How to Ship Furniture from China – Complete Guide

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Shipping furniture from China can be a daunting task, whether it’s to a new home or cross-country. There’s a lot involved in shipping furniture, from disassembly to packing to loading and shipping.

That’s why “free shipping” is not a standard option for furniture shipping. If you’re interested in furniture shipping overseas or planning to move furniture for yourself or a client, then you’ve come to the right place!

This article will explain what you need to know about How to ship furniture from China, including costs and factors to consider.




What is Involved in Shipping Furniture from China?

When it comes to e-commerce shipping, there is almost nothing too big or too delicate to ship. This also includes furniture shipping. Many people sell furniture online and ship it to customers worldwide. However, figuring out how to ship your furniture can be challenging, especially if you are moving long distances.

Shipping furniture from China includes many aspects, including packing, measuring, delivery, and more. Here’s a look at some of the key processes involved in shipping furniture.


Disassembling furniture pieces

In most cases, furniture is not packaged or delivered as a whole. Therefore, you may need to disassemble the furniture to make it easier to move. Disassembly involves separating the removable pieces from the furniture for shipping and handling. If you are unsure of the proper way to disassemble your furniture, you may want to consider having a professional do the job.


Choosing the right packing material

After disassembly, you will need to pack the furniture in a transportable box or container. You may choose to use one large box for all of your furniture or individual boxes for specific pieces of furniture. This stage is crucial because the way you pack can determine the cost of shipping.


Measuring and weighing your furniture

Measuring and weighing your furniture is critical because it helps the carrier service provide you with the best price. Once you have measured the size and weight of your furniture, you can calculate the average price to ship it.


Choosing a shipping company

One of the main processes involved in shipping furniture is choosing a company that will serve you. The best way to ship a particular piece of furniture depends on the size and weight. It is best to choose a reputable company for shipping, especially when dealing with fragile furniture.


Average price of furniture shipping

Furniture shipping costs can be expensive, especially if you are shipping large quantities to far away locations. The following is a breakdown of average shipping costs for furniture.

Local shipping: Depending on size, distance and shipping method, shipping furniture locally can cost about $75 to $250.

Interstate shipping: For 50 to 100 pounds of furniture, the average cost of interstate shipping is approximately $150 to $600.2

International shipping: National shipping is the most expensive, with costs ranging from $1,000 to $3,500.3 Again, the cost of shipping furniture will depend on different factors, such as the location you are moving to, whether you are shipping by road or air, and how heavy your furniture is.

Many shipping services offer calculators and quotes to help you get an approximate cost of shipping your furniture. To use the shipping calculator to get an accurate price, fill in the exact dimensions, not the estimated dimensions.





Why Does the Cost of Shipping Furniture Vary?

In general, it is almost impossible to say what furniture shipping costs are because there are so many factors that affect the price. The cost of shipping furniture usually depends on the shipping method, distance, shipping equipment, and the size and weight of the furniture. The mode of transportation is defined as sea, air or land transport. For example, if the estimated cost of shipping a dining set by sea is $2000, the same furniture will go up if you ship it by air.

For this reason, most couriers do not have standard prices because they apply factors such as distance traveled, weight and size to calculate shipping costs. Once you understand the factors involved in shipping, you will have a clear understanding of how shipping costs are calculated and why they sometimes change.




12 Factors that Determine the Cost of Shipping Furniture from China

As mentioned earlier, it is almost impossible to state the exact cost of shipping furniture because of the many factors involved. There are some factors you should keep in mind when researching the best way to ship your furniture or the average cost. Here are 12 of them.


#1: Size of the item

Large furniture items like dining room sets can be very challenging to move, so they cost more. In addition, oversized items do not lend themselves to specific shipping methods such as air freight. As a result, your shipping options will be limited. You can reduce the size of your items by disassembling large pieces of furniture into compact sizes.


#2: Weight

Weight and size are usually the main factors in determining shipping costs. Heavy furniture items typically cost more to move than lighter items. In addition, shipping options for heavy items are limited because they can only be shipped by sea or truck.


#3: Shipping Distance

Long distance or cross-country shipping affects the cost of shipping. The farther the distance, the higher the shipping costs.

Affordable local delivery services may be suitable for short distances. However, long-distance shipping like cross-country shipping will require different (and more expensive) shipping methods.


#4: Packaging

One of the main things that will determine the cost of shipping your furniture is how you pack them. Typically, the method of packing will depend on the size and type of furniture you are shipping.


#5: Value

Due to the value and fragility of certain furniture items, it can cost more to ship them. This is because they require extra attention and care to reach their destination safely. Therefore, if the furniture you are shipping is expensive or requires extra care during delivery, you can expect to pay more.


#6: Shipping Options

The shipping option you choose will also determine the cost of shipping. For example, air freight is often more expensive and faster than ocean freight. Some of the options available for shipping furniture include.

  • Full Truckload (FTL) freight
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight
  • Sea freight
  • Air Freight
  • White Glove Furniture Delivery
  • Independent Furniture Delivery Service


#7: Shipping Companies

Shipping companies offer different shipping options/prices, so it is best to compare prices to carefully select the best option. It is also recommended to always do proper research to choose a company with a proven track record.

In addition, the delivery time of the shipping company is important, because the faster the delivery, the higher the cost. A shipping cost of only two days will exceed the cost of a week’s shipping.


#8: Pickup location

The location of pickup and delivery will also affect the cost of shipping. If the delivery is in an urban area, you may pay less than if it is in a remote area. This is because shipping to metropolitan areas usually involves transporting furniture and moving along standard routes. However, remote pickups mean that even though less furniture is being shipped, the shipping company will have to travel farther.


#9: Time of year

The time of year affects everything, including the cost of shipping furniture. For example, shipping during holidays such as Christmas, Easter and New Year’s will raise shipping costs. In addition, ice, snow and wind can affect travel times, which can increase shipping costs. Therefore, it is best to ship during the summer and on weekdays.


#10: Insurance

Another factor that can affect shipping costs is insurance. This does not apply to every shipment; however, some furniture requires this additional protection. In addition, some shipping companies offer complete insurance options, which may mean increased shipping costs.


#11: Supply and Demand

Like many industries, the shipping industry is affected by the economy. If the demand for furniture shipping is high, costs may rise.


#12: Shipping Routes

Another factor that often determines the cost of shipping is the shipping route. Popular routes such as New York to London will cost less than routes sent via less common routes.




How can I Reduce the Cost of Shipping Furniture from China?

There are a number of shipping methods you can use to reduce the overall cost of shipping your furniture. The following are some tips.


Pack it yourself

One of the cheapest ways to reduce shipping costs is to handle the packing yourself. If you pack your furniture yourself, you will save more than having a company pack it.


Unpacking Furniture

When you reduce the overall size of your furniture, it will be easier to move and transport. The best way to reduce shipping costs is to break your furniture down into smaller pieces.


Wrap it flat

The best way to reduce shipping costs is to look for options that reduce the size of the box or container. This is because the larger the box, the more space it will take up, which will determine the cost of shipping. While this may only be a few cents, it’s worth it when you count all the few cents for a hundred packages.

If you can’t store your furniture flat, consider breaking it up into multiple packages.


Choose the right size box

You can use cardboard boxes or wooden crates, depending on the items you’re shipping. Either way, always use the right size packing material for your furniture.


Measure your furniture accurately

Accurately measuring your boxes will help you make sure you don’t overpay. Therefore, you should measure all boxes accurately, as it determines the cost and type of delivery you will use.


Determine shipping costs ahead of time

Another option to reduce shipping costs is to compare prices from different companies before hiring them. Most courier services have a shipping calculator on their website to determine your shipping costs. After doing the calculations on the various websites, you should be able to decide on the company that offers the best value at an affordable price.


Consider freight options

Freight shipping is usually more convenient and cheaper. Therefore, it is a shipping option worth considering.


Seek help from professionals

Packing and shipping furniture from China can sometimes be a challenging business. While doing it yourself may seem to save you money, sometimes it’s best to use the help of a professional mover.



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Where to Buy Couches from China?

China’s sofa industry chain is spread across the country, but it is mainly concentrated in the following regions:

Zhejiang Province:

Known as the “Capital of Soft Furnishings Manufacturing in China,” it boasts a complete industrial chain and cluster advantages. It is the largest sofa production base in China, mainly concentrated in Wenzhou, Leqing, Yongjia, and other places.

Guangdong Province:

With a huge market demand and convenient transportation, it is an important sofa consumption market and export base, mainly concentrated in Shunde, Foshan, Zhongshan, and other places.

Jiangsu Province:

With strong manufacturing capabilities and technical level, it is an important sofa production and export base, mainly concentrated in Changzhou, Yangzhou, Rugu, and other places.




FAQ Shipping Furniture from China

What kind of furniture can I ship?

You can easily ship any type of furniture; you just need to find the right shipping company. Some common furniture items include baby toys, sofas, dining and living room furniture, mattresses, closets and other bedroom furniture.

Should I do the packing of my furniture?

Disassembling and packing your furniture yourself can save you a lot of money on shipping costs. However, you should use the proper packing materials and disassemble your furniture properly. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, you can seek professional help. There are also resources online on how to pack specific furniture items for shipping.

How much does it cost to move furniture cross-country?

The cost of moving your furniture will depend on several factors, including distance, size, weight, etc. However, you should pay up to $600 to move your furniture overseas.

How can I move my furniture cheaply?

There are many cheaper ways to ship and deliver furniture. You can try packing your furniture yourself to save money, disassemble it to reduce its size or compare quotes from different shipping services to choose the cheaper option.


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