Is Shein Legit: Can I Buy Wholesale from Shein?

Jan 01, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

What is Shein?

Shein is a leading global fast-fashion retailer headquartered in China. It offers a wide range of affordable clothing, accessories, and home goods for women, men, children, and pets. The company’s motto, “Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion,” reflects its mission to make stylish and trendy apparel accessible to everyone.

Shein’s success can be attributed to its combination of low prices, trendy styles, and extensive global reach. With over 220 countries and regions served, Shein has become a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers worldwide.

The company’s unique approach to inventory management, which limits the number of each style produced, helps to keep costs down and reduces the amount of waste generated. Shein also maintains a strong online presence, with both a desktop and mobile e-commerce platform that has attracted millions of users.

Shein’s rapid growth has been accompanied by a growing emphasis on community engagement. The company actively interacts with its customers on social media and has incorporated various features into its app to foster loyalty and engagement.





My Personal Experience with Shein

I’ve been ordering from Shein for over eight years and have had a mixed bag of experiences. There have been items that I absolutely loved, such as an oversized knit cardigan that’s still going strong in my closet, as well as some disappointments, like a dress that looked nothing like the pictures.

Overall, I find Shein to be a hit-or-miss experience. However, I’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped me increase my chances of finding great items.

Here are My Top Tips for Shopping on Shein:

    1. Read the reviews: Shein’s reviews are a goldmine of information. Pay attention to comments about sizing, quality, material, and color.
    2. Go for trendy pieces, not classics: Shein is not the best place for classic wardrobe staples. However, it’s a great place to experiment with trendy styles without breaking the bank.
    3. Stick to the Shein sizing measurements: Shein’s sizing can be inconsistent, so it’s important to rely on the sizing measurements provided rather than your usual size.
    4. Be ready to steam and hang dry: Out of the package, Shein items can be wrinkled and not look their best. Steam or iron them to improve their appearance.
    5. Avoid shoes and bags: Shein’s shoes and bags are generally not well-made and may not hold up to wear and tear.


What to Buy from Shein:

I’ve had the most success with Shein clothes, especially blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, trendy items, and items where fit is not as important. Shein’s swimsuits and maternity clothing are also decent options.


Is Shein Safe?

Yes, Shein is a reputable and well-established company with a secure checkout process. They have a history of processing refunds and replacements for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases.

Overall, Shein can be a great source of affordable and trendy fashion. However, it’s important to be aware of its limitations and to shop with caution.




Can I Buy Wholesale from Shein:

Yes, you can also contact Shein wholesalers or suppliers. Shein wholesale supplier is the manufacturing base. You can order in bulk based on design, style, size, label and other parameters. From design to final packaging, the entire processing is completed by the supplier.





How to Find Good Suppliers on Shein?

The key to finding great projects on Shein is to review the comments under individual projects carefully. We recommend carefully reviewing the photos submitted by users to see if these clothes are suitable for people of different body types, because many buyers find that the size chart is a bit biased.

Viewing comments and pictures can make you better feel the quality of the product. Some Shein products are very good and some are very poor, so third-party reviews will understand you better.

Just like most other e-commerce platforms, shoppers can add products to their “shopping bag” at any time. Once shoppers are ready to checkout, they can view their shopping bags and then enter the secure checkout portal.

At checkout, shoppers can add a shipping address and choose their shipping method. Standard shipping takes about two weeks and the price is US$3.99, while express shipping takes about two weeks and the price is US$12.90. The website often provides transactions, and when the buyer meets the minimum order value, free shipping is possible.

Consumers can also choose to pay a shipping guarantee of US$0.99. This “insurance” protects your order, so all items will be returned if the package is lost or damaged. So we can say that Shein is legit to buy from.

After selecting the shipping option, the shopper must choose a payment method. Shein accepts payment methods including PayPal, Google Pay, credit and debit cards. Customers can also choose to use Klarna or Afterpay to divide the total amount into four interest-free payments.

Once the order arrives, buyers can leave reviews for their products to earn points. They can redeem these points for discounts on future purchases.

Another notable aspect of buying Shein is that when the buyer places the first order, the company offers a 10% discount.




How is the Quality of Shein?

As a satisfied Shein customer for the past year, I’ve made frequent purchases, averaging about $1200 worth of clothes every month or two. Shein stands out for its remarkable selection of fashionable and cute plus-sized clothing.

I’ve never encountered any order-related issues and feel confident taking a chance on items I might otherwise overlook due to the effortless return process. While Shein doesn’t refund jewelry, I once received a broken necklace costing around $1.50. I simply ordered another one, which arrived in good condition.

Regarding quality, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the value for money. However, I carefully scrutinize reviews, particularly those accompanied by photos of actual wearers. Sizing can be erratic, so it’s crucial to refer to the sizing charts meticulously. The quality is comparable to that found at Target or Kohl’s, with some fasteners appearing slightly flimsy, but the fabrics have been generally satisfactory. Their workout pants and shorts with pockets have become wardrobe essentials.


But, all those is my personal experience. For some Shein’s bad review, you can read more from here:




Shein Alternatives: can be considered a Shein alternative, but with some key differences.


Here’s a quick rundown: vs Shein Similarities:

  • Both offer trendy and affordable clothing, accessories, and other products from China.
  • They cater to a young, fashion-forward audience.



  • Target Market: Shein is geared towards international consumers, while is primarily a B2B platform for businesses in China.
  • Payment: Shein offers a variety of international payment options, while has limitations for direct international payments. Third-party services are recommended.
  • Language: Shein’s interface is available in multiple languages, while is mainly in Chinese.
  • Minimum Quantities: often has minimum order quantities (MOQs) set by suppliers, whereas Shein allows you to buy single items.


In short: If you’re a business looking to source products from China in bulk, could be a good option. For individual consumers, Shein is the more user-friendly choice.



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