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China Warehouse

Supplyia is a super China sourcing agent. We not even only handle sourcing, also assist with international transport and 3PL China warehouse services.

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We offer flexible short & long-term storage plans and competitive prices to fit your space and time-line requirements.

China werehouse
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We provide reliable, cost-effective, easy global logistics services to the importer with unique shipping needs.

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Offering a comprehensive range of FBA Prep or E-commerce fulfillment procedures ensures safe delivery for you at very competitive rates. This includes inspection, labeling, bundling, packaging & poly-bags, and all other customized services.

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3PL China Warehouses Complete Guide


Over the years, I have worked as a sourcing agent in China, and I understand the importance of China warehouses in planning management.

In this guide, you’ll learn:


  • What services can China Warehouse provide?
  • Where can I rent a Chinese warehouse?
  • How much is the rental warehouse service?
  • How to find the ideal Warehouse in China?


This article is for you to ship and import goods from China and need China warehouse services.

Let’s get start


The Services/benefits of renting a Warehouse in China


In short: Leasing a China Warehouse in China to handle your goods will improve business efficiency.


1, Short and long-term storage of goods

This is the most basic purpose of renting a China warehouse. You can store your shipments in a safe and temperature-controlled environment.


1.1 Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics is the traditional model of retail fulfillment. You will use a third-party repository to complete your work. They can distribute your goods directly from their Warehouse in China to your customers, saving time because you don’t have to import them to your country and then send them to customers in other countries.

1.2 Collecting your goods.

When you buy from other suppliers in the Chinese wholesale market, you need to lease a China warehouse to store goods that have been completed by the supplier due to the different suppliers have different delivery dates.

1.3 Handing inventory

 Besides, due to some uncontrolled factors, you may temporarily be unable to import goods to your country, then rent a China warehouse and store them there until it is necessary to import them into your country again, or, if possible, resell them to the manufacturer or other buyer and eliminate excessive inventory. This can help you prevent unnecessary losses.

1.4 Help you export legally to the Chinese market

for certain special products, such as these meat products, flammable and explosive products may need to cooperate with China Warehouse, which provides tailor-made solutions for you.


2. Cargo bundle

Today, customer needs are trending: customers may need various products from different parts of the country. For example, most sellers who make fashion products basically need to buy handbags, belts, wallets, accessories… Different suppliers produce these products from different cities.

China warehouses (also known as 3PD: third-party warehouse providers) offer consolidated solutions for handling mixed goods, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Whether you’re handling small shipments or bulk shipments, they can provide a consolidated solution that meets your requirements (for example, consolidating goods from multiple shippers into one MAWB or bill of lading). After the goods are consolidated, They send them to your destination by air or sea.


3, Goods packaging

These include the following services:

Mark and label the goods according to the instructions of the customer.

Repack your product and use standard or special packaging to store any one of them

Select and classify the required boxes

Cargo handling, packaging inspection


Weighing, measuring the size


4, Inventory control

Inventory management is one basic part of a China warehouse. Your company’s inventory controls must be accurate, and you should strive to find the best balance between the sale and the stock. Companies offering warehouses in China can provide you with this service by checking and updating inventory quantities, product details, relevant data, and immediately reporting the latest information.

Today, inventory controls are smart, with some companies offering online inventory management software that allows them to manage goods, and some even equipped with robots.



Where can I rent a China warehouse?

To know where you can rent a good China Warehouse, you first need to know who provides this service and then select the appropriate company fit for your business type.

1, Cooperate with A 3PL

3PL (Third Party Logistics) is a full-service freight company that can provide you with all your services. Responsible for the entire supply chain program: from warehousing to transportation and logistics.


2, cooperation with freight forwarding companies

Another option we will consider to rent China warehouse is a freight company. Freight forwarders are usually located in cities close to the port, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, etc., to ensure timely handling of goods and departures.

In most cases, the freight forwarder is only between the shipper and the carrier, and they can help you process the warehouse storage of the goods and consolidate them. Please note that some freight forwarders also play the role of 3PL and offer the same services as 3PL.


3, Find a China sourcing agent cooperation

If you are storing, consolidating, and packaging goods, then the Chinese sourcing agent can provide you with its company services, especially for packaging services, which most freight forwarders cannot provide. However, for inventory control, few Chinese purchasing agents can provide this service.

To give you a quick look at the differences, I’ve got a simple list, as follows:

China warehouse


How much is it to rent a warehouse in China?

If you already work with a Chinese freight forwarding company, don’t forget to do it with them. Most Chinese freight forwarders can store your goods in China for 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month or more if you work with them.

If you work with a Chinese sourcing agent, you will be offered free business services for one or two months. As well as the consolidation of goods, packaging and other services, they will provide reasonable charges. 

Last year, we had a customer who sent the goods directly from the factory to the Shenzhen agent. The freight forwarder charges $150 for replace 10 cartons boxes.

If you need inventory management in China, you will need to work with a professional company. Most of them are charged based on the size, quantity, etc. of your product. 



How to find the ideal China Warehouse?

An ideal China warehouse needs to meet your requirements (in special items, you also need a warehouse with different measures and equipment). You also need to have the following features:

Location: Location is important because it affects your shipping costs and efficiency. 

Usually, it will be close to the port, the airport.

It should also be located in manufacturers’ concentration centres or large wholesale markets (e.g. Dongguan, Guangzhou, Yiwu).

Space: There is plenty of room to store the goods.

Security: The warehouse has a monitoring system that can be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure goods’ safety.

Equipment: Equipped with firefighting equipment.

Other equipment, such as adequate loading and unloading tools, parking spaces, etc.


I hope this article will be of great help to you in renting a warehouse in China. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below, I would like to hear from you, get back to you as soon as possible, or click here to find a China warehouse space with Supplyia.