How to Do Effective Amazon Product Sourcing before Create an Amazon Product Description?

Feb 19, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Are you ready to boost your profits and expand your Amazon business? Wholesaling Amazon product sourcing might be the perfect solution! This guide will empower you to navigate the process, from finding trusted suppliers to listing and selling successfully.



What is Amazon Product Sourcing?

Amazon product sourcing refers to the process of finding and acquiring products to sell on the Amazon marketplace. It involves identifying reliable suppliers, negotiating terms and pricing, and ultimately selecting profitable products that align with your business goals and target market.



Amazon Product Sourcing Hiring: 

When it comes to Amazon product sourcing hiring, there are one main angles to consider: Hiring someone to source products for your Amazon business:

  • Roles: You can hire dedicated product sourcing specialists, virtual assistants, or agencies specializing in Amazon product sourcing.
  • Skills: Look for individuals with experience in e-commerce, product research, negotiation, supplier management, and quality control. Familiarity with Amazon’s policies and sourcing best practices is crucial.
  • Platforms: Several online platforms connect sellers with freelance or agency sourcing services.
  • Considerations: Cost, expertise, communication style, and alignment with your specific needs are essential factors to evaluate.






How to Source Products to Sell on Amazon?

1. Choose Your Niche:

  • Start with what you’re passionate about or explore trending categories on Amazon.
  • Use tools like Product Opportunity Explorer to uncover hidden gems.

2. Find and Verify Suppliers:

  • Attend trade shows, network, or leverage online directories.
  • Prioritize established companies with positive reviews and a proven track record.
  • Verify authenticity, especially for branded products, and ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.


Where to Source Products to Sell on Amazon?

Here is a detailed introduction to Amazon suppliers in various countries around the world. You can view the details in this text.

How to Find Best Amazon FBA Suppliers of US, UK, CN?


3. Secure Your Purchase:

  • Negotiate prices and minimum order quantities (MOQs).
  • Request samples to assess quality and build trust with the supplier.
  • Obtain invoices for documentation and potential product approval.

4. List and Price Smartly:

  • Match existing listings for established products or create new ones for unique offerings.
  • Utilize listing tools for bulk uploads and efficient product details management.
  • Set competitive prices factoring in purchase costs, selling fees, and desired profit margin.


5. Fulfill with Confidence:

  • Choose the fulfillment method that suits your business:
    FBA: Leverage Amazon’s logistics network for seamless order fulfillment.
  • Dropshipping: Streamline order processing but prioritize suppliers compliant with Amazon’s policy.
  • Merchant-Fulfilled Shipping: Maintain control over inventory and manage fulfillment yourself.


Bonus Tips:

Start small: Test the waters with manageable quantities before scaling up.
Build relationships: Foster long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers.
Stay compliant: Regularly review and adhere to Amazon’s policies and product restrictions.
Ready to succeed? Embark on your wholesale journey with these insights and watch your Amazon business thrive!




How Do You Write a Perfect Description for Amazon Products?

So, below are some points that can help you write a persuasive product description on Amazon.

Knowing Your Audience

Before start writing your description, the first thing is to get proper knowledge about your target audience. By knowing your target audience, you will be able to understand their problems, and then your products can help them.

For instance, let’s say you are selling camping tents; your target audience will be travelers. You have to target travelers and get information about:

  • What problems do they face while camping?
  • When camping in cold areas, do they feel cold?
  • Did they don’t have much space to put a big tent in their buggy?

All these factors are important, and these are the ticket for you to sell your item. If your camping tent has all the solutions for the above problems, then you can write a description, where you can define its features in terms of benefits. 

This can attract customers’ attention and persuade them to buy your products on Amazon. 


Writing the Product Description

Now that you have gained knowledge about the audience, it’s time to start writing the product description.

In a product description, there are several different things that you have to keep in mind. For instance, your Amazon product description should not be fully in plain text format, as it can have a terrible impact on customers’ eyes. So, in that case, you can use bullet points or change formatting in your description. This can make your description clear and give it an aesthetic look.

Besides, in writing your Amazon product description, you have to avoid complicated wording, as it will not be good when someone reads it. You have to write a readable description, which your target consumers can easily understand. 

Let’s make this understandable with a simple example. Suppose you are selling coloured pencil boxes for students on Amazon. 

However, in the description, you use some complicated words that only a person with a high readability level can understand. So, when a student does not understand the description, it will lead them to move forward to look for another store. And this can lead to low sales or no sales.

Apart from a long product description and detail, every eCommerce website has a short description as well which normally appears just below the title on the left or right of the product images (if you are viewing the website on a PC, laptop or tablet). This short description must be catchy and must be so powerfully written that it may describe all the features the product offers.

Most of the time product description is longer than 1000 words and giving all that information in 50 words short product description is not easy. You need to be very skillful or need to hire a very professional writer for the task. This can easily be done if you use an online summarizer tool. An online summarizer tool is normally powered up with AI algorithms like NLP and ML. Such a tool scans the whole description and gives your summary i.e. short description of the desired length in just a few seconds.


Describe Key Features in Terms of Benefits

If you remember, in the above headings, we have mentioned that you have to discuss the key features of your product in terms of benefits. If you are wondering what will be the benefit of this, then let us explain to you.

Some newly started Amazon stores only focus on explaining the product’s features in the description, but it’s not a good activity. This can harm the consumers because they are in your store to know how a specific product can benefit them.

So, instead of explaining only the features of products, you should write the description to let the customers know how the product can benefit them. 

However, we are not saying you shouldn’t discuss the features of the product in the description. But, instead of only discussing them as “features,” you should explain to them how each feature can benefit them. Let’s understand this with an example. 

An e-commerce store on Amazon is selling Cordless Electric Scissors, and if you study its product description, you will see, that it has explicated each feature in terms of how it can advantage customers. For instance, this product provides a battery indicator. 

So, instead of discussing it like “lighting battery indicator,” it has explained it by saying, “Power level monitor on the Zip Snip lets you make sure that you’ll have enough charge for the job at hand.”

So, when you describe product features in terms of how they can benefit consumers, they will be convinced to buy, growing your online sales.


Using Keywords Effectively

If you know about SEO, then you will know that keywords are an integral part of it, as they help to rank specific content on Google. Besides, a keyword is the one that customers use when they are looking for a certain product. 

For instance, if a person wants to buy wholesale from China, they will search for terms like “wholesale products from China” or “cheap products from China.”

The likelihood of your website ranking higher will rise if you use the best keywords in your description that are related to the goods your online business sells. Using relevant keywords in the description will increase ranking and convey to clients that the product is just what they need.

However, you must avoid using too many keywords in the description (no matter how relevant or high-traffic keywords they may be). If you do this, Google will consider it as keyword stuffing, which is not good for ranking. 

Furthermore, your Amazon product description will become dull and bland by keyword stuffing.





Supplyia Amazon Product Sourcing Hiring Service Conclusion:

Supplyia is a company that can help you with both aspects of Amazon product sourcing hiring: finding someone to source products for your Amazon business and getting hired for an Amazon product sourcing role.

If you’re looking for help with Amazon product sourcing, Supplyia is a great option to consider. They have a team of experienced professionals who can help you find profitable products and get hired for Amazon product sourcing roles.

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