Aliexpress agent

Aliexpress agent

Supplyia – The Basic AliExpress Agent in China Services

We are here to help you to purchase goods from Aliexpress, Taobao, Pinduoduo

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AliExpress Purchase Protection

If you are buying on AliExpress for the first time, you don’t know how to keep your money safe. You can tell us your needs and we will give you some reference plans.

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AliExpress Inspection Service

If you have already found a supplier and need to help you do some product quality control, we have a complete quality inspection supporting service to meet your requirements.

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AliExpress Consolidation Orders

If you have placed orders from multiple AliExpress suppliers and need AliExpress supplier shipments consolidation services, we can help you collect the goods and check them to give you feedback.

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AliExpress Shipping Agent

Our company generally offers international shipping services, including road freight, air freight, ocean freight, courier service, warehouse, and customs clearance. 

Alibaba Agent Services

Description Reference Price

Sourcing products

Assist in finding suitable products and reliable suppliers on Alibaba based on specific client requirements. Varies by complexity of sourcing request.

Consolidation shipment

Combine Alibaba consolidated shipping into a single shipment for cost savings and streamlined logistics. Typically based on the volume and weight of goods.

Pre-shipment inspection

Conduct quality checks and inspections on products to ensure they meet specified standards before shipment. Prices range from $100 to $300 per inspection, depending on the scope and complexity.

Shipping agent

Coordinate shipping and logistics, including arranging transportation, customs documentation, and shipping solutions. Fees vary depending on the shipping method and destination.

Payment agent

Handle financial transactions, such as making payments to suppliers on behalf of the client, reducing payment risks. Fees may be a percentage of the transaction amount or a fixed fee.

Prep service

Prepare products for shipping, which may include labeling, repackaging, or assembly, ensuring they are ready for export. Prices depend on the specific prep requirements.

Full inspection

Comprehensive quality control with detailed checks, including functionality, appearance, and specifications, to ensure product quality. Price will charge for per unit/$0.3-1
Alibaba Agent

 We will Prove to Be Your Trusted AliExpress Agent:

 1. Achieve the best quotations from AliExpress Sellers.

 2. We do quality control for your AliExpress orders.

 3. You can pay through our AliExpress escrow service.

 4. Follow the production and ensure quality of the products.

 5. Offer one-month free storage for your goods in our warehouse.

 6. We will help you acquire the best shipping prices from AliExpress. 

AliExpress Agent: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

AliExpress, a leading e-commerce marketplace, offers a vast array of products, ranging from smart gadgets to jewelry. Dropshipping from AliExpress, however, can be complex, time-consuming, and daunting.


What is AliExpress Agent?

AliExpress agent simplify the dropshipping process, making it hassle-free and efficient for dropshippers. These agents handle everything from product procurement to direct shipping, ensuring a seamless experience for dropshipping businesses.


What Does an AliExpress Agent Do?

AliExpress agents provide a comprehensive solution for dropshipping businesses, encompassing the entire process from order fulfillment to direct shipping. Their services typically include:

  1. Product procurement: Agents source products from AliExpress sellers on behalf of dropshippers.

  2. Quality check: Agents inspect products to ensure they meet quality standards and are free from defects.

  3. Repackaging: Agents repackage products according to the dropshipper’s brand identity, removing seller tags and adding customized labels.

  4. Consolidation of multiple orders: Agents consolidate multiple orders into a single package to reduce shipping costs.

  5. Final shipping: Agents handle all aspects of shipping, including selecting shipping methods and providing tracking numbers.


How to Work with an AliExpress Agent?

The process of working with an AliExpress agent typically involves the following steps:

Step 1: Selecting an Agent

Choose a reputable AliExpress agent based on factors such as experience, customer reviews, and service offerings.

Step 2: Sending Product Links

Provide the agent with links to the products you want to dropship. They will source the products from AliExpress sellers and provide you with a quote.

Step 3: Placing Orders

Place orders with the agent either through their system or by sending an Excel file containing order details and customer shipping addresses.

Step 4: Order Confirmation

The agent will confirm your payment and proceed with purchasing the products from AliExpress sellers.

Step 5: Order Procurement

The agent will procure the products from AliExpress sellers, typically within 2-5 business days.

Step 6: Quality Inspection

The agent will inspect the products to ensure they meet quality standards.

Step 7: Consolidation and Repackaging

The agent will consolidate multiple orders into a single package and repackage them according to your brand identity.

Step 8: Shipping

The agent will ship the products and provide you with tracking numbers.


When to Consider an AliExpress Agent?

Direct shipping from AliExpress may be feasible for product testing, but as a business grows, an agent becomes essential for maintaining profit margins. Consider an AliExpress agent if:

  1. Your sales are stable and you’re ready to scale.

  2. You prioritize high-quality goods and thorough quality checks.

  3. You require warehousing facilities.

  4. You seek faster shipping times.

  5. You want product consolidation or label customization.

  6. You desire better shipping options.


Benefits of Using an AliExpress Agent?

AliExpress agents offer numerous advantages over direct shipping:

  1. Reduced risk of receiving defective products: Agents perform strict quality control checks.

  2. Temporary warehousing facility: Agents provide temporary storage for goods if needed.

  3. Better shipping options: Agents offer a wider range of shipping options to suit your needs and budget.

  4. Efficient process control: Agents handle the entire process, reducing reliance on multiple sellers.

  5. Enhanced customer service: Agents effectively communicate your requirements to sellers and handle repackaging and shipping accordingly.


Where to Find an AliExpress Agent?

Locating the right AliExpress agent is crucial for your business success. Explore these options:

  1. Freelancing websites: Find dropshipping agents on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

  2. Google and YouTube search: Search for “AliExpress agents” on Google or YouTube.

  3. Dropshipping sourcing agents: Consider dropshipping sourcing agents like NicheDropShipping, CJDropshipping, and Wiio.

  4. Forums and threads: Engage with real-time users on forums like Reddit and Quora for insights and reviews.



Choosing a China-Based AliExpress Agent

Since most AliExpress manufacturers and sellers are based in China, selecting a China-based agent offers several advantages:

  1. Easier communication with sellers: The agent can seamlessly communicate your requirements to sellers, reducing language barriers.

  2. Faster order processing and procurement: The agent is closer to sellers, facilitating quicker order processing.

  3. Dispute resolution advantage: The agent’s proximity to sellers can aid in resolving disputes effectively.