An Importer’s Guide: How to Buy China Wholesale Jewelry?

Apr 01, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Are you looking for an answer about how to buy China wholesale  jewelry?  Do you want to know what type of wholesale jewelry china you can import? 

If yes, then here is a complete guide on it.


So without further ado, let’s start!



1. What Kind of Fashion Jewelry Can you Import from China?



Chinese manufacturers make jewelry from different materials, including:  sliver (S925), diamond, silver, and platinum.

Other than this, you could also get fashion jewelry made from silver and gold alloys. The most stylish and trendy jewelry pieces are made from zinc, alloy, aluminum, 304/316L stainless steel, zirconia, and titanium.

All these materials are the best for manufacturing jewelry accessories, and give value for the money.

Chinese manufacturers use various other materials for making jewelry, such as pearls and gemstones, like emeralds, sapphire, precious stones, beads, natural stones, etc.


However, such type of jewelry doesn’t contain an original gem, but these look stylish and versatile.

More so, some more quality materials are used in manufacturing, and these are wood, Swarovski, seashell, and coconut shell.

The benefit of such kind of jewelry pieces is it gives a wide option to jewelry importers to choose and import. These trendy pattern jewelry sets look awesome. You can find such jewelry in the category include bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, chokers, men and women jewelry, and much more.



2. Finding the Best Importer For China Wholesale Jewelry Supplier For Bulk

Above, we have discussed the types of jewelry you could have, now we will find out how to find the best importer for wholesale jewelry China.

It’s very important to find the right source for the best products, and for that, ideal suppliers are what you need.

Firstly, you need to find out where these wholesale suppliers are. It never matters whether they own a factory or just wholesalers. If you succeed in knowing this, then it could be a lot easier for you to be an expert jewelry importer.


Importers Who Have Unique Style or Specific Design Requirements

Such type of importers has a clear vision in mind about the products they need for their audience. We can divide such importers into 5 categories.

Small and medium-sized buyers:

  • Such types of importers are those who trade foreign jewelry, but their customers are mainly local stores.
  • Some are those who own Amazon, or Shopify store, and have their own website.
  • Moreover, the foreign jewelry shops, spas, and promotional gift shops, etc., have such kind of jewelry as part of their products.


Big buyers:

These include big brands, including Target, 99CentOnly, Disney, etc. While on the other hand, the other popular jewelry brands, including H&M, Fossil Jewelry, and Zara, of course!

If you think that you fall in the first 3 mentioned categories, then you may have a specific product design, which you want to buy and import wholesale jewelry China.

However, now for the testing, you may need the model of each China wholesale jewelry, let’s see 100 in total, and for that, you don’t need to contact the big companies or factories.  For this, you could find a small factory or a trading company that can handle your order.

Such suppliers can help you in saving costs. Even if your product has something related to hand-weaving, they can send your material to a village to get the job done at lower labor costs and offer many such solutions.



How Big Jewelry Buyers Find Suppliers?

In case if you fall under the last two categories, then surely your demand would be in huge quantities, like we can say, 2k to 5k units of each item. And when it comes to such huge order, quality really matters, and to ensure that, you need to get in touch with a trading company or a factory who could take the responsibility.

Most importers who want to import in bulk bring in a third-party to assess the factory or a company they are engaging in. 

For example, let’s say if Disney is engaging some company, then they will inspect that factor audit report to ensure the suppliers.

Those suppliers own design apartments and can manufacture trendy products as well. But the problem arises at the point of negotiation and arranging orders. The reason is that suppliers hardly speak English and barely understand it. This could result in misunderstandings.

Other than this, you could face problems related to prices, MOQs, and payment terms as well. In case if you can’t be at the location where you can inspect the items by yourself, then having a recording option could be the worst one because you will only see the quality of the product you want to import.

So to avoid this, the best you can do is get a good sourcing agent who can handle all your exportation matters.

Another noticeable thing is if you want to import the different jewelry sets from China. Maybe you need to engage multiple suppliers because most manufacturers specialize in just one type of jewelry accessory.


*Again, Please remember this: most manufacturers specialize in just one type of jewelry accessory. So don’t expect to let your supplier produce all your products that may occur issues. 


Where Do Wholesalers Buy Their Jewelry in China?

Actually there are lot of China B2B webs and you can find a lot of China jewelry wholesaler there. Biggest B2B platform is Alibaba, years ago Jewelry wholesaler from Alibaba request big MOQ for each styles, but now, a lot of wholesaler there with the stock, you can even buy a dozen.

Tips: Buy from 1688 may be a good alternative


In addition, China has a complete wholesale jewelry supply chain. No matter what Jewelry accessories you need, you can always find what you’re looking for locally. Visiting the China wholesale jewelry market in person will often bring you unexpected results and increase your knowledge and experience of the entire industry.

Next is some wholesale jewelry markets as you reference.


Some online China Wholesale Jewelry Supplier:

You can find many wholesale jewelry suppliers on online China wholesale website:



5 Best China  Wholesale Jewelry Markets

Name Category Location
Yiwu International Wholesale Market 
Headwear, Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelet, Pendants Yiwu
Sino-Korea International Commodities market 
Korea style jewelry Qingdao
 Xijiao Building  
High MOQ, international trends fashion jewelry Guangzhou
Guangzhou Taikang Plaza  
More Chinese style jewelry Guangzhou
Liwan Jewelry Wholesale Market  
Crystal, jade and sandalwood products Guangzhou




3. Placing Bulk Jewelry Order from China, and Making Follow-Up

So if you have now decided from where you want to buy your wholesale jewelry products, then the next step is negotiations.

It’s Time To Get Quotation from China wholesale jewelry Suppliers

Decide on which product you want to import or which design or style you like. And then check multiple online platforms to get an idea regarding quotation and MOQ. However, if you are at the wholesale mart, like in Guangzhou, there you can ask for the store name card and ask for permission to take product photos.

Apart from prices, you need to know about various other information, like how to choose the best supplier should be at your priority. Before placing an order, know the information like MOQs, standard packaging, etc.

You would find various suppliers with high MOQs, with a bit low prices. But if you are a medium-sized business, then surely you can’t afford MOQs. But there is a chance that you would find someone who is flexible with you and can compromise with you.

You should directly ask for a quotation from the supplier. It’s better to ask each one directly. The best solution is to create a list of price template. You can use that template to note the prices of each wholesaler and factory manufacturer.

For importers who want to attend jewelry shows, it’s required to know more about the factory they are interested in. You could find information on their website; this will help you learn about their relevant information. This will also help you know where they will be in that show and save you a lot of time. However, as the suppliers will bring the best of their products, so you won’t be able to take a photo, even if you hold a name card.


But There Are 2 Different Ways to Get the Quote Without a Problem.

The first one is to sit with the delegates and ask for the formal quotation. By doing so, you can put that on your list, and have the required information you may need.

The second option is to exchange name cards. Yes, this helps you introduce yourself to someone else you are interested in picking items. By doing so, you can ask for the quotation by email.

Make sure you are getting emails from suppliers so that you could save you a lot of time. However, once your visit is complete, you’d definitely have the freedom to visit booths and get the best quote from different suppliers.


Always Ask For a Sample Of the Jewelry You Like

The very and most important thing to show is your genuineness toward the product. If you will fail to show, the chances you would lose the deal. It’s always better to show interest in the supplier products.

You could ask for the sample to confirm the quality. However, suppliers usually offer one sample. But if you want to get 2-3 for different uses, then you may need to convince them for why you need 2-3 samples. And make them believe in you; otherwise, they will believe that you want to buy a small quantity and the wholesale price.

wholesale jewelry China
Sino-Korea International Commodities/ wholesale jewelry China market



4. Conducting Quality Control for Wholesale Jewelry Products

So once you have decided on the jewelry supplying company and the production has completed, then the next step is to move for inspection. It’s important to keep all the risks associated with jewelry manufacturing in your mind.

 Most Common Problems With China wholesale Jewelry


  • Lost Stone:

This problem usually arises with beaded jewelry. You need to make sure this shouldn’t happen with you. It often results due to careless handmade work. For example, if there is a bracelet made of beads, a total of 100, but 4 and 5 beads are missing.

  • Worn Metal:

Another problem is worn metal. All the suppliers should pay close attention to their products before selling. It’s the supplier’s responsibility to check for the metal. If your jewelry is made of stainless steel, silver, gold, and alloy metal, then chances you could face worn metal issues.

  • Broken link or Chain:

A broken link could be a real problem because it could make the product useless. Always pay close attention to the details.

  • Wrong Stone Setting:

This could result due to misunderstanding, wrong instructions, or due to poor labor. However, there could be many other reasons, like carelessness, when setting the stone.

  • Inappropriate Electroplating:

Electroplating is very important for the quality of the product. A lot of problems could arise due to inappropriate electroplating, including cracking, blistering, dull deposits, and oxidation.

  • Allergies:

Some metals hold some allergic characteristics, and most of those metals are like nickel, cadmium, and lead.

  • Color fade too fast:

Some jewelry tarnish so quickly because the suppliers didn’t plating the jewelry with the standard thickness or they didn’t finish the whole plating process in order to save the costs. 



5. How To Avoid Defective Products?

1. Preventive Maintenance

It’s essential to get the best undefective products. For that, being an importer, you need to talk to the supplier in advance for this so that there left no confusion. You can do this by notifying them via email and even paperwork. However, for the big suppliers, you can even ask to visit their factory or store. They can allow you to inspect their working environment, which will give you insight into the quality of the products they are offering, and you can make better decision.

2. Inspection Advances

It’s always better to ask for the sample ahead of delivery; this will help you check for the defective products during mass production. However, if you are dealing with the big suppliers, you can directly ask them regarding the status report or about the production process. It’s better to ask for pictures or videos which show the quality of the products.

3. Engineering and Production Communication

Often, problems arise, and the most common one is about jewelry design. It’s very necessary to get the desired design, and for that, you need to have good communication with the suppliers and ask them about the designing and manufacturing process.



6. Compliance for The Importation Of Jewelry From China


40 micro-inches
Whenever we receive jewelry items to be plated we always apply at least 40 micro-inches (1 micron) to ensure a long-lasting plate for the customer. 20 micro-inches is the minimum thickness of gold plating for jewelry items to be sold as “gold plated” in the United States under the US Federal Trade Commission standards.


Most of the Wholesale jewelry China website title their items as”gold plated” or “silver plated”. Please be careful with that, ASK THEM THE PLATING THICKNESS before each time bulk order. 


The importers need to have a compliance test for the importation of wholesale china jewelry. The reason is, countries have their own rules and regulations when it comes to jewelry importation. That’s why it’s required to get test reports.

Moreover, European and American importers are also required to provide a compliance test, and which is the reason they work with Chinese testing lab, like SGS, and BV for the testing.


The testing is divided into two categories;

  1. Physical
  2. Chemical testing


The test is based on tensile, colorfastness, edges, and many other factors. The testing is done to ensure the authenticity and usage of the products. The chemical test mostly deals with the thickness of chemical substances, like nickel, and lead.

wholesale jewelry China standard



China Wholesale Jewelry Agent:

So this is the detailed guide on how to buy and important China wholesale jewelry. You need to follow all the instructions and information that we have shared above. It will help you make a better decision and will let you import the best products.

Building a successful partnership with a China wholesale jewelry supplier takes time and effort. Do your research, ask questions, and prioritize quality and ethical sourcing to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience.

As a China jewelry sourcing agent, we can help you source jewelry products from China online or local market, check the quality and then ship to you. If you have any question about buying China wholesale jewelry, please leave a comment or contact us. 

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