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Mar 09, 2023 Chapter 1. Sourcing

The speed of globalization complicates global product sourcing, sourcing and product development projects. Therefore, utilize a global sourcing company to determine the right market to manufacture your OEM products, parts and assemblies and find suppliers who meet your exact requirements.

Asia Sourcing from countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India or other developing countries is a time and resource consuming activity that not every business can do alone.



What is Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is when a company seeks to manufacture or buy goods or services abroad, taking advantage of global efficiencies not available at home. Global sourcing enables many organizations to remain competitive and profitable even in today’s challenging marketplace.


What is a Global Sourcing Company?

Global Sourcing company provides global sourcing and supply chain management services to help buyers improve quality expectations and maintain supply demand in the context of increasing time and cost pressures in the globalized market.




Global Sourcing Companies List:

The following are some global sourcing companies I have compiled. In fact, you don’t need to choose only one for cooperation. One of our customers told me that they are cooperating with 14 agents at the same time. It is important that the company you choose is accountable and transparent about the transaction.


Company Service Location


China sourcing agent Yiwu, China


US sourcing agent MI, US


Global sourcing company Asia


Global sourcing company Global


Global sourcing company Helsingborg – Sweden


US sourcing company NJ, US


Global sourcing company VA, US


Global product sourcing company UK


Sourcing agent USA Texas US


Global Sourcing FL, US


Sourcing agent Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania


Sourcing agent USA Phoenix, Arizona


Mining & construction industry South Africa


United Kingdom sourcing company Leicestershire, UK


Swiss sourcing company Heerbrugg, Switzerland


Global sources USA IL, US


Global sources Vietnam Ho Chi, Vietnam


Manufacturing sourcing company TX, USA


Global products sourcing IL, USA


Sourcing agent USA TN, USA


Australian sourcing agent Cremorne, Australia




Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Global Sourcing Company

The large number of outsourced manufacturers (especially in Asia) allows retailers and brands to manufacture private label products, while also lowering the barriers to entry for start-ups. How these factories are managed is an important part of the success of these companies.

There are a variety of ways to approach suppliers, and these require addressing internal expertise, location, language, culture, manufacturing capabilities, etc.

One option is to partner with a product sourcing company that has a field presence in the local market, extensive product knowledge, and can add value in managing suppliers from development to shipment.


Tip #1: Make sure they know your industry

The sourcing company you choose should have a broad knowledge of a variety of categories. If they don’t understand your product lines, manufacturing processes or quality standards, they may miss out on critical steps. One of the biggest benefits of using a sourcing company is the ability to leverage resources (rather than relying on an in-house product developer as an example) and expertise.

Always ask and check their website for case studies and expertise on your products. For example, at ET2C, we have over 2,000 supplier contacts in a wide range of manufacturing areas.


Tip #2: Trust and Credibility

Always ensure that the product sourcing company you choose can pass an in-depth background check. Carefully research their previous customers, social media including LinkedIn, and each employee. As an offshore supplier, integrity and trust are critical, and you should be able to obtain customer referrals to further solidify your due diligence process.


Thoroughly check the following:

  • Number of years in the industry
  • Good track record
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Financial assessment
  • Positive reviews from various customers
  • Organizational structure and “team”
  • Certifications and accreditations received by the company


Bonus tip: Especially in Asia, where integrity is essential, make sure you understand the management structure and its key clients as part of your background check. Look for examples of long-term client relationships.


Tip #3: Location

One of the most critical aspects of selecting a global sourcing company is leveraging their presence throughout their manufacturing base. It is important that they have offices and staff that are well positioned to service these suppliers and work closely with them. This is particularly relevant to quality control and assurance, as this can lead to increased costs in terms of shipping, time, etc. if they are located far from your suppliers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be familiar with where your products come from and how close to your suppliers your sourcing partner is.


Tip #4: Ethical Considerations

Consumers are becoming more ethically conscious, which means your sourcing partner should understand what this means on a quality and manufacturing level. This is a complex topic, and leveraging some expertise, whether it’s around innovative materials or factory worker rights processes, is invaluable.


Tip #5: Quality Control

Ensuring that your global sourcing company successfully oversees every step of the quality process is critical. The main areas where quality assurance is needed are:

Factory Assessment – This refers to inspecting all aspects of the factory process, including manufacturing and technical audits. This will give you peace of mind and transparency with your overseas partners

Product and sampling – a third party should monitor your samples and product standards to save costs, ensure samples are not damaged, and evaluate shipping and other technical standards

Process inspections – It is also important to have a dedicated person in the production process to conduct regular inspections. Each plant should have consistent updates to ensure quality and safety

Final Quality Inspection – A final inspection of production quality to ensure that any problems are identified upstream and resolved before shipment.




Global Source Company Overview

Building a successful partnership with a Global sourcing company is not difficult. Make sure that any company you choose has a proven track record and years of experience.

Getting the products you need at the right price, quality and time is critical to your business. Leveraging the experience and expertise of a global product sourcing company is a great way to achieve this goal.

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