How Can I Find Alibaba Custom Packaging for My Product?

Feb 24, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

When importing from China, good packaging is critical to your brand image because it shows a lot of quality and attention to detail.

You can think about how big companies package their products. Now, custom packaging on Alibaba is no longer a problem.

In this article, we will discuss Alibaba custom packaging in detail. What is custom packaging and what are the benefits of custom packaging?


alibaba custom packaging service


2 Ways of Alibaba Custom Packaging

The easy or difficult factors of finding Alibaba custom packaging boxes will depend on how you want to customize the box.


Simple Alibaba Custom Packaging

If you just want to print your company name or logo on the box, any company capable of selling on Alibaba should be able to do this for you. The factory will provide you with a carton template. You only need to let your graphic designer develop the logo and put the information where you want. Then send them a digital file and hand them over to the packaging manufacturer they use.

Again, remember these simple facts: you may need to purchase a minimum order quantity(MOQ) to complete Alibaba custom packaging printing. If the factory or supplier you choose cannot print a simple logo on the box for you, cancel your order and look for new supplies. If they cannot make a simple box, they may not be reliable in quality control or shipping time.


New Alibaba Custom Packing

If you want to pack the product in a brand new colored retail display packaging, again: Use the packaging template provided by the factory.

If you want a larger or smaller box for marketing purposes, use a more detailed retail box product sample development.

Employ your own graphic designer to ensure that the image is adequate and correct the wording and specifications. You will need to apply for your UPC number for retailers to use.


At this critical point, please don’t rely on the factory. Factory personnel may not be able to write correct and accurate copies, so do it yourself to ensure the best results.

In this step, please follow any method required by the factory. Likewise, nothing is free, so be prepared to pay for additional Alibaba custom packaging and possibly meet a higher minimum purchase amount.





How to Customize Alibaba Custom Packaging?

The best way to customize custom packaging on Alibaba is to directly ask your favorite seller if they offer this service. They will tell you directly whether your MOQ meets the requirements, and the unit price you need to pay for different quantities.


Step 1. Select Your Products

Visit and select the products you want to buy. Also, you can start by selecting the type of packaging you want, as it is important to know which type of custom packaging is right for your product.

Step 2: Choose Your Size

After selecting the product, the next step is to choose the size and dimensions of the package.

Alibaba suppliers offer a variety of sizes and designs for their customers. Click on the button you prefer or ask them to provide custom sizes.

Step 3: Choose Your Material

For custom boxes, you can choose whether you want to use white material or craft paper material. If your design does not contain any white color, you can choose craft paper material to make it look more natural.

Step 4: Design Your Piece

If you don’t have a designer to design your packaging, you can find an experienced designer on Upwork or Fiverr to help you design your product packaging.

All you need to do is provide them with images and design ideas for the type of packaging you want.

Step 5. Get Advice from Suppliers

Have you completed your packaging design?

If so, you will need to discuss with your supplier to enhance the print. Negotiate colors, patterns and sizes to avoid confusion in printing.

Step 6. Accept Test Orders

Even if you have taken great care to ensure that your supplier understands your ideas, it is highly recommended that you accept one or more test orders to check if they are making changes to you.

When you receive a test order, check the logo design, package color, size and all factors to make sure it is what you and your designer want.


The last point I want to mention here is to pay attention to the words you use on the box. Suppose the words used in your packaging belong to any prohibited items listed on the border/customs website.

In that case, you may also encounter difficulties in shipping your items, or they may be confiscated. If you need any help to develop your Alibaba custom packaging, please contact with us.




Does Alibaba Sell Products in Retail Packaging?

No, Alibaba is not designed for selling products in retail packaging to individual consumers. But, many suppliers on Alibaba offer customization options for products, such as branding or packaging. This is another indicator that they cater more towards businesses who want to create their own unique products.


Can I sell generic Alibaba packaging on amazon?

When selling on Amazon, avoid using generic Alibaba packaging due to copyright, branding, and customer perception issues; consider branded packaging, custom packaging, or using generic packaging with caution.


can you track packages on Alibaba?

Here are some tips for tracking Alibaba packages, By following these tips, you can effectively track your Alibaba packages and ensure they arrive safely:

  • Make sure you get a valid tracking number from your supplier.
  • Be aware of potential delays, especially for international shipments.
  • Keep copies of your order confirmation and any communication with the supplier.




Graphic Customization on Alibaba Packaging Conclusion

Product custom packaging is more than just deciding what goes on the package. You’re telling a story with your brand message and communicating it on a physical product.

The materials, shapes and finishes all add an extra layer of appeal to your final product.

Unless your product quantity can be ordered for more than 500-1000, your unit Alibaba packaging can be reduced.

As a product sourcing company, if you want to find packaging for your product, please feel free to let us know.


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