How to Shipping from China to Nepal?

Apr 11, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

The Nepalese market is substantial, with a significant volume of goods being transported from China to Nepal. The primary modes of global import and export are through Indian sea or air freight.

With advantages such as lower costs, larger quantities, and options for full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL), sea freight has become the preferred choice for most international trades. Shipping from China to Nepal is an excellent way to acquire resalable goods.

However, the challenge lies in the abundance of unfamiliar and complex terminology, making the process of shipping goods from China somewhat akin to learning a foreign language.


No one claims international shipping is straightforward. In fact, determining the most cost-effective way to transport goods from China to Nepal can be quite challenging. Small businesses can often enhance their transportation methods on the China-Nepal trade route to save both time and money.

In Nepal, losing valuable time due to transportation delays is a common issue. Customers call inquiring about their orders while delayed cargo remains stranded overseas or even stuck just miles away from the port.


This can be a daunting situation for anyone. When procuring goods from China, importers need to consider a multitude of factors. On the transportation front, you want your cargo safe, punctual, and reasonably priced. Selecting the best delivery method (such as Cargo Nepal) depends entirely on your specific circumstances.


When you ship products from China to Nepal, you’ll designate your freight agent to handle two types of shipping: air and truck freight.


The inventory being carried or to be carried by plane is referred to as air freight. Airfreight is generally pricier than sea freight but significantly faster in getting goods to Nepal. Sea freight is the most cost-effective mode of transport.

Due to the costs and capacity of cargo ships, most businesses prefer sea freight. As Nepal lacks ports, goods must be initially transported to India before proceeding via truck, rail, or truck.



Shipping Cost from China to Nepal?


Reference only, MOQ >1000kgs:


Nepal Gyirong Port Rates:

– 1 kg: 2.2 RMB (Chinese Yuan)
– 1 cubic meter: 440 RMB

**Logistics Details:**
– Our logistics company is located in Yiwu.
– Estimated delivery time is approximately fifteen days.

**Currency Conversion:**
– 6.9 RMB (Chinese Yuan) = 1 USD (US Dollar)




International trade, paperwork, and regulations can all seem daunting. That’s where a freight agent comes in. Your freight agent should be a dependable partner in meeting your supply chain needs. Their understanding of managing your international transport to avoid delays and unnecessary expenses is crucial.

Selecting the right freight agent is akin to choosing the right factory; you’re selecting a partner who can help your business thrive. At this juncture, choosing a supplier with a track record of successfully transporting project cargo to Nepal is paramount.

Nepalese freight companies are market leaders in this field, having completed numerous high-quality projects. Our impeccable track record sets us apart from other freight providers.




China to Nepal shopping agent: supplyia



Supplyia is a China-based shopping and sourcing agent that provides comprehensive services for individuals and businesses looking to purchase products from China.

They specialize in facilitating the entire process, from sourcing products to logistics and shipping, which can be particularly beneficial for customers in Nepal.



By following these steps and leveraging the expertise of sourcing and logistics partners, you can efficiently import goods from China to Nepal, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness in the process.

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