20 Best Global Product Sourcing Companies for New Products Idea

Jun 19, 2023 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Product sourcing companies and agents work hard to provide their customers with the best prices on any product they need and to meet quality standards. They ensure that the factory or supplier can produce and deliver the product in a timely manner.


What Does a Product Sourcing Company Do?

Product sourcing companies or sourcing agents help companies find products and sources of supply with certain qualities or attributes at a low cost. Some may represent a few selected factories or serve multiple companies. For example, at supplyia, we do not have exclusive contracts, but rather find the best factory for a company.


  • Knowledge of multiple languages (including any local languages) as well as local business customs and norms is essential.
  • The sourcing company or agent should have good business skills and the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • The sourcing company should have a long-term, stable, and valuable contract and relationship with the supplier. Both parties should be happy to work with a good sourcing company. At Supplyia, we take pride in building such relationships.



What is a Good Product Sourcing Company?

A good product sourcing company evaluates the needs of its customers and finds the factories and suppliers that will best meet their needs, resulting in purchase orders.


Companies and individuals want sourcing companies or agents to find companies they can work with overseas. Reputable companies such as Cosmo may also visit a company in person to confirm that they can meet a company’s needs.


In addition, the sourcing company should be able to address ethical issues, including working conditions and contamination. Supplyia will provide a detailed report, including photos and copies of necessary licenses and certifications. Supplyia is committed to ensuring that our facilities have decent working conditions and comply with any environmental standards required by our customers. We believe in a fully transparent supply chain.


Why Do You Need a Product Sourcing Company?

The main purpose of a sourcing company is to find manufacturers who are able and willing to produce products for you. A sourcing company should get a quote that includes the following:

  • Price
  • Cost of samples
  • Delivery time (time from first payment to delivery)
  • MOQ (minimum order quantity)


What Additional Services Can the Sourcing Company Provide?

The sourcing company should be able to arrange factory tours, assist with quality control, and liaise with third party services that can perform inspection, testing and certification, and freight forwarding.

The sourcing company and sourcing agent should be able to handle a variety of issues, including import and export duties, taxes, tariffs, and any local and international norms.

The sourcing agent or company should be able to move goods faster, cheaper and with less risk throughout the international supply chain. This is also important in countries with large bureaucracies to reduce red tape and avoid trouble in countries where corruption is rampant.





Product Sourcing Companies List:

If you are looking for some product sourcing companies to help complete part of the work in your supply chain, some of the well-known companies listed below, you can refer to the selection.


Company Service Location


product sourcing company Yiwu, China


US sourcing agent MI, US


Global product sourcing company Asia


Global product sourcing company Global


Global product sourcing company Helsingborg – Sweden


US product sourcing company NJ, US


Global sourcing company VA, US


Global product sourcing company UK


Sourcing agent USA Texas US


Global product Sourcing FL, US


Sourcing agent Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania


Sourcing agent USA Phoenix, Arizona


Mining & construction industry South Africa


United Kingdom sourcing company Leicestershire, UK


Swiss sourcing company Heerbrugg, Switzerland


Global sources USA IL, US


Global sources Vietnam Ho Chi, Vietnam


Manufacturing sourcing company TX, USA


Global products sourcing IL, USA


Sourcing agent USA TN, USA


Australian product  sourcing agent Cremorne, Australia





Product Sourcing Best Practices

The goal of product sourcing is to find the best products at a reasonable price and to have consistent and reliable suppliers to keep your store well stocked. Let’s review some product sourcing best practices.

Research your products and validate your suppliers
One of the most important steps in product sourcing is research. Before buying products in bulk, make sure there is a demand for the product. Make sure you are getting a product that can be manufactured to your company’s standards.

You need to research not only your products, but also your potential suppliers. Make sure they are legitimate, registered and reliable. You don’t want to receive counterfeit, poor quality or delayed products.

Avoid intermediaries

Going through a middleman or “middleman” sometimes seems easy, but all it does is cut into your profit margins. Get as close to the source of the product as possible.

Have a Plan B

Having a backup supplier you can contact when needed is critical. When problems arise, you should prepare for the worst – even if you have a good relationship with your primary supplier.

Encourage imitation

There is likely a company in your industry that sells a product similar to yours, and they may have a product sourcing process that works well. It’s perfectly fine to copy a successful sourcing model that already exists.



Getting Started with Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is an integral part of e-business, and the product sourcing process itself is important.

Once you have identified the a good product sourcing company and have the products you need, you need a way to sell them. This starts with a great eCommerce platform.

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