a fast and simple website, using stock product images to make it look like a real store.

Remember: You are asking your dropship supplier to become a partner. Unless you can prove that you have a plan to promote sales, they will not be willing to work with you.

Is a professional website necessary now?

Do not!

But having a good-looking website can convince suppliers that you are worth their time. The choice is yours.


Evaluate Your Dropshipper Suppliers

You also need to conduct your own due diligence once you show your dropship supplier that you are a serious buyer.


Here are some questions to ask the dropshipping suppliers:

Do you have to pay a delivery fee?-Usually, the dropship supplier will charge a fee for each order to be completed.

Once an order is placed, how long does it take to ship the product?-Customer service is the main focus of dropshipping

How to place an order? (phone, fax, email, promotional video)

Do you support EDI? EDI is a way to get real-time inventory data from your suppliers to don’t sell out-of-stock items.

How to track orders? -Will they send shipping and tracking information to customers?

Can you write my company name and logo on the packaging?-It is important to apply your brand name to the package.


Note: If you are looking for a good place to find dropship suppliers, worldwide brands can save you time by classifying and categorizing suppliers in a large database for you.




China Dropshippers General Questions

How can I Dropship Items from China with a Fast Shipping Time?

Aliexpress can only provide an e-packet with a fast delivery time. This will be different, you usually need 20 to 40 days to deliver. If you want to speed up the delivery time, then you need to be a little more creative. This is more work, but it is well worth it.

Is dropshipping really worth it?

If you want to earn a fair income by starting your side business, dropshipping is definitely worth it. However, if you want to make a lot of money in a short period of time, dropshipping is not worth it. In order for dropshipping to run successfully, you must invest time, money, and energy.




30 Hottest Chinese Top Dropshipping Products (example)

Now that you know how to choose the best dropshipping product for sale, it’s time to look at the different products used to build a successful dropshipping business.

Using data from Amazon, Shopify, Salehoo, and Google Trends, we compiled a list of trending best Chinese dropshipping products for 2022. Let’s review the ideas of the 30 best products for dropshipping.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment has become increasingly important since the 2020 pandemic. Masks have been used in many parts of the world since last March.

Today, masks are more readily available, and consumers can choose the style, color, material, etc. of the mask. Masks and other personal protective equipment may be nearby as long as the epidemic persists, so demand for these items will continue for some time.

2. Skincare products

In the past few years, skincare has become more and more popular. Users use regular skin care procedures, and some products are particularly popular. Some of the top skincare products include jade rollers, acne stickers, vitamin C serum and anti-aging creams.

3. Sleep aid

The past year has been stressful for many people. Stress can cause sleep quality and exhaustion.

Sleep supplements, especially sleep fudge, have always been popular. Consumers often choose these things for a certain quality of sleep.

Sleep blindfolds have also become a popular way for people to seek more sleep.

4. Sports and leisure clothing and casual wear

As many jobs become out of reach and people spend more time at home, comfort has become key. Since many people stop going out, their normal clothing expenditure is spent on sports and leisure clothing and casual wear, rather than “out” wearing.

Sales of comfortable clothing such as sportswear, sportswear, sweatshirts, leggings, underwear, and sports bras have all increased.

These items are easily trademarked. If you can find a customized helicopter vendor, you can add logos or other style elements to make your own clothing.

5. Watch

Watches are very popular accessories, especially smartwatches. Smartwatch connects to your phone and allows you to access different apps and programs. One popular feature of smartwatches is fitness tracking.

Wooden watches retail for between $30 and $300, so you can offer a similar product.

6. Small kitchen utensils

Small kitchen utensils have become increasingly popular since people started eating and cooking. Small blenders, electric kettles, wine fridges, and rice cookers sell well.

7. Tea tree oil

In the past few years, tea tree oil has become a popular product for natural beauty lovers. Tea tree oil is an essential oil from a thousand layers of trees that can be used for hair care and skincare. It has a good moisturizing effect, but is also known as a natural lice preventer.

8. Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is another excellent direct sales product for 2021. In addition to fitness clothing such as sportswear and leggings, fitness equipment such as yoga mats, fitness trackers, and resistance bands is also popular.

Fitness is not an outdated business, so selling fitness equipment is definitely a long-term business.

9. Bags

Sales of bags, especially backpacks and handbags, are on the rise. Backpacks are both practical and stylish. The backpack trend may fade away, but it will continue to make it function.

10. Pet supplies

Pet supplies are another product suitable for building sustainable businesses. Especially recently, dog beds have become more and more popular.

Another interesting way to be cautious that has always been popular is a dog toothbrush. Dog toothbrushes may be a popular product and may not be popular for long, but dog beds are a safer option.

11. Furniture

As people spend more time at home, many have shifted their spending to improve their space. As a result of this person working from home, home office furniture has become increasingly popular. Bedside and LED lights are also popular.

While this growth may not last in the long term, the furniture style is constantly evolving, which means there will always be some industry demand.

12. Home decoration

Home decoration is another part of the evolving home products. Blankets, pillows, curtains, doormats, and soap dishes are the hottest items and plain-striped fine cloth blankets are particularly popular.

Home decoration trends may follow the same pattern as furniture sales.

13. Tea and matcha

With the spread of the virus, people become more health-conscious. Tea and matcha are two health products that have been selling well.

Buying tea in bulk is relatively cheap, but it can be sold at a much higher price if it is trademarked. On the other hand, Matcha is more expensive, but it is becoming more and more popular as a “superfood”. Superfoods are in the market segment.

In addition to different teas, tea makers are now also in demand.

14. Automotive-related products

Recently, some automotive-related products have been selling well. These tools include ceramic coatings, sleeve wrenches, digital tire pressure, and portable power stations.

These products are slightly different from the other products we mentioned because they are likely to be purchased by businesses. However, since these things do not necessarily require a large purchase, they should be shipped directly without any problems.

15. Headphones

Bluetooth headsets have become increasingly popular in the market over the past year or so. After Apple launched AirPods, dozens of companies offered to dup for a fraction of the price.

As more advanced alternatives continue to evolve, it is likely that the product will continue to be popular.

16. Beard care

Over the past year, locking has given people a chance to look at themselves. Many men keep their beards. As a result, beard care products, particularly beard oil, have been growing.

17. Baby supplies

More babies are born every day, which means there are always new parents. Therefore, baby and children’s products are always needed. As the product continues to evolve, the list of most popular baby products changes.

Baby carriers are currently a popular product. This is a good product that can do business, especially since “baby clothing” is a growing hundred. Baby carriers are a great solution for parents and caregivers who need multitasking.

18. Mobile phone accessories

The popularity of smartphone accessories has increased. In particular, sales of ring lights, portable green screens, tripods, telephone lenses, and other accessories related to creative content have been active. This coincides with the increase in content creation on your messaging applications such as TikTok.

These tools are also useful for improving the quality of presentations for video chat and other work or school-related projects.

USB charging docks are also in vogue. These may be good products for sale in the coming years, but as USB-C becomes standard, the current model may decline.

19. Smoking equipment

As people become more aware of smoking accessories, there is eCigarettes and Vape rigs have become popular.

One thing to note is that some countries, including the United States, impose restrictions on these products. However, if you can meet these requirements, they are definitely a viable dropshipping option. Or you can cooperate with wholesale head shop supply to buy bulk inventory. 

20. Game accessories

Video and computer games are popular hobbies all over the world. Sales of game equipment and accessories are now very good. Some examples of these products include game monitors, game mouse pads, game headsets, and ergonomic chairs.

21. Massager

As we mentioned, time is tough for many people, so stress levels have been at record levels. Stress causes pressure to build up in the muscles, leading to physical pain.

Now, the sale of massage guns is particularly good, can solve this widespread problem. 

It is not clear whether this product is a current or long-term trend.

22. Printed socks

Printed socks are a trendy novelty. As a seller, this is a product with many possibilities because there are many styles available for sale and can be sold to the market.

You can buy pre-printed socks or customize your own. You can sell special socks to different groups. Printed socks may end up out of fashion, but they’re definitely popular now.

23. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a product that may last forever. In some areas, sunglasses are a more seasonal commodity, but they are sure to be sold every year when the sunny summer comes.

Despite the long-term demand for the product, sunglasses are both practical and stylish. The fashionable nature of sunglasses has led to the development of popular styles. Regular evolution will lead to more demand, making it a good dropshipping option.

24. Home hardware

Home hardware sales have been growing as people continue to work with their families. Ceiling fans and safety systems are the two best sellers.

“Smart” hardware, including smart lights, smart plugs and smart locks, is also popular. These will likely continue to be popular as people invest more in “smart” home systems to automate and surround digital homes. This means that there will continue to be opportunities to sell “smart” hardware in the future.

25. Dandruff shampoo

Crumbs can be embarrassing, and many are troubled by it. This is a problem where you can sell solutions.

Dandruff shampoo is certainly the solution to this problem for people. You can buy dandruff products in bulk and package and distribute them under your own brand name. As long as you can find a reliable product, you will need to find success with this type of product.

26. Calligraphy pen

In the past year, people have picked up more unique hobbies. The increase in sales of calligraphy pens shows that calligraphy.

Due to the nature of the product, it is safe to assume that calligraphy is the current trend for couriers to make money quickly. However, it was not clear how long the trend would last.

27. Hawaiian four-string piano

The increase in sales of Yukriqin suggests that learning this instrument maybe another hobby associated with pandemic boredom. The sustainability of doing business around this product will same with a calligraphy pen.

28. RFID wallet

RFID is an abbreviation for “radio frequency identification”. It refers to the credit card feature, which can be paid by clicking on the credit card on the card reader.

Because credit cards can be used by tapping instead of swiping or chip insertion, they can be recharged with a wallet. RFID wallets were created to protect people from these crimes.

People are using credit cards with RFID payments, so demand for these wallets is growing.

29. Toothbrush

Dental care is another trend this year. Sales of bamboo toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and interdental toothbrushes are all growing.

Bamboo toothbrushes have become a popular alternative to plastic toothbrushes used by most people. Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than plastic, so earth-sensitive people are the target audience for such toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes and interdental brushes, on the other hand, are options for deeper teeth cleaning.

30. Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular because they are cheaper than flowers. People are buying them for home decoration, activities, art projects, etc.

You can sell many kinds of artificial flowers, so you can choose one to do dropshipping business.




Find a China Dropshipper Conclusion

Once you find the best dropshipping products to sell, you have to test for a period of time to see their market performance. What is the Best Way to Find a China Dropshippers?

Instead of paying the monthly fee and still not getting a proper delivery time, I suggest making your own e-commerce site and purchasing wholesale dropshipping products in our warehouse and then helping you distribute orders worldwide.

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