How Can I Find Alibaba Custom Packaging for My Product?

Dec 24, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Good packaging helps a lot. Adding an additional packaging cost of US$2-US$5 can increase the perceived value of your product by 10-100%. Think about how big companies package their products—designer shoes, Apple, Samsung, GoPro, jewelry, etc. packing shows a lot of quality and attention to detail, and it looks more attractive on retail store shelves than unpackaged and used ones.

alibaba custom packaging service


2 ways of Alibaba Custom Packaging

The easy or difficult factors of finding Alibaba custom packaging boxes will depend on how you want to customize the box.


simple Alibaba custom packaging

If you just want to print your company name or logo on the box, any company capable of selling on Alibaba should be able to do this for you. The factory will provide you with a carton template. You only need to let your graphic designer develop the logo and put the information where you want. Then send them a digital file and hand them over to the packaging manufacturer they use. Again, remember these simple facts: you may need to purchase a minimum order quantity(MOQ) to complete Alibaba custom packaging printing. If the factory or supplier you choose cannot print a simple logo on the box for you, cancel your order and look for new supplies. If they cannot make a simple box, they may not be reliable in quality control or shipping time.


New Alibaba custom packing

If you want to pack the product in a brand new colored retail display packaging, again: Use the packaging template provided by the factory.

If you want a larger or smaller box for marketing purposes, use a more detailed retail box product sample development.

Employ your own graphic designer to ensure that the image is adequate and correct the wording and specifications. You will need to apply for your UPC number for retailers to use.

At this critical point, please don’t rely on the factory. Factory personnel may not be able to write correct and accurate copies, so do it yourself to ensure the best results. In this step, please follow any method required by the factory. Likewise, nothing is free, so be prepared to pay for additional Alibaba custom packaging and possibly meet a higher minimum purchase amount.



The last point I want to mention here is to pay attention to the words you use on the box. Suppose the words used in your packaging belong to any prohibited items listed on the border/customs website. In that case, you may also encounter difficulties in shipping your items, or they may be confiscated. If you need any help to develop your Alibaba custom packaging, please contact with us. 


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