100+ China Shipping Sites: How to Find the Reliable One?

Mar 02, 2023 Chapter 5. Shipping

Logistics plays a key role in China sourcing, but the process itself can be daunting. There are many laws, tariffs and acronyms involved, and many choices to be made. That’s why it’s so important to conduct research, make sure you understand the process and work with a China shipping site you trust.



How Does a Shipping Site Work?

A China shipping site refers to individuals or companies that organize transportation for individuals or companies and transfer goods from Chinese manufacturers to markets or final distribution points.



What Services Does a Shipping Site in China Provide?

The tasks A China freight forwarder handle may are as follows as well:

  • -Provide expert guidance and explain what you need to know about your shipment.
  • -Prepare all paperwork, make reservations and arrange payments for each shipping department they are responsible for.
  • – Act on your behalf with the many other parties involved in the shipment, such as freight forwarders, other freight forwarders who handle part of the shipment, and freight companies. 
  • – Troubleshoot problems if they arise or if there is a risk of them occurring.
  • – Keep you informed of the status of your shipment and notify you if there is any risk of delay.



Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers

If you do not already have a customs broker, you do not necessarily need to arrange one separately. Many international freight forwarders can handle the customs process in-house as part of their service.

Others work with a licensed customs broker as an agent. Some importers do have preferred customs brokers and it makes sense as an importer to ask your freight forwarder to work with them.



The Incoterms You Should Know

Shipping incoterms refer to international standard codes that determine when and where the cargo will be transferred between the supplier and the importer.

There are trade terms that are being published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These terms are usually used in international and domestic trade contracts.

There are some common Incoterms you should be familiar with: FOB, DDP, CIF, EXW… 






100+ Best China Shipping Sites List:

Company Service Location
Supplyia Shipping China shipping site Yiwu/Shenzhen
Fulfillment Bridge China shipping site Hongkong
Fulfillman  Drop shipping services Shenzhen
Sino-shipping China shipping site Hongkong/Shenzhen
Super International Shipping
China shipping site Hongkong
Ddpch China shipping site Shenzhen
Shippabo China shipping site Shenzhen
Guidedimports China shipping site Shenzhen
Cnxtrans China shipping site Shenzhen
Bansarchina China shipping site Ningbo
Flexport China shipping site Shenzhen
Leapelogistics China shipping site Shanghai
Coyote China shipping site Chicago
Forceget China shipping site Shenzhen
Hapag-lloyd China shipping site US
Livingstonintl China shipping site Shenzhen
Air7seas China shipping site Shenzhen
Chinadivision China shipping site Shenzhen
Yusen-logistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Cargofromchina China shipping site Shenzhen
Freightforwarderservices China shipping site Shenzhen
Shippo China shipping site Shenzhen
Nextsmartship China shipping site Shenzhen
Freightwaves China shipping site Shenzhen
Agsmovers China shipping site Shenzhen
Partnertrade China shipping site Shenzhen
Chinafreight China shipping site Shenzhen
Geodis China shipping site Shenzhen
Shaq-logistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Yamatohk China shipping site Shenzhen
Shipkoo China shipping site Shenzhen
Mntlink China shipping site Shenzhen
Globalinklogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Sinoglorylogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Gslogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Floship China shipping site Shenzhen
Ligentia China shipping site Shenzhen
Cbiplogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Tj-chinafreight China shipping site Shenzhen
Phxlogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Worldcargo-log China shipping site Shenzhen
Everglorylogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Kerrylogistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Trimanshipping China shipping site Shenzhen
Marineagency China shipping site Shenzhen
Kako-logistics China shipping site Shenzhen
Btxglobal China shipping site Shenzhen
Jbhunt China shipping site Shenzhen
Rohlig China shipping site Shenzhen
Us-deliver China shipping site Shenzhen
Chinausfreight China shipping site China, US
Shipware China shipping site Shenzhen
Asianausa China shipping site Shenzhen
Freightos China shipping site Shenzhen
Container-xchange China shipping site Shenzhen
Twill China shipping site Netherlands





How to Select the Best China Shipping Agents?

With over 100,000 freight forwarders worldwide, you need to define your key selection criteria. The following are the most common factors to consider.


1. Specialized Transportation

Many freight forwarders do not handle bulk commodities such as vehicles, household moves, wheat, or oversized shipments. Each China shipping agent has its own advantages in different fields, such as machinery, dangerous goods, oversized, sensitive goods, before inquiring to confirm whether they can ship your items.


2. Freight Forwarder Size

Name brand global freight forwarders have the ability to secure preferential freight rates and preferential treatment from large air and ocean carriers, as well as a broader global physical footprint. This means they will attract larger customers who will naturally receive preferential treatment. 

Take the latest annual mystery shopping survey. All of the top 20 freight forwarders were asked for quotes, but only seven were willing to quote to small businesses. You should probably avoid using any of the larger freight forwarders;

If your total shipping costs around $1-$800, In contrast, smaller freight forwarders typically have more time to spend on smaller shipments and work with smaller customers, but they may have less attractive pricing.


3. Shipping Price

Making decisions based on price alone can be a flawed strategy, especially if you are trying to save $200 on a shipment worth $200,000. For example, some freight forwarders discount the first shipment to win the sale, but give it back in subsequent shipments.

In addition, some freight forwarders hide fees in their terms and conditions to make their offers seem more attractive than those from more honest competitors. Price leading freight forwarders almost certainly do so at the expense of service. This may not be a problem, for example, if those services you don’t need. So, if one offer is much cheaper than the others, be very careful and see if you can figure out why


4. Service Level

Your shipment can grow your business, so you need a trusted responsible person to coordinate with air freight, ocean shipping and (especially) customs agents who will not accept incorrect, incomplete or late paperwork. If your freight forwarder is not on top of your shipment, you may have to pay more than you bargained for.

A good early indicator of a good freight forwarder’s level of customer service is how long it takes them to respond to your request for a quote. If it takes a week or more, then regular and transparent communication during the shipment process doesn’t bode well.






How to Get a Shipping Quotation from China?

The next thing you need to know is What do you need to get a shipping quotation? 

Freight forwarders require the following information before they can provide a quotation.

    • Shipping method: Air or ocean
    • Total Cargo Volume (cbm)/Total Weight (kg)
    • Each Carton of weight and Dim
    • Freight Term: EXW Factory or FOB
    • Pick address: factory address or port name
    • Delivery address
    • Insurance (Yes / No)
    • Freight Quote normally does not include: Duty & Tax


So be sure to have this information prepared when you ask for a Cheap shipping quote. As such, the final freight cost can only be ‘confirmed’ once the products are manufactured and packed. But you can still get an estimate by providing this information.





Importer’s Guide for Finding China Shipping Site Checklist


Make sure goods are tightly and carefully packed. This saves on cost and prevents cargo getting destroyed along the way. Smaller packaging also means lower freight costs.


They regulate where you assume shipping responsibility from the seller, as per the sales contract. For example, FOB means you take control after loading on the ship or plane while EXW means you coordinate shipping directly from their warehouse.

Cargo Insurance

Insist on comprehensive cargo insurance. Most carrier liability only covers a small percent of your cargo’s value … and ship does happen.


Have you supplier send you a copy of the Commercial Invoice and Packing List. These documents contain some of the information you will need when requesting quotes.


Come prepared with the origin, destination, import mode, size of goods, value, and other core details to both make requesting the quote easier, and confine communications.


Decide which forwarders to request quotes from, based on referrals or past experience


Request quotes (or use Alibaba Freight to instantly compare quotes).


Make sure they got it right on the quote. For example, some forwarders have a tendency to forget trucking on either side, or might forget customs.


Accepting a quote is almost as simple as it sounds but don’t choose solely on price!


Congratulations. Time to send documentation (SLI, etc) to your new forwarder.

Next Steps

Your shipment is now booked … but your shipment is just starting.






Benefits of Cooperating with Good China Shipping Site:



China shipping agent pros&cons

There is no doubt that when you work with a China shipping agent, you will get many benefits. Some of them will be discussed below.

1. Easy to Communicate 

As we all know, English is not China’s first language. Many people face language barriers, which is a major problem that can be solved by hiring shipping agents. They are usually locals and can quickly negotiate and communicate on your behalf.

2. Save Transportation Time 

Most of China shipping companies from China to USA have been in business for a long time. Unless you are the first customer, they have the experience of other customers before you, and they can do the same job. Things that may be problematic for you are a piece of cake for them.

Even complicated things like customs clearance and obtaining legal documents are easy because they already have some connections in the shipping industry. Therefore, by hiring a Chinese shipping agent, you can save a lot of time and trouble.

3. Know Cost-effective

If you do not hire your shipping agent in China, you will have to rely on the supplier to provide you with shipping. The biggest problem is the high price, because they will only send your goods, which will cost them more money, and they will pass the price to the customer, which is reasonable.

When it comes to freight forwarders, they not only have your order. They have multiple customers and ship in bulk, which reduces the shipping cost for each customer, and you can save money.

4. Proficient in Customs Clearance

In the process of cargo transportation, customs clearance is a headache. These China shipping agents are experts in transporting goods and have a good relationship with the customs department because this is their daily work. Therefore, they can get legal documents, customs clearance, and payment in a short time.


supplyia shipping service

A good shipping company not only offers a reasonable price, but also knows how to protect your cargo, but extra protection will cost a bit. Picture, supplyia is adding the anti-collision part to prevent Amazon’s goods from being squeezed and deformed.

A piece of advice, as much as possible, choose China shipping companies/freight forwarders that care about their reputation and have the ability to provide compensation when things go wrong.





How to Find a China Shipping Site?

It is easy to find a Chinese shipping agent, but difficult to find a good one. You usually need to do the following to filter:

1. Search for the Best Chinese Shipping Agent Online.

Now, the first thing we do is search for information online. This is precisely what you should do when looking for a China shipping agent for your cargo.

So, if you want to know how to find a shipping agent in China, Google is the best way.


2. Find a Freight Forwarder on Alibaba.

For more specific results, you can check Alibaba. It has a list of licenses, certifications, and the best shipping agents in China. You can view agent recommendations, history, and transaction information.


3. The People Around You.

The best way is to see if your friends, family, or acquaintances have imported goods from China. They have first-hand experience and can better introduce you to different freight forwarders in China.


4. Attend China’s Trade Fairs.

Trade fairs, exhibitions, and expositions are major events in China. Representatives of companies and enterprises participate in these exhibitions all year round. That’s why they are well organized, and only the best people will show.

Suppose you are in China, the best way to participate in these exhibition companies. All freight forwarders will be displayed, and you can get a lot of information from different forwarders for later comparison.


5. Check Social Media Platforms.

Often check different group forums on different social media platforms to understand that China’s best performance can be discussed. There are many comments from previous and current customers for the China shipping agent.




Alibaba Shipping Site




China Shipping Site Scams

1. Keep Price Rates Very Low 

Scammers know how to deal with customers. Compared with the market, they maintain meager interest rates so that they can be attractive.

After all, who doesn’t want to pay less for the same service? Companies and businesses are attracted by low rates and choose their services.

Not Shipped According to the Specified Channels

Usually such a scam is, for example, when you take a fast shipping method with them, they give you a favorable price, but usually send your goods by a slow shipping method. When you inquire about their goods, they always say they are in customs clearance


2. Withholding the Bill of Lading

Sometimes, they will withhold the landing bill, allowing you to pay additional fines and fees. Once you fully believe in them, you can easily be deceived by such scammers.

Always be careful with these requirements for your money, double-check what happened to your freight forwarder, or ask for your official documents, why you should pay.


3. Give Incomplete Documents and Then Ask for More Money

Their other trick is to provide incomplete documentation and wrong information. This caused many problems, and the goods would also be seized at the port. Then, they ask for more money to modify these forms, and so on.


4. Not Mention the Name of the Sub-port

If you have done shipping before, you will know that the port is divided into multiple sub-ports. Knowing which sub-port the cargo is in is important to track and keep an eye on it.

If the sub-ports are not mentioned, you may lose the entire cargo because there are so many sub-ports, and there are always a lot of cargoes being sent.


5. No photo Proof of the Container

Some containers have endured a lot of wear and tear. They are reused, and after each flight, there is some physical degradation. Sometimes, the container used by the shipping agent can damage your cargo.

Therefore, it is important to request photo proof of your cargo in the shipping container. If China’s shipping agent does not provide it, it is worth worrying about.


6. Delay Strategy of Chinese Shipping Agency

A very common and difficult-to-spot trap is their procrastination tactics. There are so many processes involved that you cannot be sure where they are and where they are.


7. Forcing you to Pay More Money to Bribe Customs Officers to Clear Containers Faster

After they complete the delay tactics, the China shipping agent can come and tell you that the customs agent has not prioritized your goods or is unwilling to clear your goods. In this case, you are asked to bribe them.





How to Avoid Being Defrauded by China Shipping Sites?


Check the License of the Chinese Shipping Agency.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to check the license of the freight forwarder of your choice. However, sometimes you miss this step because it seems too obvious. If the shipping agent does not have a license and something terrible happens, no one will be held responsible for it.


Check the Review of Previous or Current Clients.

What better way to check the reliability and performance of the best Chinese shipping agents than to ask previous and current customers? They have first-hand experience and can tell you everything you need to know.


Conduct Background Checks with People Around

If you can’t get in touch with a client, it’s best to look around and talk to people who know someone in the company or an agent who wants to deal with you. You can also talk to people in the market to learn about the company’s reputation. Word of mouth does tell a lot.


Check His Professional e-mail/company Logo, Website, and Social Media.

See how professional this company is. There are several ways to do this.

  • Do they have a professional email account?
  • Do they support a good company logo?
  • What is the impression of this website?
  • See how they perform on social media?





Questions to Ask Chinese Shipping Sites Before Starting Work?

Before you work with a logistics agent in China, below the questions you can pick to ask them to avoid scams:


How Broad is Their Customer Base?

Generally speaking, a good shipping agent will have a good reputation and many customers. It is important to ask who their customers are and how many customers they have received in a month. This will let you know how good they are.

Can They Help with Customs Clearance?

Ask in advance whether the Chinese shipping agent will help with customs clearance. If they don’t provide this service, things may get complicated because you need to hire other people to help with this process.

If they agree to provide this service, see how they will do it. You can ask them what the procedure of the operation is, how quickly they can complete the operation, and so on.

Can They Provide Door-to-door Delivery in Your Country?

Do they have the option of door-to-door (DDP) delivery? Will they only leave the goods at the port of your country or ship them directly to the destination? You need to figure out these things in advance.

What Are the Specific Services Included?

As mentioned earlier, different freight forwarders can provide many services. When you request a quote from a shipping agent or company, be sure to know the exact service included in the package.

Most shipping agents provide a standard package, and the rest of the service needs to be purchased at a price. For example, choosing to store goods in the agent’s warehouse requires additional costs.

Are There Hidden Fees in His Price?

Beware of hidden costs. Write down the quotes for all services and state which services you will enjoy. Clear and transparent, everything is in order, and then China’s freight forwarders will have no hidden costs.

Do you Have a License to Operate a Shipping Business?

Before you consider looking for the best Chinese shipping agent, it is imperative to check the license. If they don’t show you the permit, don’t continue doing business with them. This means that they do not have a license, and there is no legal basis if something goes wrong. Unlicensed agents are generally liars.

Video Call for Detailed Information.

If you are not on-site (in most cases), request a video call so you can visit the facilities of the Chinese shipping agency. It will give you a good idea of ​​how professional they are.




Finding China Shipping Site Conclusion

When you find China shipping site for your business you should know exactly what kind of services you need, then compare different agents based on their services, fee, English skills, response time, and their order fulfillment software as well as hardware to ensure the order fulfillment in a short time.

If you need a shipping agent in China, you can submit the form about your goods information. We will reply to you within 12 hours.


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