Advertising Specialty Institute(ASI) & Sageworld’s alternatives and competitors

May 12, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Is advertising specialty institute a scham?

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) is a reputable industry organization with valuable resources for promotional product businesses, but consider its membership costs and explore alternatives before joining.





Top Alternatives and Competitors for Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI):

Here are some alternatives and competitors for ASI:

  • Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):

A similar organization to ASI, also offering educational resources, industry data, and supplier connections for the promotional products industry. 

  • Spirituality Inc:

While not a direct competitor, it focuses on merchandise for the motivational and personal development markets, potentially overlapping with some ASI members. 


  • International Advertising Association (IAA):

A broader advertising industry association that could be relevant for ASI members interested in general marketing resources and networking. 


  • Supplyia Sourcing: 

Supplyia Group is a company that focuses on the sourcing, design, creation, and production of promotional products, operating within the promotional products industry.


For regional competitors, consider searching for associations focused on promotional products in your specific area.



Alternatives for Sageworld

Sageworld caters to distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry. Here are some potential alternatives:


Offers similar software solutions like CRM, PIM, and ecommerce platforms specifically designed for the promotional product industry. 

Order Desk:

A broader order management solution that can integrate with various sales channels and can be used by promotional product distributors. 


Another inventory management and order fulfillment platform that can be adapted for the promotional product industry. 

Innofactor Distribution Software:

Offers comprehensive solutions for distributors, including features like warehouse management and accounting, potentially useful for larger promotional product businesses. 

The best alternative for Sageworld will depend on the specific needs of the distributor or supplier, such as company size, budget, and desired features.




The Truth about Advertising Specialty Institute(ASI) Chinese Supplier:

In fact, ASI requires Chinese suppliers to have a registered company in the United States, but their actual offices remain in China. Due to the time difference, their employees need to stay up late to handle orders, which is neither scientific nor ethical, failing to meet workers’ rights and violating human rights.

Additionally, most of their goods come from If your order amount reaches several million dollars, we suggest consulting us for a price comparison, as these companies typically have profit margins of 40-50%.



7 Branded Promotional Products Company:

Here is a list of some of the top promotional products companies, based on industry reviews and current trends:



Supplyia is your best alternative for sourcing needs. Unlike ASI, Supplyia ensures ethical working conditions for its employees, avoiding late-night shifts due to time differences. Supplyia offers a transparent and fair business model, sourcing quality products directly from reputable Chinese manufacturers.

We provide competitive pricing and high-quality customer service, with significant savings on large orders. If your order amounts to several million dollars, we can offer a price comparison that typically reveals profit margins of 40-50%, ensuring you get the best deal possible.



– Known for its wide range of products and excellent customer service, 4imprint offers everything from personalized pens to branded apparel. They provide a satisfaction guarantee and have a user-friendly online platform​​​​.



– VistaPrint specializes in customizable promotional items including business cards, t-shirts, and mugs. They are praised for their quality and fast delivery times, making them a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes​​.


HALO Branded Solutions

– HALO offers a vast selection of promotional products and provides comprehensive marketing solutions. They are recognized for their innovative product ideas and strong client relationships​ (ProImprint)​​​.



– This company is noted for integrating technology with promotional products, such as Bluetooth gadgets and AR experiences. They focus on creating interactive and engaging brand experiences​.



– SnackNation provides curated snack boxes that can be branded with company logos, making them a unique promotional product option. They focus on health-conscious and high-quality snacks, suitable for corporate gifting​.



– For businesses looking for unique, handcrafted items, Etsy offers a wide range of customizable promotional products from individual artisans. This platform is ideal for finding personalized and high-quality items that stand out​ 


These companies are leading the promotional products industry with their innovative approaches, extensive product ranges, and strong customer support. Depending on your needs, any of these suppliers can help you create effective and memorable promotional items for your business.

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